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when your a girl and you have a crush on another girl but the girl you have a crush on isn't gay

Brain: *sees the most unattainable person in the room* hey, develop a deep crush on that person.

You: But I could never ever be with them

Brain: You gotta

I wanted to draw some KH3 Kairi for possible new KH3 news today, buuut I didn’t really have the brainpower to think up a cool new outfit for her. SO, I pulled up some cool designs already done by other artists on tumblr and gave them a try! I really love the variety in how an updated costume for Kairi could potentially go. 

Original designs that I used for the references are linked below. Please go visit these other awesome artists and give them some love!

1) thefatedmeeting

2) lorelei-melodei

3) ramflega

4) mcashe

5) sketchinghour

Shawty With You

Lol guys I am so sorry for this. I promise I was gonna post a 30 Days fic but then I saw maidjimin wanted a height difference fic and this has been floating around in my head for a couple days now…It’s really short but I couldn’t resist. Also, I really should stop making cheesy ass titles but I CAN”T HELP IT (yes it is from jikook’s christmas day fight me). Please enjoy!

Jimin knows they’ll bring it up eventually. How could they not? It is quite comical, he has to admit.  

“So, we’ve noticed something in BTS’ two years since debut.” The MC announces. They all nod and smile.

“Oh really? What’s that?” The MC turns to Jeongguk and smiles.

“Jeongguk-ssi, you gotten quite a lot taller since you first debuted.” Jeongguk smiles and laughs like he’s supposed to. It’s not untrue. Jeongguk has become like a giant in just the past year.

“In fact, we even have this picture of you and Jimin-ssi before your debut.” A picture of them flashes up on screen and Jimin has to resist the urge to cringe. It is indeed them, before their debut, in their Graduation Song music video. God they look like babies! But Jeongguk is relatively Jimin’s height in the picture.  

“Look how close in height you too were back then. And look now! Jimin-ssi looks so tiny compared to you now.” They have Jimin and Jeongguk stand next to each other just to compare.  

Everyone is laughing at their height difference and Jimin hates it. He knows they aren’t intentionally making fun of him for his height, but it only increases his insecurities. Jimin goes to sit back down but is surprised when Jeongguk sneaks his hands around Jimin’s waist and pulls Jimin in front of him, resting his head on top of Jimin’s.

“Aw, don’t make fun of Jiminie hyung. I think he looks cute. He reminds me of a teddy bear.” He sqeezes around Jimin’s middle like a little girl would hug her favorite stuffed bear. Jimin blushes an incredible bright red and brings his hands up to cover his face. Jeongguk leans down and presses his lips against Jimin’s ear.

“Sorry.” He whispers, like he knows how uncomfortable Jimin is at the moment. He puts his chin back on top of Jimin’s head for a picture and Jimin thinks, that for once, maybe he doesn’t mind being so short.

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First off, I’d like to apologise for being a horrible blogger and not posting something in over a week - although it actually feels like years…

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To be very honest though - I had good reasons. My school holidays started two weeks ago and I have been very productive (resisted the distraction known as Tumblr for as long as I could) and finally caught up on all the work I was behind in - yayayay!!!

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I hope you guys can understand why I was gone for as long as I was :)

And secondly, can I just thank all of you awesome people who have either; recently started following me or have been following me for quite a while? Because I may not make appreciation posts (who knows? some might just pop up in the future *wink*) but every time I see someone has clicked that one tiny button I just can’t tell you how happy it makes me. 

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So, I will be on Tumblr more often now and I will be posting frequently as well!

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20 for Malec <3

20. Exhausted Parents Kiss

This probably isn’t exactly what you had in mind but whoops too late now! (send me a type of kiss and a pairing!)

“Who the hell is banging on my door after dark—” Magnus yanked open the door, and Alec practically fell on him. Magnus barely managed to reach out and steady him in time, struggling under his weight a little. Since when had Alec become this heavy?

“Sorry I’m late,” Alec mumbled into Magnus’s ear, “and that I lost my keys, and that I kind of slammed into the door because I didn’t want to risk dropping Pen …”

That was when Magnus caught sight of their sleeping daughter (at least he hoped she was just sleeping) sprawled across his partner’s back.

“Oh, my God.” Magnus rushed forward and pulled her free, laying her on the couch before hurrying back to Alec. “Are you—is she—?”

“She just fell asleep on the way back,” Alec reassured him. “After her adrenaline wore off.”

When Alec didn’t offer up any further information, Magnus grabbed him impatiently. “Well? What happened?”

“Demons,” Alec said, then winced, clutching his side.

“Oh, God, you’re hurt—don’t even try to hide that pain on your face, Alexander. Let me look at that.” Magnus lifted Alec’s shirt and traced his injuries with light fingers. “Your ribs might not be broken, but you’re still bruised as hell.” He frowned. “You’re usually more careful than this.”

Alec shrugged. “They went for Pen.”

“Oh.” After Pen’s parents had died in a demon attack outside of Idris, Alec had volunteered to keep her at their apartment for a few weeks, just until the Clave found some family to take her in—without asking Magnus first, which strained their relationship for a while. But then Pen turned out to have Magnus’s glittery fashion sense and dry humor that matched Alec’s, and before Magnus could pretend to dislike her enough to make her leave, he found himself actually enjoying parenting. Fast forward a few crazy months of paperwork and persuasion, and the High Warlock of Brooklyn found himself with two massive dorks long-term sharing his apartment.

“I’m glad she’s all right,” he admitted, brushing Alec’s hair out of his face, “but could you maybe avoid getting yourself smacked around next time?”

Alec smiled ruefully and apologized, then said, “We’d better carry Pen upstairs.” But his eyelids were already drooping.

Magnus shook his head and kissed the corner of Alec’s mouth. “Alexander, I think you’ve achieved good parenting status for the day. Why don’t you carry yourself upstairs, and I’ll deal with our underage rascal?”

“But I—”

“Get some sleep,” Magnus insisted, leaning in and kissing Alec more roughly. “The more rested you are, the more fun we can have in the morning.”

Even after all these years, Alec still blushed at Magnus’s insinuation. But at the same time, he tilted his head up and pressed one last kiss to Magnus’s jawline before stumbling off to bed, and that told Magnus that they would have some fun in the morning, no matter how exhausting parenting was.

theseattleboy:  Please help me find an eremika fan fic, a kind of fan fic where Eren is jealous that guys are flirting with Mikasa and eventually Eren asks Mikasa out.

I’m always happy to help a  friend’s creative juices flowing and how could I resist jealous Eren ;3. I made it modern day since I think of dating as a luxury our canon babes don’t really have. I hope it helps! And I hope you guys enjoy it too ^^

The game barely started and Eren was already miserable. It’s not that he didn’t like sports; they were fine and it gave him an excuse to leave the house and hang out with his friends. He also came because Armin had a crush on one of the girls on the soccer team so of course he was gonna come so Armin didn’t feel weird going alone to see her play. It was a nice day out too, warm breeze, sun was shining but Eren just found himself feeling miserable.

“What’s taking Mikasa so long,” he grunted to Armin who had his eyes on the field.

“Probably a long line,” Armin said. “I’m sure she’s fine.”

Normally Eren would’ve agreed, if anyone Mikasa could handle one crowded school stadium but the asshole sitting behind them had not stopped bothering her all day. Couldn’t he see she was clearly here with her friends and didn’t want to be harassed by someone who thought he had a chance with her? Asking her who she was rooting for, what her favorite team is, what she does for fun. Clearly, he had only one thing on his mind and it made Eren’s skin crawl.

At least when he finally snapped at the moron to sit in his seat and mind his own damn business the guy seemed to catch a hint. Mikasa went to go get food shortly after and hadn’t come back yet.

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