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+ hi hi helo etc !!!! so basically for my first hundred (i'm crying i haven't been here long and ily all so much) i thought i'd make a lil masterlist of lyrics by marina and the diamonds from every ep/album that she's released that could be used for inspiration, descriptions, prompts, ideas, bios etc. check them out under the cut, and please like/reblog if you found this at all helpful. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

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The entire summary of Zexal
  • Astral: *conveniently shows up* Hello I have no fucking idea whats going on and I don't even remember who I fucking am or what I'm doing here but I know how to card game so I'm gonna help you
  • Yuma: fuck no
  • Astral: Yuma do the thing
  • Yuma: I'm not gonna do the thing
  • Astral: Fine then don't do it
  • Astral: Numbers have my memories so help me find them
  • Yuma: Okay
  • Kaito: *flies in* My little brother is sick so I'm gonna take your fucking numbers now
  • Yuma and Astral: *transform into Zexal*
  • Kaito: well shit
  • Haruto: *blows shit up*
  • Black Mist: remember your mission, Astral
  • Astral: go away
  • Dr. Faker: Kaito, get those numbers to 'save' your brother and give them to me lol
  • Tron: Hold the fuck up, I need to get revenge on you so I'm gonna force my kids to do dirty work and I'm gonna torture children
  • Chris: Dad, your kinda fucked up
  • Tron: Dont care, imma absorb Haruto's life force and shit
  • Shark: I hate IV cuz he burned my sister, imma get revenge
  • Thomas: Omg no pls
  • Miheal: *murders Astral*
  • Yuma: nooooooo
  • Astral: *comes back* hello
  • Yuma: Tron be nice to your children
  • Tron: no
  • Tron: okay *lets go and falls into depths*
  • Dr.Faker: *kidnaps Yuma and Astral*
  • Shark and Kotori: We've got to save Yuma
  • Kaito: I want to save my little brother but I guess I can come along with you guys and help Yuma too
  • Astral: Yuma be free *throws yuma out*
  • Dr.Faker: Wait guys, no I love my kids. I just sacrificed the lives of my two best friends to save my youngest son from dying, I made a deal with a Bairan to save his life and now I gotta kill the Astral world or he'll get Haruto
  • Astral: wat
  • Vector: *shows up* hello!
  • Yuma: fuck off
  • Vector: okay
  • Yuma: well, everythings good now
  • Shark: Shit guys, the Barian's are invading and my sister is having some weird psychic power overload
  • Yuma: well thats not suspicious at all
  • Gilag: ayyy time to posses people
  • Rei: hello Yuma I'm super uber obsessed with you and I love you so much lets spend all our time together *fucks shit up*
  • Yuma: god dammit Shingetsu
  • Rei: oopsies
  • Astral: Shingetsu kinda fucks shit up a lot, I dont like him
  • Yuma: fuck you Astral
  • Alit: ayyyyyy Gilag wtf are you doing, don't fall in love on a mission *falls in love* *salsa music*
  • Alit: omg Yuma im rly gay for you. Let's be rivals
  • Yuma: okay
  • Alit: *gets beaten unconscious*
  • Gilag: Rei fucking did it. Im gonna get revenge
  • Yuma: okay Rei, I'll protect you
  • Rei: *fucks shit up*
  • Astral: *faints*
  • Rei: surprise I'm actually a space policeman
  • Yuma: sounds legit
  • Black Mist: Astral, let me out and I'll help you
  • Astral: no
  • Black Mist: pls
  • Astral: okay
  • Rei: omg Yuma help me I'm getting kidnapped!
  • Yuma: we've gotta save Shingetsu
  • Astral: *drives spaceship into Kaito's house* come on kids lets go
  • Yuma: oh shit, I let him give me a Barian card
  • Astral: how dare you *goes insane*
  • Yuma: *Pushes Astral out a window* *becomes Zexal II*
  • Vector: well shit
  • Don Thousand: *awakens* hello I am the god of the Barian world
  • Astral: turns out Barians were humans that were killed violently then transformed into devilish aliens
  • Vector: Black Mist team up with me
  • Black Mist: *sexual pose* Okay
  • Black Mist: *stabs Astral*
  • Astral: *fucking blows him up*
  • Yuma: Astral don't die!
  • Astral: I'm sorry Yuma, take care of the numbers
  • Yuma: *depressed for 1000 episodes*
  • Mihael: Surprise! We're good guys now. Also I heard Astral died, it wasn't me this time btw
  • Kotori: we made a grave for Astral
  • Yuma: ...yay
  • Kaito: Me and Chris made a portal, we'll send you to Astral world
  • Yuma: *goes to Astral world*
  • Ena: hello, pls help us
  • Eliphas: go the fuck away
  • Yuma: not without Astral
  • Eliphas: I'm going to wipe astral's memory of you and reprogram him with his mission
  • Yuma: fuck no *saves Astral and hugs him*
  • Eliphas: maybe you aren't bad after all, now go off and save us from the Barian world
  • Yuma: Hey we're back!
  • Kaito: *unconscious*
  • Yuma: oh...
  • Heartland: HEY FUCKERS, IM NOT DEAD *gets burned alive*
  • Shark: guess what I'm a Barian now
  • Yuma: *faints*
  • Everyone: *dies*
  • Yuma: Everyone died because of me! *crying*
  • Vector: *kills his own fucking partners*
  • Kaito: *dies on the moon*
  • Mizeal: This isn't what I wanted
  • Yuma and Astral: *transform into Zexal III*
  • Don Thousand: well shit *absorbs Vector*
  • Kaito: *appears as a mystical dragon*
  • Zexal, Shark, and Kaito: *kill Don thousand*
  • Shark: fight me now
  • Yuma: no
  • Shark: *dies* goodbye Yuma
  • Everyone: *comes back to life*
  • Astral: Well Yuma, goodbye. Never stop smiling
  • Yuma: goodbye Astral!
  • The end

anonymous asked:

Hey!!! I love all your stuff and I wanted to know when do you think (with pictures or season episode) Rick actually fell in "love" with Michonne and vice versa? Do you think that they should have a quick wedding and a baby (so Michonne can feel that again and know the child will be protected by Rick)? Also, I really want Rick and Michonne together in the comics or for her to get married and have a child with someone of a different race? How do you feel about it?

Oh man. To be honest, I don’t know if I can pinpoint a moment, because it’s been this beautiful slow burn of all their time put together. And for Rick, at least, it almost feels like maybe the realization came before what happened in 6x10. The way he smiles at her so confidently, it’s like he was thinking to himself, “Yeah, this is it,” instead of, “Holy shit, I’m in love with her.“ So I wonder if the epiphany came to him at some point during that time jump.

There are a couple of times where I think he was feeling it on a subconscious level. Particularly, this smile in 4x15.

Seeing how good she is with Carl really seemed to move him, and you can tell that there’s light in this family; they’re happy, even without Judith, and it’s because of Michonne. And I really think if Terminus had been an actual sanctuary, they would’ve just gotten together there. But his head space after The Claimers and The Hunters just wasn’t there anymore.

I got the same feeling a couple more times after they arrived at Alexandria - specifically, here in 5x16.

Honestly, I don’t know how Danai got through this scene, because if Andy had been standing there looking at me like that, I probably would’ve fallen through the window. His stare is so intense, to the point where even he seems to realize it. The way he looks away, as if he’s afraid he’ll get lost in her. And this is after she’s knocked him out in front of the entire community, and he isn’t at all mad about it. He’s contrite. He told Carol he doesn’t want to lie anymore, and I think he meant he specifically didn’t want to lie to Michonne. He can’t. And I think this could be the first time he’s seeing that this is no ordinary friendship. 

He gives her another one of those looks 6x07, and I have no idea what he might be thinking, but I love how he gives her no personal space, and shamelessly looks her up and down, and it’s pretty much the opposite of how he interacts with Jessie, and I’m just not even sure why they ever bothered with that woman. Because he looks like he’s ready to risk it all right here. 

So as these moments build, I do think Rick was likely starting to figure it out in those two months after 6x09. Maybe watching Michonne take care of Carl, and/or having her come to his room every morning in search of toothpaste. I like to think that he started anticipating those visits because he enjoyed them so much, and one day it just hit him. Maybe that’s why he finally decided to take off his ring. 

As for Michonne, it seemed as though she actually did realize it on that couch in 6x10. For her, everything has always been about other people. She’s been taking care of everyone else since the moment she stepped on screen, from saving Andrea, to looking for and eventually killing The Governor; from being desperate to find a home for the group, to doing everything in her power to stop Rick from ruining it, I don’t know if she could see what we were seeing for her. That she had someone that cared about her, too. Someone that had saved her life, literally, on a few different occasions, of course, but also figuratively. 

He gave her a home. He gave her a family. He gave her the breaks she needed, but also a reason to come back. When she left Andrea, she was just looking for a way to survive, a place to rest her head, and with Rick, she found so much more. And I think it snuck up on her a little bit more than it did him, and that’s why she looks kind of scared, kind of excited when they hold hands on the couch. It’s a realization of all of this. It’s her realizing that Rick is her Betsy. 

He’s the beginning and end of her days. 

He’s what she wants for her life. And I think it took her until that very moment on the couch to see it. But like Rick, she had been falling all along.

I’d love to see them get married (whatever that means in the ZA) and have babies, but I’m in no rush for any of it. I mean, they’ve only been together like a week at this point, and even then, it’s been one distraction after another. And now, with Negan in the picture, I think it’s safe to say their lives are about to be changed irrevocably, and babies and weddings probably don’t fit into that picture. It’s time to go to war. And then they’ll (hopefully) get to live. 

As for the comics, I honestly have no opinion on what’s going on, outside of wanting Michonne to be happy. I stopped reading once the show started following them so closely, so I really just hope a happy ending is in the cards for her.
Revival Fic

OK. I did it. I wrote the thing, and I’m posting the thing. Be nice. Be gentle. I’m very scared right now, and I’ve half a mind to just delete the whole thing in the morning. Because nothing’s permanent on the Internet, right? :-) 


Scully followed the winding driveway to the house, and pulled into her old spot. For most of the time that she had lived here, they’d only had one car. “I’m not going anywhere,” Mulder always said. Once he’d finally gotten a car, Scully had still parked hers closer to the house. It made it for an easier slog through the snow when she had to go to work in winter. Eight months later, Mulder still refused to park his car in her spot. “I’m a creature of habit,” he said.

She grabbed the things out of the trunk. Three bags of groceries, one bag of takeout, and an overnight bag. As she made her way into the house, she took stock of its condition. <That step sounds creaky. He should try to nail it down this weekend. The paint will last at least another summer. That tree is growing too close to the house, a good windstorm will drop a branch on the roof and the damage will be astronomical.> She didn’t receive her mail here anymore, but Mulder still lived here, and that made it home.

Scully knocked twice on the front door, then used her key to let herself in. “Keep it,” he’d said that morning as they stood by her U-Haul. He’d said other things that awful morning. “We can work this out,” and “Are you sure you want to do this?” She hadn’t been sure, but she’d known she couldn’t stay. 

Mulder wasn’t in the living room. She dropped the overnight bag by the front door and carried the rest of her bags to the kitchen. The place was what they’d used to refer to as ‘Mulder-clean.’ It wasn’t dusted and the floor was a little grimy, but there weren’t dirty dishes everywhere and the counters weren’t stacked with empty containers. He must have had a good week, she mused. She opened the fridge and checked. All the fruit she’d purchased last week was eaten, and the milk was almost gone. A few tupperware containers were still stacked on the bottom shelf, but they had moved from where she’d placed them last Friday. He was eating. Another good sign.

After unloading her groceries, she headed to the study. She made sure her footsteps were heavy and she paused outside the door to knock again before pushing the door open.

“Hey Scully,” Mulder said, turning around to face her.

“How are you, Mulder?” Scully asked, doing a quick assessment herself. Hair combed, shaved, clothes look fresh, no weight lost, shoes match. Overall diagnosis: Healthy.

“Just peachy.” He cracked a sunflower seed between his teeth.

“Place looks nice.”

“I heard a pretty doctor was coming over for dinner. I wanted to impress her to see if I could try and get lucky.”

She smirked. “I didn’t tell you I was coming over for dinner.”

“It’s Friday, isn’t it? I suppose that also means my kitchen is stocked with all 5 food groups? But I’ll still have to go to the store for soda and chips for the game on Sunday?”

“I brought you beet chips a month ago. You still haven’t opened them.”

“Those are not chips. Regular chips should sue those cardboard monstrosities for defamation and slander for calling themselves chips.”

“They’re delicious. And healthy.”

He waved her comments away and stood up, heading for the kitchen. “What’s for dinner tonight?”

“Thai. We’ll have to microwave it, it took a while to drive here from the restaurant.”

“Was that all the way in Charlottesville?” At her nod, he shook his head. “You didn’t need to drive that far just for dinner.”

“I’m not eating at that terrible ‘Asian Cuisine’ place in town ever again. I’ll drive to Thailand before I eat here again.”

Mulder followed her into the kitchen and helped her load the food into the microwave safe dishes she’d bought him. “If you have a car that can drive to Thailand, you wouldn’t have to keep working at Our Lady My Lady. You’d be a rich entrepreneur who could do TED Talks and motivational speeches everywhere.”

“Our Lady of Sorrows, and I’d like to think I’d still work even with a large financial windfall. Don’t mix the peanuts into the Pad Thai until after you’ve heated up the noodles. They were very specific at the restaurant.”

“Oops,” he grinned as he poured the peanuts into the bowl and stirred. She rolled her eyes and turned towards the microwave. What were a few burned peanuts?


Scully curled up on her side of the bed. It wasn’t her side of the bed anymore, she supposed, but it still felt like it. When they’d been on the run, no matter how many different motels they’d stayed at, she always slept to Mulder’s right. They’d do well on the green card test if they ever had to prove that their marriage was true love. She knew all the answers: he liked Crest; his toothbrush was green, but the one before this one was purple; he wore pajama bottoms but hated wearing a shirt to bed; and he preferred sex with her on top. 

Just because you know everything about a person doesn’t mean you can live with them.

“Do you still sleep on your side of the bed?” Mulder asked, as if he knew her thoughts.

She didn’t answer right away. She knew where this conversation was going. It was where it went every Friday night.

“I still sleep on my side of the bed.” He whispered.

She bit back the retort that towards the end she’d had the bed to herself anyway. At first, she’d feel him crawling in beside her hours after she’d gone to bed. But then she’d wake in the morning to find he’d spent the entire night in the study, and come home after long hours at the hospital to see him still at the computer.

“Come home, Scully,” he said, his fingers drawing circles on her forearm, climbing up her arm.

I can’t, she thought. I can’t watch you obsess about every conspiracy theory on the internet. I can’t watch you not take care of yourself, falling apart because there’s a new invasion date, or at least so says zyf483 on the reddit group you checked out last night.

“A lot of the time I don’t even sleep up here anymore.”

Scully tensed. Was he not sleeping? Had she missed the signs? She had been watching him all evening; he’d seemed rested.

“Easy there soldier,” he teased. “I’m still sleeping. Just not here. I don’t like sleeping alone up here anymore.”

That’s why the sofa hadn’t been covered in papers and debris. She berated herself for missing that clue.

“You don’t need to conduct wellness checks every time you come over Scully. I’m really doing a lot better than when… when you left.”

She nodded. “I worry,” was all she could get out.

“if you want to worry less, you could move back in and see me every day.”

She shook her head.

“Talk to me, Scully.”

Still looking at the ceiling, she reached for his hand. Interlacing her fingers with his, she took a slow breath.

“I miss you,” she whispered.

“I never left,” he answered.

“Yes you did,” she shot back without thinking.

20 years together had taught her a lot about him. She felt his hurt as his fingers loosened their grip, as his breath hitched just an extra moment o the inhale, as he worried the inside of his cheek with his teeth.

But she wouldn’t apologize. She hadn’t meant to hurt him, but she wasn’t going to apologize for the truth.

“I miss you too,” Mulder admitted.

“This is where I want to be,” she told him. “In this house, in this bed, with you next to me. And I have faith that in the end, this is where my path will lead me.”

He rolled over so his face was buried in her neck.  “I believe you,” he told her collarbone.

Serendipity part 2

A/N: This is the second part to this prompt. I don’t know if anybody noticed that Tumblr went down last night before I could fix a few lines in the first part, so I’ve actually attempted to edit this one. So hopefully there’s not as many daft mistakes in this one. Part one is here for anybody that might want it.

August 2002

‘So, you’re a graduate from Hull Univesity?’her interviewer peered down at her from the table, her grey trouser suit crinkling as she folded her arms over.

‘I graduated last year,’ Rae agreed and not for the first time she wished she’d brought some water with her to drink. Her mouth felt like sand under the other woman’s gaze and she squirmed in her seat.

‘I don’t see anything here about your experience,’ as if to make a point she turned the pages of her CV over and looked back to her with eyes that could burn a hole through concrete.

‘Well, I don’t have any in practice but can I just-‘

‘So you don’t have any publishing experience we asked for on the application?’

‘If…if I could just explain what’s on my-‘ Rae was cut off before she could even finish.

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megadere  asked:

I'm just (squeals) so thankful for your detailed and accurate and heart-wrenching scenarios. Especially the one you answered for me! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Now, to mend our hearts (cuz they need it), how do those same boys go about gifting that love interest back during White Day? I know you can come up with something great! =)

(You’re welcome! We had a lot of fun typing that (´∇ノ`*)ノ Sorry you had to wait so long for your reply! I tried to vary all the gifts that they returned to their love interest… I think I succeeded? uwu And I just found out that people actually give white lingerie to women on White Day…?

Also, this post is a follow up to this ask! Just in case you were wondering. It is also really long, so I’ll be adding a read more so those on mobile won’t break their fingers from scrolling.(ノ´д`) It has defeated my previous post in length and according to MS Word, it’s 3.2k words long…)

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aj-2000  asked:

This is really fluffy and cheesy so I hope you like it!

“Keep singing.”

Derek hadn’t even realized he’d been singing at all. He’d gotten caught up in the soothing melodies from the radio on the counter, humming along as he mixed the batter for the chocolate chip cookies he’d decided to make on a whim. The humming had gradually shifted into him absentmindedly mumbling the words to the songs he recognized, butchering some of the lyrics as he folded in the chocolate chips and added another teaspoon of vanilla extract.

Apparently he must have been singing along much louder than he’d thought as he’d turned around to toss some eggshells into the trashcan to see Stiles lingering in the doorway, holding a bowl from dinner. He’d chewed on his lip and urged Derek to continue.

Stiles was looking up at him with a broad smile, looking so earnest and expectant Derek felt his chest ache as he stuttered out an apologetic refusal. Feeling his cheeks flush with warmth, he croaked out, “Uh… I I… I can’t…”

“Oh,” Stiles answered, his face dropping for a moment before he quickly plastered on another smile. He shrugged casually, walking forward to put the bowl in his hands in the sink, spraying it with some water and leaving it to soak. “That’s alright, dude.”

Derek could immediately smell the disappointment that clung to Stiles’ skin, traces of guilt lacing his scent. Derek winced, wanting to whine. He hadn’t meant to upset Stiles, hadn’t meant to make him feel guilty about asking for something so simple. He’d just been embarrassed and shy.

It was still hard for him to be open, to freely express himself without fear of judgement or rejection or ridicule. He was gradually getting better at it, not hiding everything behind glares and posturing, but it was still an uphill climb and he was sure Stiles’ patience would run out eventually.

He wished there were a way he could convey his true thoughts, his real feelings, but he didn’t think Hallmark made a card that said ‘Sorry I’m so emotionally constipated and insecure. I’m still  dealing with getting over the fact that some monster used me to burn my house down and kill  my entire family but I swear I’m trying and I love you, I really do.

He couldn’t imagine there would be a very big market for that.

Now he just wanted to apologize, wanted to kiss away any trace of guilt or sadness or unease that Stiles felt, wanted to wrap him up in his arms and hold him tight until he smiled a genuine smile again. But instead he went back to stirring the cookie dough.

Stiles slipped past Derek and hauled himself up onto the counter, sitting beside the side and swinging his legs restlessly. He leaned over to stick a finger in the mixing bowl, scooping up a dollop of cookie dough and quickly popping it into his mouth. He laughed maniacally when Derek smacked his hand with the wooden spoon he was using to mix the dough, glaring at him half-heartedly.

“You’re gonna get salmonella,” Derek informed him as he grabbed the cookie sheet from the stovetop, moving it to the other counter.

“Salmonella’s in the shells, Derek,” Stiles snorted, rolling his eyes as he licked a dab of dough off his knuckles.

“Whatever you say,” Derek said, shaking his head, sure he was going to regret his words eventually as he started spooning approximately sized balls of dough onto the greased cookie. He crossed the kitchen to slide the tray of cookies in the oven, setting the timer for eighteen minutes. “Just don’t come crying to me when you’re doubled over with stomach cramps.”

“Awww,” Stiles pouted, jutting his bottom lip out and batting his eyelashes. “You wouldn’t come take care of me if I got sick? Some boyfriend you are.”

“Of course I would,” Derek answered, pressing a kiss to Stiles’ cheek as he put the mixing bowl in the sink. “Just not if it’s your own fault.”

“Fine,” Stiles conceded, poking Derek in the ribs as he started washing the dishes. He grabbed the wooden spoon out of the mixing bowl before Derek could spray it with water. “But I still get to lick the spoon.”

*        *        *        *        *        *        *

Derek thought for a long while about just how he could make it up to Stiles, but he wasn’t good with words. They always got jumbled in his mouth, always stuck to his tongue, always caught in his throat when he tried to speak.

So he decided to use someone else’s words.

He found Stiles in the bedroom, standing in the middle of the room as he scrolled through something on his phone. Derek sidled up behind him, slipping his arms around his waist and holding him tight.

Stiles huffed a small, startled laugh. “Derek, what are you―”

Wise men say / Only fools rush in,” Derek began shakily, voice gravelly and rough. “But I can’t help falling in love with you.


Shall I stay? / Would it be a sin / If I can’t help falling in love with you?” He gently rocked them side to side, noting the pink flush spreading over Stiles’ cheeks and the back of his neck.

Like a river flows / Surely to the sea / Darling, so it goes / Some things are meant to be.” Derek leaned closer, brushing his stubbled cheek over the side of Stiles’ neck, growing infinitely more confident, letting his eyelids drift closed.

Take my hand, / Take my whole life, too / For I can’t help falling in love with you.” He opened his eyes, picking up one of Stiles’ hands and intertwining their fingers, raising their joined hands to press a fleeting kiss to the back of Stiles’ hand. “Like a river flows / Surely to the sea / Darling, so it goes / Some things are meant to be / Take my hand, / Take my whole life, too / For I can’t help falling in love with you…

Squeezing his arms tighter around Stiles, Derek nestled his face in the thick fabric of Stiles’ flannel. He breathed in deeply, basking in the comforting scent of Stiles. Softly, he confessed, “I know I’m not very good with words but I wanted to let you know how much you mean to me.”

A small sniffle from Stiles had him jerking his head back, moving his hands to Stiles’ hips, silently encouraging him to turn around. When he did, laying his hands on Derek’s chest, his eyes were teary but his smile was radiant.

“Oh, Derek,” Stiles whispered, his voice so very fond it made Derek’s chest ache again, this time from pure unadulterated happiness, feeling as though his heart was about to burst.

He cupped Stiles’ cheeks in his hands, wiping away his tears with his thumbs, as he pressed their foreheads together, smiling widely.

“I love you,” Derek murmured, brushing his thumbs over Stiles’ cheeks, near tears himself.

Sniffling again, Stiles laughed, “I love you too, you big sap.”

Derek huffed out a deep laugh before bringing their mouths together in a slow, sweet embrace, pouring everything he felt for Stiles that he couldn’t articulate with mere words into the kiss.

Who needed words when he had Stiles, anyway?

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