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Food Poisoning

Requested: can u do one where he gets food poisoning? // Maybe something about Shawn being sick to his stomach?



After having lunch in town with Shawn, you head back to your apartment where you have to attend one more class at your University before it is officially the weekend. Shawn had some time off so that is why he came out to visit you. He’s staying and spending the weekend with you. He booked a hotel for you two to stay in, because you share your apartment with two other girls and you wanted to be able to spend some alone time with Shawn.

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honey honey

because I’ve seen so much pointless hate and bitterness today about things that make other people happy. and also because I’ve been listening to abba all afternoon but not the point here may you find joy in this. <3

It’s been a successful hunt. Sam is at the motel, probably fast asleep by now. Dean and Castiel have gone for a beer at the nearest bar. It’s a cheap place, a bit filthy, but the beer’s good enough.

However, in the last ten minutes a new group of guests have been staring at them, whispering, sneering, laughing, pointing. Not just because Dean is holding Castiel’s hand - on the table, no-one will ever make him hide it again - but because of Cas himself. They’re making fun of his coat, or his stiff posture, or the way his sentences are worded carefully, or whatever. Dean doesn’t know what it is about Castiel that they seem to dislike but he doesn’t care about the reason; he’s fuming already, and the next time one of those sons of bitches looks at them, he’ll -

“Dean”, Cas says under his breath and smiles at him. “Ignore them.”

A snicker from the other table. Dean jumps from his chair and turns towards them, but Cas grips his arm, stops him from attacking the strangers. He throws a few coins on the table in lieu of proper payment and starts dragging Dean towards the door.

“Cas, no, they’re not getting away with this!” Dean protests.

“Don’t go wasting your emotion”, Cas replies, stepping outside and pulling Dean with him. The cool air immediately helps him clear his head, and he frowns. Why does that sound so familiar -

“Lay all your love on me”, Cas continues and places a small kiss on Dean’s cheek as they approach the Impala.

Dean groans. “ABBA? Seriously, Cas - ABBA, of all things?” (He blames Sam, or maybe the internet.)

“Don’t go sharing your devotion - ”

Cas, no.

“ - lay all your love on me.” Cas grins at him; all wide, happy smile and teasing blue eyes, and Dean surrenders.

“Well, if you ask me so nicely”, he says and steps closer until Cas’s back is pressed against the car and Dean is practically lying on top of him. They’re closer than they’re ever been outside a shared bed, something their bodies are very aware of. Dean’s mouth is millimetres away from Cas’s when he says, “But no more ABBA, angel.”

Cas’s smile widens. “I can’t help it, Dean. I feel like I wanna sing when you do your - uh - thing.”

The strangers from the bar are long forgotten when the Impala pulls into the motel parking lot much later that night.


Was EXTREMELY lucky to be able to get in to see @therealjacksepticeye and @wiishu at PAX today and am so grateful for it, they’re both so amazing and sweet, words cannot describe!!!! It was so great to talk with them both.

I also feel really bad for the people that couldn’t make it, since they opened the line (and capped it) before the convention was even open. I really hope you guys can get in the next chance you have!!

25 Days of Solangelo

Day 11: Fire

Will is writing ‘Happy Holidays!’ for what feels like the one hundredth time. He and Nico had been going at making Christmas cards for everyone they were friends with for two hours now. Both of them should have done this weeks ago and not two days before winter vacation, where everyone would be leaving Olympus Academy and heading home with their families. But both were terrible procrastinators so the two of them were folding and writing and folding and writing in front of the fire place in their dorm’s lounge area. 

“Nico if I have to fold one more piece of paper I’m going to explode,” Will groans. “I feel like I’m about to pass out any second.”

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