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Ghost Corazon by 童子

Translation by ferra-rii

My very first attempt to translate a comic. I am so, so sorry if there’s any mistakes (and also for the handwriting). I’m neither a native to Japanese or English and I did this around 30 minutes before my final exam and idk anymore c ry.

Forgive me if there’s any mistakes. I’ll try to correct it as soon as possible. Thank you!

So, um, @kotyonoksnz is a literal gift to this community and her art is always PHENOMENAL, but her latest drawing of sick Shiro has killed me. I am dead because Shiro just looks so sick and miserable, and it needs a fic accompanied with it (also this is the most inspiration I’ve had for writing in so long omg)

Also, Theres a ton of mention of vomiting and stuff in this chapter. You have been warned.


College and daycares are a breeding ground for germs. Seeing as how Shiro has never stepped foot in a daycare in his life, he definitely picked up the stomach bug he’d been battling for the last few days from someone on campus.

He could handle anything but a stomach bug. Literally, anything else would have been fine - hell, he would have even taken the flu over this.

He was miserable.

He had been on the couch in his and Keith’s dorm, shivering underneath a thick black hoodie. His stomach was churning constantly, leaving him perpetually queasy and feeling like he was on the verge of vomiting at any moment.

Keith, God bless him, had skipped classes the past few days to sit with him on the couch. He was sitting cross legged, balancing a textbook on his right thigh, while Shiro laid with his head on Keith’s left thigh.

“You sure you don’t want a blanket? You’re shivering.” Keith asked, looking up from the text and down at the larger man.
“M'not…” Shiro trailed off, his voice wavering as he fought back tears. “M'not cold.”
“Alright.” Keith said simply and went back to reading.

If it wasn’t enough that Shiro had contracted the stomach bug from hell, the fever, coupled with how poorly he was feeling was making him emotional.

“Shiro, you’re okay.” Keith soothed a few moments later, as Shiro choked on yet another sob.
“I just…I want my mom.” He whimpered, squeezing his eyes shut.
Keith had a hand on his head, stroking it gently. “I know.”
“Why did I choose to go to a college so far away?” He moaned, clenching his jaw as his stomach rolled.

He hardly even had the energy to cry, he had been so sick that Keith was surprised he hadn’t landed himself in the emergency room yet.

Keith shrugged. “Have you called her?”
He shook his head, curling and uncurling his toes as pain and nausea shot through his stomach. He all but whimpered, “‘can’t handle it right now.”
He frowned. “Yeah…hey, how are you feeling?”
Shiro chuckled humorlessly, breathless. “Really?”
“No, I mean…just let me know if you’re gonna…you know.”
Shiro’s stomach churned again, this time accompanied by rolling heat that prickled at his back and stomach. “I-I think…”

As soon as he shuddered, and wrapped an arm around his abdomen, Keith grabbed the bin that was in front of him on the floor and shoved it towards Shiro as he rolled on his stomach and propped himself up. He leaned over the side of the couch, stomach heaving as he emptied what little he had left in it.

Shiro ran his hand halfway through his hair, pushing it out of the way. Keith had his hand on his back.

“Okay, shit. Uh…it’s fine. Just breathe, I-I guess.”

Even though this was nothing new, and Keith wasn’t surprised, he still sucked at comforting people.

“S-sor-” Shiro was cut off by another heave.
“Why are you apologizing? Don’t apologize. You’re sick, it’s fine.”

Once Shiro had finished, he collapsed down into his stomach, pressing his cheek to Keith’s leg, his eyelids drooping.

“Hey.” Keith said, looking down at Shiro and pushing his hair off of the sick man’s clammy forehead. “Don’t sleep yet, you need to drink water.”
Shiro mumbled something incoherent, staring straight ahead through heavy eyelids.

“I know you feel terrible, but you’re going to get dehydrated. Come on, dude.”
Shiro groaned, squeezing his eyes shut. “I really don’t feel well, Keith.”
“Yeah, I’ve gathered that from four days of puke.” Keith bristled, worry gnawing at the pit of his stomach. “You’re going to feel even worse when I take you to the hospital and you get a needle shoved in your arm.”
“No hospital.”
“Yeah I agree. I’m not carrying your ass there, you’ll squish me.”
“It’s a good thing you’re not a nurse.” Shiro slurred, eyes going in and out of focus. “Your bedside manner sucks.”
Keith chuckled lightly. “Think you can sit up okay?”

Shiro nodded, and slowly pushed himself into a sitting position. Keith leaned forward to grab the glass of water from the coffee table and handed it to his roommate.

Shiro raised it to his lips with shaky hands.

Keith eyed him, taking note of Shiro’s pale complexion. His face had taken on a slightly grey tinge, which was, quite honestly, scaring the shit out of Keith. Because Shiro hadn’t gotten much sleep, and he was just so exhausted, he looked as if he had bruises underneath his eyes. His eyes, which usually looked so full of life, were dull, signaling just how miserable he was feeling.

“Now don’t chug it or you’ll just make yourself sick.”
Shiro nodded, and once Keith was satisfied, he slumped back down, resuming his previous position.

“Get some sleep.” Keith said softly, putting his hand back on Shiro’s head.

Shiro simply nodded.

if this night is not is not forever, at least we are together

Otayuri Week Day 1: First Times/Confessions

Words: 2.8K 

Featuring: DJ Otabek, Artist Yuri, Photographer Phichit and a whole host of drunken antics. 

AO3 link

It starts with a doodle in the margin of his art history notes that, when he looks at it from the right angle, looks like Otabek. Then there’s the midnight scrawls in his journals when he pours his heart out onto the page in smudgy ink, and when he rereads them the next day, it’s clear in his mind that the rambles that fill page after page are only about one person. Slowly, bits of Otabek start creeping into his art, snippets of things he’s written in journals, half remembered conversations immortalised in paint, some of the writing covered in angry strokes of red acrylic or made barely legible by the ink running down the page. He’s under his skin, and Yuri doesn’t really know why, or how to make it stop, how to make it go away, or anything that could possibly make the situation any better.

And whilst that might well be the start, it’s not technically the beginning.

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Things I love about the earlier version of In The Heights (from 2000, at Wesleyan University) that didn’t make it to the final musical:

  • Lincoln Rosario. Obviously.
  • “Welcome home, we haven’t seen you since Jesus knows when. You’re not alone.”
  • “All the neighborhood is dancing and it’s following my lead.”
  • “No me meto. No me meto. I’d like to help you out, no doubt, pero no puedo.”
  • Alma. That’s Benny’s mom. I’m really happy about how Benny’s plot changed and I get why she isn’t in the actual musical but she was such a good character.
  • “DJ you can’t go wrong, just play a latin song.”
  • In fact all about “Who is he?” is gold.
  • “There’s something out here for me, I haven’t found it. It’s strange, we’re only lonely when we’re totally surrounded.”
  • How clear Carla’s and Daniela’s verses during Blackout sound. I think Daniela’s part was sung by Alma then. Either way, they are so good and you can’t always hear them that well in the official version.
  • That little conversation between Nina and Vanessa during Blackout.
  • My Fire Escape. Both the original one and that later version for Nina are so beautiful.
  • “I’m hotter than I’ve ever been.” “Got that right.” So very smooth, Benny.
  • I Can’t Go Back is too good for me to choose one quote. Not to mention the ‘rewind tonight’.
  • “Don’t speak, just be/patient with me.” Benny’s entire verse there, tbh.
  • “Love isn’t something you feel for an hour or realize the night before. Love is a lifetime of hoping and wanting for someone, that someone, and praying to God up in heaven above, and waiting for kindness from your secret love.”
  • Vanessa calling Nina during Finale. That broke my heart.
  • “And in the height of all my pain, I remain, my heart remains.” “In Washington Heights!”

corosays  asked:

hello! I'm really glad to find your blog because it helps me a lot to get through many things for my future project! I also wanna know if you maybe can help me, bcs the world of my project is just like our own Earth, but there are monsters and people who can control elements like air, fire, etc. I'm still confused on how to make the world seems realistic and relatable to the readers, I wonder if you can help me? and I'm not a native English speaker, sorry if there is any mistake. thank you!

Hello, love!  Your English is great 👍  And thank you for following!

That sounds like a really cool universe :)  I strongly relate to your struggle with relatability – I tend to make my worlds complex and a bit inaccessible to readers.  And that’s the kind of problem that, when you look at it as a whole, feels pretty overwhelming.  That’s why I break it down into three different areas…

The Three C’s of Relatable Stories

In general, there are three big parts of your story that you’ll need your characters to understand and, on some level, relate to.  While your fictional universe should be unique and different from our real world – especially the more removed it is from real-life science and society – there should be a few common threads that your readers can see and think, “Oh, that’s just like real life!”  Examine your story in the following three areas:

1. Culture

This is the topic I’ll discuss most, so I put it first.  Your story’s culture is, for some readers (including myself), one of the most immersive and exciting aspects of your fictional universe.  Everything that creates your society – architecture, art, history, education, food, fashion, sports, politics, religion, medicine, community, major moral beliefs and conflicts – will shape how your readers experience your story.  Interesting fictional culture also promotes fanfiction, cosplay, and strong fandom ties that enable you to write sequels/spin-offs (J.K. Rowling is living off how strong her fictional culture was).

Because we want our cultures to be so unique and entertaining, though, many writers make the mistake of creating cultures too exotic or fantastical to reach readers.  But there are certain “human” parts of culture that reappear no matter what universe you’re in, so make sure your story has at least a few of the following:

  • Games.  Even wild animals, who have nothing to do with our society, play games with each other in real life – so unless fun and games are strictly outlawed in your universe, you should probably have some.  Games aren’t necessarily going to mirror ours; after all, we have board games, card games, video games, arcade games, sports games, drinking games, and games that don’t require supplies (guessing games, tag, hide-and-seek, charades, I-Spy etc.).  Different games are more appropriate for different ages – some are associated with certain genders, certain events, or certain environments.  Develop some of your own games, and maybe use some that mimic real games (with different names, of course).
  • Food.  Food isn’t just something we eat – it’s a culture.  Food culture = answering questions like:

Where do people of [lower/middle/upper] classes eat?

What sort of events are tied to food? (e.g. Thanksgiving, harvest festivals, etc.)

Are there special foods or meals for special occasions?

What do children eat in schools?

How difficult is it to get organic ingredients?

What is weight culture like?  In other words, are people viewed as more healthy when they eat more/less?  What figure is considered normal or attractive?  Do people diet?

  • Sports.  No matter where you live on planet earth, there’s generally some kind of sports culture – some sports are more dominant in some places than others (think about the U.S.’s relationship to soccer vs. everywhere else).  Some cultures use sports as a social activity for their kids, while others cultivate serious sports practice from childhood.  Certain sports are environmentally more relevant to certain places (which is why Canadians are so damn good at the winter Olympics).  Some sports are more violent than others – and each one has certain values: strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, agility, artistry, precision, rhythm, teamwork, or strategy.  Assess your fictional region’s values and develop sports culture that mirror said values.
  • Politics.  Every type of government comes with its own benefits, challenges, and conflicts.  Issues of allocating funds, handling corruption, checks and balances, legal rulings, outdated laws, controversial leaders, foreign relations, taxes, inequality, nature conservation, church vs. state, overpopulation – many of these problems will likely exist in your universe, in some form or another.  Pick and choose what political conflicts you’ll share with readers, and think about how they relate to and reflect in your fictional society.
  • Theology.  Decide on the majority worldview/s (theism, deism, naturalism, nihilism, pantheism, new age, post-modernism, etc. – although these worldviews shouldn’t be mentioned by name in your work) of your universe.  Read about these worldviews and how they shape society’s morals, legal system, government, interpersonal relationships, parenting, and environmentalism.  Create characters who align with the majority, and characters who contrast with the majority – thus creating conflicts that are very familiar to us.  This doesn’t mean your story has to become a religious or political commentary, of course!  But these belief systems have effects on every aspect of life, including life-or-death situations, romantic entanglements, and day-to-day affairs like work, money, and school.

2. Characters

Arguably the most important aspect of relatability, your characters are the driving force of empathy and comfort for your readers.  Although your characters will have some level of difference from real people (especially if your genre is fantasy/supernatural), there are a few common things that your characters should more than likely have:

  • Desires.  Everyone everywhere has desires, both attainable and unattainable, that drive them through every action.  There are large-scale desires – dream colleges, dream jobs, dream power, dream relationships – and small-scale desires – to help someone through a hard time, to make money, to eat right, to be a patient person – and even unknown desires – answers, fulfillment, guidance, the “right thing”, passion – all of which will exist in each character simultaneously.  Decide what your character wants, and you’ve already got multiple platforms for relatability.
  • Weaknesses.  Where there are desires, there are weaknesses that get in the way of those desires – and that’s usually the best way to find them.  What gets in the way of what they want?  Look at the Seven Deadly Sins; look at your own flaws, and the flaws that annoy you the most in others, and the flaws you don’t mind in others.  If your character, for example, wants to become famous on Broadway… what makes it a challenge?  Does she have social anxiety?  Is she impatient?  Does she struggle with her responsibilities?  Does she struggle with internalized discrimination?  What makes her dream personally, circumstantially, or socially unattainable?
  • Self-image.  So they’ve got their desires, and the weaknesses that keep them from those desires, so the real question is: how do they see themselves?  Do they focus on their failures or their successes?  Do they see their dreams as attainable or impossible?  Do they make steps to better themselves or do they feel comfortable with who they are now?  Do they absorb other people’s opinions of them, or reject those opinions?  Self-image is almost more relevant to a character’s story than their actual image, because this directs a lot of how they behave, how they struggle, and most importantly, how they narrate their own story.
  • Sins.  Bad habits, conscious choices, past sins – the sins they don’t even know are sins – these things are the ultimate stuff of relatability.  When someone reads your book and sees a character who shares their struggles, they won’t put the book down.  Don’t be afraid to let your character do bad things.  Don’t try to make them lovable angelic cinnamon rolls who do no harm.  Let them do things that make your readers cringe because damn it, she’s yelling at the people she loves again – stop pushing them away!  This will keep readers involved and allow them to feel your character’s failures as if they were their own.
  • Humor.  Everybody’s got a sense of humor – even those dumbass middle school boys who joke about sexual experiences they’ve never had.  Everyone has their own type of humor based on the kind of people they live with and the TV shows they watch and the experiences they’ve had.  Writing humor, however, can feel less natural – because there’s this pressure to make everybody laugh.  Don’t worry about that.  Just give your characters their own senses of humor, and someone will find it relatable.
  • Love.  Even villains have love to give.  Every person, and therefore every character – from every background and every trauma and every bad relationship and bad childhood – has love in their heart, as cheesy as that sounds.  They have love they want to give to people (sometimes a particular person) and love they want to receive, and different methods of expressing their love (see: The Five Love Languages) to others.  They have love for themselves, too, and conditions on which they’ll treat themselves with love.  Determine their potential for loving themselves, for loving others – both platonically and romantically – and for unconditional love.  Then allow this to grow over the course of the story, and you’ll have a character arc everyone can appreciate.

3. Conflict

Here is a post I’ve written discussing 4/5 of the main types of conflict, which are:

  • Man vs. Man
  • Man vs. Nature
  • Man vs. Society
  • Man vs. Self
  • Man vs. Technology/Supernatural

The reason these categories of conflict are so popular is because they’re the same conflicts we face in day-to-day life.  The fight over territory with your roommate = Man vs. Man.  Trying to find your car in the rain = Man vs. Nature.  Making the same New Year’s resolution for the third year in a row = Man vs. Self.  So identify these conflicts in your story, both large-scale and small-scale.  Both are important, but the personal conflicts – the ones that most affect your characters, like their resolutions or their roommate, or the killer beast that’s trying to eat them or the A.I. that’s taken control of their spaceship – will give your story stakes that, on their basest level, your readers will understand.

That’s my only real advice for you, since this is something I also struggle to manage – but I hope some of this makes sense for you and your story.  If you have any further questions, hit me up and I’ll try to get back to you way sooner.  Good luck!

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

msiewi  asked:

(Sorry for any mistakes I'm not a native) I think your art is amazing and I love it. I've been following you for already few months but I haven't check for a long time and now I checked most and I'm already so excited for more information about FluffyTale o(^▽^)o (and actually I think your Engish is good) Also do you have patreon (or some kind of site we can donate on) and can I buy some of your keychains and merchandise online if it's possible (>_<)?

awww thank you!! im so excited for letting you guys know more too >u<! (*look at today’s date* oh gosh..i guess i really need to start it these days XD)

and im so sorry that i dont have any patreon or ko-fi or paypal etc..so i cant sell things overseas or letting you guys donate me ;u;

but if you really want to support me , you can just follow me and give a like to my post , thats warm too *^^* ♡

anonymous asked:

Hi! Last week I came up with idea of writing short story, where one of characters is a lawyer. Problem is, I don't know how to write a lawyer. Especially his job (where he usually works, how is he meeting his clients etc.). I tried to search any informations, but I failed. Could you help me, please? I would be grateful, I love your blog and I know, that you'll find something helpful. I'm sorry for any mistakes, but English is my third language and I'm not as good as I want myself to be ;_;

Thanks so much for following and asking, love ♥️  Lawyers are definitely a complex character type to take on.  There are a lot of different kinds of law practice, different laws in different countries, and different environments at different law firms.  You’ll need to determine what kind of law your character is practicing, as well as how well-known (and expensive) he is – this will determine what kind of cases and hours he has.  You’ll also need to know what his attitude is toward his job.  Stereotypically, lawyers make work their whole lives – but this is just a stereotype, so don’t make it your automatic decision.

Anyway, I’m gonna start with some fun stuff a couple of legal dramas I enjoy at the moment: The Good Wife + The Good Fight (the latter is TV-MA for language).  Both are made by the same creators — focal on law firms, court cases, and the moral complexity of defending clients, innocent or otherwise.  They also discuss many loopholes and rules that tie lawyers’ hands.  Plus, they’re enjoyable to watch :)

Now, for some resources on lawyers:

And on court:

That’s all I’ve got right now, but if you need any more advice, be sure to hit me up :)  Thanks, and good luck!

P.S. Your English was great!  Especially for a third language – holy lord.  You have my utmost respect <3

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry to bother you, but how did you color Fawks and Katie Bell that way? /post/128806131319/harry-potter-meme-½-movies-harry-potter

Hi, lovely anon! Don’t worry, you’re not bothering me at all <3

Thank you for asking this. So, here comes my very first tutorial!

How to make this kind of gif from this gifset ( tutorial under the cut )

Please like or reblog if you find this useful! ♥

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Hello there! And don’t worry, that’s alright, ahah. And no – I haven’t put my two cents in yet because lately I just have time to stay online a bit only to check the tag and maybe submit something from time to time >< also, I hate ship wars with all my heart and so I tend to avoid any posts that may bring to that. Furthermore, I’m not very rational when it comes to shipping, I just follow my own feelings & sensations and so I can’t really explain it…XD but you took your time to write to me, and so I should give you an answer!

Caution! Personal opinions ahead, be careful!

So, yes, I ship Gafou :) and I’ve always been a…monoshipper I guess (is that even a word) – I mean, if I ship A with B, I just can’t ship A with C, that’s a fact (Wesley from Buffy/AtS is the only exception that comes in my mind right now). Of course, that doesn’t mean that I don’t like Stanfou (and again, don’t take my doodles too seriously, I’m just an idiot who likes to mess things up – and I don’t even mind drawing it, to be frank). I just prefer Gafou, that’s it! As I’ve already said, I’m not very rational and when I saw the “there’s no one as easy to bolster as you” scene (and in Italian it’s even better), it gave me such incredible vibes that I was like “ok, that’s it. I’m doomed. No matter what happens, I’m shipping it”. And that’s exactly what happened XD Of course, there are other reasons as well: I believe the ship had a really good potential (“LeFou, you’re the best!” And much moar) and the chemistry between the actors (and the actors themselves in this case because Le Duo is probably one of the best things that happened to me this year) helped a lot indeed. Even if Stanley and LeFou dancing together was so damn cute, I just couldn’t help myself from thinking about Gaston being alive and ready to start his REDEMPTION ARC. And regarding those people who label it as abusive…well, I really can’t (and don’t want to) change their mind and they have every right to think whatever they want, I just wish they could keep it out from the tag (and the fact that the “anti gafou” tag actually exists makes me sad). Because it’s not about “being open to other’s opinions”, it’s often about people judging/bashing other people over fictional characters and I’ve read “gafou shippers should be burning in hell” so many times that it makes me sick. << As for Gaston, same story; some may defend him, some may not; I personally think that the events of the movie showed his worst side and nobody realized that (or realized too late as for LeFou in the Mob Song), because otherwise I believe that LeFou would have left him before (and they went to war together, so they had to deal with lots of scenarios similar to the attack on the castle I think?? Minus the enchanted objects of course). Ofc, He’s got his flaws (duh), but I strongly believe that he can change and that he deserves his redemption arc. And…I’m lost XD I hope I answered at least one of your questions, I’m sorry but I’m not really good at this and I’m so busy lately that I can’t even think straight in Italian XDD Thank you so much for your kind words anyway! <3

misly-lososia  asked:

Just wanted to say that your drawings is amazing and so cute BUT I think it's really important that you're also always so polite and loving with everybody here. Seriously, how is it possible to be such a cute tiny soft cookie??? Just??? Wow you're my hero with biggest heart in the world❤️ly, Sarah, be safe (aaaaalso, sorry for any mistakes , I'm not a native speaker)

AAAAAHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH IT MADE SO HAPPY DKDKDKKDKDLD i always try to be very polite and kind idk i just want my blog to be a happy space eheh 💗💗💗💗

Nanbaka Ch. 38 Translations

Ohh, what’s this? Two chapters in one week? It must be some kind of holiday or something lol.

Just the usual disclaimer,  but I have no typesetting or cleaning skills at all (I think I’ve gotten better though..?), and I’m doing this purely for practice and to have fun, so I’m sorry in advance for any mistakes. Hope you all enjoy!

anonymous asked:

Hi, i'm a 15y/o(almost 16) trans, and one of my huge dysphoria is periods, is there any ways of getting rid of these? I want to avoid the birth control pills because i don't want the side effects (i already have acne and i don't want more spots you know) so if you can, please help me TwT (sorry if there's mistakes, english isn't my first language)

Firstly, your English is perfect so don’t feel ashamed of it! Also, birth control, contrary to popular belief, doesn’t really stop periods just kind of slows them down. Outside of testosterone, your period is going to come, it’s your body taking out the trash and it has to do this to stay healthy. I can only suggest ways you can deal with it, rather than stop it. I suggest putting together a pack of things to help you every month. Things like underwear-friendly sanitation products (I like pads with wings because I can wear male underwear without too much worry), heating pads, pain killers if you use them, things like that. Wear clothing that is loose and comfortable and will make you feel more masculine. Talk to people that you like, and that make you feel better. 

Lastly, you aren’t any less masculine because of this. Heck, I would say that you’re way tougher than any cis guy I know! You go through that monthly and come out swinging, that’s the toughest thing ever. You can get through this, friend! 

- Michael 

I know I’ve said that I was leaving Tumblr for a while, but I’ve got a couple of messages (anon oc) that I’d like to adress without answering. (And then I’m gone for good)

I can respect that you don’t like Eva for whatever reasons you have. What I’m not going to accept is people coming to me saying misogynistic  things related to her cheating and lying to Jonas.

- Even cheated on Sonja (twice) and we still love him and his relationship with Isak.

- Jonas lied to Eva about not being at Ingrid’s house and we still miss him like crazy when he’s not in our screens.

- William used girls at his will and you still love him.

- P Chris cheated on Iben several times and we still think he’s a good person (a fuckboy, yes, but a nice person).

I will not accept sexism, racism or homophobia in any form in my blog. So if you’re wondering why I didn’t reply to your message, that is the reason.

I’m sick and tired of girls being poorly treated because their past mistakes, while boys say sorry and they are instantly forgiven.

Writing challenge

I was tagged by @somewhereisaplacethatziamknow and @daddariomalik

I’m not even gonna pretend like this took me five minutes ‘cause I’ve been at it all day, ahah. Seriously time and I don’t get along very well, I’m a HORRIBLE timekeeper so I’m hopeless when it comes to all these challenges.

So Toni, Monica, instead of two small drabbles you get some kind of a…ficlet? It’s basically 3k+ of pining best friends/roommates with barely any plot at all. There’s a shift in point of view right in the middle of it and yes, it’s deliberate :)

I haven’t done any proper editing so I’m sorry for the mistakes. Enjoy, and please feel free to tell me what you think of it!! xx

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yana’s post on instagram.
that’s how it goes in sports, you go towards your goal your whole life, you don’t go to kindergarten or school, don’t go out in the evenings with your friends, don’t get to see your relatives, disapear to trainings and competitions, you work hard, because you know that behind you are standing the people who love you, the whole country, your homeland, and you’re doing everything in order to not let them down, to make them happy, to be first.
friends, girlfriends, fans, relatives, coaches - forgive me if i didn’t stand up to your expectations, but i fought till the end, i tried hard. to be honest, i was in pain, it was hard for me, sometimes it was lonely, but i was going forward, forward for you.
this silver with my tears, with my smile, with your applause - shines like gold.
i want to thank elena lubovna, who made from a little monkey a vice olympic champion. and of course, huge thank you, and admirration without bounds, to our common “mom” irina alexandravna viner usmanova, for recognizing a talent in me, putting her soul and heart into me and givving me a chance to become one of a kind.
i love you all very much, and of course huge thank you to my parents. mom, dad, i love you.