i'm sorrry

Because loving you was too much.
—  Too much pain where we didn’t see it. Like those times I made you cry and didn’t stop you. I let the tears flow freely into my pens and I write about it now. Because loving you was too much and I didn’t know where we’d end up. Too much salt in my eyes, I’m bloodshot. There’s plenty of poetry in this blog, but there’s still emptiness in my warm heart. I found a love that makes miles feel short. I found a love that makes words feel soothing to my veins. Injected her into every blood cell, but even that burns a little too much like a stove we left on by accident. I found a love and it may be a bit much, but I’m still here for the ride. It’s a lonely one, this life of ours. When you see a smile that’s precious leave your side, you’ll understand my metaphors and why the wolves tend to howl at the uncaring moon. There’s trust issues in those tiny yelps for help.

Soleangelo Headcanons

  • Before they started dating, Will insisted on Nico sitting with him and sharing meals every Wednesday
  • As straightforward as Will is, during the first day of Nico being in the infirmary, he continuously became flustered and speechless and there were a lot of silences of the two staring at each other before Will ran off to help another camper
  • Will insisted on having a “fashion show” which consisted in Will and Piper and Hazel dressing Nico up in different outfits
  • Nico and Will have one day a month where they both have to try foods that they have never had before and rate it on a scale of 1 to NOPE

Joanna was jumpy already and thunder didn’t help one bit. She watched outside the window at the dark sky, flashes of light warning her for the loud booming to come. Her shoulders would tense up when she saw a flash shoot through the dark London sky. She would jump in her seat when she heard the boom. It was close and loud. Jo hated thunder storms, they scared her. It wasn’t the loud thunder or the lightening, it was the memories. Jo never liked thunder, when she was child she would wail when it rained. Her mother and father would hit her until she stopped crying from pain and fear. She remembered vividly when there was a loud crash of thunder her father’s hand coming down to hit her as hard as he could. For the rest of her life she connected those two things, being beat by her parents and thunder. 

Just as another loud crash happened she let out a loud cry. She couldn’t help it, she started to cry from fear. She brought her legs up to hug them tightly, she just wanted someone to hold her close but no one was around. 


Carter,” Amelia breathed, taking a moment
to process her surprise. “You’re– You came.”
She bit her lip, then slowly let it spread into a
wide smile, hiding the moisture forming in her
eye as she stepped forward to pull the teen in
to a tight hug. After all she had been through
over the last few months – all the ways she
had let so many people down (especially her
daughter), she hadn’t expected anyone still
to speak to her after leaving rehab, and the
last thing she had expected was a visit from
New York – the one person she had wanted
to see more than anything. “I missed you so
much, Jellybean.”

awesomefabatato  asked:

hELLO. I uhh im buying my first drawing tablet but i uh dont know anything about them or which one to get, so um can u help me pls? ;-;

Hey there, my little flower! Ooohhhhh are you really asking me this? *blushing intesifies*

Well, well…*clears her voice nervously* uhm… I got my first drawing tablet ever just last Christmas (like three months ago), so I am not really skilled into this stuff but I think I can try to give you some advices. 

First of all, my baby is one of the cheaper drawing tablet on the market. I think you don’t need an expensive tablet, especially when you’re a novice. And masterpieces surely don’t come with an expensive one. 

You need a looooot of practice, patience and of course, the basics of drawing. My drawing tablet, as you can see in the link, is really easy to handle for beginners as us. Don’t spend too much money for a drawing tablet, not now at least. Try with that one that I’m currently using. Honestly I made a big deal with that one (;.

I hope I’ve been useful, if you need something else just ask me my dear. I’d love to being of help <3

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I write sins not tragedies;

If this feeling of utter boredom was going to become a more frequent feeling then Phoebe would have to start taking up another hobby. So far, she had reading, shopping, more reading and then of course more shopping. The two things she loved more than, dare she say it, blood?

No. That was pushing it too far. But still, with the shops shut due to evening falling, and the books in her home all torn and read from previous uses now what on earth was a woman supposed to do? 

Hunt, that was what. The man she had her eye on, he was a handsome one to say the least. Although there was something… off, about him. And just like the detectives in Phoebe’s books she would have to investigate. “Hello,” Her light angelic voice said, bright blue eyes flickering onto the stranger she was hoping to occupy her time with.