i'm so upset no one touch me

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I told my therapist about how I'm getting tested for autism and she told me i was wasting my time "because i have this autistic kid and he can't talk and he can't touch anything so you can't possibly have it because you can talk and stuff" I'm really upset and nervous because what if I'm not autistic? If I am autistic everything in my entire life would make sense, but if I'm not? I don't know what to say to her, please help me.

Your therapist is wrong. There’s a common phrase in the autistic community: If you’ve met one autistic person, you’ve met one autistic person. In other words, each autistic person is a unique individual and knowing one autistic person does not make someone an expert on autism. Your therapist clearly has no idea what she’s talking about. 

You’re not wasting your time. Being able to talk doesn’t mean you aren’t autistic. Being able to touch things doesn’t mean you aren’t autistic. Autism is varied and diverse and there are a myriad of ways to fulfill the criteria that may look nothing like another autistic person. 

Get tested. But if you know that you are autistic and you’ve done your research well, then you are autistic, regardless of what the evaluation says. 

I wish you luck!



Day 3: Confession!  Compliment your bias wrecker.

a letter to eunwoo:


also fuck u for researching every guest and place and show you’re going on it’s so cute and pure and it shows how much effort you put into your work >:( and for showing that you’re not just an idol who relies on his face and voice but that you’re also someone who can recognise the behind the scenes work that every show and every mc has to put in >:(((( and for being so easy to prank because you trust all your members so much you’d turn your back to them so they can jump scare you when you’re playing with ducks and for loving them so much you’d buy a camera for them if they broke one >:(((( but also for always thinking you’re lacking but you’re not, you’re never lacking and you never will be so listen son no matter how you think you did arohas will love you because you’re amazing the way you are rn >:((((((((((( 

also fuck u for uploading that one selfie during midterm week that made me stop in the middle of walking to class and break down in tears on the street i had to duck into someone’s doorway to wipe my tears >:((((((((

conclusion: cha eunwoo??? cha eunwho???? 

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Tao looks so done with Kris like “smh when is he gonna stop touching males other than me? I can’t believe him, I told him NOT TO TALK TO ANY ONE WITH A DICK.”

Sehun’s there like “When is Tao going to like me? When is he going to realise that I’m way better than Kris? When??!??”

Kris is oblivious and doesn’t know why the two look upset.

And I’m sorry for making this post

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Why do blacks think all while people look down on them? I personally don't look at them any differently. I don't treat them any differently. I don't randomly touch their hair (who even does that?). It upsets me to think that because I'm white this is how I'm viewed. Not all whites are racist and rude. I wish we could all just see the good and the beautiful in each other instead of assuming the worst of everyone. Like let's all just be a big happy family and band together in love.

So you’re not one of those particular white people. Well, great! Movies like “Dear White People” aren’t geared towards you. But, the fact of the matter is, there are MANY white people who do in fact do this. You have to realize, as I came to realize, our personal experience is not everyone’s personal experience. If there’s one thing we have learned from recent events (Ferguson, the Trayvon Martin shooting, many of Trump’s supporters), racism is still very much a thing in our society. As white people, many times, we don’t see it. And sometimes, media like “Dear White People” provides a good dose of that reality, which many people definitely need to see. At the end of the movie, they show actual recent photos from parties at national colleges where students were dressed in blackface as a costume. One of those colleges was the University of Florida… my hometown. That was certainly an eye-opener. That movie doesn’t exaggerate on issues in the slightest. If this sort of media hurts feelings, that’s nothing compared to years of systematic oppression that black people have had to endure, and are still enduring. If you long for being a big happy family, as I do as well, then speak up. Stand with them. Don’t remain silent and hope it will all eventually work itself out. Educate yourself on the issues happening, as I’m still trying to do. And lastly, if you’re offended by black people making a blanket statement about all white people, it’s best not to phrase your question “Why do blacks…” because that’s kind of a blanket (and pretty derogatory) statement too, right? 

It seems all the great shows are closing down. I’m so upset about this amazing show coming to an end, it was such an underrated gem but I didn’t think it would come to a close yet. It was the show that led me to meet my favorite actress on broadway who has inspired me for the past six years, I was hoping it’d even be there when I planned another trip in the future because it has touched me that much. Hopefully it can come back one day. I love the cast so much they are all amazing and the story that the show told about war veterans was beautifully written and portrayed and did it justice.

From the music to the dancing to the acting this show was phenomenal, it will always be my first broadway show and always be with me.

So uhhhhhh I ordered myself a Bodhi Funko a couple weeks ago from Target bc they were allegedly ~online exclusives~ and this is…not that

and I tried getting in touch with them about it and they said they can give me a refund but they’re sold out

which is a LIE bc Marissa said she saw some of the Bodhis in her Target like yesterday, but I didn’t look when B and I were running errands earlier because I thought…he was in my mailbox. And I called the one near me and they swore these are online only soooooo

anyway this is a deeply stupid problem but I am sad now and does anyone want this stupid Batman

Summer of 2013 was the best summer though because One Direction was doing the Take Me Home Tour and they were just a touch of famous so they were starting to get invited to awards shows and then they were on iCarly but they still needed to go to radio stations and photo shoots and Harry was orange and ugh take me back!!!

you know maybe ward worked out every day in his cell because there was comfort in routine

because it’s all he really knows, training every day to be ready, to be enough

or maybe he trained every day because he really thought he was still part of the team

and one day they were going to let him out and he would take back up that mantle as protector

and he needed to be ready

  • Luke: "Darling," Luke purred in your ear, "I've missed you so damn much". "I've missed you too", you sighed, hugging him tighter, "But we're in the middle of an airport". Luke chuckled at your statement, pulling away from your hug. "Let's get our love somewhere more private then, shall we?", he smiled, taking your hand and intertwining your fingers. "Yes", you giggled, "But first", you leaned in, kissing him for the first time after so long. Luke tried to deepen the kiss, but you pulled away: "That was enough PDA for a day", you bit your lip. "Oh, we better get our love to the hotel very soon", Luke smirked, practically dragging you out of the airport.
  • Ashton: "Darling", Ashton's voice woke you up, "Have you seen my 'The Strokes' t-shirt?". "What?", you lazily tried to focus on Ashton almost ready in front of you and not your sleep, "No". "Fuck", he mumbled. "Just put on another shirt", you mumbled, fighting to keep your eyes open. "But I really wanted to wear that shirt today", he sighed. "It's probably on the laundry, I'm not sure if I've already washed it", you said. "I'll wear another shirt then", he told himself, "Sorry for waking you, darling". "Yeah, well you really tired me last night", you sleepily smirked, leaning in when he sat on the bed and pecking his lips. "And just wait to see hoe tired you'll be tomorrow morning", he mumbled against your lips.
  • Michael: "Darling", Michael said, eyes not leaving the screen in front of him, "Can you please make me a sandwich?". "No", you shrugged, eyeing him playing the video game. "Why?", he pouted, still not looking at you. "'Cause I'm not going to support this addiction you have for that video game", you said. "So you're going to let me starve?", he laughed. "Yes!", you said. "You know I can pause and make my own sandwich, right?", he chuckled. "Whatever", you sighed. "Oh, darling", he paused the game, moving closer to you at the sofa, "C'mon, don't be upset. You know I love you a little less than I love video games". "Michael!", you hit him lightly on the shoulder. "I'm kidding, I know you know that. You're my number one favorite thing", he pecked your cheek. "I'm still not making you a sandwich", you giggled.
  • Calum: "Darling", Calum mumbled against your lips, "I really need to touch you". "You shouldn't have dared me to play 'too hot', then", you said back, biting his lip. "C'mon", he whined. "Just give up, Cal", you sealed your lips again. It was no surprise when you felt one of Calum's hand roughly make it's way to your waist and the other cup your jaw, giving the kiss more passion. You moaned against his lips, wrapping your arms around his neck and playing with his hair. "I win", you whispered in between kisses.

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Why is there this rumor going round that calvin lied about his parent's drug issue? i wish he would address this so bad, if he honestly lied about it, i'm done with him. I find it so hard to believe he would lie, why would he? but keemstar said it once and now the fat guy that's friends with idubz said it too. I'm so confused, i hope he didn't lie.. that would be fucked.

Okay, so here’s my take on the situation - a few people personally came to me and told me that the rumours about him lying were true. At first I was upset, and started to doubt Calvin, but I believe him, and here’s why:

  1. Calvin has mentioned his parents suffering from addiction, amongst other problems, in older videos where he wasn’t making a significant amount of money, and it was only really in passing.
  2. The only time he really talked about it seriously, was in the one million subscriber special, and he touched on it very briefly. It wasn’t a large part of the video, and he was very vague about details. He sounded 100% sincere.
  3. Calvin has a good relationship w/ his younger brothers, and visits them in Utah (he’s mentioned playing Pokemon Go w/ them on Twitter, and talking to them in a collaboration video). Why would he lie about his parents, knowing that it could also impact his siblings in a negative way?
  4. People said he lied about his parents being drug addicts, because he needed sympathy, more views, and to sound “relatable”. But, he’s already popular, and growing everyday. Why would he mention, in passing, that his parents suffered from addiction in his childhood and teenage years, for “more views”?
  5. It’s not something he mentions a lot, and call Leafy an asshole all you want, but Leafy and Calvin are not the same person. Calvin is a nice person, anyone who’s ever met him will tell you that. I truly, from the bottom of my heart believe, that he would not lie about something as serious as his parents suffering from drug addiction.
It Was Only A Matter Of Time

I imagine the flux manifests differently in everyone, it would depend on their individual personalities, and how much they were subjected to. A tainted heart would be, well… near fatal.

(Amazing artwork of the idea)


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It feels really weird not having a Mortal Instruments book to wait on. That was the last one guys…. The last :/ No more Clace, Sizzy, or Malec. No more funny moments with team good. No more New York institute. Even though I’m incredibly excited for TDA, I can’t help but feel like a part of me is missing bc we won’t have any new TMI books.

okay so the earrings jemma wears in every episode kinda look like they might be fashioned from some sort of hardware. they’re metal rings with some sort of hole in the center. they even look a little scratched up in one shot? so whAT IF they are? like what if it’s something where fitz had a couple of them, couldn’t use them for anything, and noticed that in the right light, they’re kinda shiny? and it’s close to either christmas or her birthday, and they’re young, and jesus christ what do you even get a girl??? what do girls like??? he’s never spent that much time around girls, and she’s pretty much the first person outside of his family that he’s been close to, and he’s clueless. 

but girls like jewelry, right???? right?!?!?!

so he does the only thing he really knows how to do, and makes something. he looks up the size of earring posts, and very, very carefully makes a pair of earrings. even folds the metal for the backs himself. it doesn’t cost him a dime (and he actually feels sort of bad about that, but he doesn’t have much money anyway, being psuedo-student and all), but he puts a lot of work into them. 

and he gives them to her with a very sheepish smile, his hands in his pockets, and his ears sort of turning red. and jemma can tell, of course, that they’re handmade (but only barely - an untrained eye might not). and she’s a little impressed and a lot touched that he would put that much effort into something for her. so she thanks him with a little kiss on the cheek and an affectionate, “they're beautiful, leo”. and she actually wears them. every single day. 

then one day she tucks her freshly cropped hair behind her ear to look at something, and he sees them, and a little part of him comes back to life