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when you fuck up his lovely face..

Daily reminder: you are loved

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Yo! Happy st. pattys day! I know this sounds weird, but can you reenact a scene from Beauty and the beast? This movie was released today and I'm in the spirit for some beast and belle action!

Happy St.Patrick’s Day, baby!! 


The Eternal Love 双世宠妃 » Episode 01 

“One month ago, the second daughter of the Qu Manor in Dong Yue tried to commit suicide because of a prince. She failed and from then on, her attitude and behavior changed.”

Me: (disassociating)
Me: Anyone lose a body? Not sure this one’s mine.

you can tell this one is old cause he’s missing his lil hair antennas

I drew this pic of roger like last year but forgot to post it so I’m doing it now!! I literally can’t even tell if it looks bad anymore… maybe don’t compare it to the real pic too much


i don’t think you first feel love on the lips. you feel it in the tips of your fingertips still red and raw from the snow, in the weight of a friend’s jacket wrapped around your shoulders to keep you warm, in the sound of wonder echoing across the mountain-tops. you feel it when the fog rolls in, obscuring the silhouettes of your fellow adventurers only to reveal them once more, human and alive and wondrous. love sinks into your veins from the outside in before it settles in your heart. 

IN   A M E R I C A

(national anthem plays in the background)

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November has an American holiday that most retail stores overlook. But it’s one filled with food, family, and most importantly a time to give thanks…and cornucopias full of plumbobs…

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Some days you get stuck. 

You start a project. You stop. You start over. You start again. You stop. You start something different. You have ideas for everything except for what you’re trying to do. 

You refresh the page. Then again. Then again. You open a new tab.You refresh that page. You check your notifications. There aren’t any. 

You turn on an album. You replay one song, over and over again. This is ridiculous. You can’t just listen to one song on repeat. You pick a new song, and wordlessly hit the loop button. The beginning and end bleed into each other. 
How long have you been playing this song? 

You look at the clock. It’s been an eternity. It’s been five minutes. 

You reach to tear your nails. They’re already torn to the fingertip. You pick at the cuticles instead. One of them bleeds. You stop picking. A minute later you start again. 

You start a project again. You write a sentence. You delete it. You write it again. You delete it. How many times have you started this? 

You are hungry. You get up to get food. Nothing looks good. You sit back down. You are hungry. You get up again. You get some water. You drink it slowly. When did your cup get empty? You want more water. You don’t get up. 

You need to go to bed. You aren’t tired. But you’re so tired. You don’t move from your chair. 

You write a sentence. You delete it. You rewrite it. 

How many times have you listened to this song?

You can’t pick that nail anymore there’s nothing left. 

Time keeps passing. You hate that it does. If time stopped passing, then you wouldn’t have to worry about wasting it. 

You get a text. You don’t want to answer. You don’t open it. The notification glares at you from the screen. You want it gone. You don’t open the text. You don’t want to answer. 

You want to do something.

You hate the thought of doing anything.

You don’t do anything. 

Some days I’m stuck.