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We keep saying Dean's "emotionally compromised" and I keep feeling like I'm on a procedural cop show

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A procedural cop show where Sam is the long suffering partner and best friend to Dean who is in love with the leader of the forensic team Castiel and gets all excited whenever there’s a chance they need to call him in.


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I'm having the worst night and I'd really love if you could do something with Belch (or all the boys!) comforting their s/o

Henry would do absolutely a n y t h i n g he could to cheer you up or at least make you feel better. He knows what it’s like to feel sad, angry, upset, worthless, you name it; so he makes it his main goal to prevent you from feeling any of these things. He’ll hold you tight, even if you push away at first, and let you cry in his arms for as long as you need while he rubs your back and holds you steady. Once you’ve settled down, he’ll go into the kitchen and make you hot chocolate, coffee, tea, whatever you want (he has your favorite drink memorized). He’ll wrap you in a blanket as you drink, sitting across from you with a stupid smile on his face. A stupid smile that lets you know just how much he cares about you.

Patrick wouldn’t know what the hell to do at first; as soon as he saw you in tears he’d launch into full attack mode. “What happened?” “Who did this to you?” “I’ll kill them, I swear to fucking god.” However, as soon as he noticed that wasn’t helping at all he’d calm himself down and focus completely on you. He’d crouch down to meet you at eye level and look at you with so much worry and concern in his eyes, reaching out gently to push your hair out of your face and cup your cheek. He’d ask you what was wrong, listening thoughtfully as you spoke while wiping the stray tears away with his thumb. After you finished, he’d pull you into him and let you calm down, giving protective kisses to the top of your head.

Belch would be a fumbling mess, but he’d still try his best. Whenever you cried he would get really nervous and start doing all sorts of weird things to cheer you up. He’d stand in front of wherever it was you were sitting and tell loads of dad jokes, theatrically reenact funny stories about the gang, or do impressions of Henry or Patrick being the dipshits they are. He’d be so overwhelmed since he thought it was his job to make you feel better, but that just added on to the entertainment factor for you. You loved how committed to cheering you up he was, so much so that he’d make himself look like a fool. You’d get your fill of laughs in, then tell him to knock it off and just come cuddle, which he’d be relieved to do. He’d hold you tight and laugh with you as you mocked him playfully, glad he could make you feel better. Even if he did have to embarrass himself in the process.

Victor would drop absolutely everything to comfort you on your off days. Homework, chores, the gang; forget it. When you were upset, you were his only priority as far as he was concerned. He’d take you up to his room, dim the lights, and open the windows to let the natural light and fresh air clear your mind. He’d sit down on his bed with you, cradling you in his arms as he hummed softly and whispered sweet nothings in your ear. Once you stopped crying, he’d lay down next to you, pressing his forehead lightly to yours as you drifted off to sleep. He’d get up shortly after, making sure your favorite snacks and movies were ready for you when you woke up.

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People saying Hufflepuff is the worst or lamest house are usually self-proclaimed Gryffindors and we all know that is the actual worst house so I don't let it get to me.

the shade is real

who should you fight - monsta x edition
  • Shownu - who wins: Shownu
  • I have to ask - why would you do this to yourself? You were walking into failure. Not even God will fight Shownu. And you want to try? Not only will Shownu win, worst of all, he'll sit you down after it and say "I'm not angry I'm just disappointed". Now you've upset your dad. Great going.
  • Kihyun - who wins: Kihyun
  • Listen, I get where you're coming from. You probably think you could take him on? He's so adorable and small and aww look at those cheeks and that smol face. WRONG. You would be a fool. Do not forget that Kihyun is a Scorpio. He is a contained bubble of untapped rage. Kihyun will mercilessly tear you apart, physically and verbally, and probably make soup afterwards for everyone else while your bitch ass walks home broken.
  • Minhyuk - who wins: you
  • Please fight Minhyuk. He's fucking ridiculous. This pretty fuckboy will take a selfie mid-fight and just wants to stir up drama so he'll have it coming and needs to meet you in the pit. You'll win and he'll take a selfie afterward because he has no shame. That's just another reason to fight him honestly. No man has a right to look that beautiful after a fight.
  • Wonho - who wins: Wonho
  • I can't see why you'd want to fight Wonho but if you want to you will lose miserably. Have you Seen his muscles??? Do not be fooled by his pretty face, and his sunshine personality. He is ALL Muscle. He will Destroy you and be serving some #looks while he does it. This is just a gym exercise for him. If you must fight him I wish you luck.
  • Hyungwon - who wins: you
  • Not only can you fight Hyungwon easily but you'll win. He's so tall you could probably knock him over like a particularly attractive domino. But why would you do that? What did he do to you? He was probably sleeping and you just decided to throw down? What a hollow victory. What are you trying to prove?? What did he do wrong you monster?
  • Jooheon - who wins: tie
  • It would be an even match (as long as you don't involve his thighs in which case, good luck). On your side you have the element of surprise, on Jooheon's side he has the advantage of.....being able to roll yarn really fast. Either way it'll be exciting.
  • I.M - who wins: tie
  • I mean, my first question is why though. Why would you fight him what has Changkyun done wrong??? Was he TOO cute??? Were his raps TOO good??? Did he make a bad pun??? Wait if it's the last reason, you DEFINITELY have to beat his ass. It has to happen. Either way, it'll be a close match. Fair warning though, if you win against him, you'll have to fight all the other members afterwards who will not hesitate to protect their beloved maknae.
  • what she says: I'm fine.
  • what she means: Hyrule faces death or near death at the end of every timeline now. It's only a handful of villages in Zelda II, a monster-infested death trap in BoTW and under the ocean completely in the Adult Timeline. All because of Demise's Curse. A curse that ruined a kingdom before the kingdom even began to exist. And the worst part? The curse can't end unless the blood of the goddess and spirit of the hero don't reincarnate. The curse is tied to them and will exist so long as they do. Meaning the only way for the world to be at peace again is for the two to cease to be, that there would be no more Link or Zelda. Demise won in the end hundreds of thousands of years later, in death.

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Hello! Can I request how the rfa+saeran would comfort an upset MC bc her parents are getting on her back about one grade in her worst class, when all the rest of her grades are near perfect and she just wants to be encouraged for what she did do right. (Maybe she gets off the phone and immediately starts crying- idk) it's finals season and I'm dying lmao, thank you!!

Ahh I’m sorry that this took so long anonny! I’m guessing that you finished up your final exams by now but I’m sure that you did amazing and passed them all! I made these longer especially Saeran’s for some reason as an apology so I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • You and Yoosung both had finals approaching so the two of you were driving home from a study session at the library
  • Both of you were stressing out over finals and receiving a phone call from your parents who yelled at you for one poor grade you had didn’t help
  • Yoosung watched you out of the corner of his eye as he drove, silently listening as he saw you crying
  • Yoosung pulled the car over as you sobbed out that you just wanted some encouragement but only got your parents yelling at you
  • His heart broke for you and as Yoosung gently wiped your tears away, he had an idea
  • He sped back home and once the two of you got there, he gave you his blue hoodie to wear and grabbed your favorite snacks and drink as he made his way over to his computer
  • Once you were settled in Yoosung’s lap as he sat in his large computer chair, the two of you spent the rest of the day playing LOLOL
  • When nighttime came, you and Yoosung were cuddled up together in bed with him holding you hand
  • “I don’t want you stressing about your grades MC. You’re the smartest person I know so you’ll do amazing on finals! Your mom is honestly crazy to say anything negative because all of your other grades are outstanding! I love you MC, no matter what your grades are.”
  • You fell asleep that night, stilling holding Yoosung’s hand, taking his kind words to heart, knowing that Yoosung really was the sweetest boyfriend anyone could ask for


  • Zen hated seeing you stress out over your final exams for classes since his princess should never have to be nervous over anything
  • He would sit across from you with his chin resting on his folded hands as he’d admire how hard you worked for your classes
  • But his thoughts were interrupted when your ringtone went off and after talking on the phone for a minute, you started crying
  • Zen rushed over to your side, rubbing your arm soothingly as he leaned in to hear your parents hollering at you for having just one bad grade
  • Seeing you this upset was not oaky to Zen so after you hung up, he buried your head into his chest as you cried your eyes out
  • But Zen wanted to get your mind off of things so he swept you up and started twirling you around the room, singing your favorite song for you
  • You couldn’t help but laugh as you and Zen clumsily danced around the room, with Zen pulling you onto the couch with him as he peppered your face with kisses
  • “You’re perfect MC, absolutely perfect. Having one bad grade doesn’t define who you are. I won’t let you go until you realize how smart you are! You’re the most intelligent person I’ve ever met MC, never forget that.”
  • Zen cradled your head onto his chest as you soon fell asleep on top of him with his comforting words and silky singing voice, no longer worrying about your grades


  • Jaehee sees herself when she watches you study for your final exams, recalling her own exams
  • As she’s brewing you a cup of your favorite warm drink, she hears your phone go off and listens as you shakily explain yourself
  • She brings your drink to you and sees you holding your head in shame as you tell her through teary eyes that your parents yelled at you for having a single bad grade
  • Jaehee nodded, pulling you out of your chair and into the bedroom, putting on your favorite movie then grabbing a large blanket and wrapping it around the two of you
  • She moved your head onto her shoulder as you cried telling her that you were doing so good in all your other classes and just wanted some support
  • Jaehee pursed her lips as she mused your hair, kissing the top of your head as she gave you the encouragement you deserved
  • “MC, your grades are amazing so please don’t worry. Even though I know you’ll pass, getting one bad grade isn’t going to change who you are or tell you that you’re not smart. I love you MC, whether you pass all of your classes or fail them, that fact will never change.”
  • Listening to her soothing words plus being wrapped together did help you feel at ease, taking Jaehee’s words to heart as you drifted to sleep with your girlfriend


  • Jumin always admired how hard you worked in your classes even though he offered to give you a job at his company without having to complete school
  • But you refused, determined to get through your finals and you were starting to feel confident until your parents called you
  • As Jumin was getting you some water, he heard your parents scream so loudly through the phone that Elizabeth the third jumped
  • He went to your side, rubbing your shoulders as you hung up, crying as you told him that your parents are upset because you have one bad grade
  • Jumin picked you up bridal style and sat you up on the bed, smiling as he gently kissed your tears away - He then opened up the window blinds, showing the city below and the sunsetting in an array of vibrant orange and pink colors
  • The sight alone was already helping you calm down, which Jumin knew, as he ran his fingers through your soft hair telling you in his loving voice
  • “I’ve met many people but no one has ever compared to your intelligence MC. Your parents need to realize that you’re an amazing and talented person who I’m lucky to call my partner. I’ll help you with whatever you need MC so don’t worry and remember that I love you.”
  • Jumin held you close to him for the rest of the night, and with his help, you passed your exams with flying colors


  • Seven didn’t like seeing you stress out over your finals so he’d sit next to you and tell you some jokes before you got too anxious
  • You were a giggling mess, that is until you got a phone call from your parents
  • He heard leaned in next to you and winced as your parents yelled at your for having one poor grade in your worst class
  • Seven couldn’t understand why your parents were so upset over one bad grade so once you hung up with your eyes already red and puffy from crying, he was on the case
  • By the time your dragged yourself into the living room, Seven had masterfully set up a pillow and blanket fort and smiled as he led you inside
  • He carefully wiped your tears away as he turned off all of the house lights and played relaxing music, whispering sweet praises to you
  • “You know that you’re the smartest person ever right MC? You work so hard in all of your classes and I couldn’t be prouder of you! Even if your parents don’t see it, I see you as an intelligent and awesome person. I love you MC and that’ll never change!”
  • With Seven’s assistence, you ended up passing all of your exams to which you and Seven threw a house party to celebrate leaving some very annoyed neighbors and an even more annoyed Saeran


  • Saeran truly admired how hard you worked for your classes and studying for exams
  • He was resting on the couch while you were at the table one day studying when you got a phone call from your parents
  • Even from the couch Saeran could hear your parents hollering at you so he went to investigate
  • His eyes widened when he saw you with tears streaming down your cheeks as you tried to reason with your parents that you only had one bad grade but the rest were good
  • Saeran had enough of this so he took your phone from you hand, telling your parents to shut up because you’re amazing then hanged up on them
  • Stunned and still teary eyed, you cried to Saeran that all you ever wanted was some encouragement from your parents
  • He sighed and took your hand, leading you to sit on the couch while telling you to sit
  • Saeran returned with a big tub of ice cream, two spoons, and a blanket that he wrapped you up in
  • The two of you ate the chilly treat in a comfortable silence, something about feeling Saeran’s natural warmth plus the cold ice cream was relaxing
  • When the two of you were finished, Saeran awkwardly but sweetly wiped your remaining tears away and huffed as he encouraged you
  • “You know that you’re basically the most intelligent person ever right? I say screw your parents, if they cannot recognize how much of an amazing person you are then I’ll do it for them. I love you a lot MC, don’t forget that.“
  • With a sigh of contentment from you, you cuddled up into Saeran, wrapping the blanket around him as well, knowing that he would always be there for you was truly the most comforting thing imaginable
Ending of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is the saddest thing ever and I'll tell you why

I just rewatched the movie and may or may not be sobbing really ugly. Before we get to my point tho, let me quickly run over the first two parts.

In The Lion, the Witch and the Warderobe the war is going on. Bombs are being dropped on London, so the Pevensies, like other children have to go into hiding. They are far away, with strangers, probably very homesick and very afraid. We will get back to them later.
Prince Caspian is lonely. His parents are dead and his nanny was sent away. He just met his new teacher who will teach him true history of Narnia. And now his uncle has new kid, so he wants to murder him. Caspian has to run away. He’s frighten and even more lonely.

The siblings find Narnia. Aslan is back, the Witch is dead. They are Kings and Queens now. They get to grow up safe and happy.
Caspian isn’t lonely anymore. Kings and Queens of Old are here. He grew up listening to stories about them and now they are here to help him. He reclaims his crown and finds brothers and sisters in Pevensies.

They have to come back. One second they are kings and queens and another they are scared children again. And nothing has changed, the war isn’t over and they still have to hide. But there is hope. Maybe one day they could return to Narnia. They can’t avoid saying goodbye. Caspian watches as they go back to their world. He will never see Peter and Susan again. Edmund and Lucy will eventually come back, even if none knows when and how.

And now to misery. The war is still on, but they are older. They understand what’s happening better and that only makes everything worse. Peter and Susan start to cope with the fact that they’ll never return to Narnia. Each of them on their own way. Peter studies, Susan parties and slowly starts to forget that the other world in the old warderobe was actually real. Edmund and Lucy go to Narnia once again. Over the weeks of journey they learn to like their annoying cousin and grow even closer with Caspian. And soon, too soon it’s over too. They are being told that they grown up, but they are being sent back to the place where to everyone they are just children, and to the worst time of being alive. Seriously, how cruel is telling someone to come from safe place back to World War II? And Caspian, who just got to meet his brother and sister again now has to watch as they go away forever. He will see Eustace once again, yes. On his deathbed, as an old man. And don’t even get me started on the last book.

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I'm curious: do you have an opinion on what would happen if canon Victor and Yuuri somehow interacted with their UMFBAMHA counterparts? (Like, just assume A Wizard Did It.) I'm picturing canon!Yuuri being like, "Lol, no calling me fat was the /third/ thing he ever said to me, right after showing up at my home completely naked!" while both Victors make increasingly dramatic sad facial expressions in the background.

umfb!Viktuuri are basically canon Viktuuri’s worst nightmares. canon!Viktor would be so upset that he was capable of driving such a deep rift between him and Yuuri and it would be made worse by the fact that he could totally see how it would happen and umfb!Viktor would be so unbelievably jealous of canon!Viktor and how everything could have been avoided if he hadn’t made that one stupid mistake early on. 

Canon!Yuuri would be horrified at umfb!Yuuri because he understands Viktor and can see things more clearly so he would see what was really going on but he would also understand why umfb!Yuuri thinks the way he does and would hate the fact that he and his insecurities could be the thing that keeps him and Viktor apart as he’s already had a taste of that almost happening with ‘after the final let’s end this’. umfb!Yuuri would resent canon!Yuuri a lot because he has more achievements than canon!Yuuri and has technically done ‘better’ in life and yet canon!Yuuri has a life that he would kill for regardless of medals 



What the hell are they doing in Hohenzollern castle, which ISNT IN THE BLACK FOREST ?!?! And how the heck did they hike there?!? That’d be a hike that’d take more than a day!!


THOSE are the WORST dirndls I’ve ever seen.

And DIRNDL ARE BAVARIAN. YOURE IN THE BLACK FOREST (or at least near it) . THATS what traditional Black Forest dresses look like:


This is basically an insult. Not everywhere in Germany is the same. People only wear dirndl in Bavaria and Austria and that only to the Oktoberfest or similar traditional festivals.

They’re in Baden-Württemberg. Those are two (three if you count Austria ) completely different cultures and countries.

Also two dirndls would cost about 400€ . And those would be relatively cheap ones.

I doubt Audrey and Nerdy!Twin had 400€ with them, so I guess they managed to found the cheapest tourist dirndls imaginable. Probably sewed together by slave workers for a salary of 2$ a day.

Wow. I didn’t expect much, but I expected that could at least not act as if there’s only one culture in each European country. They did this to all European countries, but this is yet the worst case.

Actually, I didn’t expect anything else.

Sorry for the rambling, but soon it’s fall and I’m just really upset about this book and how it treats stereotypes.

Straight-face McGee

Headcanon that Genos has the best straight face in existence. Like it literally doesn’t change for any reason not even when he’s really happy or really sad. It probably changes maybe 10% of the time. Like Genos and other heroes could be having a really friendly and jovial conversation and you look and see on all their faces that they’re having fun but then you get to Genos’ face and it looks like someone tried to tell him a joke that wasn’t funny.

And Saitama is over here like idk how tf to handle this. He’s already terrible with emotions so he has the worst time figuring out whether Genos is angry or if he’s relatively normal.

Like there’s this one day where they both get ice cream cones and are walking back to the apartment. Somehow Genos ends up dropping his and his ice cream ends up all over the sidewalk. For a good 30 seconds he’s just staring down at it blankly and Saitama tries to play it off as nonchalantly as he can. But Genos gives him the straightest face as he says, “I’m so upset right now, Sensei.”

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dear scott summers,

i’m sorry the xmcu writers did you dirty in the original trilogy. i’m sorry that the leader of the x-men (you) was pushed to the side for the worst love triangle on the planet (do i need to name names?). i’m sorry you got so little screen time (even though you’re the leader of the x-men, did i mention that?). i’m sorry you were killed off for Shock Value and for the phoenix plotline to happen (Yikes). at least dofp brought you back for .2 more seconds of screen time.

lots of love,
a disappointed and sad fan

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Is it bad that I get so sad sometimes? I don't have a hard life, I have great friends, and so many things to be grateful for. But when I'm alone I get to thinking about how lonely I feel. I always feel like nobody will ever love me. Guys don't think I'm pretty or cool or anything. And I know I shouldn't be upset over guys because I don't know one... but it's hard when you don't feel loved. I don't think I'll ever get a boyfriend or anything...

it’s normal to lose hope. but when i’m in this state, i try to pull myself out of it. sometimes your mind can be your worst enemy. if you just escape for a while you’ll feel yourself coming back together. wallowing in your misery is the most harmful thing you can do to yourself. when you find yourself overthinking, break down your barriers and step into the real world. spend some time w your friends. they’ll distract you from your mental state. don’t let your mind consume you. 

and do not do not do not seek validation from boys. or from anyone. guys are jerkssss tbh. you don’t need their opinion to feel better about yourself. i’m positive you’re a beautiful person, inside and out. it may take some time for you to realize that, but you will. 


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i mean the worst thing is that i'm pretty sure this is still just a background plot still developing and tomorrow's clip will deal with the drama regarding sana/yousef/noora & maybe vilde?? so this is literally 100% waiting for even to be confirmed bipolar except ten times worse cause this time we have absolutely no idea what happened except that yousef got really upset and mikael /fucking left/.

it’s canon that i hate julie andem

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Hate in the ereri tag is the literal worst bc it's the one place we're all suppose to just enjoy the ship, but people have to ruin it. Stay strong!! It'll pass. Personally I'm over it and it's more of a nuisance than me getting upset over it, but I've done my fair share of blocking blogs so it's been pretty clean for me so far. You got this!! just keep enjoying the ship <3333

Exactly and it seems like most haters don’t even acknowledge the relationship between Levi and Eren besides claiming it as “abusive” and “pedophilia”, but whatever. I usually bypass the hate, but there are times when it gets to be too much for me and I have to relieve the hurt and pain with some Ereri :’) And no worries! I will continue to believe in this ship for as long as I live, and hopefully there will be others who feel the same 😊 Thank you for cheering me up! It really means a lot to me ❤

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Saizo & Flora: C - S Supports

(Requested by @lightningbug-lane)

C Support

  • Flora: What wonderful weather! Perfect for hanging Lord/Lady Corrin’s laundry to dry…
  • Saizo: …
  • Flora: There, that should do it… Now onto the next– YAAAH!
  • Flora: Saizo! You shouldn’t sneak up on people like that!
  • Saizo: You’re Felicia’s sister, right?
  • Flora: I have a name, you know.
  • Saizo: Answer the question.
  • Flora: Yes, I am. Why do you ask?
  • Saizo: She spilled hot tea on Lord Ryoma. He could have been seriously injured.
  • Flora: Okay? What do you expect me to do about it?
  • Saizo: Simple. You must tell your sister she is not suited to be a maid.
  • Flora: Excuse me?! How dare you ask me to do tell her such a thing!
  • Saizo: Her performance as a maid is not only appalling, it is a danger to herself and those around her. Surely you understand this.
  • Flora: She’s my sister and it’s what she loves to do. I would have to be a monster to take that away from her.
  • Saizo: You don’t get it. I am asking you to do what’s best for her.
  • Flora: I know my sister better than anyone, and I will not tell her she can’t be a maid. End of discussion.
  • Flora: Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have duties to attend to.
  • Saizo: …Hmph.

B Support

  • Saizo: Flora.
  • Flora: Saizo. Do you need something?
  • Saizo: I want to speak with you about your sister.
  • Flora: Again? I thought I was clear last time.
  • Saizo: I don’t understand why you refuse so adamantly. She has no proficiency in being a maid.
  • Flora: Saizo, you have a twin brother, right?
  • Saizo: Yes.
  • Flora: How would you feel if I told you he couldn’t be a ninja?
  • Saizo: I would reprimand you for your clear ignorance. My brother is a talented ninja.
  • Flora: But what if he wasn’t? What if he couldn’t do the one thing he wanted to do with his life?
  • Flora: Would you tell him to stop trying? To give up on his dream?
  • Saizo: …
  • Saizo: This is irrelevant. As I said, my brother is a talented ninja. Your sister is not a talented maid.
  • Flora: Fine. Let me put it another way.
  • (icy wind)
  • Saizo: Ack! Th-That chill… Your p-power is… impressive.
  • Flora: If I hear you say one more word about my sister being a maid, I’ll show you just how impressive my power really is.
  • Flora: Have I made myself clear?
  • (icy wind ends)
  • Saizo: Very well. I will take my leave.

A Support

  • Saizo: Flora.
  • Flora: Hello, Saizo. It’s a little bit chilly today, don’t you think?
  • Saizo: I wish to apologize to you.
  • Flora: Oh?
  • Saizo: I’ve thought about what you said, and if I was asked to say to my brother what I asked you to say to your sister, I wouldn’t, either.
  • Saizo: I could not bring myself to crush his dreams. And neither should you crush your sister’s.
  • Flora: Thank you for saying that.
  • Flora: I have to be honest… I was beginning to think you were heartless. But you really do care for your brother, don’t you?
  • Saizo: …
  • Flora: Hee hee. It’s okay, you don’t have to say anything.
  • Flora: If nothing else, I’m glad I got to know you better. We have more in common than I ever would have thought.
  • Saizo: Hmph. If you say so.
  • Saizo: I should report to Lord Ryoma.
  • Flora: Okay. See you around, Saizo.

S Support

  • Saizo: Hello, Flora. Are you busy? I wish to speak with you.
  • Flora: Um… I’m supposed to care for the horses. But I have a minute. It sounds important.
  • Saizo: Very well. I’ll keep this brief.
  • Saizo: You were right the other day when you said we were much alike. I have met very few people that I relate to so strongly.
  • Saizo: Which, I believe, is why… I have fallen so deeply in love with you.
  • Flora: What?! Are you serious?
  • Saizo: Do I seem like the kind of man who would kid about these things?
  • Flora: N-No… So it must be true…
  • Saizo: If you don’t mind, I would like to explore our relationship more deeply. What do you think?
  • Flora: I-I’m… speechless.
  • (icy wind)
  • Saizo: Ack! N-Not again…
  • Saizo: I-I didn’t mean to upset you. P-Please… St-Stop this storm… and I’ll l-leave you alone.
  • Flora: No, you don’t understand! I’m not upset. I’m just so happy!
  • Flora: I love you, too, Saizo.
  • Saizo: Y-You do? Then… I-I am happy, too. E-Even if this storm is giving me f-frostbite…
  • Flora: I’m sorry! I’ll try to calm down…
  • Saizo: N-Nonsense. You are the w-woman I love. If I must lose a f-few fingers to be with you, s-so be it.
  • Flora: Oh, Saizo…

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Okay so I'm not an artsy person and when I saw that thing between you and your sister on Twitter about tangent lines I got all confused so I looked it up and now my life is ruined I can never see art the same way again


I’m sorry that you have to be punished this way. You dont deserve it.

To anyone curious, DONT LOOK IT UP, your life will be ruined forever as an artist. Unless you wanna avoid it, but it will make you extremely upset looking at you old artwork hAH