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Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical, 1969

Found this attempt at colorizing TC in a folder from April 2014 that I’d completely forgotten about. Thought it looked HELLA shit at the time so gave up trying to improve it.

3 years later (to my eyes) it’s not HELLA shit anymore - only a bit shit ;D

I’ll never have the time or energy to try again so best not waste it HERE YA GO OOFT IT’S LIKE 23 YEAR OLD TIM CURRY IS IN THE ROOM, what youth, what charisma, what beauty.

                                                   because it’s not quite paradise,
                                                       but it sure feels like home.

                                                          happy father’s day.


ons: lovechild the second

I’ve gotten several asks about creating a second blond green eyed child, so here is Yuumi, 5 years younger than Michirou 8) Her full name is Yuumiera but Michirou only calls her that when he wants to piss her off :3c

She’s basically a devil who can bring out Michirou’s childish, vengeful side. They fight all the time, though Yuumi usually starts it. (But it does take two to clap, after all…)

For @sequencefairy for my contribution to the @bleachfemslashexchange. So here’s some Rukihime! I ended up going for some of the iconic Rukihime moments in a little photo edit. I hope you like it!


This video of Kate Bush performing Hounds of Love in 1986 is like my whole aesthetic summed up in a nutshell. Everything about it is right – her outfit, her makeup, her voice, the song, the performers, the instruments, the set-up, the dancing. Gahhhhh!

Play it at my funeral, guys, and then promptly throw my coffin into the lake in a grand spiral like tossing a frisbee while blasting this song from a large 80s boombox. K thanks.


Le Visiteur du Futur - reaction gifs (part1/…)

feel free to use and don’t forget to credit (that applies to all of the gifs on tumblr but hey…)

BBC Merlin Fest: Day 6
↳ Favourite quote: “Arthur is not just a king, he is the Once and Future King. Take heart, for when Albion’s need is greatest, Arthur will rise again.”