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(1) Burnie remembers the last time he saw Geoff alone, they met often back before The Fake AH Crew was born and he can just about remember the meeting that proceeded it. Geoff looked tired and was sporting more than a few new scrapes, one-man heists were difficult even for a seasoned criminal and it was clear they were taking their toll. Geoff mentioned that he was taking on an "assistant", just for one heist or maybe two, then he would see them off before they had the chance to backstab him.

(2) “I work alone” he insists, and Burnie shakes his head because he knows Geoff will be asking him to help with a heist again in no time. The next time he sees Geoff is the first time he sees Jack. Geoff’s temporary assistant has been with him for three weeks past their supposed break off point now and he agreed to bring them to meet Burnie. When he sees Geoff walk in with a lady e almost makes a joke about them being husband and wife, but the way they spend all night conspiring and

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hi !!! um i started reading d:m last year and id like to say that i love that universe A LOT (though i dont have an ao3 acc (still v sad about that) so i dont tend to leave comments) and could i ask if you have an idea of how long this story is going to continue on/which stories are going to be uploaded next ? IM SO SORRY IF SOME ONE ALREADY ASKED THIS ;-; IM NOT ON TUMBLR ALOT :((( or as much as id like to be (usually this acc is used by my friend lmao)

Oh gosh, thank you anon-friend, I am very glad you enjoy this series! And it is quite alright to ask questions even if they have been answered, I don’t mind =D I sorta blog in such a way that it is incredibly easy to miss the answers, because they tend to get buried underneath lots of anime reblogs.

The second part of your question is easier to answer so I will answer that part first: I have two longer stories planned in Designation: Miracle that complete the new arc I set up in “Filthy Halls.” The first will be a very strange story with many original characters (not all of them my own) and random crossovers and it  centers around what Nijimura is doing in America (most commonly referred to as “That Nijimura Story” here on this blog).

The second will be a very long story that completes that arc and goes into the backstory of Masaomi and Youji as well featuring Masaomi and Furihata finally meeting. (For convenience sake, I usually call it the “MasaYou” story, despite the fact that it will go into a lot of other things.)

The first part of your question is a little harder for me to answer because honestly I have no idea. I am actually very surprised that Designation: Miracle has gone on as long as it has (ELEVEN parts on AO3 now. I mean, I know three out of the eleven are just short story compilations, but still.) I love this series a lot, and it makes me really happy that other people love this series too, but I do often think about working on other long series, mostly because I have other AUs that I would love to write someday.

I am inclined to think that after I complete these next two stories, I will most likely want to pause on Designation: Miracle and finish/write other AUs, but I don’t think I would ever be completely “done” with it, up until it is clear that everyone is sick of it or I genuinely feel like there’s no other stories left to tell. I would very much like to extend this into other sports anime (without necessarily making them all part of the same narrative of events as the other ones are) but that’s mostly a “we’ll see what happens in the future” kind of thing. I am definitely seeing the next two stories as a “close” of some kind in terms of the narrative I’ve been working on since the beginning, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t be any more Designation: Miracle stories after that.

Thank you for your questions! And thank you for reading this incredibly long series of mine =)

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Hey Alexander, what was your last argument with Jefferson about? ((Modern AU. I adore Lams but you mentioned at one point that you also ship Jamilton which. Well. I'm trash for rival-banter ;) )) ((Also you're only fifteen and yet your art is so much better than mine holy smokes. This blog is beatiful <3))

(Actually, John is more of the type to get involved in the fight and try to “protect” me.)

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do you think you could give us some beautiful upd8 eridans? ;;;___; AHHH such a good upd8, i hope youre doin good

I can try! I was so happy about seeing the lil fishnerd again!
At first I planned to leave it at one picture, but then my drawing mojo sorta came back and I wondered: isn’t the last thing he would remember being chainsawed in half? So what if: 

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Please please write a fic about seijo or nekoma playing lazertag!

“Remember, we are blood. Never stop flowing, keep moving, keep bringing in oxygen, so our brain can operate at his best,” Kuroo declares.

“I want to go home,” Kenma says.

“Kenma, don’t be like that,” Kuroo says. “How great is it that we get to play against Seijoh? This is a once in a lifetime chance to prove our superiority.”

“I didn’t even want to do this to begin with,” Kenma says. “And I definitely don’t want to make this a competition.”

“Too late, it’s definitely a competition!” Yamamoto crows. “We’re going to kick their butts so hard they’re going to feel it all the way back to Miyagi.”

“I really, really don’t want to do this,” Kenma says.

“Come on, Kenma. I thought you’d like laser tag. You get to shoot things just like in a video game!”

Kenma glares at his boyfriend. “It’s like you don’t know me at all.”


“As always, I have faith in you,” Oikawa says, with his standard smile that in most situations is very inspiring.

“I’m not entirely sure what the point of this is,” Hanamaki says.

“The point is to prove that we’re the best. We are the best, aren’t we?” Oikawa replies. “You don’t want to let those boys from Tokyo think we don’t know how to play laser tag, do you?”

“Heck no!” Kindaichi bursts out, “We’ll show those city boys who’s boss!”

“Why are you like this?” Iwaizumi asks.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, Iwa-chan,” Oikawa replies.


“Rules are simple,” Kuroo says. “Kill everyone. First team to lose all their members, loses the game. Got it?”

“Wouldn’t have it any other way,” Oikawa says during the handshake.


The problem, really, that all the boys rapidly discover is that while they are all probably some of the best high school volleyball players in Japan at the moment, none of them are particularly good at laser tag.


“You shot me, you idiot!” Inouka howls.

“Sorry, Inouka!” Lev shouts, as he gleefully continues firing in every direction. Fukunaga and Kai both leap to the ground to dodge his rapid, aimless firing.

“God, quit it,” Yaku takes aim and fires.

“Hey, you shot me!” Lev pouts.

“It was for the good of the team,” Yaku says.


“How is it that we’ve been playing for twenty minutes and we haven’t managed to land a single shot, but they’ve taken four of our guys out?” Iwaizumi asks.

“That Russian kid took a lot of us out when he went on a spree,” Watari says.

“How is our aim so bad?” Oikawa says, outraged.

“This is our first time,” Watari points out.

“We should still be better than this!” Oikawa says.

“Well, we might not be shooting them, but at least they’re shooting each other,” Yahaba says.


“Kenma, you can’t just sit here the entire time,” Kuroo says exasperatedly.

“Hm. Yeah. Pretty sure I can,” Kenma says. He’s hiding behind a barrel with his laser gun off to the side, concentrating on his handheld game. “You could always shoot me. That would save some time.”

“I’m not going to shoot you.”

“It seems to be the Nekoma way,” Kenma says.

“Lev had it coming. Kai was an accident. You could at least help us strategize.”

“I am strategizing,” Kenma says, not looking up from his game. “I’m strategically sitting right here.”


“That’s it,” Kyoutani says, “I’m Die Harding this. If I go down, I’m taking them with me.”

“That’s not what happens in Die Hard,” Yahaba says.

Kyoutani jumps over a barrel and charges, firing everywhere.


“Tch,” Kuroo says. He takes some small comfort in the fact that sure, Nekoma lost, but at least it was mostly by their own hand. He’s glad Oikawa can’t brag to the other volleyball captains over this as a victory. (He’s pretty sure this game is not something anyone is going to brag about). “Guess this is your win.”

“But of course!” Oikawa says.

“You were shot, you don’t get to gloat—” Iwaizumi says.

“Sh, Iwa-chan!”

“Hey, where’s Kenma-san?” Lev asks.

A sudden burst of zapping comes out of nowhere, taking the last of the Aoba Jousai team out with distinct precision that no one had previously displayed in this game.

Kenma emerges from his hiding spot. “Can we go home now?”

A/N: Thanks, anon-friend! I am sorry for how long this took. Also, I really know nothing about laser tag. Hope you enjoyed anyway!!

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I know you're busy so take your time but having kids with yoongi...? just cause i'd imagine that to be hilarious cause he doesn't strike me as the type to want kids too much so i'm sure he'd freak out hahah Oh and you and your blog are awesome! :)

this is rlly angsty in the beginning sorry also this was requested by another anon person so like hope you enjoy!!

Originally posted by yoonmin

  • yoooo hello everyone I’m doing this like the day before school someone shoot me
  • I swear I have not, I repeat, not thought about this on numerous occasions (yah me and yoongi are naming our daughter Jane thank you very much)
  • anYWAY this isn’t about me it’s about dad yoongi !!
  • okay like y'all think yoongi would be the last one to have kids… you’re wrong
  • because it’s on accident
  • surprise!!
  • yoongi to me is someone who wouldn’t want kids like I know he’s said he wants one but I don’t see him wanting kids honestly
  • it’s not that he’s selfish or against kids cause I know he’s such a softie !! but I think it’s more about being scared of having kids because he thinks he’ll mess his kids up and he won’t be a good father and like I get the vibes yoongi doesn’t have the best relationship with his parents and as someone who doesn’t have a good relationship with her own parents I know that it can really affect your views on parenting !!
  • so he doesn’t wanna make his kids feel like the way his parents have made him feel so he’s like let’s not
  • you two have been together a while and for the sake of this you’ve been settled down together for a while too
  • you’re thinking about kids because jin and tae and hoseok all have kids and jeongguk has one on the way so you definitely have been considering it
  • you know yoongi doesn’t really like talking about it but last time you brought it up you two were a lot younger
  • but you try talking to him about it and he just freezes and his voice gets all low and he narrows his eyes “don’t bring it up again”
  • your breath hitches in your throat and you nod and run upstairs to your room and he doesn’t come to apologize or explain himself or make things better and that night he ends up sleeping on the couch and you just thank god every day you’ve had that conversation now
  • the next morning he doesn’t bring it up and you don’t bring it up but you two eat breakfast in silence and yoongi heads to practice without saying much to you
  • he feels bad about pushing you away like that but he doesn’t know how to handle it? he’s not one to open up about his feelings especially about things this deep??
  • and he’s afraid? he’s afraid that you won’t accept his reasoning and that you’ll think he’s lying or something like if someone doesn’t have a “bad” relationship with their parents I don’t think they can really understand that fear??
  • he just doesn’t want to hurt his child?? so it’s better not to even have one to begin with??
  • he’s feeling really guilty though and he can’t talk to anyone about it bcuz they’re so preoccupied with their babies and this pisses him off even more !!
  • so he sulks and hardly moves during practice
  • okay anyway we need to get rolling I get so caught up in lil things…
  • yikes
  • it’s like three months after the talk and you’re like ooh yikes I should probably it up again !!
  • bcuz you realize that there is a very high chance that you’re pregnant !!
  • you actually didn’t come to this conclusion like you were at work and you weren’t feeling so hot and you were walking past one of the older ladies and she had a thermos thing of orange juice and you almost puked at the smell??
  • and she kinda gives you this look “um honey how have you been feeling lately??”
  • “kinda crappy actually why do you ask?”
  • when she suggests you might be pregnant you’re not shocked like things seemed off
  • you’re not surprised, or taken aback
  • no you’re absolutely horrified
  • yoongi had mentally and physically checked out of your relationship when you even brought up the idea of kids
  • like what is he gonna do when he finds out you’re actually pregnant?
  • you go home early that day, sick, when in actuality you throw yourself on your bed and sob
  • yoongi comes home late that night and he finds you curled up on your guys’ bed, sleeping
  • but you’re still in your work clothes and he takes a look at your face and it’s red and tear stained and his heart drops
  • he doesn’t want to wake you up so he decides he’ll ask you about it in the morning
  • so after he changed and brushes his teeth and whatever he curls up beside you and he kisses the nape of your neck
  • but he can’t sleep because he’s scared? you two usually are pretty open about things that this point in your relationship and the fact you didn’t even bother to text him about your day really worries him to death
  • but you’re up before yoongi wakes up the next morning and you’re out and there’s a note on the dresser “going to the store I’ll be back!” with lots of hearts
  • he smiles but then remembers what happened last night and he frowns and immediately calls you to make sure you’re actually at the store
  • you are
  • you’re looking at pregnancy tests but you’re at the store
  • yoongi says he wants to talk to you when you get home
  • you decide right then and there you’re not going to tell him the truth
  • you don’t want him to leave you
  • he’s your entire world and you know you’ll break if he leaves you
  • and even if he doesn’t leave you, and does stay around, you would just be a burden
  • he doesn’t want kids and he shouldn’t give up his entire life to help you live your dream
  • you don’t know how you’re going to hide it yet, but you’re going to no matter what
  • and to your surprise it doesn’t seem that hard
  • like once you confirm your pregnancy, you tell some of the mother hens at work about it and they immediately go into mom mode
  • they’re like offering to take you to your check ups, and they’re always giving you advice, and thinking of names with you !!
  • but one of them tells you to prepare for the morning sickness and the mood swings and so you’re like great yoongi is gonna come home one day to me puking my guts out !!
  • but you don’t get very morning sick like at all
  • honestly if you didn’t know any better you wouldn’t even think you’re pregnant because you show like zero signs and symptoms??
  • you’re never sick, and you’re not that moody, well not moody enough for yoongi to say anything, and your appetite hasn’t changed at all
  • so you’re like maybe that test was a false positive maybe everything is okay!!
  • you take it again and it still comes back positive and you groan
  • you do a really good job of keeping it from yoongi, but that could also be because he’s so absorbed in his music at the moment he’s hardly ever home
  • when you’re home alone you always end up googling things for the baby like what to eat to make sure they’re born healthy and what types of things you’re going to need to buy!!
  • like even if yoongi doesn’t want the baby there’s no way in hell you’re ever giving them up like this is your child? your baby? you made this lil tiny bean?? and you’re not going to ever leave them no matter what the situation is
  • but you’re still horrified
  • you and yoongi have been together for years now, you’re convinced he’s your soulmate and you know he’s the one true love of your life
  • you don’t want to lose him and you’re scared that he’ll leave you but you can’t hit break the news to him? you can’t risk losing him
  • yoongi starts to notice a change in your behaviour, not so much sickness or anything, but you definitely aren’t as warm around him
  • you avoid him when you can and you’re always hanging out with friends or covering other shifts and like he’ll come and run to come and hug you and you’ll push him away and he’s so scared
  • so one night he hears you get in the shower and he just plops outside the door he’s gonna wait for you and pounce
  • and you come out of the shower in your pajamas and you literally trip over him because you don’t see him there!!
  • and you start screaming and he’s cursing but before you can run he grabs your wrists and pulls you both up and he’s staring at you with a frown on his lips
  • “if you don’t love me anymore just tell me”
  • and your heart sinks in your chest because that’s not what you wanted to get into his head you didn’t want him to become suspicious of you and upset
  • you shake your head and bury his face in the crook of his neck “oh god no, no yoongi…” and you just stay there and he wraps his arms around your waist and holds you close to him
  • and you get ready to tell him but your breath hitches in your throat and you realize you love him too much to risk it so you stammer “it’s work, it’s been pissing me off, and I want to show my boss what I’m capable of… and it’s been putting me in a bad mood, and the last thing you need is my mood affecting you, especially since you’re working on the album…”
  • you’re lying through your teeth but you can’t bring yourself to be honest with him
  • yoongi seems to buy it though and he kisses your forehead “you know you never burden me with your problems… you can tell me whatever you need, okay? don’t hold anything back from me”
  • but you still don’t tell him
  • you actually tell seokjin first
  • well you don’t really tell him, he figures it out on his own
  • because you’re hanging out with all the boys and the other babies and you see them all and they’re so cute and precious and you can’t help but think that’s gonna be you and yoongi! you’re gonna have your own baby to hold in your arms and spoil rotten and-
  • then you remember yoongi doesn’t want kids and your heart sinks and you head into the kitchen to go stuff your face with cake and cry about it
  • and jin comes in holding his lil princess in his hip and he sees you with half a piece of cake in your mouth and your teary eyed and he kinda oh !!!
  • and it clicks like the way you’ve been fawning over mini Bangtan recently and the way yoongi has described you as being distant and a bit closed off and he kinda smiles softly
  • “how come you haven’t told him yet?”
  • and you just spit your cake out and his little girl is giggling and clapping and you just kinda sputter and stammer and you don’t know what to do??
  • jin gives you a soft smile cause it’s jin?? and he kinda whispers, “you know you need to tell him before it gets out of hand”
  • “i will!!”
  • “you won’t. and if you don’t, i’m going to need to tell him. it’s not healthy to keep that to yourself you know.”
  • like obviously you know that but does he seriously think it’s that easy?? you kinda nod to get him to shut up about it but you know there is no way in hell you’re gonna tell yoongi, you’re gonna ride this one out to last possible moment
  • but then as the time goes on, you get more and more isolated and jin is the only one who’s figured it out yet, and so obviously after yoongi, he’s the most worried, not just for you, but for your relationship with yoongi as well??
  • you’re like three months along and you’ve gone to every appointment alone, and you’ve done all the research and planning on your own but you do not want to tell yoongi for the life of you?
  • and so he does what any responsible best friend would do and he calls yoongi “hey man we should get some coffee”
  • yoongi is like oh yah okay just coffee with my bro okay he is not prepared for the bombshell seokjin is about to drop on him
  • but jin realizes how drastic the situation is coming, like you obviously have no intentions of telling your boyfriend the news anytime soon and it’s getting unhealthy and jin doesn’t want either of you to get hurt?
  • so he and yoongi are sitting down, having their tea and coffee and whatever and seokjin kinda “hey, i’m coming to you as one of your best friends. now don’t get angry…”
  • yoongi pauses and stares up at jin because he’s thinking maybe he tried liking hacking his computer again but jin looks ten times more serious than that and yoongi kinda gives him a nod to go on
  • “look, yoongi, you’re gonna be a dad.”
  • yoongi starts to laugh, hysterically, like he’s holding his side and jin gets agitated at this because it’s not a joke and he kinda “yoongi i’m serious? do you wanna know why your girlfriend  has been so closed off to you? do you wanna know why she’s avoiding you and avoiding us and everyone in general? do you wanna know why she hasn’t been herself?!”
  • yoongi freezes and his eyes go wide and his mug shatters to the ground and he hisses “you’re lying seokjin. you’re lying and you know you are”
  • he doesn’t even wait for jin to reply to that he stands up and slams his chair against the table and he rushes home to find out for himself
  • you’re reading when he storms in
  • “why the hell didn’t you tell me you were pregnant?!”
  • this is what you were afraid of to begin with
  • and maybe it’s the hormones, maybe it’s all the stress, maybe it’s the situation but you break down in tears and you throw your book at him because you don’t deserve him to get angry at you, and you don’t deserve him to come in and accuse you of something that is just as much his fault as it yours and you don’t deserve anymore stress than you’ve already been through
  • “it’s because i didn’t want something like this to happen god damnit it yoongi!”
  • you don’t know if you should be mad at jin for spilling the secret or mad at yoongi for not accepting the reality of the situation or at yourself for letting it get this bad but you’re hurt and you’re angry and you don’t know what to do except sob
  • “do you think I wanted this?” you scream “do you think i wanted this to happen? to make you choose us over your career and your dreams?? you act like this is all my fault, that i actually want this!!”
  • but you do want this
  • you want a family with yoongi, and you want to raise your child together, and you want the happiness and joy the others have from being parents
  • but it’s not something you can do alone and it’s not something you can do without yoongi and you don’t need him to hate you forever
  • “i never wanted to burden you yoongi…”
  • his heart breaks at this
  • he knows he shouldn’t have yelled and screamed and he should’ve been more supportive of you and he should have never said those awful things about never wanting kids because it was inevitably going to happen
  • but his biggest regret is ever making you feel like a burden, or feel like that you were an option, nothing more and nothing less
  • and he can’t handle it, he’s never been one to deal with emotions head on he’s always bottled them up and kept things to himself but this isn’t something he can just push off to deal with later
  • but he doesn’t know what to do he’s so overwhelmed and scared for so many different reasons but he also feels so so guilty and he doesn’t know what to do??
  • and he gives you this look and it’s the most heartbroken look you’ve ever seen on a human being
  • and he rushes into your arms and he buries his face into the crook of your neck and you know he’s crying but it’s silent
  • he’s breathing heavy and you wrap your arms around him and let him cry
  • when he finally composes himself he doesn’t look up at you but he mumbles against your skin “i never meant to make you think anything but you was my dream… and you’re not an option, or a burden, or…”
  • and you go to forgive him but he keeps talking “I’m scared. i don’t want the baby to be like me… i don’t want them to struggle through the things i’ve struggled with, i don’t want them to inherit anything because of me. i don’t want to fail them as a father, i don’t want to hurt them and ruin them for their rest of their lives… i don’t want to hurt someone like that, and im scared, and…”
  • you stroke his hair and kiss his head and even though you should be getting comforted you at least now know why he’s so hesitant about kids and why the topic always upset him and since you now know what’s scaring him you can find a way to fix it
  • he probably suggests that you guys go to a family type counseling thing so he can alleviate all his fears from the beginning and prepare himself to be the best dad he can be
  • like after the initial fight and stuff he still takes a lot of time to warm up to the idea of being a dad
  • his brain kinda denies it at first like he has to tell himself every day that it’s not just about the two of you now, that he needs to step back and think about what will be the best for the three of you
  • he’s not very affectionate at first but that’s because he’s really scared and he doesn’t want to mess anything up
  • like the most he’ll ever do is rest his hand on your ever growing bump if you’re watching a movie
  • slowly but surely though he starts to warm up to it and one day you stumble into the office/recording studio in the spare room and he’s looking up baby lullabies
  • or you’ll seem him scratching out names on the corners of notebooks or on napkins in the restaurant
  • but he doesn’t ever really talk about it much with you and that’s okay for right now cause you can tell he’s still trying to adjust, but he;s trying his best and that’s what matters
  • one day you’re chilling and you’re kinda oH we need to buy some clothes and yoongi kinda “why would we do that, you have like twenty pairs of pants at least”
  • “for the baby??”
  • he ohs and then kinda motions you to get into the car but as you shop you can tell he’s not very into it and he’s holding up onesies, looking absolutely positively confused out of his mind
  • and you guys go to see the development one day like pretty early on and he kinda blurts out “why the hell is there a dinosaur growing in your stomach”
  • he says he’s never going to hold the baby unless he’s taking them in the studio to have them listen to his music
  • he actually sits you down in his rolly chair one day and puts the headphones on your stomach best he can and puts one of his newest works in progress on and you kinda laugh because what a ham
  • like he doesn’t really get affectionate like i said but he definitely shows his care and excitement in the small ways
  • he puts the crib together all by himself and you guys are in the dingy apartment still so he sets it up in your room and it’s right near the bed and he’s so satisfied with himself
  • the apartment ladies are all betting money on who you two are gonna name the baby after cause they are convinced it’s gonna be after one of them
  • yoongi wants them to have a korean name for sure though you can’t convince me otherwise
  • he doesn’t want to find out the gender either because he knows he will be biased if you guys do
  • but like hold when he thinks you’re asleep he’ll start talking to the baby all shy “um… im scared of you, is that funny? i don’t want to break you or anything… god, you’re really turning my life around aren’t you? im excited to see you though, i hope you have my nose…”
  • like and when he thinks you’re sleeping he’ll pepper your stomach with kisses but right after he’ll bury his face behind his hands
  • this boy is like “wth you mean we need to buy this many diapers how many times do babies go to the bathroom??”
  • also the one who asks something along lines of “wait you’re telling me that this thing is gonna wake me up in the middle of the night what kind of demon is this?’ and hoseok and jin just laugh and namjoon just “im sorry for your loss bro”
  • him and chim are the bachelors without babies now just a little fyi they kicked yoongi out of the club
  • he tells the boys that if they throw him any kind of party he’ll light them all on fire, each and every one of them
  • but he likes ti hang around the others’ babies to see if he really is dad material and the first time he holds hoseok’s lil kid the baby starts to scream (that kid is just really attached to hoseok,,,) and yoongi immediately shoves him back into hoseok’s arms “i dont want this anymore, hoseok i dont want it”
  • and you face palm “yoongi are you gonna refer to our baby as an it forever?”
  • he doesn’t ever try to cook for you because he doesn’t want you to get food poisoning
  • but he does all the chores like the dishes and the laundry and he makes you rest all the time okay like you are not allowed to leave the bed or the couch
  • and the lil old ladies in the other apartments always come over and bring you casseroles and dinner platters for you two to have cause you’re too swollen to cook and they don’t want yoongi’s food to hurt the baby,,,
  • the first kick is when yoongi tries you to eat the pasta he just torched on the stove and the baby just kicks up a storm and you laugh and  tell him that it’s a sign that his cooking is actually sent from hell
  • he doesn’t really cry over the baby much but when you see them on the sonogram like not a dinosaur looking thing anymore like an actual baby he tears up because he can’t believe that’s his kid?? he vowed never to have a baby and here he is now with his own child on the way and they look so healthy and perfect and he can’t imagine his life any other way
  • the baby is born late
  • like so late in fact that yoongi is like um it’s been a week past your due date we need to get you to a hospital
  • so unlike the other boys it’s not a high drama event it’s not drastic and scary and there’s no panic and fear
  • he’s really calm, just a bit worried that something could be wrong
  • jin told him things like this are normal though and so he trusts him
  • you guys get there and explain the situation and they’re like “this is gonna be a c section” and yoongi drains of all color and he feels his throat get dry and his eyes widen and he kinda “what?”
  • “we can’t keep the baby in there any longer sir and they aren’t coming out on their own, please don’t worry, things will go smoothly i promise”
  • he’s allowed to come in thank god because you’re panicking and he just whispers things to you like memories you two share of your happiest moments, and he talks about the names you’ve decided on and he squeezes your hand and keeps you calm
  • he nearly faints at all the blood and the surgery but he stays strong for your sake and he keeps telling you that you’re doing amazing and that you’re almost done
  • when you hear the baby’s cries you break down in tears and yoongi swore he wasn’t gonna cry but then they hand him his beautiful baby girl and he loses it and he’s sobbing and smiling so widely
  • “what if i break her, god, don’t let me hold her too long”
  • he doesn’t let anyone else hold her though like the doctor comes to take her and he turns his back papa bear isn’t about letting others near his cub
  • she has a full head of black hair btw and then yoongi’s sleepy eyes and his nose and cheeks and his gummy smile like she looks like yoongi and you’re still bitter but she has your lips and she isn’t as pale as yoongi either and your ears and your build
  • yoongi is so scared when you first take her home he has the entire place bubble wrapped and he just kinda panics over everything!!
  • “is the light to bright for her?”
  • “is the water running too loud??”
  • he tries to make her laugh and instead makes her cry and this upset him forever and at her sixteenth birthday he still brings it up and crap but like he runs and hides and says he was never meant to be a father
  • he holds her wrong too like how my aunt holds babies and how like old people hold babies like their palm on their butt and just hold them there like that
  • and he always puts headphones on her and keeps her on his chest while records some bops
  • always telling her rude things about her uncles “yah hoseok over there is really annoying and he never shuts up, but he’s your godfather so um i guess you have to love him…”
  • he washes her in the sink for like two years he’s afraid she might drown otherwise
  • he doesn’t know how to change diapers
  • he never wants to get up in the middle of the night when she cries but he always does and he rocks her back to sleep and sometimes sings to her
  • the cat always end up sleeping with her and yoongi has  a heart attack or something like one night the cat just jumps in her crib and he shrieks and you have never heard him so loud in your life
  • always reads her bed time stories but gets nervous and trips over his words and then curses like oh “fu-” and you glare and he clamps his hand over his mouth
  • he always takes her on walks in the baby stroller and has these shades on her face and he’s like “hell im the coolest dad on the block”
  • probably lets her watch scooby doo when she’s under one and you ban him to the couch because that is too scary for your baby
  • also tries to bring her to underground rap concert things ahaha that doesn’t go over well with you at all
  • he tries hard though and he would be a cute dad despite all his insecurities and part two is gonna be fluffy as heck be prepared

askhyrulesprince-rune  asked:

Hi, I'm the last Anon. This is the blog I was talking about with posting memes, if you could do an evaluation that would be great since any tips help! (Also sorry for the spam you can wait to do this till later, there's no rush. ;w;) I also have two side blogs that have the same problem as this one "Ask-The-Runes" & "AskHyrulesWhitePriestess" if you could give advice on those as well I would be honored. ((Seriously though, sorry for spamming you. You're just really helpful with your tips. ;w;))

I hope this helped!!!

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Do Kai and Taemin ever end up going all the way? And does Jinki ever NOT catch them doing stuff? Does Luna ever catch them doing anything? Do Minjongkey ever tease Jinki about him outside of school or anything like that?


Yes, they eventually end up going all the way. It happens the summer between their senior year of high school and their freshman year of college. They do it in Kai’s room one night when his family are all out, and Taemin tells his parents they’re just going to watch movies and hang out. When Taemin comes back the next day, Luna and Jinki both totally know what happened, but they don’t say anything because Taemin and Kai are now both 18 and so long as they’re safe about it, Luna and Jinki aren’t going to stop them. 

And yes, they do get away with making out at Taemin’s house and not getting caught. Jinki can’t be there all the time, after all. But after a while, Jinki can kind of tell when Taemin and Kai are going to want some privacy, and he stays away from Taemin’s room while they’re both in there. So long as they’re not doing anything R-rated, Jinki’s willing to give them their privacy.

Luna has in fact caught them kissing. Thankfully, it was just kissing. Not making out. Just a lil peck on the lips. She thought it was adorable but also immediately teased them for it and told them to get a room, in which Taemin got annoyed and said, “We are in my room! Can you please knock?”

To which Luna replied, “If you get an attitude with me, your little boyfriend can go home.”

And I don’t really understand the minjongkey thing?? they’re teasing jinki about what? if you send it in again I’ll try my best to answer it!!

anonymous asked:

I saw the mini fic that you wrote for that other anon and I was wondering you had anything else? Maybe some Izuku-Todoroki friendship stuff? I not doing that great but reading your stuff is kinda like talking to a friend. I hope I'm not asking too much. If so, I'm sorry.

Dear anon, of course you’re not asking too much! Like I already told the other anon, I love writing headcanons, so this is never a bother for me.

I do apologize if this one is not as good as the last one, though - it’s already late night were I am, and I wrote this while half-asleep. Hope you will like it nonetheless! =D :

Shouto never had had many reasons for jealousy, really. He had been too busy concentrating on himself, on his goals, as to worry about the fact that others could be better or more liked than him.

But now, he thought, lifting an eyebrow in surprise, he felt that nagging, painful feeling in the area of his chest. A short pang, uncomfortable and unwanted.

And the reason for it, ironically enough, was Izuku.

Shouto would have laughed at himself, had he not been distracted by this new, curious feeling. Izuku of all people… he never would have thought that the very first friend he ever had would also be his first reason for jealousy.

And that just because he got All Might-sensei’s attention so easily.

Shaking his head at himself and his silliness, Shouto settled for watching again.

The source of this new jealousy was right in front of him, only a few meters away. Someone – probably Mina, honestly – had insisted that they had to go outside on such a wonderful, sunny day, and they had all agreed readily. Picnic had been prepared, toys like footballs and Frisbees had been brought with them, and somehow, they had even managed to drag their teachers into the fun.

Not that All Might needed to be dragged, really. The former hero’s face had lit up at the notion of spending time with the students, and he had agreed instantly.

Aizawa-sensei had been more of a challenge, but even he couldn’t say now when all his students and his colleague begged him to accompany them. So he had huffed and surrendered to his fate.

And then, the word “Baseball” had been tossed out, and there it had all begun.

Bakugou had instantly jumped onto the opportunity, seeing the sport as a new challenge. Mina, Kirishima and a few others had simply cheered and declared that it would be fun to try something new out. All Might had mentioned that he knew the rules quite well, had even played Baseball himself when he was younger, and with that, not even the more hesitant ones like Izuku could argue any further.

Only Shouto and Aizawa had excused themselves from the “fun” and declared that they would rather watch than participate.

And thus, Shouto sat a few meters away from the improvised baseball field, watching as his classmates tried to follow all those new rules and confusing tactics while All Might aided them as best as he could, and Aizawa-sensei – the referee in all of this – took a nap at the edge of the field.

Gaze scanning the loud, happy bunch for a second, Shouto quickly found Izuku and All Might again amidst the others.

Izuku was frowning down at the baseball bat in his hand, swinging it lightly forwards and back again. All Might just laughed, shook his head, and adjusted the boy’s grip again, showing him how to grab the bat best.

As Izuku smiled sheepishly up at his mentor, scratching the back of his head and saying something, the former hero laughed out loud and tapped the boy on the forehead. That startled a splutter and a laugh from Izuku, the boy blushing but beaming at the man.

And there it was again, that short, painful pang in his chest. Shouto shifted where he sat on in the shadow of a tree, frowning over his own feelings.

This was stupid. There was no reason to be jealous… not of Izuku. Never Izuku, who had done so much for him.

And yet, he couldn’t help but wish that All Might would look at him just as proudly and openly affectionate as he looked at Izuku.

A dull sound next to him startled Shouto, and he blinked, trying to get back to reality.

He was greeted by a brightly grinning Izuku to his left as he turned, startling again. Just how much had he spaced out when he hadn’t even realized that the one person that had him thinking so hard had sat down next to him?

“You sure you don’t want to play?” Izuku answered once he was sure of his attention, waving over to the field. “It really looks like fun!”

The corners of Shouto’s mouth twitched, and the squeezing in his chest eased as he answered, “Weren’t you the one who was most worried about this game getting too violent?”

“Well, yeees…” Izuku grimaced funnily, turning the twitching into a real smile. “You heard Kacchan, right? He was all like DIE! back there – I tend to get nervous around him when he’s like that. But,” he hastened to add, “Baseball really does look like fun, so… you want to join?”

“Mh-m,” Shouto shook his head, pulling his knees closer to himself in order to rest his chin on them. “I like watching better, I guess.”

“Hm, okay,” Izuku pushed himself back to his feet, smiling brightly down at him. “Just tell us if you change your mind, alright?”

The smile was warm and friendly, just like Izuku always was.

Somehow, Shouto felt even worse over his own stupid jealousy when his friend was being so nice to him.

Should he… should he tell him?

After all, Izuku often knew better what to make of his feelings than he himself did.

“… Midoriya?”

“Hm?” Izuku turned back to him, already a few steps away.

“Is… Is it normal that…”, Shouto frowned, trying to find the right words without making a fool out of himself. “Is being jealous of a friend normal?”

There was a long pause, and Izuku’s smile fell, making way for utter surprise and wide eyes. “Um. Um, I guess? Uh, well, yes! I think it’s quite normal! But, Todoroki-kun, why would you ask….?”

“I’m jealous of you, sometimes.”

There. He had said it. Short and on point.

And Izuku’s eyes had grown bigger than plates, and the green-haired boy was literally gaping at him. “Huh?! Me?!”

Oh. Perhaps he shouldn’t have said that?

This whole friendship-thing was really complicated.

“Is that bad?” Shouto wanted to know, after Izuku had still not answered a few moments later.

“Huh? Oh, no!” Izuku pulled himself together, shaking his head vigorously. “No, no, it’s… it’s alright, really, I’m not mad or anything, I’m just… uh. Why me?!”

Well, he had asked that himself. Contemplating the question, Shouto tried to put the feeling into words, finding that that was easier said than done, “I guess it’s because you’re All Might-sensei’s favorite?”

A blush was added to Izuku’s gaping, and the boy spluttered out, “I’m not…!”

“I mean, that’s okay with me, really,” Shouto added, feeling the need to reassure his friend there. “It’s just that… I feel like… an intruder around the two of you sometimes? Does that make sense?”

The pause that followed was even longer than the one before, until:

“No. It doesn’t.”

He had expected surprise, confusion, perhaps anger even, but Shouto was honestly baffled by how matter-of-factly Izuku said that, how emotionless.

“Oh. Alright,” Shouto answered, clearing his throat awkwardly. “I’m sorry for that…”

“I mean,” Izuku’s interrupted him, not unkind, but firm. A wide grin spread over the freckled face, warm and bright like the sun, “You can’t intrude on something that you’re already part of, right?”



Shouto wanted to answer, say anything – ask if he had understood that right.

But before he could, the others called out from the field.

“Dekuuu! Hurry up, we’re waiting for you!”

“Deku, you better not be fucking running away over there!”

“I’m not!” Izuku called back. “Yeesh! I will be right there! Ah, later, Shouto, gotta go!”

“Midoriya, wait…” Shouto tried, but by then, Izuku had already stormed off, ready to take on his role as a batter.

Oh well. His classmates couldn’t never hold still even for a second.

Sighing, Shouto rolled his eyes and made himself a bit more comfortable. He would ask Izuku later again, what he had meant by “already being part of”…

A silent grunt resounded next to him, and as he tried to gather his thoughts again, there was already a warm hand landing on his shoulder. “Spacing out, young Shouto?”

Blinking, Shouto turned his head a bit, gazing over to All Might. “Just a bit, Sensei.”  

All Might’s snort was full of amusement and warmth and his hand shifted from Shouto’s shoulder upwards, ruffling the boy’s mismatched hair.

It took all of Shouto’s willpower not to lean into the gentle touch like a cat. Sure enough, the affectionate gesture soothed the pang in his chest, and he relaxed even more.

Huh. Had Izuku meant that with “already part of it”?

Whistles and laughter drew their attentions to the game again. Aizawa drawled from somewhere “Okay, you all know the rules, guys – nobody gets attacked or blown up during the game.”

“Why the heck is everyone looking at me when he says that?!” Bakugou asked from his position as the pitcher, glaring at his snickering classmates.

“You can start now,” Aizawa continued casually, simply ignoring his student.

Bakugou swung the ball up, aiming with narrowed eyes and a sharp smirk playing on his lips. “Are you shivering over there, Deku?”

Izuku swung the bat lightly, adjusting his grip (Shouto noted that he put his hands just how All Might had showed him). There was a slightly nervous twitch around the boy’s mouth but a gleam in his green eyes. “Just excited, really.”

Bakugou, snorted, aiming again… swinging his arm up and behind his back as he put all his strength in the throw…

The shouted “DIE!” was no surprise to anyone, and neither was the explosion that propelled the ball forwards.

Shouto shifted, straightening, as Izuku pulled the bat back.

Next to him, he could hear All Might mutter something like “Come on…”

Bat hit ball with a loud Thwack!. For a moment, time seemed to freeze, before the ball hurlted over the field in a perfect arch high above the ground, coming down far, far away.

Shouto almost jumped as he heard All Might call out “Yes!” and everybody started cheering and laughing. He could feel a smile spread over his own face, turning into laughter as he saw that Izuku looked even more surprised by his own feat than anybody else did – it even took Uraraka calling out to him for him to realize that he still had to run from base to base.

Everyone laughed, atmosphere bright and happy on this wonderful afternoon…

And Shouto shook his head with a big smile, noting that the jealousy was strangely quiet in his chest as he high-fived All Might and waved at the beaming, excited Izuku.

No reason to be jealous of something that one already had, right?

anonymous asked:

i'm sorry about your tablet!! ;(( but I mean hey your art is still amazing regardless omggg. can i request smol pink baekhyunnie calling jongin "nini-hyung" for the first time? I'm still not over that ;3;

“Papa Byun took in a new apprentice and 12-year-old Baekhyun is very eager to learn from him.”

that was the very first and last time Baekhyun called Jongin that

anonymous asked:

Anon who loves Jason Todd more than life. But you wanted fic ideas so I'm here to help! Jason Todd and Damian patrolling together because Dick is busy and Tim is busy and Bruce with the League. So Jay and Dami patrol together and Jay actually wants to be a brother in some way to Dami but like Jays a dork so he's not sure how??? So just awkward Dami and Jay interaction. You're a gem. 😁

I’ve had this request sitting in my inbox longer than I want to admit, but at last I’ve finished it! I’m so sorry about the wait for this one Anon.


Warnings: none

Words 3k+

Jason wasn’t supposed to be there. He was supposed to be at the store, picking up a few groceries before patrol. Somehow his feet, or rather his motorcycle, had carried him to the manor instead. He hadn’t wanted to cook, and he’d wanted fast food even less. Some part of him had been craving Alfred’s home cooked dinner and he’d given into it. It had been too long since he’d dropped by. Plus, there was little stopping him these days with his mending relationship with Bruce, slow as it was.

He hadn’t been supposed to walk in on an argument.

“I can handle myself for one night Father. I was gone for a year and you barely noticed.”

“I barely noticed because for most of that year I had little to no memory. No means no, Damian.”

The contrasting and yet oddly similar voices of father and son carried to Jason from the living room and he hesitated at the door unsure of what he was walking into. The inviting smell from the kitchen and his stomach’s protest convinced him to attempt to sneak past the disagreement.

He slung his helmet on to the coat rack and strolled inside, hands tucked into his pockets. He only meant to cast a brief glance into the living room on his way by, instead he found himself staring at Damian. The Batbrat had gotten taller. Not by much, but enough to notice. Had he really not been around that long? That Damian had grown an inch or so while he was away?

He realized too late that he’d stopped at the mouth of the room instead of passing by. Damian was the first to spot him, his scowl at his father faltering into an almost smile before returning to its downturn. Bruce turned his head at Damian’s distraction and his shoulders dipped almost in relief at having a distraction from the argument.

From that alone Jason didn’t want to get tangled up in it. If they’d been at this for a while it meant either Damian or Bruce was close to snapping at the other. His mind told him to backtrack. Return to his initial decision to grocery shop. His hand went up in a wave and his mouth made the word. “Hey.”

“Jason. Alfred didn’t tell me you were coming for dinner.” Bruce said.

“He didn’t know.” Jason shrugged. “I only knew when I pulled up. Unless you don—” He didn’t get the chance to finish as Bruce waved a hand at him.

“You’re always welcome.” Bruce said.

“More so than Drake anyway.” Damian said, the ghost of a grin on his face.

Bruce glanced down at him. “What did I say about being nice even when your brothers aren’t around?”

Jason chuckled. “Its fine, B. Makes me feel appreciated.” And it did, Jason realized. His chest had warmed a little at the thought that Damian preferred him to Tim. That paired with his almost smile earlier had made him feel downright welcome. Damian didn’t warm well to others, and to have the kid happy to see him was nice.

Keep reading

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YASSSS!! Thank you so much for making a gangsta scenario blog, and good luck! I was wondering if you could write about Nicolas making love with his wife after being away for a few months? I was wondering if you can make it as fluffy and passionate as possible please :D

 Waaah! I’m so sorry this took me this long nonnie, I’ve been sick these days and neglecting my duties ;-; but here it is, at last! 

-Admin N

Nicolas flinched when arms wrapped around his neck. He had been reading, and his hand left the book it was holding to close around the grip of his katana in reflex. Then he relaxed.

He knew this sweet perfume.

He knew this warm embrace.

He turned around in the couch and saw a pair of twinkling eyes and a beautiful smile he knew as well, then shifted his eyes to clock on the wall. She wasn’t supposed to be back from east gate for another two hours.

[What have I told you about sneaking on me like that?] He signed, frowning against his will, because all he actually wanted to do was laugh, and kiss her, and vow to never let her go visit her family again… Not for so long, at least.  

His wife smiled playfully.

“Were you going to stab me with that?” She mouthed, chest vibrating with a giggle. “What kind of welcome is that, Nicolas?”

The man made a low grumbling sound and signed: [I could have]

She laughed again, and even more as she bent down to kiss him and watched all pretense of grumpiness wash away. He kissed her back heartily, hungrily, fingers twirling strands of her hair.

“This is better,” she gasped when their mouths parted, but Nicolas didn’t see it, because he was already tugging on her hand, urging her to come around the couch and sit with him.  

She complied in a haste, dropping her bags and rushing to perch herself on her husband’s lap; hands on his shoulders, legs going on either side of Nicolas’ hips.

“I missed you,” she whispered as he tugged her closer so that their stomachs were pressed together, and thought he had probably read her lips, because a soft smile spread across face.  

They stayed like that for a few minutes, just enjoying the warmth of each other’s bodies, Nicolas with his nose buried in the crook of his wife’s shoulder. He stopped nuzzling the side of her neck and waited for her head to turn in his direction so he could kiss her. A familiar press of lips. Nicolas was unaware of the pleased noise he was making as his tongue moved slowly inside his wife’s mouth. She smiled, knowing exactly where this was going…

Nic was already half-hard.

With a swift motion, he helped his wife strip off her pretty summer-dress and pulled his pants down to his calves, then held her hips as she lowered herself on him. His head fell immediately back in ecstasy.

“It was… Too damn long…” he mumbled brokenly, because his hands were busy rubbing his wife’s thighs, sliding up her back. 

“I’m here now,” she said with a smile and started working her hips up and down.  

It was no surprise Nicolas didn’t last; he seemed a bit embarrassed about it and offered a sign apology. His wife comforted him with a deep kiss, explaining it didn’t matter; they had all the time in the world, she wouldn’t be going away again for a long time.

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you have some tips to someone who wants to start drawing?

yes, i definitely do!

  • don’t expect too much of yourself! always start with drawing something easy, you can move on to more difficult things later. in the beginning it’s important to find things that you enjoy drawing and that are easy to learn.
  • you might get discouraged - and that’s okay. things won’t work out the way you want them to, especially when you just started drawing, and that can be quite frustrating. however, it’s important to keep in mind that only practice can help you draw better!
  • experiment with different types of art and color: you can try simple pen or pencil drawings in the beginning and move on to acrylic paint or watercolor later, you might also want to try out digital art or something completely different! just try different types and styles to find out what you enjoy most.
  • draw whenever you find the time to! sometimes you might not feel motivated or inspired but the best way to overcome these artist blocks is to just draw - you could try drawing something you saw on tumblr that you liked and maybe your result won’t be great or really creative but it will still help you become a better artist!
  • find a balance between looking to other artists for advice and inspiration and having your own ideas - it can help a lot to learn how other artists work but after all you will never draw just the way they do. finding your own style can be difficult and it might take a long time but it will happen eventually!
  • collect inspiration! this is something that really helps me: download art or photos that inspire you, write down the names of songs you love or books or movies that moved you, collect all the inspiration you can find so you can look at it whenever you don’t know what to draw.
  • and most importantly: you don’t have to be a “perfect” artist! no one is. you might think that all the artists you look up to create perfect art but the truth is that every single one of them has something they don’t like or something they want to improve about their art. and so will you!  it’s okay if you don’t like your art, especially in the beginning, it’s okay if you sometimes feel like you’ll never be a good artist, it’s okay to feel this way. every artist has these thoughts at one point or another. you will improve and you will be a good artist and you will start to create drawings you like. Maybe it will take a long time, maybe you’ll start to improve really fast, it’s different for everybody. just keep in mind that you shouldn’t compare yourself to others constantly. art is about creating, about personal growth and improvement - it’s definitely not about being the best artist or having the best skills.

these are all just tips that are based on my personal experience, other artists might have other advice to add to this but these are the things that i’ve realized while learning to draw. especially the last one is something i still struggle with today. i hope this will help you a bit and i wish you all the best! have a lovely day!! 💕🌸

So I was watching season 1 of The Walking Dead today and my last anon just reminded me (and I’m sure someone’s thought of this before), but maybe the reason Carl never cuts his hair is because the last person who did it was his mom and he complained about it, to which Shane told him one day he’d be “wishin’ for one of his momma’s haircuts” and now I’m upset.

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I love Mark, but I swear to god.... if he doesn't stop talking about how awesome his life/job is, I'm gonna flip a goddamn table. Sorry, I'm just having one of those days where I'd fight a rabid Lindsay Lohan for her last moonpie on top of a skyscraper during a typhoon of blood and acid rain, if i could live just one day of Mark's life. Even one of his shitty days.

Alright, I’d hate to sound rude, but I don’t agree with you at all, anon. I do understand that some people find Mark talking about the pros of his life/job a bit annoying. Take it from Mark’s perspective, like he said, becoming successful on youtube is all about luck. Just working hard and putting everything you have into your channel won’t cut it, if you want to make youtube your career. He lost his first channel, and he almost didn’t try again because putting so much hard work into something you love and then losing it all really sucks. When he made his second channel, his videos attracted a lot of people in a short amount of time. Eventually, he was able to make YouTube his job, and didn’t have to worry about it just being a hobby. That’s so rare. What’s even rarer is how good of a community the fanbase is. I’ll admit, we have our fair share of drama and fights, but I think that I can safely call this fanbase one of the best fanbases on youtube. Just imagine how Mark, centered around all of this, feels. Like, everything I described happened in a relatively quickly. (More than) Three years it took for all of this to happen. Mark has been able to do so many great things, meet awesome people, and help make the world a better place all because of youtube, all because of us. I can’t imagine how it must feel for Mark to have so many people look up to him, enjoy his content, and, in some cases, make really good friends with other people who share an interest with Mark and his videos. He’s amazed with everything that happening around him all the time, so I think him explaining how youtube has changed his life is quite fine, in my opinion.

And another thing, “if i could live just one day of Mark’s life. Even one of his shitty days.” Thinking that Mark’s life is relatively easy isn’t something you should do. With the perks of youtube comes the cons as well. There’s a lot of stress involving being a successful youtuber. Not just the “oh I’ve gotta put up quality videos for my fans” kind of stress, there is a lot of responsibility stress as well. With all of the popularity he has right now, there are a lot of people who insist that Mark doesn’t deserve what he has, or that he’s fake, or that he’s “a Pewdiepie copy!!!1!!!1!!111!!” etc. Being the “leader” (I know Mark doesn’t like that word, but I’m using it anyway) of over 7 million+ people is a lot of responsibility. Mark has a lot of people looking up to to him for guidance, so he has to set a good example for everyone; because if he even has the slightest of mess ups, people will rip him apart. Even on a shitty day, Mark puts on a happy face in order to keep his fans, us, happy. That’s gotta take a lot of strength, and I have so much respect for him for that.

Even though Mark sometimes talks about how great his life/job is because of youtube,it seems that people forget that being a youtuber isn’t easy, either.

Sorry about how long this is, I guess I had a lot stored up in me on this matter, lol.

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Hi, are there any theories about Furutas and Uries moles ? Btw I'm really not jealous that you went to Japan ٩(๑`^´๑)۶ (sorry bad english)

Oh I don’t know any tbh . Just the crack posts in the past which joked about Furuta being a mole in the CCG because he has a mole ;D. (but this joke is of course based on the English word). But I don’t know any serious theories about this right now. I’m sorry :/. (I should probably post one of my fav pictures to make you jealous hehe ;D. Don’t worry anon your English is fine :))!