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Prompt 30

Person A and B were high school sweethearts when B was kidnapped and neither B or the kidnapper were ever found. A became an FBI agent to try and make sure nothing like that ever happened again. Now A is happily married to C and working as a succesful FBI agent. A gets a case of suspected serial kidnappings, A manages to solve the case and find the kidnapper and all their victims (most are still alive). Among the victims is a very traumatised B. B’s family are dead/ not able to take care of B so A offers to. A and C slowly help B recover and be able to function in the world again. A’s old feelings resurface but A attempts to deny them because A doesn’t want to be unfaithful. C, however, has also begun to develop feelings for B who cares deeply for them both. 

do you ever think about the fact that steve trevor didn’t have much faith in humanity or saving people because of the combat he’d seen 

but he met diana and gave up his life to save people because diana restored that faith in him and believed in her ability to save the world. and died with a smile on his face because of her

I just realized that. Since they actually performed the Stammi Vicino pair skating version. And Victor is performing Stammi Vicino for Yuuri in the first scene of the anime.

And considering that we don’t know how the pair skating version ends. And therefore we don’t know how this part of the program would have been in the pair skating version. And we know Victor’s in charge of Yuuri’s choreographies.

What if. What if this scene is Victor figuring out how to adapt the program to a pair skating version. Meanwhile showing it to Yuuri. What if this first scene is the beginning of them practicing the program for the GPF exhibition.

Y’all know that moment when an OTP totally catches you by surprise?

Like it’s just two characters you’d never think would ever get it on and they just have this scene and something clicks, character a looks at character b differently and you’re just like “wait- hold on… wait wa-WAIT! WAIT!!“ and it just dawns on you that you’re shipping it and you can just feel yourself slowly turn into trash. All you know now is your life is going to be ruined by these two but you’ll love it anyway…

any of you feel that?

Otp moments to think about

~ A jumping onto the sleeping form of B and screaming ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ before showering them with kisses and presents

~ A taking the hand of nervous B to calm them in public and whispering encouraging words

~ A taking care of B when B has been working too hard and neglecting their basic human needs

~ Adopting a pet!

~ Sharing their favorite music with each other

~ Introducing each other to movies and TV shows that mean a lot to them!

~ Babysitting

~ Playing video games

~ Reuniting after a long time away from each other

~ Coming up with and discussing theories at 2 AM

~ Knowing each others triggers and having well thought out plans for when those moments happen

~ Helping each other get over bad habits

~ Helping each other maintain good habits

~ Having inside jokes in public and sharing looks and smothered laughs

~ Laying on the hood of a car, looking up at the stars and talking about childhood memories

~ The calm before the storm, a small, precious moment that they have, not knowing if they’ll see each other alive again

~ A admitting a hard-hitting truth to B

~ Shopping!

~ Reading and cuddling on a sunny day

~ Trying out glasses

~ Whispering sassy comments to each other and ‘staring into the camera like their in the office’ looks but their each others cameras

~ Trying to outsmart each other in front of a teacher / boss / high rank

~ you say TWISTER and I raise with MESSY TWISTER (paint!)

~ Finals week and coping mechanisms

~ A lost their baggage and needs to borrow basically everything from B

~ Late night phone calls

~ Napping

~ Jamming in the car

~ Introducing each other to their families

~ Tired monday mornings

~ Stealing food and hauling ass from a party neither of them want to be at

~ Reenacting the Dirty Dancing dance move and messing up

~ Lost in the woods 

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Lotor trying to woo Keith but Keith is avoiding his advances. And the rest of the Voltron team plus the Alteans are not happy about that.

yo i’m realizing as i’m posting this that the other paladins (& coran and allura) aren’t involved in this…. oops i’m sorry pls don’t kill me

*mails dreamworks another $10, my kidney, and a handwritten letter* IT COULD HAPPEN LIKE THIS, TOO


You exhibit heart and empathy in many situations. Also, the passion that you bring to your role as Pathfinder does not go unnoticed by those who work alongside you. In fact, it may be a component in drawing others to you.


The stages of saying ❝I love you❞ (Alec Version)

Prompt #152

“How do you ‘accidentally’ become the leader of a creepy ghost army?!”

“You know, it’s a really long story.”