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I saw ur prompt thing and can I get some Plance fluff? It's hard looking for a good fanfic for rare pairs. Thank you!

I’m so sorry this took so long, but hopefully you like it!


“Ok, that’s it!” Lance proclaims, shitting Pidge’s computer before she could stop him.

“Lance! I was working on that! I was almost done!”

“You’ve been on this computer for the last three days, and you’ve been saying that for the last two. You’re going to take a break.” Lance says, taking Pidge’s hand and practically dragging her out of the Green Lion’s hangar.

He continues to lead her through the hallways until they get to Lance’s room. The door opens with a ‘swish’ and he pulls her inside. The door closing just as silently as it had opened.

Lance pushes her into the bathroom.
“First off, go take a shower. You know I love you, but if you don’t wash off that reek soon, I’m going to gag.” Pidge give him an irritated huff, but now that she’s not focusing on her screen, even she wants to gag at how she smells.

So she begrudgingly goes into Lance’s shower and makes sure to throughly wash her hair and body to get rid of the grime.


Pidge exits the bathroom feeling clean and refreshed, wearing Lance’s silk robe. Although it’s about too big and drags on the floor behind her.
“Feel better?” Lance asks from his bed, holding a bowl of what Pidge assumes is food goo.
“Very. Thanks for making me take a break, you always seem to know what i need.” Pidge sits down next to Lance, glad to see his warm smile.
“I’m not done yet. Here. Close your eyes.”
He scopes up some of what was in the bowl and as soon as Pidge closed her eyes, he smears it onto her face.

So it wasn’t good goo. It was one of Lance’s face masks. It felt cool on her face, but with Lance’s skilled hands, it warmed quickly and helped her relax even further.

Once Lance was satisfied with the face mask, he lightly leads Pidge to lay down on his lap. She lays down and can feel the exhaustion that she’s been avoiding for days finally seep in. She can feel Lance running his hands through her hair, lightly scratching at her scalp.

She tries to stay awake, but it’s so hard to keep her eyes open.

“It’s ok. I’ll be right here. Get some rest.” Lance calmly says, placing a sweet kiss to her head as she follows her exhaustion into slumber.

Once lance was sure that she was out, he rearranged them so that he’s spooning her. He pulls up the sheets and with one last kiss to head, he too falls asleep, glad to be able to fall asleep with his girlfriend.

I know it’s super short, and kinda fast paced, but I really hoped you like this, and that this was what you were looking for.
I’m going to try and hit some of the other prompts that’s been sitting in my ask box for far too long.


Even amusingly calling out Isak on his BS.

» I’m the fucking master liar, there’s no one who’s a better liar than me! I mean, you have no idea what I’ve gotten away with.
» Well, tell me. What have you gotten away with?

Day6 As Things My Non-Kpop Friend Has Said About Them Pt. 2
  • Jae: "Shitty vision never looked this good."
  • Sungjin: "I can't tell if he's 25 or 45 but honestly that's not even a problem I still want to be his friend."
  • Young K: "I want to eat pasta with him. He just seems like a guy who really appreciates the dynamics of pasta."
  • Wonpil: "If Colgate doesn't sponsor this boy then they are missing out on some good shit."
  • Dowoon: "His arms say Greek god but his smile says small gentle puppy."

can i just say that if we don’t get a trimberly sparring montage in the sequel (which will be fucking happening, damn it) i will literally start a riot??

come on, we got to see trini put zack in a headlock and jason teach billy some punches, so we know they do canonically spar together, but like after the scene at the coffee shop?? like could you imagine what trini and kimberly legitimately sparring would actually look like?? on film??

it would be like a fucking ballet or some shit, graceful and clean, and playful and flirtatious as all hell. i’m talking actual documented eye-sex when they dodge and weave, taunting each other like “come on, trin, i’m right here” and “gonna have to try harder than that, princess”

and stupid little puns like back in the old show??

trini blocks one of kim’s punches – “denied”

kim sidesteps trini’s crescent kick – “not even close”

trini backflips onto a ledge a few feet above kim – “get on my level”

kim moves at the last second and – “are you even trying to hit me?”

and the guys are just watching like with fucking pen and paper and like a stop watch and a video camera to slowdown playback, waiting to see who gets the first hit to document the win but neither of them actually ever land a hit?? even when they get a chance, they fake it out with a smirk a little “got you” or give each other little love taps like “ha! two for flinching” 

i’m just?? i have needs okay I NEED THIS


there are parallel universes where this didn’t happen.
where i was with you, and you were with me.
and whatever universe that is, that’s the one where my heart lives in. (insp.)

I just think it’s beyond beautiful that

Emma spent the first 28 years of her life completely alone. She spent it being cared about by no one, being looked after by no one, being put first by no one. She was always picked last, never prioritized, never the centre of anybody’s thoughts. 

In comes: Captain Killian Jones.

Who, literally from the moment he met her, made Emma Swan his Most Important Thing™. Never did he just like her, or just care for her, or just love her, no, no. He put her right at the very tippy tippy top of his list of Reasons To Carry On™. Like think of what that must’ve felt like to her, man. Like I feel like every single day she looked at him staring at her with his I Love You More Than The Jolly Roger™ gaze and she was just like, “Wow…really? Me? But I’ve never… Oh. Woah. Wow. I don’t even know how to…” and like he’s so growly when it comes to Emma Swan’s Wellbeing™. Like she’s stuck behind a cold wall? He’s Panicking™. Gold’s gunna trap her in a hat? He’s mega Panicking™. Her heart darkened by the efforts of Rumple feat. Queens of Darkness? Panicking™. She’s the Dark One and trapped in another realm? Holy shit is he ever Panicking™. She gets sucked into Wish!Realm? Panicking™ to the max. She’s dealing with hand tremors and battling a hooded figure? The Panicking™ is skyrocketing out of control. And then suddenly she’s his WIFE. And then suddenly his wife is not in his grasp and she is far away and look there she is in a mirror with no memories of him and holy sHIT HE IS Panicking™, Panicking™, Panicking™ CAUSE ALL HE CARES ABOUT IS EMMA SWAN(-JONES) AND IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL AND I’M RAMBLING BUT LIKE GUYS I’M NOT READY TO LET GO OF THIS SHIP PLS PROMISE ME WE CAN TALK ABOUT THEIR BEAUTY UNTIL THE END OF TIME ITSELF? 

@disney if kylo ren isn’t canonically in love w/ rey then you seriously messed up because you

  • wrote him so he acts completely illogically whenever Rey is present; stopping to carry her in his arms through a battlefield so he can’t defend himself, waiting for her to wake up so he can talk to her instead of just yanking the info from her unconscious mind, unmasking himself for no reason other than her implying she thinks he’s monstrous while he wears it, walking toward where she was unconscious in the middle of a goddamn fight with Finn for no apparent reason, not shoving her off of a cliff when he had the chance
  • had him completely trash Finn and Poe when in confrontations with them but then not leave a single scratch on Rey
  • made them have similar goals and flaws as characters beyond what is typically expected for a protagonist/antagonist dynamic
  • cast a guy who makes doe eyes at her instead of murder death kill eyes like you would expect to see from the main antagonist like oh my god even in the saberlock he’s just looking at her with determination instead of hostility
  • again can i just.
  • the eyes
  • look at the way he looks at her

am i just imagining things? maybe. but man if i am i feel like i have plenty of reasons to do so based on all the shit kylo does (or in some cases doesn’t do)

Clara x Jenny - Punk!AU

“Come on my impossible girl!”

“Right behind you, my unlikely gal.“

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*bangs fist on the table frantically* Zenyatta and Genji outfit switch god yes I'll wait 20K years to see that!





I love yaaaa tomorrow you’re only a daaaay aaawaaaaay

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ronan probably spends months growing the perfect dream flowers but rips them out of the ground (leaving roots, dirt, and all) and binds them w years old twine so it doesn't look like he's trying too hard but adam Knows™

ronan: here have some shitty flowers i found in the dirt

adam, giving them a delicate sniff: i didn’t know neon-colored glow-in-the-dark roses grew natively in the virginian winter

ronan: sorry i didn’t know you were a goddamn botanist?

but adam is smiling so ronan is smiling too, and adam says he loves them and gives ronan a kiss before intentionally shaking dirt off on to ronan’s shoes

Baseball AU: Trost Districts baseball club; Titans.
It's too embarrassing.

… W-well, apart from this particular feline, their presence can be rather comforting, as with most domesticated animals, and they’re usually very sweet, if a bit distant… This one, I’m not sure. 

(( @ask-romacat u shit ily))


Greetings fellow mythical beasts!!! My name’s Disparity and i’ve officially gone overboard

Funny story, I was getting over my Killjoys!RandL feels (wanted to make a fic but I doubt anyone will read so-) when suddenly I came across @mclaughneal‘s post about wanting to write a Coraline!Rhink fic but she never did anything afterwards (which murdered me) so I decided to help me out-


I’m currently in the middle of picking whether I should just replace the characters in Coraline with them or change EVERYTHING (settings, segments, EVERYTHING) so that it’s more Rhett and Link friendly?? Hmm??

I wanna draw more but unless there’s more peeps that actually do like this AU i’m just gonna keep everything inside my heart for me to die internally once again so yeah thanks bye (please hit me up I really love this AU)