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I wanna lay down and stay up all night
As we look at the moon, as full as our hearts 💞

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Could I request Bakugou fight with his extremely patient fem s/o and actually makes her mad because he told her something very awful, and he is a little surprised by it? And it would be very grateful if you could make the end nsfw (What have I done to myself?! 😩) sorry if the request is kind of ambiguous...I'm not good at requesting...I apologize for that


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You Should Get That Looked At
  • *I wrote this for the kink meme; the prompt was 'Prompto accidentally sends a dick pic to Ignis instead of Gladio'. I am very proud of how this ridiculous little thing turned out so I'm un-anon'ing to post it here for the lolz.*
  • Ignis: I could have done without seeing that first thing in the morning. Have you always had that mark, though?
  • Prompto: what mark
  • Prompo: wait what
  • Ignis: The mark on the underside of your penis.
  • Prompto: what mark?!? i don't study the bottom of my dick, okay?!
  • Prompto: and dude stop calling it that
  • Ignis: Perhaps you should get it looked at by a doctor. It could be a sign of a very bad medical condition.
  • Ignis: It's a fairly serious one, I wouldn't want you to suffer later.
  • Ignis: You could always try the home remedy. I hear it's very effective.
  • Prompto: TELL ME IT
  • Ignis: Mix oatmeal and honey with a cup of water. Apply the paste and leave on for fifteen minutes.
  • Ignis: ...you actually did it?
  • Prompto: WAIT
  • Ignis: You're in no danger of a disease, Prompto. That's a mole.
  • Prompto: DUDE WTF I HATE YOU
  • Ignis: I do believe I'll screenshot that portion and send it on to Gladio, just for fun.
  • Prompto: NO DUDE DON'T
  • Ignis: Oh, I know. But perhaps next time you'll double check the number to which you're sending your 'dick pics'.
  • *~~~~~*
  • Gladio: prompto
  • Gladio: do i want to know why you stuck your dick in oatmeal for iggy
petty competition [ michael mell x reader ]

Summary : Michael Mell is a friend of yours, but you’ve never had much luck with friends of yours. Agreeing to meet Michael, you are nervous at first. You soon warm up and are delighted to find out that what he has planned for your hang out is sitting in his basement playing one of your favorite video games. A friendly competition eventually turns into two teens in a basement both in fits of giggles, and, despite your previous reserves, you end up having most amazing time.

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Hey y'all I’m really tired and should be sleeping cause I’m leaving in the morning but if any of you are doing art fight this year please do hmu! You can find me at SakuMulti on there and I’m on team sun! I’d love to see your guys’ chars if you’re doing it!

Fate and Free Will

a short drabble for KlanceWeek2017 day one, Free Will vs. Fate!

In which Lance is pretty pessimistic, but doesn’t want to admit it, and Keith is pretty optimistic, but doesn’t want to admit it.

Lance hated the idea of fate.

Getting to the Galaxy Garrison? That hadn’t been destiny, it had been a lot, a lot, a LOT of hard work. Of his mother’s creased eyebrows as she looked at his report cards, his older sister pulling him aside and asking him if he was sure he didn’t want to just stay in the neighborhood, to try something a little bit more reasonable for him. He knew his sister hadn’t meant to be cruel, or to discourage him. She only worried for him, and for his mother. But he couldn’t stop, not now. 

If it had been fate, he would have been born smart and talented enough to get into the garrison without studying so late into the night that his brain turned to liquid. His family wouldn’t have burst into tears when they read his acceptance letter to the garrison, knowing that he had finally, finally done it. If it was destiny, then what had all of that work been for?

Lance hated to think that it was fate that got Keith kicked out of the garrison, so he could take his place in the fighter pilot class. He wasn’t destined to be there– he deserved to be there. It was hard enough to convince himself of that without fate being thrown into the mix. Ideally, he would have never wanted Keith kicked out just so he could get in. It was just one more way for the teachers at the garrison to compare him to Keith. To demean him, to remind him of his place. 

Keith this, Keith that. Keith didn’t even know he existed– he made that pretty clear when they were rescuing Shiro– so why was Lance getting compared to him all of the time? It only made him work that much harder, without ever letting anyone know just how much he did. If he ever let on how irritated it made him feel, then he would just be more of a failure than before. 

Lance had a hard time believing that being part of Voltron was “fate”, either, even if everyone else seemed open to the idea. He was pretty sure they had been taken into space by the Blue Lion because they all had worked hard to develop the skills that Voltron needed. Pidge didn’t just happen to be a genius. She was there because the Galra had taken her family. Hunk didn’t just happen to be a skilled engineer– he’d been working at it since he was a child. It wasn’t fate, it was just cause and effect.

Lance didn’t like the idea that being with Keith had been “fate”, either. That would erase all of the struggles he’d gone through to admit to himself that he didn’t hate Keith, he’d hated the idea of Keith, the boy that his instructors had always been comparing him to. If it was fate, then what had all of that effort to finally admit that he was kind of maybe a little bit in love with that stupid mullet-head… what had any of that been for?

Hugs in the morning and falling asleep next to him on the couch in the common area, running his fingers through Keith’s black hair– that wasn’t destiny, and it wasn’t fate. It was the end of the tunnel after half a year of self-sacrifice and denial and near-death experiences and not knowing if he’d live to see home again. These moments of peace, of happiness, were what he had worked hard for. He deserved them.

Being a part of Voltron wasn’t fate, and neither was being with Keith, as far he was concerned.

Keith liked the idea of fate.

It allowed him to believe that all of the confusion and loneliness he had suffered through for so long had been part of something bigger, just one difficult step after another before he could reach a purpose. It let him think that it was all just part of finding out who he was supposed to be. Maybe he didn’t have a place in a family, or the garrison, but he had a place in the universe that was just for him. 

After feeling so lost for so long, he liked to believe that his place in Voltron was destiny. That it was fate. What other reason would there be for having felt so out of place everywhere else? Some force stronger than anything he had ever known had pulled him to the Blue Lion, after all. What could it have been, if not for fate?

To him, alongside Shiro, Pidge, Hunk, Lance, Coran, and Allura had been the first home he’d known in a long, long time. For so much of his life, he’d just been wandering from place to place, trying to find one that said “Keith” on it. The idea of losing it terrified him. That maybe this wasn’t his place after all. When Pidge wanted to leave, he panicked, wondering if destiny was turning its back on him. But then it didn’t. 

He liked to believe that fate had brought him to the Castle of Lions, to Red. That it had brought him to the Blade of Marmora, to dust away just a bit of the confusion he had felt all of his life, if only to unveil some more. But he still had faith that destiny would uncover all of the truths he needed to feel whole. All of it, in time.

Keith liked to believe it was fate that allowed him to be with Lance, now. That some cosmic energy had given him permission to love someone, to want to entwine his pinky with theirs when they walked, such a subtle reminder that yes, yes, this is where he belonged. He liked to believe that it was fate that allowed him to feel okay when lost, as long as it was in those blue, blue eyes. It was fate that brought him that obnoxious laughter and constant embarrassing pickup lines that he liked more than he’d care to admit, crumbling into Lance’s arms and burying his bright-red face into his shirt. 

He liked to put faith in the idea that maybe ten-thousand years ago, there was a love like this one, that the two of them might be a second try for the happiness that those two people so long ago may not have been able to have. Keith liked to believe that fate was the reason he could feel so happy right now. Because otherwise he’d constantly be suspicious that he hadn’t done enough to deserve being there. That it had all been too easy, too effortless.

He had to believe that being with Lance was fate, because otherwise he wouldn’t think that he deserved to be there. But he did. He was meant to be there. It was where he fit.

Being a part of Voltron was fate, and being with Lance was fate, as far as he was concerned.

  • Sam: So for this super secret mission we need code names.
  • Sam: I'm Eagle One
  • Sam: Astrid is "been there done that"
  • Astrid: Okay, fair
  • Sam: Edilio is "it happened once in a dream"
  • Edilio: alright then
  • Sam: Quinn is "currently doing that"
  • Quinn: you know it brah *winks*
  • Sam: Diana is "if I had to pick a gal"
  • Diana: You and half of Perdido Beach
  • Sam: And Dekka is...
  • Dekka: *holds breath*
  • Sam: Eagle Two
  • Dekka: Oh thank god
  • Sam: so who's ready to raid the grocery store at 2am for nutella!BECAUSE I AM

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Hiiii :)) you've only done one request so far (that I've seen) but I'm already in love with your writing ugh. Can you do a CEO!Jungkook x Secretary!Jimin? I know it's pretty vague and I'm sorry about that :/

i didn’t want this to be like the usual ceo x secretary story so i’m sorry if it’s not what you expected! and thank you for the request, love !

pairing: jungkook/jimin

summary: jimin is clumsy and jungkook likes his secretary


It’s not that I hate my job because I really don’t but it’s exhausting, he is exhausting.

My boss is not a bad person, he is just very difficult. He wants everything to be perfectly done and in time but some things that he expects from me, his secretary is just plain.. impossible? If he had a second secretary, then maybe we could finish all the files but on my own? No way. His father wasn’t this difficult to work with, he was actually kinder than his son. After all, I didn’t work alone like I’m doing today.

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I'm applying to graduate programs in CS and I'm struck with a gigantic case of imposter syndrome. Also,the idea of moving to a whole new continent is terrifying :C Any advice/tips?


I am so sorry, I didn’t see your ask before now! :/

Impostor syndrome, my good friend. I know the feeling. Things I try to tell myself to make me feel better in these cases (assuming you are a regular student just as I was):

  • You passed your classes. If you were an impostor, how could you have done that? Maybe you even had good or very good grades in some of them. That means that you are a good student and definitely belong where you are! And even if you’re only a mediocre student, passing means you are good enough. You are good enough.
  • Know these people that seem to only have coding as a hobby and appear like they know everything? Yeah, those people. But consider the following:
  1. Getting a degree does not mean you have to spend extra time on things study-related. If you’re passing your exams, then you’re doing your degree. That’s all that is required.
  2. They seem to know everything? It’s probably because they only talk about their expertise. And why wouldn’t they? If you know something, there’s a lot to talk about that thing. But you have to remember that they cannot possibly be an expert in everything and it is very probable that they are completely clueless in things you know a lot about. They know a lot about algorithm design? I bet they know very little about software architecture design. Or AI.
  • Remember the guys that don’t seem to know everything. You know the ones, the regular people in your degree. You probably assume they know more than you, because they act all confident and don’t flaunt the gaps in their knowledge. They are the same as you!  You just can’t see that maybe they’re as insecure inside as you. It’s almost default to assume that men are better in compsci than women because that’s what we’re told over and over (if not outright), but in 95% of cases they aren’t. Remember that.
  • I’ve said this before, in another ask, but I will repeat it over and over because it is important (and sometimes I forget it as well): You don’t have to know everything. Compsci is such a vast field, you have to specialise. Knowing nothing about a certain topic does not mean you are a fraud, it means you specialised elsewhere. And having done a compsci degree, you will be able to learn the fundamentals of the topic even after you’ve left university.
  • You have your own areas of expertise. Think about which courses you took. Which topics cropped up more than once? That’s probably where you know more than your classmates. Trust me.

Now on the topic of leaving your continent. Phew. Yes, it’s scary. But think about all the new experiences you’ll have. The opportunities, for studying as well as personal growth. Meeting new people, learning about another culture! And especially if you’re going to a university, there will be plenty of people who can help you, people whose job it is to help you adjust in your new environment. People who are in the same situation you are in. You won’t be alone! :)

On the other hand, you have to think about whether you can really manage it. And by that I mean mostly the separation from your family and friends. I know I’d probably be like “whatever, there’s still the internet”, but many people get very homesick without their loved ones. Still, if you’re unsure about this, I’d say you should give it a try. You can always transfer to another university once you start a degree, you can always go back home. And there’s no shame in that! You learned something about yourself, you admitted that your way didn’t work and adjusted it. And that takes courages! So don’t be afraid of failing.

In conclusion: Impostor syndrome sucks, but you can get through it. And especially if you are asking yourself if you are an impostor, how can you be? If you were one, you’d definitely know, because you’d have had to cheat your way to where you are. And you didn’t.

Going abroad is scary, yes, but it also gives you a lot of opportunities. And even if you don’t make it, you tried and got a lot in return.

This got very long, but I hope it helped you. Feel free to send me another ask or message me, I’ll try to check more often for new messages. :)

The World Is Made Of Choices

So this is my very late bday gift for @lynyrdwrites! This looks like an incomplete mess, and just a bunch of stuff crammed into it, and not done properly, but I had to stop it and post it, or else I was scared this would go on and on and I’d never post it at all. Maybe one day I’ll come back to it, and fix it? I didn’t wanna disappoint you *cries* so I hope you’ll like it anyway! I also need to thank @austennerdita2533 for all the help she gave me, she’s an angel <3 

Klaroline + spies + supernatural creatures = this mess! Enjoy~~ On FF

The World Is Made Of Choices

The world was changing, not on the calm surface - no - but on the underground, beneath society and the media, bended between all the laws. Every secret intelligence agency long knew about the truth of the hidden world: Vampires, werewolves, mermaids, any monster and myth known to man, were real and they couldn’t let that knowledge go. They took advantage of such things; experimenting on them, recruiting them, or blackmailing them into working with them - whatever worked. They never cared for motivations, not as long as the work was done. This way, the human agents took care of the logistics while the monsters went on dangerous missions - meaning fewer human casualties and fewer monsters roaming around, and that was a win-win situation in their book.

Caroline’s mother had been a cop, distant and neglectful, but still dear to her - and in the end, very protective of her daughter. When her father - a secret agent - found out about what she was - what she could do - Bill didn’t think twice before he threw her to the wolves.

“It’s for your sake.” he had said, voice low and sad, as if it changed the torture she went through. He’d told her he loved her, that he wanted her well and cured, and that this was the only way to save her - the only way to protect the world against beasts like her.

The moment Bill realized his little girl was no longer the same, he abandoned her. Telling her that now she’d work for them - for the men who cut her open and broke her apart, day in and day out - unless she’d like to die instead.

“One less monster to deal with or a piece to protect humankind,” Bill had said, destroying the last thing she’d held onto with her last remaining strength–her heart. “You choose.” And so she chose, she’d work for them. She’d help the innocents by doing their dirty work and risking her life. Caroline wished she could’ve just flown away from it all, but the shackles around her feet and fettered heart kept her prisoner. So, she became a secret agent for the supernatural department; the best damn agent the CIA ever had. In fact, she was one of the best agents in the whole world.

James Bond who?

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hey, so I don't really know if I'm doing this right? 😅 But I would really like a match up with one of the Naruto characters! So, I'm not really tall but not small either? I'm blonde and I would say I'm also smart. And sassy. So sassy. I'm like tired and hungry all the time and I'm sarcastic. I like reading and don't go out often 😂 people tell me I'm very funny? I don't know if I have done right and I'm sorry if this is awkward! And btw I love your blog 💘

I ship you with Neji!

Originally posted by nejicanspin

One of the first things that drew Neji to you was your obvious intellect. The first conversation you ever had was a sparring of sass the likes of which the Leaf Village had never seen before. Seriously, Tenten was there and she thought you were seconds from snapping and ripping each other’s heads off. Neji would make a sharp comment and you’d already have your fingers on the trigger ready to strike back. It surprises Tenten and unnerves Rock Lee- they didn’t think Neji had a playful side. As it turns out, your sense of humour is exactly what Neji’s would have been if he’d bothered to let it cultivate.

You Keep Neji down to earth. He often gets wrapped up in abstract massive concepts like destiny and the meaning of life, and can become more than a little obsessed with the idea of perfection and the means to achieve it. But whenever you talk about how hungry you are, tired, etc, it pulls Neji’s head from the void and reminds him that things are happening here on earth, things that are tangible and matter, like food or a good nap. Your influence is the epitome of “stop and smell the roses” for Neji, which is something he didn’t know he needed and still refuses to acknowledge the need of. Regardless, he appreciates it.

You and Neji spend countless evenings inside in the sole company of each other. Often he’ll go out to train and you’ll tag along with a book. Although soon you both become absorbed in your separate activities, there’s always a sliver of thread connecting the two of you. Your presence reminds Neji of what he’s training for and spurs him to push harder, train to be even stronger. He’ll sneak glances of you while you’re reading, adoring how your face furrows in concentration. If he could, Neji would spend countless hours observing you.

He loves your blonde hair. It’s a revelation to him- the only other people he know with that hair colour are Ino and Naruto. From that experience he never figured blondes would be his type, but you proved him wrong. Something you learn about Neji as you grow intimate with him is he LOVES having his hair stroked/played with. There’s something so luxurious about soft fingers combing through his hair, and it’s one of the only requests he’ll ever make of you in your relationship. 

Well. As an interesting turn of events.
I had another fucking miscarriage last night.

Even my own body is a fuck up.

Life is so strange. I’ve never wanted something to the point it scared me. And I’ve done some very irrational, harmful, and stupid things.

I don’t think anyone cares really. They just expect me to pick up and move on. Like I always do. Like I’m just supposed to accept things.

I don’t think I’ll ever be the same again.


“Listen to Maester Luwin’s counsel, and take care of Rickon. Tell him that I’ll be back as soon as the fighting is done.”
Rickon had refused to come down. He was up in his chamber, red-eyed and defiant. “No!” he’d screamed when Bran had asked if he didn’t want to say farewell to Robb. “NO farewell!”
“I told him,” Bran said. “He says no one ever comes back.”

Stark siblings thinking about each other - Jon, Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran and Rickon