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Well… she did know how to open it… (Anna and Remington (my ocs) and 2017) Happy New Year!


Humanity…  It’s not a state. It’s a… It’s a quality.
↳ Leo Elster, 1x08


30 days of volleyball: day 28 - favourite video: osmany, matteo and filippo singining el perdón, while massimo is watching everything and judging them


Perhaps the dragon did remember, but Dany could not. She had never seen this land her brother said was theirs, this realm beyond the narrow sea. Viserys had been a boy of eight when they fled King’s Landing to escape the advancing armies of the Usurper, but Daenerys had been only a quickening in their mother’s womb.

Do Noct’s eyes change shape and size after the ten year gap or is that just my imagination? I’ve been looking at pics and I definitely reckon his eyes change a bit…maybe. His eyes just look sooo different. Maybe they’re not as blue or something? Maybe it’s just coz he aged up? Also Ignis totally dies his hair dosen’t he!? It’s a bit darker in the anime and when you look at him during the game his roots are darker than his hair colour, plus when you get to the part where ten years have passed his hair is totally darker, right? right? Am I over thinking this shit? It’s 2:30 in the morning… perhaps it’s just me. and my over tired and FFXV obsessed brain. LOL xD


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I hate the idea that a reassurance is needed that casting a woman (and/or a person of colour) wasn’t done “just because”. But it’s so common, I can even see him bringing up that reasoning if he were genuinely considering a female Doctor. Ugh.

exactly. and that’s exactly what’s so goddamn frustrating about the anti female/poc doctor argument. and if it’s really what he’s thinking - the man the future of doctor who is in his hands - then i’m worried for that future
i just hope he - or anyone who has a say - remembers that who is about change, not about holding ridiculous views that do nothing good for the show or its messages


You’re the butcher or you’re the cattle

I’ve got new art supplies :D

I have new colourful inks, new brushes, pen nibs, and most importantly new professional grade watercolours :)

I’m just happy because I like all of those and wanted to share. Sorry for spamming

anonymous asked:

how do you usually colour your art and what brushes do you use? i really love your style!

AAh Thank you anoon!!!  ♥♥

I’ve made a kind of tutorial some time ago about this (though it actually included the whole process)..
But!!! I do things a little bit differently since then… so here’s another! Not that detailed, sorry.. hope it helps anyway~

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#he doesn’t have much time #he knows he might die soon #and yet all he cares about is warning caroline,keeping her safe #even after all the years they spent apart and whatever happened between them #all he cares about is her safety.