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100 years ago I was tagged by the cutest @philophobia999 @legit-min-yoongi-trash-tho and @jeylovestoblog thank youu~  💕 💕 at least they were simillar so I merged them together hahah

Name: Caroline, Carolina, Karolina I mean there many ways you can write it haha

Nicknames: Never really had a nickname irl tbh On here I was told that it’s: Bunny, Hiimmy, C  💕 is polish candy a nickname? hahha

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Cancer

Height: 5’3/160 cm

Time Right Now: 10:11 PM


Birthday: July 12

Last Thing I Googled: Jungkook all black outfit

Favorite Bands: Kpop- BTS, MONSTA X, BIGBANG, Got7, Blackpink, EXO, Mamamoo, Triple H, Pentagon, TWICE, Seventeen and many more. Other- 30 Seconds To Mars, The 1975, Kings Of Leon, Arctic Monkeys, Fall Out Boy, The Kooks, The Beatles and also maaany more.

Favorite Solo Artists: IU, Zion. T, Jay Park, Ed Sheeran, Zico, CL, Harry Styles, Suran, Dean, Halsey, Jimin Park and seriously soooo many more!

Song stuck in my head: EXO - Koko Bop

Last show watched: Friends

Last movie I watched: Beauty and the Beast with @gloomybow1

When did you create your blog: early 2012 I think

What do you post: Mainly Kpop, I make kpop moodboards, aesthetic stuff also a little bit of fashion

When did your blog reach its peak: Never? I’m a smol blog!

Do you have other blogs: Only one hahaha I have a fitness blog, but I don’t use it anymore. But I have twice as much followers there hahah

Do you get asks regularly: Nahhhh, almost none hahah only requests for mbs

Why did you choose your URL: tbh I have no idea, I don’t remember how I thought of it….I wanted something that would be connected with me, kinda personal. So I think I must have thought my name would be a good idea…….big mistake hahha

Following: 517, please give me some recommendations, I need to follow more!

Posts: 39K +

Hogwarts House: Slytherin/Ravenclaw - I’m still not sure, I think now more ravenclaw

Favorite Colors: Black, Pastel Pink, Pastel Purple

Average Hours of Sleep: NOT ENOUGH in general, but now more, because there’s no uni, but on average 6? I guess

Lucky Numbers: 8 and 13 for some reason… and recently 11

Instruments: tried learning piano and guitar, didn’t work thooo

Favorite Characters: Too many to answer. Seriously. But i like strong female characters like Hermione and Mulan!

What am I wearing right now: pajamas (shorts and a t-shirt) 

How many blankets do you sleep with: only one

Favourite food: korean tofu? sushi? anything vegan with rice tbh

Dream Job: translator, tour guide or a teacher. I just want to travel so much! Also I could be an owner of a coffee shop or a restaurant or a kpop shop idk

Dream trip: South Korea (sooooon), USA, Japan, New Zealand, Thailand

Nationality:  Polish

Favorite Song Right Now:  this is too hard tbh whole new EXO’s album and whole Monsta X’s album hahah I listen to both of them on repeat

I tag (Please do it only if you want to~): @jungkook-gifs @mart-art @gloomybow1 @bfkook @nerdy-otaku @paperb-fly @sugaster @minseokkks @ahoneyyboy @softykook @jackson-wang-tbh @jacksonwangblog

I’m not going to play by the rules I’m going to put 20 things for each thing

Thank you so much @snifflesnuff for tagging me! I’m looking forward to seeing more art by you~
: Elizabeth
Nicknames: Liz, Lizard, Lizbiscuit, goofball, boo
Zodiac: Pisces
Height: 5″5
Orientation: Straight as a ruler
Nationality: Half-Chinese, Half-American (on a side note my great grandpa was from the Czech Republic)
Favorite fruit: CUCUMBERS (nah actually cooked pineapples)
Favorite season: Fall…winter…god all the seasons are beautiful if you think of the right images
Favorite book: 1984 or any book by Gary Paulsen
Favorite Flower: Rocky Mountain Columbine, Hibiscuses, forget-me-nots
Favorite scent: Lavender and Vanilla
Favorite color: All of them honestly but especially pastels. Oh I do sort of have a thing against pink (it’s an inside joke) unless you use it for flushed cheeks, then I will love you forever.
Favorite animal: HORSES
Coffee | tea | hot cocoa: Lemonade (I’m such a rebel wao)
Average sleep hours: 5-6 during hell school and 8-9 on summer break
Cat or dog person: I love whenever people ask me this question because I will always reply with “horse person”.
Favorite fictional character: Keith mofo Kogane (I have a list of other babies too but right now this DUDE uGHH)
Number of blankets you sleep with: 1-2
Dream trip: I actually don’t have one. I just want to live near a mountain with horses when I’m older and I’ll be content then. Bonus points if there’s a hubby that’s not a fictional character.
Blog created: Around the middle of July but I’ve lurked since 2012.
Number of followers: Exactly 50. (Don’t ask me how that happened)
Random fact: I used to be able to do 11 pullups but due to moving recently and disassembling our workout machine I’m not sure. Also I like screaming. Oh also I talk too much I should stfu lmao.
uHM I tag @apvrrish @sneeze-queen @sniffles-and-tickles @sinfullyselected and anyone else who wants to can play too. :)

In a group chat there’s always A person who always gets ignored B person who always reads everything but never sends a message C person who literally never stops messaging D those 2 people who always have an unnecessary individual conversation on the group chat when they literally could’ve just messaged each other off the group chat and E person who drops by just to send a link to a funny post from tumblr or something


Saeyoung: Ohhhh, Saeran! I’m so happy! Thank you thank you thank you!!

Saeran: Yeah…you too. Happy birthday…idiot.

Saeyoung: Hey, let’s take a selfie with your new phone! Get over here!

Saeran: *sighs* Alright.

Saeyoung: Smile!

Saeyoung: This has been the best birthday EVER!! Thank you, Saeran…

She’s white, medium size, and has brown circles around her eyes.


no question about it i’m ready to get hurt by harry again.

                                      [ P O I S O N E D   B Y   R E D ]

B.A.P at the Supermarket

-Jongup is in the cereal aisle

-Daehyun is upset that the kids seat on the shopping cart is too tiny for him, Himchan regrets bringing him already

-Youngjae is frustrated. He has managed to pull every door that says ‘slide to open’

-Junhong is upset at the lack of spongebob boxers for adults

-The slowest man in Korea has managed to piss off people in the fast lane, he smiles to apologise, they melt

-Jongup is still in the cereal aisle

-Himchan and Daehyun are fighting about who will pull the cart

-Youngjae stares at the hair dyes available for 15 minutes, picks brown

-Yongguk is explaining why buying water is important to a couple of 3 year old kids

-Junhong has somehow managed to lock himself in the dairy freezer

-Daehyun has eaten at every taste test counter and now Himchan refuses to buy him dinner

-Youngjae has distanced himself from those two

-Yongguk is still with the kids, now advertising tigger plushies and gum care

-Jongup takes a break to get nesquik and returns to the cereal aisle

-Himchan and Daehyun are now fighting about who will handle money

-Junhong takes the money, there’s too much loving yelling for HimDae to notice

-Youngjae momentarily returns to remove the salt from the cart, assuring HimDae he has enough

-Youngjae also hides the last packet of chicken so Daehyun can’t get it, but it’s turkey, he failed.

-Junhong is now talking to the staff, he has strong opinions about tomato being a fruit

-Daehyun sees Jam and starts to sing “That’s My Jam”, Himchan has given up

-Jongup can’t decide on cereal

-HimDae are now fighting about who can yodel better, a crowd has gathered around them

-Yongguk walks straight past them, grabs Youngjae and leaves

-Junhong has spent all the money on dog treats for Mochi, frowns at shirts because ‘who wears those’ on his way out

-Al*kpop publishes an article in the next hour with footage, “B.A.P’s Himchan and Daehyun leaving group to pursue yodelling careers”

AFTERWORD: The store has shut. The manager is just ensuring all lights are off and no one is here. It’s dark, he’s manoeuvring his torch, but he can feel a presence. “Is anyone there?”, he calls, his voice trembling. There’s a sudden noise, and his eyes are now on a small boy dressed in white, with razor sharp features and light hair. The boy takes steps towards him, clearly armed with something. The manager is about to flee, but the boy….squints. “Where do I pay for the cereal?”

chapter 61 from simon’s pov

And I’m holding his face

Because I want him to stop

I want him to stop saying all this

I want him to go back to Watford with me

I want to be home with him

His dark, grey eyes are

Dancing in the firelight

They’re beautiful, I think

Where did that thought come from?

He’s not beautiful.

He’s my enemy.

Okay, he is kind of beautiful.

Okay. Baz is beautiful and

It annoys the fuck out of me.

His mouth is so close

It’s sealed shut

And for a split second

I think about kissing him

I think about pushing his mouth open

With my own

I wonder if he’ll kiss me back

But then I remember

Who I am and who he is

And where we are

And I almost convince myself not to-

But he’s staring at my face

So intently

And for a second, unmistakably,

His eyes flick down to my lips.


I don’t want him to go

I don’t want him to leave

And so I do it.

I kiss Baz.

I kiss him like there’s no tomorrow

Because I want to kiss him

Because he’s beautiful

And because he isn’t a monster

Because he isn’t my enemy

And because it just feels right.

His mouth is cold, cold, cold

But this kiss is full of heat

It’s nothing like what I’ve

Ever felt with Agatha.

It’s hotter,

It’s colder,

It’s a hundred times more intense.

And it feels right.

I am kissing Baz.

And he is kissing me.

What are we starting?


How things change.

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #33
  • Phil: ChiCKEn
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>You:</b> Original Gangster<p/><b>Me, an intellectual:</b> Opera Ghost<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>