i'm sorry about this it's unacceptable

  • me 90% of the time: media is subjective, everybody has different tastes, we watch movies and shows for different reasons and get different things about them
  • me when someone says they didn't like Pacific Rim: Ummmm, wow, okay, what the hell? Who made you a movie expert? Did you go to movie school? What, you think you can do better? I can't even talk to you anymore. This is unacceptable. Please love yourself

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Hi! Could I request some Lance headcanons for an s/o who had a really crappy life before meeting him? (Maybe they had no friends because they were such a social outcast or their family would favor their older sibling over them? Or both.) I'm sorry if I'm bothering you, I just really feel like shit right now.

~Oh! I hope you’re feeling alright anon, I know that I got this request a couple days ago, but I was working on some other request at that time! If its not too late, I hope you’re having a wonderful day! And you’re not bothering me at all! I hope you like it! ~


When he finds out about this new revelation from his s/o, he is clearly surprised.

• He finally understands why his s/o was so reclusive and refuses to talk about their life. 

• This is completely unacceptable, he will not allow this to upset his s/o at all.

• He’ll look out for them the best he can.

• Has all ears on his s/o, and is ready to hug or comfort his s/o at anytime.

• If his s/o ever wants to vent to him, or just want a shoulder to cry on, just call him and he’ll be right there.

• Comforts his s/o with loads of hugs and some occasional jokes to lighten the mood.

• If his s/o had a family that favoured their siblings and left them out, he will make sure to pour all of his attention to them. He’ll listen intently to everything they have to say, spend most of his time with them, sleep with them and shower them with compliments and affection.

• He doesn’t want his s/o to feel unloved because of their past life with their family or because of society.

• He would do everything he can to make them happy, even spoiling them, he doesn’t care, as long as they feel needed and loved, he’s happy.

• Would hold “spa day” frequently with them. Loves to take them to the spa when he ever gets the chance. He wants them to feel good while being pampered.

• He just wants them to focus on the present and not their past, because he loves them for who they are now.

love it or list it formula:
  • hillary: you want a new kitchen, updated bathroom, an additional bathroom, open concept main floor, completely renovated basement, private office, an added third floor, a steeple, and a separate three story house for the dog. what's my budget?
  • homeowners: $50,000
  • hillary: it will be difficult but i can manage
  • contractor: the floor is uneven, the beams aren't installed correctly, the ceiling is leaking, the house is about to fall into the ground, and we need to fix all of it.
  • hillary: sorry guys considering your house was built in 1724 i did not expect all of these problems to occur so unfortunately i'm gonna have to take basically everything off of your list
  • homeowners: hillary this is unacceptable i thought you would do so much better
  • hillary: *after renos* well here's your new house and even though i could only add a faucet to the main bathroom are you gonna love it or list it?
  • homeowners: omg it's perfect we're gonna love it

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DRAW MORE TONY BECAUSE HE IS FLAWLESS but my true intentions was to ask you if you know some good fanfiction about Tony? because I NEED MORE TONY because of you, your art and all this rant about him xD and sorry if i'm bothering you

HES FLAWED AND I LOVE HIM FOR IT HE’S PERFECT IN MY HEART I will draw him for ever and ever. Oh my gosh, okay, “good” is entirely subjective but here are a few that i like:

Catching Lightning in a Bottle by sabrecmc 

If @sabrecmc hadn’t commissioned me I could have potentially gone my entire life without having read this fic in all its painful glory, which is quite frankly unacceptable, oh my god, listen it’s a non-powered steve/tony AU and honestly, shipping aside, it’s got good characterization of every single character and also a+ dialogue and also it made my heart hurt in the best way possible I am. Very Invested™ it’s unfinished rn come suffer with me

Autonomy by Amethystina

This one is entirely @thegoldenavenger‘s fault bc they rec’d it and I checked it out and ended up. Um. Binge-reading it at 4am listen it’s a tony/bucky space opera AU and it’s fucking incredible give it the benefit of the doubt it’s long but it’s worth it it is. so worth it oh my god it’s cute and painful and good and I love this Tony so. Much I . I love him so much also it’s in space which is always a plus

Deep in the Heart of Me by Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar)

Hi if 27/? chapters alternating between sweet perfect cuteness and gut-wrenching emotional turmoil is something you’d be up for, read this. It’s a steve/tony non-powered AU, steve runs a tattoo shop with his pals, he has a small baby child, he’s a mess, Tony’s a mess, I’m a mess, listen, its. I’m forever fucked up about this this made me cry real actual tears both times I read it this Tony is a tiny sweet baby nerd and Steve’s kid is the cutest child and Bucky is great and Bruce is great and Nat is great and ITS GREAT OK

The Priming Game by amonitrate

This is just about as pure of a Tony “Tony Fic” as you’re going to get. If I ever suddenly stop posting on this blog, assume it’s because I read this fic again and it prompted me to finally accept my inevitable fate of spending the rest of my life re-watching IM1 over and over and over again until the end of time. This is a Rhodey & Tony fic, and it’s set immediately following Tony’s rescue in Afghanistan, and it’s from 2009, and it’s perfect. It’s,,,so good, i’m so many levels of fucked up over this oh my god please read this fic 

unsolicited bonus fic:

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