i'm sorry but did anyone else think of this

so did anyone else suggest the human clowns are being controlled by something similar to roma’s worm kagune being put into their brains or is that just my garbage crack theory. 

there’s some kind of mark/dot on the head of the clown juuzou unmasked. would explain why itori isn’t there if they need to keep the person controlling them safe. okahira also implied that he and kanou’s other quinx experiments were being controlled somehow. worm brains being controlled by itori, that’s what i’m going with. 

Doubt (Layered)
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I get bored and mess around in Garage Band [part 8/?]

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headcanon fic: luke kryze, prince of mandelore pt 3

[part one] [part two]

- Luke is distraught after the events of the Death Star. Obi-Wan does not think Luke has cried this much since he was a baby. It’s to be expected, Obi-Wan thinks. Satine raised him to be kind.

- “Do you think Mom will ever forgive me?” Luke asks, and Obi-Wan knows that if anyone else had done what Luke did, there would be no forgiveness from Satine: but Luke is her baby, her son, and for that Satine can forgive anything, even the murder of 200,000.

- (she, too, was a solider once. Obi-Wan remembers, even if Satine would rather forget)

- “When I was flying, Dad, I could have sworn,” Luke bites his lip, like he’s not sure he wants to confess or not. “I could have sworn I could hear you, Dad. You told me to shoot.”

And Obi-Wan knows now that he can’t pretend his past doesn’t exist. Not anymore. “That was the Force, Luke. You can feel it. Leia can too. It’s–it’s something I should have told years ago. Forgive me: I wanted to allow you both a childhood for as long as I could.”

- so he sets the twins down, and he tells the truth. About the Jedi and the Force and their mother and father. He tells them everything, except what happened to Anakin, in the end.

(How could he? They are just children. Better for them to think their father died a hero than know the truth. Besides, who but Obi-Wan would ever tell them?)

- he trains them as Jedi, or at least, he tries to. After the Death Star, Luke refuses to even touch a lightsaber. Oh, he’s interested in philosophy, and learning how to use the Force and meditating, but he doesn’t want a weapon, no matter how much Obi-Wan tries to convince him that he needs something to defend himself with. Never Again, Luke promises, like he can still see blood on his hands that was never there in the first place.

- Leia, however, takes her father’s lightsaber.  “Teach me,” she asks, and does not forget Alderaan.

- Meanwhile, Darth Vader hunts for Luke Kryze and the rebel alliance. Because the boy is a Jedi, and Vader has sworn to eliminate the Jedi, no matter what.

- so there is no grand trap to capture Luke Skywalker on Bespin, because there is no Luke Skywalker, at least to Vader’s knowledge. The trap instead intends to kill: Vader has Boba Fett capture Solo on Bespin, and uses Solo’s pain through the Force to lead the Jedi to him.

- He expects Luke; he does not expect the Princess, armed with Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber and an anger that is painstakingly familiar.

- He fights them both. He cuts off Luke’s hand holding a stun blaster with barely a thought towards the now-unarmed boy, too distracted by the girl and the lightsaber she wields. He knows that blade: its twin is in his own arms, a violent red. By why would she have it–? Obi-Wan, of course, but why would Obi-Wan give her this blade and who is this boy she calls her brother, and–

- the girl is screaming her fury at him; perhaps he should listen. She trades blow by blow with him with barely any training, relying mostly on her rage to keep her going. She screams how he’s made her an orphan twice, now: once for Alderaan, and for when he killed her birth parents, Anakin Skywalker and Padme Am–

- his world stops and crashes around him. No. It can’t be true. The baby died with his wife, or so they told him. But here stands a girl (a girl he knew it was a girl he knew) who looks like Padme but wields his lightsaber and–

- Vader falls to his knees. Let her kill me, he thinks, his breathing harsh and heavy and broken inside let her kill me before you tell me I’ve hurt my children. He looks at the boy, and then the girl, and my children, there were twins all along and I never knew, and–

- Leia lifts the lightsaber over her head, ready to kill him, but Luke pushes out of the way with the Force, and down Cloud City Vader falls.