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AHHHHHHHH imagine ALL THE TENSION that there will be now between Touka and Kaneki now that Kaneki knows that she has feelings for him. And I’m not talking about a negative tension… just, you know, the kind of tension you feel when you are alone with that special person and both know that there is something else going on between you both, that you don’t have just “a friendship” anymore… long stares, some awkward silences… other people (coughnishikicough) noticing something weird in the air.. huehuehue, this is gonna be amazing.

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Hey scribs!!! I'm on mobile rn so i can't see the faq??? So sorry if you've already answered this, but I can't find any of your animatics on your new youtube channel, did you remove them? Or are you not gonna post anymore? NO PRESSURE OR ANYTHINg, I just really love your work and was curious

im still gonna post stuff on yt but for now they’re just gonna stay unlisted for personal reasons(yeah sounds fucking stupid ik)
i have an animatic which im planning on finishing within this week but if tht doesn’t work out then prolly next week :0

I post a screen cuz I can’t reblog it because makkochi blocked me.

I DON’T want to make this post but I tolerated it for too long!

Firstly: SHOW ME PLEASE where I equaled lgbt community to pedophiles and rapists. PLEASE!!! I reread these screenshots which ironleaf reblogs again and again wherever it’s possible (I’M SHOCKED THAT THEY WEREN’T IN BBC YET!!!) and I don’t know if you guys can READ AND UNDERSTAND… CAN YOU?? Fact, that these words were standing next to each other doesn’t make it a comparison! I think that even 5 years old kid would understand what I meant!

Secondly: As far as I remember, I apologized. Or tried at least, I don’t remember but I deleted these posts from my blog so I can’t check it but some people say that I DID. So DON’T LIE AGAIN AND AGAIN that I didn’t! Maybe I used bad words to describe what I think but English isn’t my native and I’m a SIMPLE PERSON OKAY?

THIRDLY: I have some friends from lgbt community here and in other places on the internet hahahaha (surprised??) and what is EVEN MORE FUNNY, they like ME and think that YOU are idiots…

NEXT: I’m so DONE with this part of tumblr which you represent! OKAY, I said some bullshit but it was ABOUT 1,5 YEAR AGO! Have you ever thought that people can change?? Also their opinions? NO?? Of corse NOT because you keep to this fucking post like it’d be something SACRED!

Have any of you ASKED ME what I think in this subject NOW? NO. Some people of “your” community DID. They talked with me a lot about the “problem” and helped me to UNDERSTAND and CHANGE MY VIEWS. JUST WERE NICE TO ME. (I could make a list but for their safety I won’t because knowing you, you’d start to harass them too!) ONLY what YOU DID, was sharing hate to me and sending me tons of fucking insults, wishing death and other shit in ANON MESSAGES.



For everybody who are mature enough to accept an apology: I’m sorry for this shit which happened. I’m not a perfect person (and who is???) but I’m trying to be better.

For the rest: SCREW YOU, monawoltphobes

NOT THANK YOU. Now you can reblog it as many times as you want!!! Ironleaf - better take some screenshots cuz you’re still blocked.

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I really want to start writing a gafou fic but I'm scared cause I've actually never wrote one before and english isn't my first language and idk why but I'm kinda scared?

Hello! I don’t know if you mean your first gafou fic or your first fic ever, but either way, I absolutely feel you. We all start somewhere! :) If you feel you have a story to tell, and you want to put it into words, then you should. afterwards you can decide whether or not you want to publish it (if you have friends into the ship, you can always share it with them first to get their opinion and support, even while you’re working on it!) 

now, publishing it, that’s the scariest part. I’m not an english native speaker either, so I get it. for very small works I sometimes post without editing, but otherwise, it’s all about getting a beta. find one (maybe you have a native speaker friend who would be up to do it, or you can make a post asking for someone’s help) and you won’t have to worry about it anymore. it’s a bit intimidating at first, but trust me, particularly if you mention it, your beta will understand. if anything, most native speakers are admirative of people writing in english despite it’s not their first language! I’ve had a few betas over my two years of fanfiction writing, and most of them always said that to me when I expressed I was sorry for my ‘stupid’ mistakes. 

then I guess publishing it in itself is scary. what if people don’t like it? what if no one wants to read it? the thing is, there are always people who won’t like it, because we all have different tastes. but the other thing to really focus on, is that there will also always be people who will love it, and be it in Kudos and/or comment form, they will let you know! 

then, the more you’ll write, the better you’ll get at it! 

(if I have one advice to give about posting a fic, it’s that many people decide whether or not they’re going to read it from a quick look at how it looks. as in, if they see one big block of text or lots and lots of big paragraphs, they’re more likely to nope out of it and not even try reading it, even if the writing is alright. so, the advice is to let your text breathe. you can always take looks at other fics (one of mine if you want xD) as examples!) 

I hope this was at least a bit helpful? ;w; either way, good luck!! :D

Okay so this isn’t proofread (I can’t focus enough to read through it) but I really wanna know what you guys think I just don’t think I can write anymore right now. And since I haven’t posted much I feel bad just leaving it at one thing ^^;;…. Chapter 2 start of Save Me

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how can you still try to defend someone after they did such a horrible thing? i can't even look at grayson the same anymore. that was so mean and heartless of him to do. ethan would never do that. i'm no longer a fan of grayson, team ethan all the way!

I’m not defending him. If you say the last post I made, & the last few post I reblogged, I stated that I felt like what Grayson did was wrong! It was an asshole move. (sorry not sorry) For him to unfollow the fan, then DMed her saying he’s trying to be “fair” to other followers was the stupid asf! I 100% do not agree!

But, I don’t like how people are coming at him, calling him rude & disgusting names. Calling him worthless, or saying he’s fake, or that he doesn’t give a shit about no one but himself. & then there are people like you who sit there & say they don’t like him anymore, they only like Ethan, & that Ethan is the better twin… ETHAN UNFOLLOWS PEOPLE TOO! but for some reason when he does it, nobody makes a big of a deal about it, as when Grayson did it. EITHER ONE who unfollows their fans because of “ratio” is wrong. How are you gonna stan one twin, but not the other? How can you be a fan of Ethan & not Grayson? Their THE DOLAN TWINS not TWIN 

He unfollowed someone,& YES ITS WRONG but some of you guys are acting like he fucking spit in someones face or something, like holy shitttttt!

Shiro: Get your head in the game!


I LOVE YOU GUYS! -Idk what to draw anymore so have some shitty sketched Swapcest-

Just wanted a drink

So, I found this thing on my computer and rememebred I posted it on FanFic a long time ago… It’s an old story I did when I had a shitty week and needed some cheering up. Might be kind of OOC but with reason (you find out why at the end)
This a sort of crack/parody kind of story, made for fun and laughs. Hope you don’t hate it for that ^^‘’

A mercy mission gone wrong, a group of clones faces madness. Fives is crying, Rex might commit mutiny, Cody might kill a brother, Jesse is no help, Echo is out of it and Wolffe got knocked out. Angry citizens of the planet want them dead and the boys wanted a drink, not cause a planetary shut down for the government. Humor one-shot.

“Why do I always get stuck with these missions…? And just when I was on a break,” Commander Wolffe grumbled, sitting in the back of the ship as they descended onto the nearby planet.

“Oh c'mon Wolffe, they’re not that bad. Besides, you got your meal right?” Commander Cody grinned, looking over his shoulder from his position at the front.

“Says you… nothing ever happens on these missions… Should have drank some more before coming here…” Captain Rex added, eyes steady on the planet as he stood by the controls.

“I think it’s nice to get some time off from all the fighting. Our break wouldn’t have lasted long anyway,” Echo shrugged, checking the system to insure a safe landing.

“I still don’t get why all of us had to go. I was enjoying the food for a change…” Fives sighed, slowing their decent onto the planet Ukio.

“Because the Generals thought we could use some 'down time’ and bond… We could do that over other things,” Jesse explained, sitting next to Wolffe and looking out the window of the ship.

“Why did they sent so many of the 501st then?” the Wolfpack Commander frowned, glaring at the non-captain men in blue.

“General Skywalker thought it would do them good. 'Sides, you don’t know what they’re like when they’re left alone for too long,” the Captain shot each of his men a steady glare as they gave a sheepish grin in return.

“General Kenobi wanted to test the 212th and how they work without me…” the Commander in Orange spoke sadly, almost offended.

“I still say it’s stupid,” the clone with one normal eye frowned again.

“Look, it’ll be over soon, so try and stay awake alright?” Cody, back to normal, spoke. He, out of everyone on the ship, outranked Wolffe and could speak freely. Rex had learned a while back to try and keep it as professional as he could, but well, Rex is Rex.

“Or you could take a nap and let us do it all. It’ll probably be easier, since the inhabitants would run in terror from you,” the blonde’s remark earned him suppressed laughs and grins amongst the troopers and a death glare from the 104th Commander.

“Before you two get into a fight,” Echo intervened, voice a bit tense as he addressed his superiors, “We’re about to land. Sir,” he added that just in case Wolffe thought about taking his head off.

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Can someone give me a promo? I’m like 7 followers away from a huge milestone. It’s like what the fuck? How is it I have this many followers after going through and blocking all the porn bots? Are ya’ll even real? 


I can’t promise I’d do something special for the follower milestone. I’m sorry about that. Maybe I’ll think of something.

((You know what?

I’m done.  I’m going to take an actual hiatus because I’m tired of every fucking week there being a new problem.

I laughed when people were making hiatus posts claiming this fandom was toxic.  I laughed when people said it was nothing but discourse.

But you know what? If I can’t go a fucking week without someone getting offended by someone and not being able to be an adult and just unfollow/unsub/ignore the person and move on with their lives, cut toxic ties, and not be attention seekers about stuff that doesn’t involve them? I’m done.

I’m putting the blog on hiatus. I will be replying to roleplays BUT ONLY AT MY LEISURE.  I will not be answering questions unless I remove the hiatus, or find an ask worth answering/whimsy strikes.  I may take the kids and change them into OCs fandomless or otherwise but as of right now. This is a pause.  

I can’t take this fandom.

I hate this fandom.

I love the game.

But I just….don’t have the capacity to keep going like this in a fandom that is just…. acid in my lungs now.

I will be mostly on my Bendy blog @doodleddrollery hit me up if you want to interact with a little demon that has familiar powers to a little Inkitty. 

I may come back, I may leave and take the kids with me… but as of right now….I can’t help but feel emotionally dead when I look at my dash.

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Are you ok? You don't post anymore and I'm a little worried and very sad. These are basically the high point of my day since I live in Bible Belt Texas and can't really be gay around people, much less pan, and it's nice to laugh. Is there anyway I could post without a Tumblr account? I don't have one and wouldn't be allowed to (still a minor yay.) I'd love to help if at all possible...? I dunno. Best wishes, Parker

I’m so sorry! I’ve just been so busy lately and I haven’t been getting a lot of submissions. I’ll keep posting!

  • Levi: (after weeks of building-up his confidence and convincing himself that that's what adult people do) Four-eyes, I wanted to tell you something.
  • Hanji: Oh really? Me too!
  • Levi: *loses half of his self-confidence* ...
  • Hanji: *widens her grin* So what do you want to tell?
  • Levi: *lightly blushes* You first.
  • Hanji: Oh no, I don't wanna interrupt you, so...
  • Levi: Yeah, but what I wanted to tell you is quite personal...
  • Hanji: No kidding! Me too!
  • Levi: You... too?
  • Hanji: Yeah, but, you know, it has to stay only between us.
  • Levi: *sighs with relief* Definitely.
  • Hanji: You know, I don't want everyone to know my feelings...
  • Levi: Sure.
  • Hanji: ...and if Erwin gets to know...
  • Levi: Erwin can't know, he wouldn't leave us alone.
  • Hanji: Yeah, he would do a big deal out of it.
  • Levi: He would make nasty hints.
  • Hanji: Exactly! But I can't suppress the feeling anymore...
  • Levi: You're right. It's shit when...
  • Hanji: ...so do you also think that Erwin should consider eyebrow shaping?
  • Levi: *internal screaming WTF FOUR-EYES?!* ...
  • Hanji: Oh! Levi, you ok? You're shaking! Levi!
  • Levi: *experiences a shock* It's nothing, Shitty-glasses. You're right. *thinks: you just killed me but it's nothing* I'll be going. I have to... shit.