i'm so very fond of that scene

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Any wishes for hailey and elijah this season? This epi was very good! I hope they have so many scenes this season!!!!!

I’m taking it one episode at a time tbh. MN is very fond of making things very difficult for them, so I’m always prepared for some boulders to be thrown in their path. Having said that, most of the interviews/spoilers I’ve read (and there haven’t been many) have been fairly generic? Like they cant straight up say “things are going to be okay” so they say “well, Hope’s around and Hayley has to focus on her and Elijah has to focus on the family”, all of which has pretty much been the case since s1 - which btw has been their most overtly romantic, swapping of heart-eyes season. 

So I think H&E will actually be… okay. She’s focused on being a mom first, they’re focused on keeping Hope and their family safe. So I don’t expect Jackson-level drama. If anything, I suspect we might have a low-key “in a relationship” vibe happening in the midst of the usual TO chaos unfolding.

Or I could be horribly wrong and I’ll be sobbing into my pillow next week