i'm sorry bella but she's right

We're All Messes || Closed Rp w/ ask-bella-lee

Ana put her glass down on the bar and ordered a round of Jell-O shots for the whole bar.

Yeah, you could say it had been a rough day for her. Her mom called her and said she was already twenty years old, she needed to learn how to act like it- and then preceded to tell her they were cutting her off until she got her life together. Which was totally bullshit because she already had her life together.

But whatever, because now she’s here drinking alone in a seedy bar at one in the morning and she’s always been one to stay in the present moment. And right now the present moment currently holds a cute girl on the other side of the bar.

Ana walked over to her, a small smile on her face. “So, what’s a pretty girl like you doing in a place like this?”