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I'LL TALK TO YOU ABOUT JINMIN lol but first what made you like jinmin above other ships? They're not my top jin ship but man are they quite special

/takes a deep breath/ thank you! okay but listen jinmin is literally (for me) the sweetest ship and jimin is so soft for jin that it made me love jinmin so much

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Billy dating a Thicc girl would include:

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~ Him beating anyone who pokes fun of your thickness

~ Carol made fun of you weight once and before  he could say anything, you just said “well at least there’s something for him to grab”

~ He was very proud

~ He loves your curves

~ Always makes you feel better when you get discourage by your weight

~ LOUD praises during sex

~ When you did ‘it’ the first time you wanted the lights off so he wouldn’t see anything

~ but he said ‘I love all of you and I want to see all of you’


Bear and Hamster in Yoo Seung Woo’s vlive - Romance.

thxgiving is evil so on my holy birthday i just want to say i’m so grateful for all of you i really really don’t know where i’d be without this awful shitty mess of a fandom. to my main boys - @lesbianlouis @kiwipose @harryisabean @silverfoxlouis - and the new friends i have made - @horsegirlharry @justlarried @cafelesbian @yoongislesbians @lsterhowell @tightropeofhope @five9 @hazlouquitefinished @rapunzelstyles @golddustdyke @jlf23tumble @samewhiteshirt @wildwomanofthewoods - and the ppl who have suffered w me for way too long - @bananastagram @birdalmighty @tmhboyfriends @gaysilk @jimmytfallon - and everyone else i follow, everyone who follows me and sends me msgs and just bothers to read my stupid posts, thank you so much, i am sending you a whole lot of warm lesbian love xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

imo zine culture in the yoi fandom is harmful and in many ways elitist but you should not, under any circumstances, think of your work as not being good enough because you didn’t make it into zines you’ve applied for.

your content is amazing regardless of what a bunch of randos have to say! you’re out there making your content and that’s amazing! there are people who appreciate your work even if you don’t make it to this stupid “spotlight” zines are. they do not determine your worth.

(and please don’t be mean to people behind zines and artists/writers that are part of this elite. as upset as you have the right to be there’s no excuse for being rude to other creators)

This is Micro’s Dad Face complete with Dad Hand Gesture telling Frank to please calm down. This is also Micro’s Realisation Face when it becomes apparent just how invested Frank is in Karen Page’s safety. This is Micro going “oh shit he’s in love I missed this how did I miss this” while simultaneously going “dude please don’t hit my desk again or kick another chair at me I beg of you my headlamp can’t take that much excitement”.

Guess what, if the anonymity on the internet removes your humanity, you probably didn’t have much to start with. Wish some people would just grow up and get on with their lives instead of muddling in others.

Just blows me away to hear stories about ppl showing up at these dude’s doors and it’s like “they were a totally nice guy” like no, they’re not, not if they can do shit like this in ANY form.

Lack of inhibition or consequences doesn’t lead someone to do something bad, it just means they always had that in them.

I’m in a hotel room by myself and I’m thinking about what has happened this last week. I want to add my thoughts to the many posts I’ve read already. I don’t know anyone involved, have never spoken to any of the people accused or doing the accusing, and I haven’t read the fics any of them have written. So this is an outsider’s perspective.

I am currently in a training week about safety and security in unsafe countries. We learn how you keep yourself and others safe in a life-threatening or violent situation. First rule: de-escalate if you can. Bring down the tension and think, if even for two seconds.

The opposite has happened here, and that’s horrible, but frankly unsurprising. We as a community escalate as a rule. We jump to conclusions where we should find facts, jump into action when we should breathe and think, and we shout where we should talk. And we are dogmatic where we should read context.

In real-life threatening situations, acting before thinking is how people get hurt. Online, where nobody is at gun point but real people are involved, this is how people get hurt too. Reading some of the posts of the people who were accused, it seems like they’d have preferred a gun shot over this public and immediate condemnation that happened in a community they trusted and loved.

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People wandered around the lifeless airport as they waited impatiently with their suitcases stacked into piles in front of their shoes.

Ethan was indulged on his phone as you glanced around the shops that were gradually closing because of the time.

Your flight was due in about three hours, since it was delayed and had been ever since sometime this afternoon when you arrived.

Holidays weren’t common for yours and Ethan’s relationship, you both never found the right time to pack your bags and travel to places.

But with Christmas nearing, you needed to find someplace to go that would highten your festive spirits and your boyfriends’ too.

So you chose the fabulous city of New York, although Ethan wasn’t too keen about the ever–dropping temperature he subsided.

Your boyfriend was scrolling through his social media on the terrible WiFi in the airport as you leant back before sighing in boredom.

He understood your feelings, he’s been in and out of airports all the time and always complained about the long waits so he never groaned at your impatience.

“Why don’t you get some food?” Ethan questioned as you shrugged, thinking about what you could do to kill some time.

“Burger King’s still open around the corner.” He predicts as you groaned, sliding down your chair before hanging your head back.

“That’s disgusting, I hate that place.” You whined as he chuckles before turning his phone off and placing it into his pocket.

He stretches his arm out behind you as he ponders about how to keep you entertained as it was a mere impossible thought.

“Starbucks?” He suggested as you glanced at him, he handed you some money before flashing you his award–winning smile.

You obliged before standing up and walking towards the coffee shop to order yours and Ethan’s regular favourites.

Afterwards, he met you at the entrance with all the suitcases before the intercom spoke overhead that your flight had arrived earlier than anticipated.

“Come on, let’s go!” You exclaimed before grabbing some bags and running towards your gate with Ethan seconds behind you.

The plane was heaving when you guys arrived, people were flooding everyone and it was extremely difficult to fight your way through.

Ethan packed your bags in the overhead cabin before sitting down beside you, he always let you have the window seat since it kept you quiet for most plane rides.

With your Starbucks drink in one hand and Ethan’s in the other, you rested back into your seat before letting out a sigh of relief.

“Happy now?” He smirks before you let out a breathy laugh, you nodded in response as he chuckles before retrieving his phone again.

“Before takeoff selfie come through.” He rambles as he takes an unexpected selfie with you, although you were caught off–guard, you still looked gorgeous nonetheless.

“Delete that.” You commanded as he laughs, looking at the photo before adding it to his story on Snapchat. “Thanks.” You spoke sarcastically which earnt a loving smile from him.

“Don’t be mad, ‘love you.” He kisses the side of your head as you smiled contently, he always made you feel warm inside strangely.

He was like your high school crush, but he was all yours to cherish for the rest of your long–living life.

The pilot was speaking through an intercom, announcing that the plane was due to take off at any moment once the gate had closed.

“Are you excited?” Ethan clenches your hand slightly to grab your attention as you placed your magazine down onto the table.

“Of course.” you smiled as the air hostesses filled the centre of the plane as they began to demonstrate the process of emergency landings but you’d heard it all before.

“Hey,” Ethan intervenes as you snapped your head towards him. “I love you.” He reassures as you blushed at his words.

“I love you too.” You replied as the plane begins to move slowly, the speed gradually increasing as you held onto Ethan’s hand tightly.

“New York, here we come.”