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make me choosekenma or haru-chan-san? asked by @sawtsuki

  • Yuu: hey, Mika
  • Mika: *crosses his arms and turns his back on him*Yuu: oww come on Mika, don't be angry at me
  • Mika:
  • Yuu: I'm sorry, okay? I didn't mean to ignore you, but Guren is my family too!
  • Mika:
  • Yuu: Mika? My Mika? Love of my life? My reason to live?
  • Mika: ...
  • Yuu: *encircles his arms around Mika* come oon~ answer me. I love you~ I love you I love you I looooove you~
  • Mika: tsk you are so annoying
  • Yuu: see? You can talk!
  • Mika: why am I still with you?
  • Yuu: because you love me so much?
  • Mika: honestly, you will be the death of me. Now let go, everyone's staring at us again
  • Yuu: let them *tightens his hold* I don't mind
  • Mika: Yuu-chan
  • Yuu: yes? *puppy eyes*
  • Mika: I'm still mad at you
  • Yuu: owww *pouts*

cuntdestroyer03  asked:

Admin Mawile❣ How would the brothers react to an s/o trying to have a bond, even if small, with them? Like napping with Shuu, or pranking people with Ayato? If you could, can you include what you imaging as bonding as well (like what the S/o is trying to do?) I'm sorry if I'm asking for a lot but I looooove your work and the effort you put into it as well as never sugar coating who the brothers are 💖👌🏻

Admin Mawile: (〃⌒∇⌒) Thank you!! 

Shuu (napping with him, trying to be quiet and not bother him):

-It’s annoying that you’re trying to get so close, and you’re a stupid human for thinking he’d ever have real feelings for you. It’s better that you’re finally cooperating and not making trouble for him, but he can’t help but be disgusted by the pathetic effort to reach out to him. 

Reiji (Obeying him, trying to meet his standards without arguing):

-While your efforts to be a more acceptable, well-mannered servant for him are much more pleasant than the usual fuss, you should know better than to expect any reciprocation. You’re prey and nothing more, and no amount of compliance will ever change that. 

Ayato (offering blood, going along with what he wants to do):

-Cooperating might make him hurt you less, and he falls for it distressingly easily. As soon as you start calling him the best, you can see the satisfaction in his eyes. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to draw real feeling out of him, but you’re definitely securing a place as his favorite human. 

Kanato (catering to his every whim, agreeing with him):

-Quiet, submissive dolls are always better, and at least you’re smart enough to obey. You’re much more pleasant to be around now that you know how to shut up and be a good doll. He honestly doesn’t understand what you’re trying to do, and sees it as finally having broken you. 

Laito (entertaining him, accepting certain activities):

-He seems to be delighted with your compliance, and takes every opportunity to praise you for being so good for him. Despite the kind words, he’s as cruel as ever, and you can’t help but feel like you’re being used, like there’s nothing genuine about the affection he’s so willing to give. 

Subaru (keeping him company, while trying not be a bother):

-It’s annoying that you won’t leave him alone. You should be afraid of him, not acting like he’s something you can just make friends with. He goes out of his way to be more ferocious than ever in the hopes of scaring you off, and only gets more and more frustrated when it doesn’t work. 

Ruki (obeying him, showing interest in things he likes):

-While it’s good that you know enough to obey your master, he doesn’t like that you’re trying to act for yourself. If he wanted a bond from you, he would be the one to initiate it. It’s hard to find a reason to punish such obedience, but you’ll still be getting a thorough lecture on the matter. 

Kou (giving him what he wants, praising him and his idol business):

-At first, he accepts your sudden adoration as natural. It’s exactly how human women are supposed to behave, and only after reading your true thoughts does he realize that you’re much more serious. Then, in a slight panic, he resorts to manipulating you more than ever. 

Yuuma (helping in his garden, offering blood and sugar cubes):

-He takes the affection at face value and accepts whatever you want to do. If you want to bond with him, that’s your problem, he’s just going to enjoy the easy meals and extra help. Unconsciously, he might wind up feeling fondly towards you, but it’s unlikely that he’ll realize it. 

Azusa (hurting him, letting him cut you):

-You’ve basically won his eternal love. Since you hurt him so nicely, you must really care about him. Accepting pain from him too just solidifies the idea in his mind, and he becomes convinced that he’s someone very important to you. It’s worryingly easy to win him over. 

Carla (being respectful, submitting to his will without question):

-Your current behavior is exactly what he expects from a meager human. You should submit to the First Blood king in every way, and not just because you’re seeking some pathetic connection. He’s not going to lower himself to dealing with your feelings, so you’ll be allowed to carry on with it. 

Shin (trying to keep him amused, offering blood):

-He mostly just thinks it’s hilarious that you’re trying to reach out. You must be stupid for thinking that he’d ever really care about you, and despite how pleasant your methods are, he can’t help but want to mess with you even more. You’re a fun human to toy with, that’s fore sure. 

  • Remus: Why are you doing this to me?
  • Sirius: Everyone loves Beyonce, Moony, and don't lie and tell me you don't.
  • Remus: ... I don't like Beyonce.
  • Sirius: Don't even talk to me Remus, you've crossed a line and I don't think we can be friends.
  • Remus: I'm sorry.
  • Sirius: ... You're lucky you're cute.