i'm so unbelievably happy with this

People who come to a restaurant 1min before closing or come through the closed door AFTER closing and demand service are the worst people, and if you do this I just want you to know that it’s so unbelievably, extremely rude and you are probably making the servers and cooks cry because they can’t start cleaning and they can’t go home to their families and loved ones because of you so I hope you are happy about that

Can I just say how unbelievably happy I am with all the canon lgbta+ representation in podcasts? Almost every podcast I can think of has at least one lgbta+ person, and they’re main characters.
To all the podcast creaters: thank you. It means so much to me.

Tonight I witnessed Brendon Urie
1) do a standing backflip during the pause in Miss Jackson
2) play This is Gospel on a piano that was on a raising platform while glitter rained on him from the ceiling
3) unfurl a rainbow flag on stage during Girls/Girls/Boys
4) say “here’s a song by one of my favorite gay humans” followed by Bohemian Rhapsody (which makes me unbelievably happy because Freddie Mercury was bi and bisexuals need more representation and love)

I’m unbelievably happy about this whole episode, but I’m so,so happy for Michelle and Maureen. 

It was so nice to see Michelle coming in terms of enjoying things and being happy. Even if everyone else is doing the same things, even if they don’t *understand* it, even if they do and perceive it in different ways, even if it passes through standardization and seems fake and distant, and for that it’s all confusing and frustrating to her. She has come to terms with enjoyting it all and having her unique experiences, and I’m so happy for that. 

And Maureen. I’m so happy she’s not mad anymore, and she’s valuing herself and her well-being, and being truly satisfied with it all. Despite never really feeling happiness truly before, despite always feeling bothered by other people and their actions towards her, she has come come to terms with everything that happened, forgiven everyone and is truly satisfied. 

And they are so TOGETHER, they did their toasts together,  they helped each other get to this point… and they are SUCH A CUTE COUPLE. They never abandoned their general characteristics, even with the changes, and it’s just so endearing to see them agree and pick on each other. It’s so cool.

 “Ugh, did you just say ‘cool’?”


guys i’m not gonna be like ‘pls vote for nct dream’ or whatever bc there are so many factors that go into deciding who wins and RV are there and so many other talented groups but


imagine the babies if they won. you KNOW mark will be the first to burst into tears and the other babies will start crying bc their dad is crying and they’ll all cry

AND can you imagine all the other boys??? like??? they’re going to be so unbelievably happy and proud like the older boys definitely see the boys from dream as their little brothers that they look after and want to see happy and can you IMAGINE how proud and how much they’d cry if the boys won? and got the first win for nct? it may not be this time round but i can’t wait for nct’s first win just to see them happy and proud of each other, even the boys not in the unit at that point in time i’m so soft

I just came online to see this and i literally burst into tears holy shit why are you all here i’m not deserving of this


I never thought i’d get 100 followers when I made this blog and to hit 10k is just unbelievable, thank you to you all for making me feel so comfortable and welcome here, I love you all a lot and hope you have a lovely day/lifetime 💜

Can you believe it? After 5 years, he is still so smitten towards the boy with blue eyes that he loved since he was 16? Unbelievable. God, sorry, I’ve been thinking about this the whole day at work, I just had to draw it while listening to the ship’s national anthem. :((

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What do you love about kai and baekhyun?

What do I love about Kai AND Baekhyun? Well:

For Kai, I absolutely love everything. I love his charisma on stage when he is performing and how he captures everyone’s attention with his precise and agile dance moves. Which are illegal. He shows unbelievable sex appeal ??? His facial expression is one of utter foment, alluring and his jaw line could cut through metal it’s so sharp. He’s just… so beautiful when he’s dancing and singing. Because his voice is like honey, and he sings so well too! And off stage when he isn’t in Kai mode, I love how cute he is. Like a little bear. When he laughs and it raises to those squeaks, I’m weak. His passion for singing and dancing move me, and he’s come so far that I’m tearing up a little. Even when he has been injured, he apologized to us fans even though he didn’t have to. He is sincere, and loves us a lot. I love his care. I love his aegyo, I love his abs, I love that thing he does with his tongue, I love when he makes paws with his sweater, I love his smirk, I love his love for his dogs, I love all the ways he makes Hearts with his arms and hands, I love every selfie he takes, I love how he jumps when he gets scared, I love his stubble, I love his plush lips, I love his different types of dances, I love his smile, I love his fashion sense, I love his skin colour, I love his cheek dimple when he smiles or laughs, I love his dorkiness, I love his acting, I love his relationship with the members and Taemin, I love how he loves sleep, i love how he’s boyfriend and daddy material, I just… I love him because he makes me smile and he inspires me. He’s not only my idol, but someone I respect and adore. And love very much. He’s a succulent p work of art and Kim Jongin deserves all the love and support because he’s given us so much. I love everything, even the things I didn’t mention.

As for Baekhyun, same.
Just kidding.
Baekhyun is… perfect. I love everything about him too. His voice is amazing! All the tones and octaves drive me crazy! Baekhyun is so extra, funny and oh my god he always always always knows how to make me smile even when he’s not here (cause he doesn’t know I exist smxksm). He’s goofy, and he is just so amusing. I love how he vibrates when he gets scared. Like a quick little shiver. He’s naturally cute and I love that about him heh. He’s come so far too and according to Kai he’s also a wonderful dancer. I mean, he always has been to me but he’s improved a lot since I started following EXO. I love Baekhyun’s voice a frigging lot, ok?! His high note in El Dorado, when I listened to a live concert in early 2015, I knew. His voice gave me goosebumps at fucking 3am. Honestly I wish more people could see just how amazing Baekhyun is, he’s valid, he’s important, he’s loved because I love him. I love Baekhyun’s smile and his eyesmile. I love that freckle above the right corner of his lip, I love his thumb freckle, I love his sharp teeth, I love his ability to make everyone around him smile or laugh, god I love his laugh, I love his hands, I love his hips, I love his sassiness, I love his eyes, I love how he’s portrayed as a puppy, I love how loud he is sometimes, I love his abs, I love him if he had no abs, I love his dedication, I love his promises to always work harder even if he’s worked hard enough for us, I love his sexiness, I love his acting, I love how gorgeous he is, I love how he games just as loud as my brother, I love his love for his members, and I love his own way of inspiring me. His voice soothes me when I’m having bad days, I love his hapkido and piano skills, I love his hate for cucumbers and I love his selfies too! Baekhyun deserves more, and I love him so much. He gives his all and expects nothing in return. He’s amazing inside and out, an angel with a silken voice and a smile that could cure depression. I love everything about him including the things I didn’t mention.
I love all the EXO members as well. They’re all unique and talented in their own ways and they all bless us with such amazing music, performances and collabs. I feel happy and amazed and lucky to live in the same generation as EXO.



Taichihaya (Taichi x Chihaya) [1/5]

I’m in love with you, Chihaya. Chihaya i love your fingers, your always short nails, your hair, your mouth that opens so unbelievably wide, your smiling face…and i have always, always been, ever since we were little.”

      It was JUST a dream, Shadow was sure it was just a dream. The clear, blue sky & crystalline pools, grass blades fluttering in the gentle breeze that TICKLED his fur. 
     “Where—-” a pause left his jaw ajar, “—-where am I? I thought that Knuckles was the last of his kind. Who ARE you?” / @ambrostikal

Calendiles Episode Aesthetic #1: I Robot, You Jane

'And prepare yourself, because after tomorrow night, we live in a post-tatinof Dan and Phil universe.'

- Dan Howell, 04/10/16

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im so in love with ur ask blog?? its so fresh and different and interesting ahh,,

I’m literally gonna sob you’re tOO NICE TO ME,, Honestly at first I was scared to turn this blog completely into something different and more dark, I just thought everyone would be against it and would hate me forever uhuhuhu💔 but thank you dear this made me unbelievably happy ily have a wonderful day/night!!!