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Why don’t people understand cultural appropriation is an American thing? In other countries like Italy, France, Germany, England, Ireland, basically all of Europe, Asia etc. it literally isn’t even a concern. Honestly, political correctness in general is mostly an American thing. Yelling at people from other countries about it won’t get you anywhere because they honest to goodness don’t grasp what you’re saying. A lot of them just think you’re saying they’re being racist and their reply is going to be “no I’m not! I swear I love all races I just really like this style/trend/whatever” because it literally isn’t an issue where they come from. You’re asking them to accept, understand, and adhere to an idea that they’ve never even encountered and isn’t a thing where they live, because it’s a thing in another county. I’m not making any stance on cultural appropriation or stating my opinion, I’m just explaining why people in other countries probably don’t understand what the f you’re talking about when you bring it up.

If you ever need a reason to not be hateful towards a group or fandom, here’s one: the group that you’re insulting is someone else’s favorite group. The group that you are trash talking on the internet is somebody’s favorite group. Someone loves them with all of their heart and would do anything to see them be happy and healthy. If you don’t think that’s a big deal, then think about how pissed off you’d be if someone did the same exact thing to your favorite group.

You may not like a group– and that’s fine, everyone is entitled to their own opinion– but that doesn’t mean you should harass their fans and try to drag them. That doesn’t mean you should call that group talent-less. You can not like a group and still respect them. You wouldn’t want someone to bash your faves, so why would you bash someone else’s? 


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“Oh, it’s been all right. A bit lonely without the DA. Ginny’s been nice, though. She stopped two boys in our Transfiguration class calling me ‘Loony’ the other day…”

  • Viktor: Yuriooo I know how you feel about Otabek
  • Yurio: w-what? I hate him *blushes*
  • Viktor: *sighs*
  • Viktor: *hums welcome to the madness*
  • Yurio: ...*leaves*
Sansa Stark Will Be A Queen One Day

Sansa Stark is being groomed to be a Queen.

I can feel it in my bones that she will be before it’s all said and done…..Queen of what still remains to be seen.

Sansa started this tale wanting to be a princess and the queen of westeros at the side of her one true love and knight Joffrey. Her fairytales were shattered early on. From there she was a pawn to other Queens/wanna be queens. Never having power or the ability to take the throne herself. Until now….

On the show we have had 3 women who have been named Queen and coveted the power of a queen:

1. Ceresi- Queen, then Queen mother who manipulated Sansa every chance she got. Now she’s the Queen of Westeros

2. Margery- Queen, befriended Sansa but also manipulated her during her scheming to become Joffrey’s consort and the queen. Started off as consort to Renly in an effort to become queen, married Tommen to eventually ascend to the throne she craved. Killed by queen Ceresi, her rival.

3. Dany- “rightful” wanna be Queen of the seven kingdoms and Khaleesi of the great grass sea. Believes it is her birthright to rule the seven kingdoms as Queen. Currently Ceresi’s rival for the throne

Sansa has a connection to all three of these women and has actually spent time being “mentored” by 2/3. To Ceresi, Sansa was nothing more than a pawn, a stupid little bird. To Margery, Sansa was a valuable pawn and asset on her quest for power. Both women didn’t see any true value in Sansa as an individual person and both women never saw her as a threat to them. Dany is currently in negotiations with Jon, the king of the north who she has branded a traitor. Sansa is the true-born heir to Winterfel and is currently ruling the land that Dany wants to submit to her. Even if Dany doesn’t know Sansa and doesn’t see Sansa as a threat, Sansa plays a potential role in the future that Dany wants as queen.

Ceresi fixated on Margery as her rival while for the crown and the power she craved and almost destroyed herself in her game to destroy Margery. Even tho Sansa was beautiful and to be married to Joffrey, thus replacing Ceresi as queen she never saw Saw Sansa as a threat, or as a possibility for the prophecy.

Margery, once seen as a threat and poised to put a major dent in Ceresi’s power and influence ended up being nothing more than another casualty of the game, another person who craved power but was unable to outmaneuver the true power players to get it. We were lead to believe that Margery could play the game well and could stay a good contender as time went on but eventually it became clear that Margery was never going to be able to survive this game. She was in over her head

Now Ceresi has fixated on Dany, just as Dany finally fixates on her. They both see each other as the ultimate threat to their goal of securing unmatched power. They want to destroy each other for the crown. As usual Sansa Stark isn’t on their radar in any significant way.

The one thing all three of these women have in common is an insatiable hunger for power. They would do anything to be queen. Sacrifice anything. At some point all three women have put their personal agendas to the forefront at the expense of the people around then. Out of the three Margery was the only on who wasn’t capable of extremes to secure her position, which is why she’s currently dead. Ceresi and Dany have killed and burned for their power and now they are in a collision course with each other, all the while they are actually neglecting their duties as Queen. Ceresi is more concerned with destroying her enemies than ruling and Dany is more concerned about getting the iron throne than the well being of the people she wants to rule.

From the very beginning Sansa has been painted as the exact opposite of all these women. Sansa is passive where they have been aggressive. While in KL Margery and Ceresi used their sexuality as weapons while Sansa’s sexuality barely registered to her. Dany has also used and seen the advantages of her sexuality for her goals. Dany,Ceresi, and Margery have been convinced of their ability to rule at some point and have been confident in their strength, whereas for a while Sansa saw herself as a stupid girl destined to be at the mercy of other people. All of the Queens and Wannabe Queens of westeros have been players while Sansa has spent most of her time as a pawn.

To Sansa’s credit tho she’s been being schooled in the art of the game since season 1 and she’s been able to put what she’s learned and her natural intelligence into work on occasion. She started with using her intelligence to play the role of remorseful daughter of the traitor long enough to keep herself alive. She found ways to manipulate Joffrey by appealing to his narcissism, sadism, and insecurity. She learned to play her role with Littlefinger while she was with him at the Vale, skillfully playing up her perfect lady but stupid girl personality. Sansa has learned a lot of the things that made Margery and Ceresi players in KL but Sansa has lacked two things that have kept her in the pawn position despite her growth: autonomy and Power. It’s no coincidence that now, as the Stakes are as high as they have ever been Sansa has gotten both of the things she lacked and will be potentially in a position to put it all into action in several vital ways.

It’s also no coincidence that Sansa has used her power and autonomy in the opposite way that Dany and Ceresi has used theirs. Dany and Ceresi spent the last episode on their personal agendas. Sansa however spent the episode working on a plan to feed her kingdom for the winter and tending to the preparations for the solidiers who will fight for the north. Sansa hasn’t made plays to get more power for herself, in fact, much to her haters dismay, Sansa has show an aversion to power. She wanted Jon to be Lord of Winterfel and sees him as a rightful king, she told Bran that he was the rightful heir of winterfel when he returned. Sansa is currently positioned as the only woman who doesn’t want to be Queen and isn’t Queen, but she’s the only one who is actually behaving like the Queen the realm needs. That Contrast with Dany and Cersesi isn’t a coincidence, just like her contrast with Ceresi and Margery while in KL wasn’t a coincidence.

While Ceresi and Dany are immersed in a war, Sansa is being groomed for leadership, major leadership and she’s slowly amassing respect and trust from the people who follow her and Jon in the North. When you combine her grooming as a leader, with her grooming as a political player you get a narrative that suggests that Sansa will eventually ascend to a Queen position. The only way Sansa’s story isn’t a waste of time is if she eventually becomes the power player and ruler that no one expected her to be. If she become the Queen she imagined being but grew to reject.

Even now, Littlefinger is still trying to mentor her in the game, even tho a smarter and more skilled Sansa doesn’t work in his favor in the long run. There is a purpose for that, just like there is a reason Sansa learned from the last two Queens of Westeros. Sansa has been groomed from the beginning and is still being groomed at this stage in the game and she’s quietly being positioned as a potentially important part of what will happen after the Night King is defeated. Westeros and/or the North will need a queen if they survive the war, and Sansa is being positioned at the head of the largest territory in westeros and as the heir of one of the oldest and most powerful houses, all this while also accumulating more political expertise than any of the current female players except for Ceresi.

All of the other great houses have been casualties of the game, the Martells, the Tyrells, the Baratheons. Gone. The last known members of Targaryens and the Lannisters are scrambling to secure power for themselves. House Stark was at one point considered the biggest casualty of the game with It’s patriarch, matriarch, heir, and younger male Lords all thought to be dead. However as the game draws to an end, House Stark has emerged as the only house with a real future, with Jon leading the North with Sansa at his side, Arya reemerging and returning home, and Bran finally back from behind the wall and revealed to be alive. Just like House Stark has been glossed over but has emerged as a power player with a powerful future if the realm survives so has Sansa.

The Stark girl who was never seen as more than a silly pawn and a non threat to the crown has been positioned as a real player and real threat to the crown, as well as a more worthy and benevolent queen than either one of the current options. the woman that Ceresi had under her nose the whole time will be the Queen that takes her crown from her, not Dany. The silly girl who was thought to me a non factor will end up being a major factor while all the rest of the Queens is Westeros fade away.

think Sansa Stark will be the Queen that Westeros and/or the will need after the Great War, the true queen will be the one who actually doesn’t want to be Queen, much like Jon is being groomed as the King that the realm needs, even tho he doesn’t want to be. They probably have a shared future on the throne but that’s a meta for a different day 😉