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Okay but imagine what happens when they finally get Stiles back, after all the hugs and the tears and the proclamations of love and whatnot

Stiles goes to his Jeep, and notices something. Duct tape. Keeping Roscoe’s drivers side door shut. He turns to his friends, doing that little one-eye-twitchy thing where one eye gets super narrow in, in this case, disbelief.

“What happened to my Jeep?”

He peels the duct tape off, and the door comes swinging open, the handle broken. “I, uh–” Scott starts, and sort of smiles apologetically. “I might’ve had to break in, the first time you tried communicating with us? You know - through the Jeep’s radio. We didn’t have the keys yet.”

Stiles’ eyes narrow further. “You broke my Jeep, Scott? On purpose?”

Scott’s eyes widen and he lifts his hands in a gesture of harmlessness. “Lydia told me to.”

Stiles gestures grandly, his hands flailing with his words. “That does not mean you had to do it! You could’ve said no! You’re the alpha, aren’t you supposed to call the shots?”

“Yeah, okay - coming from the guy who hasn’t ever said no to Lydia Martin in his life.”

“Hey, she - she intimidated me, okay? You know this.”

“Which is why only now you worked up the actual courage to tell her you’ve been in love with her for like, ten years.”

Stiles looks at him for a second, before rolling his eyes. “Just get in the car, Scotty. We’ll talk about this later.”

“I’m totally gonna pay for that Lydia jab, aren’t I?”

Stiles sighs, clapping a hand on his best friend’s shoulder. “Yes, yes you are.”

Scott sighs, turning and crossing over towards the passenger side door. “Great.”

“Hey, you missed me and you know it.”

Scott freezes then, the door half open as Stiles slides into the driver’s seat. He looks at his best friend for a second longer before sliding in and closing his door.

“Yeah, I did.”

“I know.” He sticks the key in the ignition, but hesitates before turning it. “You know, I missed you guys too.”

Scott grins at him, so happy to have his best friend back, nodding as Stiles finally turns the key and the engine sputters painfully to life.

“Yeah, I know.”

Pompeii 19

Sakura plays with a handful of snow, watching it sparkle between her fingers when she turns her wrist. It was still s wonderful to look at days later. It was hard not to feel like a giddy child when she saw snow. The last few years the snow in the city had been pitiful and dirty. When she was younger the snow seemed so much more dazzling.

Being the weekend there was no way she wasn’t spending her free time outdoors, but the reservations about going into the woods still remained after her last few adventures. Kisame and Zabuza had shown up to save her from such a dilemma.

Icarus had frozen over and it was perfect for skating on, but by invite only. The champions of the last Founders Day had very strict regulations on who they allowed on or in their lake ever since ‘funny stuff’ started getting into their water. Of course Sakura was allowed out there with them, but Sakura was surprised to see Itachi and one other individual bending over to lace up his skates. Sasuke straightened and saw her approach behind the towering Mizu men.

“Haku is fond of few individuals,” Zabuza began to explain. “But he seems to tolerate the youngest Uchiha brat well enough whenever Suigetsu drags him out.” The way he sighed reminded Sakura of a dad with a spoiled child that didn’t know what to do with it. Sakura didn’t doubt that Zabuza’s actual situation was only a little different.

“Are they both from the same generation?” Sakura asked, thinking back to the tent and the conversations shared there.

They had told her something along the lines of Ino, Naruto, Sasuke and that group all being the babies of Pompeii or the youngest generation. When she thought about it, she didn’t see many children if any at all when she was running errands in her new town. How did they measure age when some species lived centuries and others died over before a few dozen decades were over like the Green Men?

“Haku is a little older and almost not a part of that category, but yeah,” Zabuza sighed, nodding to where Haku sat on a bench strapping on skates. “Don’t mention it to him though, he’s as sensitive as they come about it.”

Sakura nodded, looking down at the skates she was borrowing and then back up at Zabuza. Kisame had walked on ahead to shout at Suigetsu that was trying to go across the ice barefoot and it was just her and the gray skinned man. If she asked him something here, the others likely wouldn’t be able to hear as well.

“Those readings…” Sakura started, voice hushed. Zabuza looked to her, expression sobering. “Yahura said he recognized some of the components as belonging to an Orochimaru. What can you tell me about him?”

Zabuza flinched at the sound of the name, but didn’t react any more than that. “I’m surprised he told you that much. He likes to keep his business in the family. The fact that he told you that much must mean he trusts you at least.”

“Is it that big a deal that you would have to keep this from the authorities?”

Zabuza shrugged. “We’re all a little trigger happy when it comes to an opportunity to sink our teeth in that abomination’s hide.”

“I get that you don’t like him much. You gonna share with me the reason for that or do I get to guess like I did with the forest abductions?”

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alienor-woods  asked:

Bellarke, in-canon, clarke has a cute/sweet/aww-shucks surprise for bellamy.

You asked for canonverse sweet/cute/aww shucks, instead you get modernverse blow jobs.  Sorry?

Clarke had been extra attentive all night, and it wasn’t that he was complaining, it was just…he had to get these papers done, and it was hard to do that when your fiancee kept nuzzling against your neck.  “Did you want something?” he asked finally, unable to stop his mouth from curling into a grin.

“Maybe,” Clarke purred into his ear.  She drew his earlobe between her teeth and then kissed the spot just below his ear.  She plucked the paper out of his lap and tossed it to the floor, and part of him wanted to sigh but then she kissed him and he decided that fuck it, he’d finish grading later.

Because Clarke’s lips were always so soft and sweet, and just when he was about to twist her around and press her back on the couch she pulled away and started kissing down his neck.  Before he could stop her, she’d slipped off the couch and settled between his knees.  “Clarke,” he groaned, but she was already popping the button on his jeans.

“Let me,” she whispered, and he lifted his hips to help her pull down his jeans and boxers.  He was already hard, but when she wrapped her hand around his cock it was like all the blood left in his head ran south, and when she placed a delicate, teasing kiss to the tip he pressed his head back into the cushions and moaned.

It was a familiar dance by now, but that didn’t make it any less perfect.  She licked and sucked and Bellamy’s hand fluttered up to brush a lock of hair back from her cheek. He smiled at her, gentle and fond, and then shut his eyes as her head bobbed down and his cock pushed against the back of her throat.

That was all it took.  The heat that had been coiling his in belly came unspooled all at once and the muscles in her throat rippled as she swallowed his come.  Bellamy pulled her up to kiss her and she clambered onto his lap, her hands curling around his face.  “I love you,” she whispered unnecessarily.

But he liked hearing her say it almost as much as he liked saying it back, so he smiled.  “I love you too.”

I’ll Be There || Bushfer

Things had been rocky lately but he was still her friend and he still cared deeply for her. When she said she’d wished he was there something in him just sort of switched and he knew where he needed to be. Since she was missing in action anyways there wasn’t much filming for him to do back in Chicago. He’d wrapped his scenes Monday and would continue on Thursday, giving him enough time to hop a flight to LA and attend the award show with her. After their texts last night she knew he was coming but he hadn’t really filled her in on any details about his flight or even when he’d be arriving. Jesse was a hopeless romantic in a way and nothing screamed romance more than showing up at Sophia’s house with flowers in one hand and his tux for tonight in the other.  He couldn’t exactly surprise her if she knew everything, now could he? 

After getting some information from her manager he figured out she was at home waiting for her glam squad to arrive a little later. It didn’t take him long to catch an uber to a florists to get a bouquet of her favourite flowers and then over to her place. When he got there he knew he couldn’t just go in, he’d tried that once before and as much as her dogs loved him he knew they’d bark their heads off and ruin any element of surprise. In fact if she was alone she might even get a little spooked. Jesse put his bag down and rang the door bell, there was a goofy grin spread across his face as he held the flowers in one hand. Once she appeared at the door his grin moved into his signature smirk, “One hot date for Ms. Sophia Bush. Courtesy of Nick Gehlfuss,” he joked.


fics i read last week 

More or Less by Saori (10K)

“There’s… I’m not in love with you,” he admits, and sees Harry open his mouth to say something but Louis cuts him off. “No, wait, listen to me, okay, I’m not breaking up with you, I don’t want to, I just… I don’t know what I want, not really, didn’t really think about it. It’s… it’s not you; it’s not that I don’t love you, I love you very much. But… I’m not in love with you, I think,” he sighs, frustrated with himself that he can’t say it the way he explained to Lottie.

or Louis and Harry have been dating for years when Louis realizes he’s aromantic, and have bit hard time with it.

If Tomorrow Never Comes (We Had Last Night) by FallingLikeThis (Zayniam), Rearviewdreamer (14K)

Louis accepts the call without bothering to look at the caller ID. Only Zayn would be a big enough asshole to call him at two in the morning. This fucking better be important.

“This fucking better be important,” Louis greets.

On the other end of the line comes a soft giggle. “Li, you don’t usually curse. I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but I like it.”

Yeah, that’s not Zayn. Louis sighs, his anger melting into resignation when he realizes that it’s some poor bastard probably drunk dialing his ex or something. “Sorry, mate. Think you’ve got the wrong number.”

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“You’re awfully cute, and I really wanna play with you…”

Can we just take a moment to appreciate that Rose’s initial attitude toward Greg sounded something like how one might feel about a small animal or a little kid?

As much as Rose always loved humans as a species, her alien nature shines through in this: she’s been on earth all this time but still had trouble seeing them on the same level of ‘people’ that she’d see the gems. They were cute little precious fragile things to protect, and it wasn’t until Greg that she was able to truly appreciate how much humans could do and be and achieve in what seemed to the Gems like such little time.

Greg showed her a whole new world. (Tell me, Space Queen, now when did you last let your heart deciiiide? 8D …I really wish this didn’t seem like it was probably the 80′s / well before Aladdin came out because I’d love to imagine him singlng that to her. xD)

(In related news: Rose is best gem, 87/10.)

Frozen Short Fic: Dazed and Confused (Domestic Assassin AU)

Finally found the inspiration for a Fandom Month thing, just in time for it to be over. :/  It’s a really short fic set in the Domestic Assassin AU.  Thanks goes to stranger-who-writes-fiction for talking me into doing this.  (The DA!verse fanarts I saw last week may or may not have contributed to this.)

“Dazed and Confused”

Setting: Domestic Assassin AU (post-reveal)
Characters: Anna, Elsa
Rating: T (to be safe)
Words: 410
[Also on FFnet.]

It was a lovely Saturday, and Anna Arendelle had hoped she could take her dorky sister out and do something fun, for a change.  Between med school, worrying about Elsa’s health, and worrying about her cop boyfriend Kristoff discovering Elsa’s secret life, Anna needed a change of pace once in a while.

But it was two in the afternoon, and Elsa was just now coming downstairs, bleary-eyed and blinking.  She had one of their numerous cats draping on one shoulder, looking much more awake than his owner.  She hadn’t even changed out of her blood-stained clothes yet!

“Good ‘morning’,” Anna said drily.  “Rough night?”

“Mm-hmm,” Elsa mumbled, clearly half-asleep as she poured herself a cup of coffee, nearly missing the cup.

Every time that Anna had to deal with Elsa having pulled an all-nighter, she wound up talking to someone who was so oblivious to her own surroundings, that Anna wondered why Elsa hadn’t mistakenly come home to the wrong house.  (Hence the fresh-brewed pot of coffee.)

And she claims to be an assassin, Anna thought.  “You know, it’s bad enough that you… you…"  Even now, knowing her secret, it was hard for her to say.

"Just say it,” Elsa muttered, putting the steaming cup to her lips.

Kill people,” Anna blurted, exasperated.  “I can deal with you getting back home at dawn, and sleeping half the day."  True, she was at med school most of those times, but…  "But for you to come home looking like that, and not even changing…!

“Like what?” her sister asked.  The cat gave a soft meow and hopped down onto the table, before jumping down to the floor to go find his friends.

“Like that!.” Anna said, pointing at Elsa’s soiled clothes.

“What’s wrong with it?” Elsa said, apparently not comprehending.

“You’re covered in blood, Elsa,” Anna said, annoyed at having to spell it out for her.  “And I’m afraid to ask whose it is!”

“Mostly… mine,” Elsa managed to get out, between sips of coffee.  “May have tripped over a rose bush… or three…”

“Oh, Elsa…” Anna said, rolling her eyes.  “Come on.  Let’s get you cleaned up, and then maybe we can go do something fun, with what’s left of the day."  And maybe Kristoff won’t ask too many questions, Anna thought, thinking of the blond-haired police officer.

"Mm-kay,” Elsa mumbled.  She kept a tight grip on her coffee mug as Anna led her away from the dining room to change.