i'm sorry but i've been meaning to make this post for ages

I absolutely didn’t plan to do a new follow forever at all since my last one 8 months ago but seeing dozens of it on my dash and all the positive feels they bring made me change my mind :) Adult life gets closer and closer now so I wanted to thank those who make my tumblr experience better with their great blog and/or personality (but check my whole blogroll really, everyone’s awesome) one last time. I’m not the same since I’ve joined this site (now I’m even more aware of the issues of our time… and I have excellent grades in english classes o/) and I’m thankful for it even though this site is sometimes trash ; thankful for the friends I’ve made, for the kind people who make me forget about the jerks of the everyday life and for all of you who are following me and bearing with me. I’m not fond of soppy ‘a year ends and a new one begins’ feelings but I truly wish you all great holidays and a happy new year ! Love you guys ! ♥

(And a special shout-out to the other blogs I have made / am a part of : Rose Leslie Source | Daily Kit Harington | Forever Ygritte) Now follow these folks if you haven’t already :


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