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Me and my friend (Jingkabell) concluded How does Kallus in rebel gears look like? ..So here is my gorgeous Kallus based on Rogue One: Costumes design.
I agree with Jingkabell that he was born for the furs! And The scene Kallus’s got a glory bruise on his face from Thrawn impressed me very much lol. So I decided to add some scars on his lips. I hope it’s OK with him.


oh I super did not think about the lines while making these

SO here’s one of those drag things (there’s a lot though so I would recommend taking a screenshot)  Many of the features can overlap (ex: A nose can be broken and flat; eyes can be small and piercing; so forth) but I didn’t want it to be very constricting.  Most of the stuff I upload is anime looking uguu girls BUT you may or may not know I actually enjoy making caricatures.  Issue is that everyone I see on my dashboard is trying way to hard to look pretty, and I don’t draw in public so I can never really capture people raw.  I’m not creative enough to think of unique faces so here!


I know the ‘ha’ it’s the sound effect for hard breathing as Watanuki runs for his life but it also looks like the giant off screen ~mystery thing~ is just slowly laughing at him. 

And I say ~mystery thing~ but it’s definitely Mokona. 





Oh NO. 



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Oh my god I like dunno who to talk to about this but I'm just so upset about the vitriol that's getting slung towards this movie bc the book has made me so happy and feel so much and armie and timothee and Luca have worked so hard to make a beautiful film for us and it's getting flung back in their faces!!! I hope the hate stays contained to tumblr so they never see it. Sorry to harass you I'm just feeling VERY overwhelmed by how much hate is out there and how intense it is. I need a break

I just don’t understand it because the reviews are stellar?? I’ve read all of the 33 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes (CMBYN has 100%) and literally none of them say that the age difference is a negative thing. They never mention the stereotypes that people claim it’s perpetuating and they all say the relationship is developed in a well done way. I mean I completely understand if even knowing all the facts you are uncomfortable. That’s your right as a human being that you be allowed to have a different opinion. I just wish people read the book and didn’t just watch the trailer and assume that it’s the Worst Thing Ever.

Erasermight may or may not own my ass at this point but erasermic is also a high-quality ship………. They’re not better or worse than one another, simply different….. wit h similarities that make them simultaneously appealing

If I was to put it into words I’d say that erasermight is like, they get a rough start but come to deeply respect one another… The turning point is definitely when All Might busts into USJ and literally the first thing he does is gently cradle Aizawa’s broken body lmao actually destroy me. Like after that point no matter how grumpy Aizawa acts it’s undeniable how fiercely he loves his students, plus there’s the benefit of him being in bandages forEVER after that for angst appeal

Meanwhile erasermic is more like, they’ve been friends for a long time and know one another’s little habits, they’re comfortable in each other’s space… Their bond of trust is so deeply ingrained that it’s just a given at this point but Hizashi still likes to proclaim it loudly to the world bc Aizawa’s cute when he’s embarrassed and also clearly does not mind all that much. Truly the Ultimate Combo would be this ship with its inherent ‘childhood friends’ flavor + fake dating that steadily reveals their secret pining

For both of them Present Mic & All Might are very high-profile figures so they’d definitely need to decompress every once in a while. Aizawa is not very good at being doting probably but he does avoid the media like the plague and that makes for a good secluded little bubble

Not to mention that both ships are literally

half the american gods tag is shipping mad sweeney and laura moon and crying about how sweeney is falling for her (which, to be fair, i expected of fandom)

the other half is mad as all hell that he didn’t just walk off with the coin, thinks it was a stupid decision, is angry that laura wasn’t just dead and off the show with that moment (which, to be fair, i also expected of fandom)

but it’s so much more complicated than that? laura moon is supposed to be at least sort of disliked, she’s a distinctly amoral character whose depression partially explains (but doesn’t excuse) her behavior, so the divide in fandom between stubbornly stanning for her or stubbornly hating her is typical

but that moment wasn’t about her. that was sweeney’s moment. that was the audience realizing that he’s been riding around with this girl that he killed, that he was only slightly guilty about it before—because it’s easy to shrug off guilt for killing a faceless and adulterous woman and her married lover—but now he knows her, she has a face and a personality and has the capacity for love, and when he finally gets his coin back, he screams and shouts at the sky, asks if he really hasn’t suffered enough and insists that he’s not evil, and he gives up the coin

that was sweeney realizing that shit’s always going to come back to him, that life is cyclical, and he had the opportunity to atone for this sin and didn’t shy away from it, so—probably soon—he’ll be staring in the face of his other sin, his desertion from battle, and he’ll have to atone for that one, too

imo it’s fantastic writing and made his character 100% more likeable than he already was, and pablo does an amazing job bringing it all to life

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Hey mom! I have some really close friends (we r a group of 3) n the other day I came out to them as lesbian and learned that they are BOTH bi hi and I'm really happy! Just wanted to share! I know that you are really busy, sorry for taking your time with such a silly thing!!! Have a lovely day!!

My dear lgbt+ child, 

Don’t be sorry - happy stories are always appreciated, they bring a smile to my face and I know many of my followers feel the same way! 

I’m so happy for you and very proud of you. I know coming out brings a lot of worry and nervousness with it but you faced that and I’m so happy that it went so well! *big mommy hug*

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom   

My Sylvari Chronomancer, Aurlus, and his ooze companion, Squeegee. Don’t let that face fool you. He may seem like a carefree and energetic airhead, but behind that smile lies a sleeping devil. 

Aurlus is a Magister in the Durmand Priory, a career that pairs well with his love of adventure and thirst for knowledge. He enjoys being in the field and being able to explore old tombs and dangerous ruins… but he turns into a slacker as soon as he has to do any desk work. Aurlus will “bully” the Novices in his charge (mostly Newwton) by pushing his work onto them while he takes off on his own. But hey! It builds character! Or so he claims. 

Aurlus is also VERY devoted to his family. He dotes on his wife and daughter and loves them both dearly. He won’t hesitate to whip out his wallet or albums full of family photos to proudly show them off.

(Sorry for the lack of art updates! Life has been kicking my butt and eating up all of my motivation.)


Chloe: Plus it’s easier to move around tight spaces and it’s a great way to get people to pet you!

Brooke: Yeah but having a tail shoved in your face when you’re reading isn’t fun!

Chloe: whoops


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Oh wow! I've never seen that reylo artwork by Verauko! That piece is also very beautiful! 😍 Could you perhaps draw a reylo mondern au piece? I'm sorry in advance for my mediocor suggestions.. 😅

HEyyyyy it’s summer and all so it’s a modern AU/vacation, where Rey mocks Kylo because of his sunburns

Headcanon that Kylo hates summer heat, while Rey lived with it all her life so it doesn’t bother her <3 

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what if connor has burns on his hands from where he tried to rescue ziio from the fire when he was a kiddo and that's why he wears fingerless gloves. what if haytham saw them. what would his reaction be??

After Haytham and Connor got on the deck of the Aquila, Mr. Faulkner, who had been taking care of the ship, greeted both of them - the first on with curiousity, the second one with cordiality.
“I’m glad you made it” he said, patting Connor’s shoulder and pointing his head at the burning warehouse that they were leaving behind. “It sure looked nasty”
“It was” Connor nodded, glancing at Haytham, who walked away from them.
“I can take the helm for now, if you want to rest, Captain” Faulkner offered.
Connor nodded gratefully. However, when Mr. Faulkner left him, the Assassin didn’t go to his cabin, but instead headed towards the prow. He preferred to be on the deck, instead of below it and the clear, salty air helped him recover his strength more efficiently than the stuffy atmosphere of the cabin.
Connor rested his palms on the ship’s side and took a deep breath. He realized that his hands were still shaking slightly. Connor clenched them into fists.
The incident in the warehouse moved him more than he’d like anyone to know. Especially his father.
Fire was his weakness, ever since he was a child. Findng himself in the middle of the burning building almost made Connor lose control of himself.
The Assassin glanced at his hands, where the memories of the events that took place eighteen years ago were burned into his skin. He noticed that his fingerless gloves – the only part of his usual clothing that he hadn’t hidden under the disguise – were all blackened and, at some places, charred. There was more material burned, than intact. Connor took off his useless gloves and threw them overboard. He’ll need to find another pair. Maybe there was some spare in the cabin…

“Don’t you want to have those dressed?”
Connor flinched, disgruntled that he allowed his father to sneak up on him.
“It’s too late for dressing those burns now, father” he said coldly, crossing his arms on his chest and hiding the burned hands “Eighteen years too late”
Haytham, who stood next to him, was silent for a moment. He wasn’t expecting this answer. The Templar thought those burns were new, acquired only some minutes ago.
“I see” he finally said, his tone less curt than usual, yet still far from sympathetic.
Connor stood motionless, with his eyes fixed somewhere on the sea. He still wasn’t sure whether he could believe his father. He wanted to believe him so badly. He wanted to believe that his own father was not a monster who sentenced the woman he claimed he’d cared for to such cruel death.
“I was trying to save her, you know” Connor said, not really sure what for “But I wasn’t strong enough.”
“You were a child” Haytham responded after a few seconds “There was nothing you could do”
“No” Connor shook his head, feeling angry, but this time for a different reason “But maybe if you had been there it would have been different.”
“Maybe it would” Haytham said quietly “I wish I had been there”

Connor finally looked at his father. The older man’s gaze was fixed on the horizon, but there was some absent look on his face, that made Connor guess that the man’s thoughts were actually very far from here.
Who knows, the Assassin thought, maybe deep inside my father is human, after all.

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Hey there~! I'm planning on writing a blind character so I would like to know some "do and don't" things so I can make them feel real, and not fall into misrepresentation. I'm just trying to tell a story about everyday people doing everyday stuff! (I hope you get what I'm trying to say, English isn't my first language, sorry)

Hey there! First of all, that’s really awesome and I’m excited that you’re doing that! I would loooove to read it when you do it!!

As for your question, this is definitely very broad, but I’ll do my best.

Definitely avoid stereotypes and cliches. Things like touching faces, cliche lines about how “even though I can’t see the world, I can see the truth just fine” and other “””cute””” but really just weird things like that. Even placing way too much emphasis on the way they are doing things by touch or sound can be awkward and uncomfortable, so try to talk about it casually. When you write a sighted character, you don’t go into detail about how their eyes physically moved and looked over each item, pupils dialating and reversing with the slight shifts in light until their visual sonar or whatever pinpoints the exact object, you know? Don’t make a big deal over non-visual skills like skimming over surfaces to find something on the counter or looking for the cereal box in the cabinet. Don’t always feel the need to say “his fingers roamed over the items in the cabinet until they came across the exact shape, size, and texture of the cereal box” every time, you know? Subtlty is sooo refreshing and makes it normal instead of weird and “other.” Make it casual. Don’t avoid talking about those non-visual techniques or anything because showing that that’s how blind people can really do stuff is important and it’s nice as blind people to see mentions of it, but again, keep it casual and normal most of the time, just like you do when writing a perfectly sighted character.

In general, just do exactly what you were saying you wanted to do: make them just a normal person doing normal stuff. Blind jokes are chill here and there, but too many is weird and not funny. Make a point of showing them just doing ordinary stuff like laundry or whatever like everyone else and just being casual and normal about it, not going into deapth about “oh how complicated it must be to do laundry as a blind person!” or whatever.

I think because you’re already so conscious of the fact that you want to make them normal and likable, you’re probably right on track! Just do your research about how blind people casually and easily complete the same tasks as everyone else so you know how those assistive tools work and keep it just as normal and un-special as all the other characters. Focus on the events of their life in the story, not on their blindness. That’s one of the best things to see!

get some, son || davey jacobs

i love davey, he’s actually one of my favorite fictional characters!

i’m not saying that ya’ll should request some more davey

but i really love writing for davey (and specs and spot, they need love to!)

anyway, i hope you like this even though it’s really short and not my best,

(it’s the thought that counts, right?)

Davey Jacobs didn’t seem like the type who could get girls. Sure, he was cute, smart and kind, but he stumbled over his words whenever he found anyone attractive. He was too awkward to talk to a lady for more than 5 minutes. He even got flustered when he was out selling. 

        When he was with you on the other hand, he had no problems. You and Davey had an extremely close friendship. You lived right next door to him, and you both shared a fire escape. That was probably the closest thing to sneaking out Davey had ever done, going out on the fire escape after everyone else had gone to bed. One time, when Davey made you laugh too loudly, you’d woken up Les. But Les, being a nine year old boy and all, was easily persuaded to not spill the beans. Anyways, the point being that Davey could talk to you for hours. He could sit in silence with you for hours. He could just be with you for hours. He could be himself, without having to being smooth or cool. Maybe it was that factor that had him so madly in love with you. 

        Yet another trait you two had in common was that you both had huge crushes on each other, you had since you were ten. But neither of you would admit it. You always thought that Davey was too smart for you, who couldn’t even read, to keep up with and Davey thought that you were out of his league. 

        Davey hadn’t mentioned the fact that his dad had lost his job, or that he and Les had become Newsies to you. It wasn’t that you had ever said anything negative about the boys who sold you the paper (in fact, you hadn’t actually said anything about them at all), but every time Davey thought about bringing it up, he felt a wave of embarrassment. He didn’t know why, deep down he knew you wouldn’t judge him. But he also felt like you wouldn’t view him the same way. Like you might… pity him. And he didn’t want you to see him as poor, pitiful Davey, he wanted to be your Davey. The one you wanted to be around because you liked him, not because you felt that he needed the company of someone who didn’t smell like newsprint. So you would never know that he was a Newsie. When, so he thought. 

        You just so happened to be walking along the street where Davey, Les, and Jack were selling. Crutchie, Race, Specs, and Albert had finished selling and were hanging out on the other side of the street, waiting for the trio to finish. Jack was the first to notice you, flagging you down with a false headline. 

        “I-I don’t have any money, I’m sorry. Otherwise I would buy one, I prom- Davey?” Jack blinked and raised his eyebrows as you raced by him. He looked at the boys across the street to see if they were witnessing the same phenomenon that he was. Seeing looks of shock and wonder aimed in your direction, he assumed they were. 

        Don’t get him wrong, Davey was happy to see you, but he was also appalled that you had found out this way. However, you didn’t really care. You hardly ever talked about your work with him, why should he talk about his? You actually thought it was cool and that Davey looked very dashing in his cap. 

        Jack was in shock. Was this the same Davey he knew? Did someone steal his identity? Because here he was, having a lovely little chat with an even lovelier girl. He nearly gasped when he over heard his friend ask you over for dinner. And Les was just standing there? Not questioning whether this was the real David Jacobs or not? 

        “Yes, I’d love to.” You said sweetly. Davey grinned from ear to ear, and it was a smile that he didn’t realize he gave you. “If, it’s alright with your mother of course”

        “(y/n), she is always happy to have you over. She loves you! All of my family loves you, right Les?” The littlest Jacobs nodded vigorously at you, a goofy smile plastered all over his small face. He was probably your second biggest fan (after Davey). You couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be with Davey’s family. You were the middle child of 10 siblings and, call you self centered but it felt nice to be the center of attention sometimes. You also liked the quiet that came with Davey and his family. 

        “I guess I can’t say no, can I?” Les let out of cheer of excitement. “I’ll see you then, Dave.” You stood on your tiptoes and kissed his cheek. As much as he liked you, he didn’t even blush when you kissed his cheek. You did so often, he’d be more surprised if you said goodbye without doing so. Then you ruffled Les’ hair and continued on your merry way. 

        As soon as you turned the street corner, the other Newsies rushed over and Jack began to slowly approach Davey with a gleam in his eye. Dozens of questions were being thrown at him. Who was she, how the hell did Davey get a girl like that, was she his girlfriend, could she get Race a friend? Jack shoved the other boys aside and took a good look at his pal. 

        “What de hell was dat?” He exclaimed, throwing one hand in the air. 

        “Well, her name is (y/n). She’s our neighbor and my friend.”

        “Our friend.” Les corrected with a pout. 

        “Yes, Les, our friend. But she likes me better.” Davey ignored his little brother’s eye roll. 

        “Do ya like her?” Crutchie asked, wiggling his eyebrows. Davey’s face suddenly went a very deep shade of red. The boys all cheered, casting aside his protests. Jack raised a hand to silence the excited screeches. Then he placed said hand on Davey’s shoulder, looking him straight in the eye as a proud father would do.

        “Get some, son."