i'm so witty sometimes

trump apologists:

me, remembering the morals and values that define me as a person:

So every two or three weeks or so in my History of Jazz class, we have a listening exam. These exams consist of identifying songs that were assigned to us and naming the year, artist, and title. We’re allowed to use our notes, so it’s suggested we write not only identifying characteristics of each chart, but also whatever we think about the piece. A few examples our professor gave us were “I like this, it reminds me of -insert something here.-” Or “This is a fun song.”

Here’s just a few excerpts from my notes.


“Is that a sitar? Me gusta.”

“Mickey Mouse!?”


“Spongebob!! PINKY!!”

“WTF is this?”

“Julie, if you can’t identify this song by now, you’re fucked forever.”

I managed a 100% on the last exam, but it was only 8 songs. Today is the second exam, and this time it consists of 14 charts. Bring on the sarcastic notes.

-EDIT- My newest note is “This reminds me of that awful neopets song from Meept Juice Break…”