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Me avoiding spoilers after acowar comes out

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild launches IN EIGHT DAYS!!

Open Your Eyes


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hello! life update in the tags!


           it was her third glass of wine, which was at least one more than she usually allowed herself, even at the grandest of celebrations. but she realized now that a slip of the tongue from too much wine would be of a great deal smaller consequence in this city than it would have been in King’s Landing. her slender build and the fact that she never allowed herself to over-indulge left her already feeling the warm flush over her skin, and she found her smiles coming more easily and far more often. she laughed at nothing in particular against the rim of her glass, tipping fawn-hued eyes towards her companion.

            she had intended to thank him for his company, for offering to stay at her side as she finally allowed herself a moment to let loose and be a little reckless, but all that came out was more laughter, not the beautiful ringing sound that she had practiced time and time again to make it just right, but a laugh that lacked any sort of direction or melody. she thought it was still beautiful in its dissonance; maybe that’s just the wine talking.

             “Apologies, I do not mean to laugh at you –”

Been lurking the Ryan Haywood tag, and no one seems to be freaking out over this.

Ryan Haywood as the main character in 11 Little Roosters!! WATCH. NOW.