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6,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS WOO!!! THIS COMMUNITY IS SO BIG NOW! :D…. That’s what she said? xD

So when Jack hit 5,000,000 subscribers I made a special screenshot post with the first 6 photos in that post being 1 photo from every single post Jack re-blogged from me at the time and a drawing to celebrate it. Since then Jack has re-blogged 8 more posts from me and I decided for this post to not only show all time since 5,000,000 subscribers that Jack re-blogged me but also to extend on my tweet for the #ReasonsToLoveJSE. Also since 6 is my favorite number and it’s 6,000,000 subscribers I’d figured I’d get a little bit more personal with this post. (not that I haven’t already with other posts but still :P) As much as I want to celebrate only how big the community is becoming which is the most important thing about the channel reaching 6,000,000 subscribers but I want to celebrate what Jack has done for me personally. Hopefully you guys won’t mind and I’ll try not to ramble on and make this post longer then it needs to be.  

So back in end of March early April of this year I ended up subscribing to a loud Irish gamer on youtube. Thinking I was only going to only watch his videos once in a while and that he would never have an affect or influence on me what so ever and holy crap I was wrong! Since I’ve been subscribed to Jack he’s made a huge influence on me and my life in the best way possible. Before I subscribed to Jack I wasn’t me because of the situation my life is in right now I was a pessimistic negative person who just expected the worst from the world because I had nothing to really enjoy and look forward to except my friends and my niece. I’d had lost a part of myself due to negative stuff I went though after I graduated high school and I thought that I could never get back that part of myself. But since I’ve been watching Jack’s videos I have been a lot more positive and his videos really give me something to look forward to everyday. I never realized how much I just needed a friendly positive voice to make me laugh and to tell me that not everything in the world is bad. Not only has Jack giving me positivity in my life but he also was the first thing to make me emotionally cry in years and I can never describe ever how much that meant to me. :’) Also because Jack and I act very similarly and surprisingly have a lot in common (which is really weird to think about) he reminds me of myself in way. He reminds me of the optimistic positive person I used to be before I became an anxious sad mess after I graduated high school. He reminds me of how much I really do honestly love and respect myself. Which I think is extremely important for any person to feel! Not only that but most of this summer has been so shit for me and lately all the negativity has been weighing me down and I’ve had moments where I just feel stressed and really don’t feel like laughing at all and Jack’s videos are the only thing to make me genuinely laugh and make me feel better despite all the negativity that’s going on in my life and that really means so much too. :’) Jack has done so much for me by just being a positive voice that keeps me company during dark times. It may not sound like it but I really do see Jack a person not someone to put on this untouchable pedestal. He may be a youtuber with 6,000,000 subscribers now but he’s still just a guy playing video games in his room, who’s loud and says a lot of stupid shit. :) But this loud Irish gamer is a person I really admire and is someone who really inspires me to be more positive. 

therealjacksepticeye Jack if you’re reading this I know you say we don’t need to thank you because this community has done so much for you too and I’ve probably said thank you to you so many times but I’m going to say thank you again. Thank you Jack for everything you’ve done for me seriously! You are one of the nicest, humblest, appreciative youtubers I’ve ever come to watch and you and the channel have grown so much! :) Also one last thing I’m going to say is you’re welcome for all this community has done for you too and I don’t think people say that enough when you say thank you to us. I really hope one day I can have a real conversation with you I’d love to talk to you and not even about all this ^^ just stuff in general. I’d talk to you about ice cream for five minutes if I ever had the chance to! XD But in all seriousness though congrats on 6,000,000 Jack! :D The community has grown even stronger! 

Sorry if talked to much or get to personal in this post. I really hope everyone who read all this likes it. HAPPY 6,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS EVERYBODY! :D

(Credit for the flower crown picture here.)

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I'm sorry to bug you ;^; But I was wondering how you felt about having your work posted on sites besides Tumblr?

(( A little annoyed I guess? If its posted with credit linking back then I’m fine but the unsourced ones bother me. I kinda admit its really hard to stop people from reposting even though they shouldn’t  but *sighs* Oh well I guess. ))

After four days without any contact from Sean, Ciara decided that it was time to move on. She had no way of knowing whether he’d been taken in by CARMA, or simply decided to leave her, but either way she needed to get away from the hotel. If CARMA had him, they could easily find her. Ciara knew there were Metas with the ability to force people to tell the truth, and however hard he tried, Sean wouldn’t be able to keep her location from them. So, she gathered up her belongings, a few sets of clothes, her gun, a knife, the jumper she’d gotten for Christmas from her dad, and all the money and credit cards she could find. The first thing she did was go straight to a hairdressers and have her appearance changed again. This time, she had her hair dyed a dirty blonde, with a fringe to cover her face and disguise her.

As she walked out of the hairdressers, though, all her courage and conviction left her, and she found herself wandering aimlessly, without realising it gravitating back towards the rebel base. When she finally realised where she was, just a few blocks over from it, she heaved a long sigh and sat down on the kerb outside an abandoned warehouse. Realistically, she had the cash to stay in a motel for a few weeks, but if Sean’s credit cards didn’t work, she’d need to find a job if she wanted to keep going after that, or approach the Rebels and ask for help. After her last confrontation with Kara, though, she didn’t think that the latter go down well.  With a long, shaky sigh, she lit up a cigarette, taking a deep drag and trying to keep calm, thinking through her options carefully.

Really want to dye my hair back to its normal rainbow state, but I’m so apathetic since it’s annoyingly bleached to white and takes more time; plus I’ve been moping about my last exam grade from Thursday 😵😩😢😭

Even w/ only 36 hours to study, my lab mates still asked me on exam day why I hadn’t dyed it yet, though the day b4 was a chaotic, all-day/night/next morning cram. Rude; how could I put at least 6 colors in my hair??

Grades >> hair when I’ve only 1 day to study for pre-med credits, ugh 😡💇😧🔬

I have class tomorrow and too many other things 2 do, but I’m sick of these people ugh