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Amelia (Part 2 of 3)


Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: Meet Melissa.

Note: (I’m not sure what time it is for you guys but I need to go to class so I’m posting this early-ish? Sorry yo)

So..?? You guys have been crazy wonderful and supportive about part one and I’m stupid emotional about it?? I was low key terrified to post it bc I hadn’t posted any writing in so long but y’all are incredible and I don’t deserve you holy wow.

Anyway, here’s PART TWO uh oh here we go. I think it goes without saying that this wouldn’t exist without Taryn’s help but also like THIS WOULDN’T EXIST WITHOUT TARYN’S HELP.

enjoy the trash!

Word Count: about 12k whatever (I promise part 3 is less obnoxious)

Late nights working at the bar usually left you exhausted beyond belief, barely able to make it to your bed before you collapsed and passed out until the incessant buzzing of your alarm woke you up just a few hours later. You hated your job. You hated the low-cut uniform and the creepy men you had to serve with a smile. You hated the late hours and the shitty pay.

You hated it, and so you were trying to consistently sleep off the grimy film that shifts at the bar always left on your skin.

This night, however, was different. On this night, you barged back into your apartment after your shift ended at two in the morning with your mind already racing and fingers itching for a pen to start writing things down. You pulled out a crumpled wad of napkins that you’d started jotting ideas, facts and figures onto throughout the night and started transcribing them in more detail into a notebook on your desk– a notebook you hadn’t touched since the last time you had started planning a gallery display.

You stayed up all night, doing research and thinking through logistics and never tiring as you worked towards something for the first time in two years.

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gifset request from anonymous: Owen and Amelia pushing each other into rooms so they can talk. Parallel 11x20 // 13x17.

I just rewatched the episode, and the scene that just slayed me, was when Aaron told Paddy he was happy.

Aaron didn’t think he could be happy, and probably never felt that magnetic, all-encompassing love that he feels with Robert. Imagine Aaron having these moments, where he just realises that he is happy, moments where it hits him that all the things he thought he could never have are now his reality 

Waking up next to Robert, limbs entangled, smelling of sex and Robert, breathing it in and just laying his head on Robert’s chest and feeling at home.

Coming down to see Robert and Liv having breakfast, his toast ready and the kettle newly boiled for his cup of tea, and knowing he has a family.

Robert giving him a kiss on the cheek as he leaves to go to work and Aaron just smiling like an idiot because Robert Sugden chose him.

Meeting Robert for lunch at the Woolpack, and chatting about anything and everything, and their fingers touch under the table and Aaron just feels good and right and like this is something he could do for the rest of his life. 

Robert getting home late from a meeting, and Aaron has saved him some food, Robert circling his waist with his arms, because they are alone and he’s a soft git, and thanking Aaron before he has dinner, and Aaron not only knowing that he is happy, but that he makes someone else happy.

Lying in bed and listening to Robert brush his teeth, playing with the ring on his finger, waiting for Robert to join him, and feeling completely safe in the knowledge that he will always have Robert to come home to.

Feeling the reverence with which Robert presses kisses to his jaw as they have sex, moaning and touching in all the right places, until they are both undone and Aaron’s mind is completely free of worry, completely blissed out as he pulls Robert to him and lays his arms around him, and he just knows that this is the way he always wants to spend his evenings. 

Like everyone makes jokes about Sombra hacking and checking search histories, but like she probably does.

She knows Tracer has an online shopping habit.

She knows Solider 76 has a habit of checking out dog memes on Facebook.

Reaper looks up cat vids.

Widowmaker? She googles her symptoms (Sombra is concerned).

She knows McCree just looks up the “what in ______” memes

She is actually concerned with what Mercy looks up. With Mercy typing the exact words “why does my team keeping dying and then blame me when I can’t fucking heal them” and “why does my team suck”, she feels threatened to go on a Mercy team.

And so much more. Fear her for she is god.

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1O Amelia? owo

[Hello Rainbow Chu! I believe this was in response to the “Send Me Numbers” post I reblogged a while back (correct me if I’m wrong), so here you go! I actually finished this yesterday, but I couldn’t fix the quality for some reason, so I’m sorry about that. Anyway…]

10. Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with?

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Prompt: showing off Amy in Texas (Mary or Missy)

“Oh Amy, you’re just going to love my church group” Mary beamed as she climbed out of the car and made her way into the building.

Sheldon rolled his eyes. He loved his mother but sometimes she could be a bit much. As soon as he told her that Amy would be coming for thanksgiving, she had invited the whole family around as well as several strangers.

Somehow over all these years, he had still managed to fall victim to the infernal ‘attend church once a year’ rule. At least this time he would have Amy next to him.

However, that did not come as much comfort when he was sat on a hard wooden pew for hours in a swelteringly hot church whilst middle-aged ladies swooned around him. The service had ended but he had been trapped by his mother’s friends.

“Oh Mary is this your son?”
“Little Sheldon! You’ve gotten so tall! I remember when you were only yay high”
“I hear you’re a rocket scientist now”

After battling off the sea of women, Sheldon made a bee line for Amy who had been laughing at him. Lucky for her, no one knew her here so she was safe from their nattering.

“Come on, we’re getting out of here” he took Amy’s hand and attempted to drag her through the crowd.

This was a mistake.

“Sheldon, who is this fine young lady?”
“Who’d have thought little Shelly would have a girlfriend?”
“My, my, my, who do we have here?”

Suddenly, they were encapsulated yet again. There was no escape.
Sheldon watched as Amy smiled broadly and introduced herself to everyone. She shook their hands and smiled and talked about herself and her job and her relationship with Sheldon who also joined in on some of the conversations. In a word, Amy was a delight.

Eventually, Mary, Sheldon and Amy piled back into the car to get home.
Sheldon had no idea how Amy could stand such torment. It was hardly a surprise though. Amy was wonderfully charming and intelligent. She had plenty of worthy accomplishments and was a renowned scientist.

For a while there he had actually enjoyed talking to his mom’s friends. They admired Amy almost as much as he did which was the first thing anyone in this town had ever been right about. Once the topic of conversation had moved to his girlfriend, Sheldon had barely been able to stop talking.

Amy pulled into the driveway of his childhood home. The rest of the family had managed to escape church and had been busy cooking ready for thanksgiving dinner.

Missy stood at the table placing down plates and plates of delicious food.

“Amy, this pie looks delicious”

“Thank you Missy” Amy replied earnestly.

“You should try her spinach dip. To this day I think it is the best thing I’ve ever tasted” Sheldon beamed at his girlfriend, radiating pride.

Missy smiled at the private eye contact she saw the couple make.

“Let me help you with that” Amy walked over to help Missy who was struggling with several plates and glasses. Amy staggered under the weight of the crockery until Sheldon came to her rescue.

“I’ll take these” he smiled and walked through to the kitchen.

“You never would usually catch Shelly helping with the dishes. You bring out something good in him. Poor soul never stops talking about you” Missy giggled at how smitten her brother was with his girlfriend.

When thanksgiving dinner was finally ready, the whole family gathered around the table. Mary’s usual seat next to Sheldon was taken by Amy and Mary now sat the other side of her. She grasped Amy’s hand tight and closed her eyes ready for prayer.

“Sheldon? Would you lead today’s prayer?”

Sheldon rolled his eyes but held out his hand for Amy to take and reached for his sister’s with the other. He cleared his throat.

“Dear Lord, your existence is-”

“Sheldon!” Mary’s voice gave him a warning.

Amy squeezed her boyfriends hand in support. Sheldon sighed and gave in.

“Dear Lord, we thank you for this meal we are about to receive”

He let go of everyone’s palms, believing he was finished.

“More” Mary instructed, still with her eyes closed.

Another sigh and Sheldon continued, “We thank you for our health. We thank you for…”
Sheldon stuttered, running out of things to be thankful for.

Amy’s whispered overtook and finished for him, “We thank you for family and friends and the love we share with them”

“Amen” everyone chorused.

Mary opened her eyes, “Amy that was lovely”

Suddenly, Sheldon interrupted, “Wait!”
He grasped for his neighbours hands again and closed his eyes. Everyone copied in confusion, unsure as to what he was doing.

When all was quiet, Sheldon began with a soft whisper.

“Lord, we would like to also put special thanks for Amy Farrah Fowler”
He felt Amy’s hand tense in his but continued regardless and help her tighter.

“Thank you for carving the most perfect human being, thank you for her incredible patience, her understanding, her wonderful intelligence and capacity to care more than anyone else I know. Thank you Amy for bringing love to my life”

Sheldon finished to a silent room. Slowly, everyone of opened their eyes and looked over to Sheldon and Amy. Amy’s cheeks were a deep red but her eyes were full of love as she held tightly to Sheldon’s hand.

Mary picked up her glass and held it in the air. Everyone copied and clinked glasses.


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tell us about amelia peabody?? should we read it???

all right, my friend

the short answer to this question is “yes, absolutely,” but i can try to elaborate

do you like indiana jones? the mummy? boy have i got something for you

the series:

  • it’s 19 books long, which seems like a lot but trust me, it’s worth it
  • elizabeth peters aka barbara mertz is the author
    • she’s an egyptologist so the history & archaeology are really good!
  • the whole series is written as amelia’s journals, with some other povs added later
    • listen i love amelia’s perspective but manuscript h …
  • amelia is a super unreliable narrator but she’s also hilarious, which is a great combination imo
  • the series starts in 1884 and goes up to 1923
    • especially in later books the political issues of the time become pretty important
  • the first book is crocodile on the sandbank and it’s pretty short so go for it (reading/publication order here)
  • (almost) every year the family goes to egypt to excavate and they always get caught in a mystery
    • amelia is the only one happy about this


  • i literally don’t even know how to begin to describe her
  • she’s a self-proclaimed feminist (established pretty early on in the first book) and she brings the feminist movement of the late 19th/early 20th century up pretty often
  • her weapon of choice is a parasol
    • a steel-tipped parasol
  • she and her husband have the best relationship
    • sometimes they place bets when they’re trying to solve a mystery
  • she’s also a lowkey misandrist it’s great

everyone else:

  • there are approximately 15000 characters so i can’t talk about them all
  • the family gets to be pretty big by the end of the series but it also gets to be pretty diverse
  • lots of great egyptian characters
  • lots of great female characters
  • a lot of actual historical figures get worked in as well, like howard carter and t. e. lawrence
  • and we can’t forget that villain, that wretch, that consummate master of evil, that genius of crime

this is already really long so basically: i love this series with everything in me, it’s one of the funniest series i’ve ever read and i love everyone in it and it’s just great overall. 10/10

(mild spoilers under the cut but no more than what you’d get from reading my liveblogs)

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is kiku even listening??? or is she just contemplating how much of an adorable nerd her girlfriend is???

Birthday present for the SUPER HELLA moondustbeam, based on her wingtalia AU fic Kiku and Amelia (a fic in which gilbert and roderich end up happily ever after THE END THANK GOD WHEW)

Hope your birthday’ll be kickass, dude!!! :D 

Derek won’t be there to help raise his three beautiful children. he won’t walk his daughters down the aisle, or to teach his son how to live in a house full of women. he won’t be there to call post-it or to remind meredith who she is everyday when she gets Alzheimers. there will be no more high-fives with callie, no more late night chats with amelia, no more silent hugs with bailey. his wife won’t die in his arms when she is 110 years old. there will be no more kisses in elevators or ferryboat scrub caps. derek shepherd will live on through the people who loved him most. but it will never be the same. it can’t ever be the same. my 11 year OTP is gone.