i'm sorry but i wouldn't have been able to sleep till i did this

  • Blake: *During a trip to Vacuo Team Rwby have decided to spread one night exploring one of Vacuo's most famous cities Los Sega during which the four girls split up, Weiss and Ruby visiting the arcades while Blake and Yang went to multiple clubs and bar. However, the next day Blake woken with a aching pain as she slowly sat up in bed.* Mrrrrr, Ow my head. *The cat faunus groan as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes before opening and instantly becoming aware that she was not at the small hotel to which She and her friend were staying but instead a rather expensive penthouse sweet.* What the? Where?... Where am I?... And Why am I coooOOOH MY-!?! *Blake started to think to her as she looked around and became aware of three things that caused she to begin to shout her thoughts before smacking her mouth shut with her hands. First, aside from her sheet she was naked. Second, She was not the only one naked as her girlfriend laid also naked sleep beside her. And the third and most surprising to the huntress was the blonde cat ears upon Yang's head and, to Blake secret desire, a fluffy cat tail coming from her lovers butt.* Oh my god! Oh My God! What happened last night!? Why does Yang have a tail!? although it does complements her butt and hips very nicely-FORCE BELLADONNA! *Blake shouted to herself inside her mind, blushing as she ran herhands through her hair, only to pause for a moment as her cat ear felt something odd on one of her fingers.* Huh? What's this?.... Oh My god. *Blake quietly said as she stared at her hand, more specifically the golden ring with her girlfriend crest engraved on it around her ring finger.* Is this? It can't be... Can it? *Blake rambled to herself before quickly searching for Yang's hand to find another ring except with her crest engraved upon it.* OH god it is... Yang... YANG! WAKE UP!
  • Yang: Mah!? Huh? Wha? *Yang mumbled, rising up then rolling to her side and tiredly smiling at the site of Blake.* Hey Good morning Blakey. Did you sleep... Uh, Why does my ass hurt?
  • Blake: Yeah Morning to you too love. Yang do you remember ANYTHING from last night Because I think we may have gotten MARRIED? Also, Your butt hurts because you have a tail. *Blake questioned in a panic, taking a moment after to calmly answer her lover.*
  • Yang: *For a moment Yang stared at her panicking girlfriend, blinking twice, before looking at Blake's ring and raising her hand to look at her own, and lastly reaching behind her to take hold of her "tail" and giving it a tug.* Mph. Heh, I guess it wasn't a dream afterall.
  • Yang: Well you see. *Yang started as she moved to sit up, moaning slightly as she removed the tail from her behind causing Blake to blush.* Ah.~ That is going to be sore later. You see after the I think fifth bar we went to we got pretty smashed and you wanted going to this Faunus only club, to which I picked out that I wouldn't be allowed in. However, You got the great idea of making me look like a faunus and we proceed to go to the only store open that had Cat ear which happen to be a sex fetish shop where we got the cat ears. *Yang paused for a moment to feel the top of her head and removed said ears.* These. Anyway, Before we buy them I saw the tail and told you I wanted the tail so you could play with my ass since you love to do that. So we did. We then found a quiet private place, had a quickie which ended with the tail in my butt for the rest of the night as we went to the club you wanted. We drank, had fun, got into a bar fight, started a riot, ran from the cops, hide in a church, Possible dragged race a couple of midgets, I proposed to you, you said yes, bummed into I thought Sun's uncle who happened to be able to marry us, hit the tables at a casino, won like millions, got the honeymoon sweet, and made sweet passionate drunk love til we fell asleep. Aaaand that's about sums it up. Give or take a few times I passed out in between. *Yang said as a matter of fact with a smile. Blake Meanwhile stared at her Wife dumbfounded.*
  • Blake: ... And you remember ALL of that?
  • Yang: Blakey, My Last name may be Xiao-Long Belladonna but I'm still a Branwen. We may do stupid shit while drunk but we remember it all.
  • Blake: ... You... You took my last name?
  • Yang: Yep. *Yang nod with a pop to the "p".* You kinda did the same.
  • Blake: *Blake ran her hand over her face trying to process everything she just heard, muttering to herself how her parents were going to kill her before looking at the wedding ring on her finger once more.* Okay then. So where did we get the rings? Winnings from the money we won?
  • Yang: Actually... No. *Yang stated with pink cheeks.*
  • Blake: No? Yang, from just looking at this I can tell that this are pure gold rings with I think dust in the engraves.
  • Yang: Purple dust in mine. Orange red in yours. *Yang added trying to hide her blush.*
  • Blake: *It only took Blake a second before she realized with a soft gasp how Yang knew the exact details of before rings.* How... How long were you planning on asking me?
  • Yang: For as long as we have been dating. Though honestly, I was going to when and propose to you When we got back to Vale and went to Forever falls. *Yang admitted, unable to look at her wife out of embarrassment until her cheeks were cupped by Blake who lifted her face u to give her a gentle soft yet passionate kiss.*
  • Blake: *After a few minutes as the need for air became to great the two broke apart and Blake smile.* Well we can always have a proper wedding their AFTER you ask my parents for their blessing when explaining how you married their daughter.
  • Yang: *Yang Smiled brightly as she gave Blake another kiss and hugged her.* I am perfectly okay with that and having a blackeye from your dad during our wedding.
  • Blake: Hehehe, We'll wait till it heals but first I need a shower. *Blake said as she hopped out of bed and made her way to the bath room.
  • Yang: *yang meanwhile watch with glee as her naked wife exited the room and flopped back down of the bed as she heard the shower start.* Sigh, I finally married the girl of my dreams. Hehe, I wonder how Weiss and Ruby will react? Eh? *she ponder until she noticed her robotic hand was missing a finger.* What the? I don't remember losing a finger. Sigh< Maybe its around here somewhere. Go thing I got Ruby to put in those homing trackers on my arm. *Yang thought as she pressed a tiny button at the end of her arm when suddenly from the shower.*
  • Yang: SORRY KITTEN!!
  • ~Else where~
  • Ruby: I THINK I'M CLOSE THEN! TELL ME IF YOU SEE ANY PUMKIN PETES! *Ruby shout as she swam through the stuff anaimal she has drunkenly won the night before.*
  • Weiss: I SWEAR THIS IS THE LAST TIME I AM TAKING YOU TO AN ARCADE!... Aw~ a cute plushie Zwei.
Anniversary : Liam Payne

A/N: This is a Liam imagine for Catie. He forgot your anniversary. AGAIN!

I sat there drumming my nails on the table, sighing. He was late. Again. I don’t even know why I thought he would make it, he was never on time for anything. If he’s forgotten again, I’ll fucking flip I thought to myself. I sat there for another 15 minutes, before blowing out the candle that was in the middle of the table, and dumping the plates, with the food still on them, into the sink. He could clear this up when he got in, I certainly wasn’t going to waste my time cleaning up after I had slaved all day. Grabbing my half empty wine glass, and the bottle from the table, I trudged to the living room, kicking off my shoes as I went.

It was midnight, and there was still no sign of him. I hadn’t bothered to phone him, he was obviously too busy with more important things. I picked up the bottle, tipping it up above my glass. Empty. I had managed to drink a whole bottle of wine all by myself, this was not how the night was supposed to go. Me and Liam had been together two years, we’d survived all the shit from the press, from the fake pregnancy rumours, to the ‘secret wedding’ that we were meant to have had. Even all the negative reactions from the fans in the beginning, even though they now praised me for some strange reason. We loved each other so much, but I just couldn’t believe he’d let me down. He’d missed our first anniversary, because he had to record that night. I could forgive him for that, but he had no reason or excuse that would wash with me this time. He told me he had nothing going on, nothing to attend to. So where the hell was he?

I heard the door open quietly, and Liam tripping over, giggling. He was drunk! I stood up, and walked to the door of the living room, eyeing him and his movements. He could barely stand straight, and nearly fell head first into the cupboard trying to take his shoes off. I would have laughed, maybe even filmed him to show him the next day, but I was too pissed off. There wasn’t anything remotely funny about this.situation, he’d blown me off to go and get drunk with the guys. Something he did multiple times a week, so why did he have to do this tonight? Of all bloody nights! It took him a few minutes to realise I was stood there.

'Catie baby. Damn, you look so good’ he said, running his hands up my body. 'This is my favourite dress, did you put this on especially for me?’

'Well, I put it on for our anniversary night’ I spat ’…but you obviously had more important business.’ I stormed off to the kitchen, filling a glass up with water. He followed me in and put his arms around my waist, kissing my neck. I shrugged him off, he couldn’t just make this better with sex.

'Why are you being so cold?’

'Why am I being so cold? Oh, well maybe it’s because I spent three hours preparing the meal, or maybe it’s the fact I ran around London, finding your favourite Champagne, or maybe it’s because you left me sat here for an HOUR, with no phone call or text, just to tell me you wouldn’t be coming back till late. I wanted this to be perfect. Is this what two years means to you?’ I shouted. My blood was boiling over, I’m sure it was about to come trickling out of my ears. I shoved him off of me and stormed off to our bedroom. 'And if you think you’re sleeping in our bed tonight, you are very mistaken!’


I jerked awake and looked at the clock. It was 2am. I looked down, and saw the covers moving between my legs, throwing them back, I saw Liam looking up at me, just making out his face from the moonlight that shone through the window. I could see his lips were glistening, and realised that my sexual dream, was actually a reality. I had actually been able to feel Liam sucking, licking and nipping away at my clit. I tried to push myself up with my arms, trying to move away as I was still angry. But he gripped my hips with his hands, pinning me to the bed.

'I know I fucked up baby, but I just want to make it up to you. So please, just let me do this’ he cooed. I thought about it, but not for more than a second. He was really good with his mouth, and he did owe me. I settled myself back, as he pushed his tongue into me, his nose brushing over my sensitive nub. I fisted the sheets, biting my lip, desperate not to wake the neighbours with my moans. His mouth really was a gift from the gods. I squirmed, loving that he could do this to me, just using his mouth. He slipped his tongue out and replace it with two fingers, pumping slowly. He wanted to please me so much, that he thought he could take it slow and drag it out.

'Liam, faster please’ I begged, short of breath. I struggled to control my breathing, but I could feel my orgasm, ready to blow. He just needed to move faster. He started to pick up his pace, gradually moving faster and curling his fingers up when he was fully in. I started to grind against his hands, I was on the edge, but I just couldn’t release. He attatched his mouth and started to suck and pull at my clit, throwing me over the edge. I pushed my head into the pillow, arching my back and screwing my eyes shut. The sound of my moans filled the room, and Liam moaned into me, driving on my orgasm, and helping me ride it out. Without letting me fully recover, he pushed himself into me, and started to thrust. He brought my knees up to my chest, allowing himself to get deeper.

'Oh Catie, you make me feel so good. Who makes you feel good?’ He pounded into me, trying to draw another orgasm from me. I called out a mumbled version of his name, the intense pleasure rendering me of my sense. My hearing was fuzzy, vision was blurry, and I was barely able to form a word. I could feel my orgasm, crawling out from some unknown origin in my body, ready to pounce at any moment. Liam always knew how to do this, no other man had ever made me cum, but Liam had, every single time. 

'Ohhh god, Catie. I’m so close, but I need you to cum first. You know I need you to, come one baby, help me out here’ he pleaded as he snaked his hand in between my legs, rubbing and stroking as fast as he could. My body started to shudder violently as my orgasm washed over me in one swift move. I didn’t feel it spreading, it just hit like a warm burst of air. It felt like fire was rippling through my veins, as I lost all control of my body. I was in such a state of euphoria that I hadn’t realised Liam had cum. He pulled out of me, and pulled me close to his sweaty body. 

He stroked my spine, and kissed my forehead, as I came crashing back to earth. 'Catie, I am so sorry about tonight. I will make it up to you tomorrow. I will pleasure you all day if I have to’ he whispered.

'You know what will make me happy? If you wash the dishes and make me breakfast in bed’ I smiled lazily. He pouted.

'Are you saying that you wouldn’t want my hands all over you all day long?’

'Of course I would baby, after those dishes are sparkling and I’m fed’ I replied, kissing him and falling to sleep.

The next thing I knew, I was being woken up to the glorious sight of bacon and eggs, and a butt naked Liam under his batman apron.