i'm so sorry this is terrible but i had to do it

I don’t know what to say about all these pictures of Sans with a glowing penis…… Why. just Why. xD
everytime I see a pic like this, I just can’t take it seriously.
to me, if he really had this “thing”, he would only make stupid things with it like… idk, being a lamp. yeah.
and then he would probably make an epilepsy because of it xD
but Hey, I’m not juging. do whatever you like. (even if drawing a skeleton with a glowing penis is a liiiittle weird. Just a little.)

I’m sorry the quality is terrible… I draw with my 3ds (and as you can see, the quality is bad) and I make the animation with my phone so… I don’t use very professional stuff xD but you get the idea-


masterlist || coming soon || tell me something?

Requested: Can you do an imagine where the girl has terrible social anxiety and everyone makes fun of her (like fans, classmates, etc.) and she just has a full blown panic attack and Shawn comforts her?

~TRIGGER WARNING~ (anxiety, panic attacks)

Your name: submit What is this?


Why does y/n just ignore fans sometimes? She’s so rude.
Shawn’s always talking for y/n? Why doesn’t she just speak for herself?
He’s too good for her.
Has anyone actually heard y/n speak? She stutters, it’s disgusting.
She doesn’t deserve him.

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A/N: whelp it’s here thanks for being patient and all hope you like it! i tried to write it in a way so you can see both povs lol. haven’t edited it out yet sorry!!

word count: 1,1k+

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Y/N was beyond surprised when Chris asked her out on a date. It didn’t seem like something he would do from what she’d heard of him. She was actually excited, maybe she could finally see what he really was like.

Y/N hadn’t told anyone she’s going on a date with Chris, in case this was just a sick joke of his or if something incredibly terrible happened. She didn’t want to be that girl, yet at least. Even with all her efforts to keep it secret, Noora had somehow found out and had insisted to help Y/N out when it came to picking up and outfit (which was a thing that Vilde would do).

That’s how she had ended up hours before her date, lying on her bed with a pile of clothes on top of her. Noora wanted Y/N to put on something special, meanwhile she just wanted to go out with her ’normal’ clothes on since she didn’t want to look like she was doing too big of an effort.

”Alright, I’ll tell you something that I haven’t told anyone.” Noora said with a knowing look, she knew exactly what to do or say to get your attention on something. You kinda hated her for it, but nodded along signaling her to go on.

”I went on a date with William so that he’d leave Vilde alone, but I think I like him now. I really think I fucked up big time now.” Noora was biting her lip, avoiding Y/N’s gaze. Y/N couldn’t stop the smile from forming on her face, she knew there was something going on with them.

”I’m not really that surprised, you two would look great together anyway so just go for it?” Y/N suggested, giving Noora a sympathetic smile. ”Eskild also told me somethings, so if the other girls know something it’s because he told them not me.”

Noora laughed for a bit before mumbling something along the lines of ”damn you Eskild”. Y/N looked at the clock to check on the time, her eyes widening when she saw how much time had passed by already. She quickly got up and looked inside her closet, picking out a pair of jeans and a nice sweater to wear.

”You’re seriously going out like that even after I told you my secret?” Noora groaned, falling on Y/N’s bed.

”Yeah, it’s Chris after all. I don’t except much from a date with him.” Y/N was feeling slightly nervous, but she didn’t want to show it to Noora.

”Well, I guess I better get going now since he’ll probably be here soon. Good luck.” Noora got up and left before you could even say something to her. Y/N sighed and walked up to her mirror to see herself in it, wondering what could have ever drawn Chris to her out of all the girls. Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the doorbell, she gave a quick last glance to the mirror before going to open the door.

”Hi princess.” Chris said with a smug smile once you opened the door.

”You seriously didn’t have to come all the way to the door you know, but hi.”

”You’re not supposed to do this on dates?” He asked, his eyes wide.

Y/N let out a chuckle at his reaction and walked outside closing the door behind her. ”You’re nervous and I must admit I like it, if this date is a total flop I can blackmail you with it.”

”Well look who’s feeling confident in themselves?” He was smirking, making Y/N blush. He found it cute how she went from confident to shy. ”Let’s go.”


Chris had cheesily enough chosen to take Y/N out on a gaming arcade, but he seemed super stocked so she didn’t say anything.

”What even made you choose this place?” Y/N curiously asked, looking around the arcade. It was almost empty.

”I don’t know. Taking you out for a movie date would be too cliche, taking you out on a dinner date would just be odd and we’d probably be acting all awkward, a picnic would be lame and it’s way too cold outside and I bet 20 bucks that you’d never come in my home for a date because you still think I’m a dick, so this came in my mind and well here we are?” Chris said breathless and went on after a moment ”Fuck did I already ruin it?”

”You’re so awkward, relax it’s fine I was just asking a question.” She gave him a reassuring smile, making Chris relax a bit. ”Seriously though, you’re always like this on dates?”

”Eh, I thought I said before but I always skip the ’dating’ part. You’re the first one who I’ve actually taken out and chased after if we could say that.”

”Oh.” Y/N mumbled, blushing again because, as a matter of a fact, he had said that before.

”Come.” Chris took her hand and dragged her all the way to a dancing game making her rise her eyebrow at him.

”What? It’s a nice game! You should see William trying to play this when he’s drunk.” Chris said letting go of her hand. They both felt a little sad at the loss of contact, but neither said a thing about it.

”I think I can live without seeing it, nice to know what you guys do when you’re drunk.” Y/N said and rolled her eyes. Chris just chuckled before motioning her to come closer to play.

She ended up having a great time and get to know Chris a lot better. He actually wasn’t a total asshole, he was actually nice and sweet and had a great sense of humor, which is always nice. Y/N looked at the time, realizing that they had spent over two hours on that stupid dancing game where he always won.

Chris’ phone vibrated, signaling he had gotten a text message. He sighed and pulled out his phone, his eyebrows furrowing together.

”Fuck, I need to go and pick William up from a party…” He said and awkwardly scratched the back of his neck, giving Y/N an apologetic look.

”It’s okay, surprised you skipped a party for this though.” It made her feel quite special actually.

”Well I told you I can be something else than a dick? I’ve got to go though, so bye?” He didn’t know what to say to end it, Y/N quickly picking up on it.

”Goodnight, Christoffer.” She gave him a kiss on the cheek before sprinting off. She felt all warm and fuzzy on the inside and she couldn’t believe what she had just done, but she hoped it was worth it.

Chris on the other hand was left standing there as red as a tomato, his hand on his cheek. He felt genuinely happy for the first time in a while.

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46.8% for the poll vote. Trophy husband alec? im just tired of Magnus always being the one waiting at home for Alec to return

It was 6pm, and Magnus was running late. He was supposed to be hosting a party tonight. Well. He and Alec were supposed to be hosting. It was Luke’s birthday, so Clary had suggested they do something nice both for him and the entire group in general. They were all suffering. They’d lost so many fighting Valentine… they all needed this. It was no small party - likely to be just as busy as Max’s Rune Ceremony, if more rowdy. Downworlders weren’t nearly as rigid as Shadowhunters.

But Magnus was currently doing a terrible job of hosting, because he wasn’t there.

He’d had appointments scheduled until 4, and the plan had been to get back to his apartment and take care of the arrangements. He’d spent the morning brewing a particularly complicated potion, so all he needed to do was finish up his consultations, drop the order off and get home. But his consult had overrun by at least half an hour, and then when he went to drop off the potion there had been an emergency which demanded his attention. And then there had been another emergency.

Magnus had barely even had time to breathe, and he certainly hadn’t had time to text Alec.

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Honestly, love, I know you might not accept it - in a “it’s okay, you don’t need to apologize!” way - but I am terribly sorry for giving this ask to the other. Had I actually done “research” on them I’d never given them this and the other asks. It’s too late now to take them back but I’m glad that you’re still okay with me doing this. Again, I apologize greatly! Love you!


※ Now, the cowboy knows how it is to be possessive of somethin’ you love but this…might be a little too far for him. The arguments you two end up having when he confronts you about it is so heartbreaking to him. He wants you to understand that he loves you and that he’s never had anyone else on his mind.

※ He’ll try to approach the situation more lightly- treading carefully. He doesn’t want to upset you but he knows that this is something that needs to be discussed.

※ He’ll have the talk when you’re both calm, collected, and prepared. He won’t rush into it like he’s done all the other times. He’ll make sure you feel safe and comfortable.

※ If it ends well then he’s content. He’s glad that you finally understand his point of view and understand how much he cherishes you. He’ll be more outgoing around everyone again without the fear of hurting you in the back of his mind. Sadly, though, he’ll still feel a bit bad when he thinks about how you might’ve just told him you’re okay to make him feel better.

※ If it doesn’t end well then he’s devisated. He wants this to work out, he truely does, and he wants to have a life with you but this- this jealousy is getting in the way. He’d react poorly, which in return makes you react the same. An argument would ensue. Even after you’ve both went to your separate rooms he’d still cling to the small part of him that wants to grow old with you.


※ Hanzo knows a good thing or two about jealousy and possessiveness. He gets like that when people seem to be giving you passing looks. He doesn’t like it one bit.

※ The fact that you both can be a bit hetic at times doesn’t help the situation at all. If he sees you with a friend he doesn’t commonly know then you better expect for him to usher up an escuse and take you away with him.

※ This upsets you. The person is just a friend! They’re nothing more than a platonic companion. Even if you try to tell him this he’ll still be doubtful, sometimes mumbling things under his breath. You can hear his words perfectly fine and, with that, a heated argument happens.

※ The argument could last a few minutes but the aftermath could last up to days. Neither of you want to say that you’re wrong and that doesn’t help. It would take quite a while, and a lot of coaxing from his brother, until he apologizes. Unless it’s you apologizing, then it’d be your friends coaxing you.

※ If you pull him away while he was doing something just because you didn’t like the people he was around he’d call you childish. Do you really need his attention 24/7?

※ You’d get irked at this and call him out for his similar behavior, to which he denies greatly. “I’m a man of honor.” He’d say, “A man that works alone.” Ha! You’d laugh as you’d feel your chest tighten. Fine, if he wants to work alone then he can!

※ The aftermath…well, lets just say it isn’t pretty. You’re both a mess, too stubborn to let your pride go, and you’re not speaking to each other. Neither of you want to end the relationship, god no, you love each other too much for that, but this has been really damaging. Every argument, every fight, every harsh word, it’s all too much.

※ Perhaps two possessively stubborn people just aren’t meant to be.


※ At first he thought nothing of it- assuming you just needed affection more than others did. It wasn’t long until it started getting out of hand.

※ The first argument you both had didn’t end all that bad. Genji, being the peaceful man he was, listened to your words until you calmed down from your high just long enough for him to be the first to apologize. To say that you might’ve cried would be an understatement. You were in such an array of emotions that crying seemed the best option when his soft voice told you he was sorry.

※ He tried to live with your neediness, he really did, but when it got to the point where he couldn’t do certain things unless you were there was when he realized that maybe this situation was more extravagant than what he thought.

※ Genji would try and talk to you. He’s heard your side and he was hoping that you’d be able to hear his too. He wants you to know that he loves you with all his heart and that he’d never give you up for anything. You’re too precious to him for that. You made him feel whole.

※ When you sat down and listened to what he had to say he could feel a ray of hope shine through him. You apologized to him as well, even though yours was late overdue, and he accepted it straight away. He knew you both could work this out.

※ He was patient with you. He knew that this would be a slow process and was willing to wait until the end of time for you. With every jealous look you’d give to others he’d give you a light scolding followed by a light peck. He wants you to learn that he’s not going anywhere and that you don’t have to be so possessive over him.

※ He’s not going anywhere and has all the time in the world for you. He knows you’ll get through this and, maybe, then you’ll both be the happy couple you two dreamed of.

Cloudy on Ice

I need to have joy in my life again, so I’m mushing together two things that make me happy. 

Cloud’s hands shook as he watched the video of himself skating. He had been okay with Tifa recording it. She had always supported him, letting him into the rink when everything became too much, teaching him some stretches that could get him loosened up and focused, even making a huge sign for him during his failure of a Grand Prix Final. 

He was not as okay with it being posted online. He watched the number below rise higher and higher, now past 100,000 views. 

“Sorry,” Aerith, Tifa’s girlfriend, said, “I just thought it looked cool. I didn’t realize it was a big deal.” Cloud couldn’t respond, just let his hands shake. 

It wouldn’t be half as embarrassing if he was in proper shape. And if he hadn’t clearly copied Sephiroth’s free program from the Grand Prix Finals. 

Gods…he’s admired Sephiroth since he started to skate, always dreamed of skating with him…and his crush was so blatantly obvious now. 

Cloud was never going out in public again. 

“Oh…theres a battle going on in the comments,” Aerith said, “Oh my.” Cloud knew what he said. 

Loser, can’t skate well when it matters.

Piggy packed on the pounds, didn’t he?


Your fans look like they hope this means a comeback for you,” Aerith said, pointing. Cloud had to blink at them for a few seconds before he actually comprehended what he was reading. 

We knew you could do it Cloud!

That’s the Cloud we love!

Cloud blushed. He definitely wasn’t going back in public again. 

Cloud felt safe with his mother. While their little bed and breakfast could never compare to the official one in town, the beds were warmer and her cooking was much, much better. 

Perhaps he had taken a little too much comfort in her cooking, but she didn’t mind. 

“You always changed your weight so easily,” she said, “Up a little one week, skinny as a rail the next.” 

He came back home and buried himself into folding towels. Trying to forget about the video, despite everyone in Nibelheim talking about it. 

“Cloud!” his mom called, “we have a guest. He’s from way out of town. He wanted to use the bath, but I didn’t have towels. Deliver some when you have a pile for a room.”

“Okay Ma,” he said. He took a pile in his arms and headed up the stairs, inhaling the smell of his mother’s pork cutlet, his favorite. The guest had taken the Master bedroom, the one right next to Cloud’s. 

He knocked once and waited. He knocked again. “Towels for you!” he called. Still no answer. 

The Do not Disturb hadn’t been put up, so Cloud guessed they were out. He let himself in. 

There were an awful lot of bags for their usual clientele. People usually only stayed for a few days to see the mako fountains. This guest looked like he was staying for a good while, for what though. There wasn’t much to do in Nibelheim. 

“You must be Cloud.” Cloud felt his heart beat falter for a second. 

He turned towards the bathroom, where the door was slightly ajar and steam was slowly seeping out. Lounging leisurely in the bathtub, long hair in a bun (not to mention naked as the day he was born) was him. Sephiroth. Smirking quietly, but serenely at him. 

Cloud opened his mouth and made a quiet, strangled gasping noise. Sephiroth used the silence as an invitation to stand. 

“I’m here to be your new coach,” Sephiroth said, pulling a clip out of his hair and letting it fall. Cloud just stood there with his jaw hanging. 

“Could I have one of those, Cloud?” Sephiroth said. Cloud handed over a towel still silent. Then he set the pile on the bed and walked out. 

“I’ll see you at dinner then!” Sephiroth said. 

Cloud’s mother remained blissfully unaware of the fame their guest had. All she really knew was that he liked her cooking, which put him on her good side. She was the one who insisted Cloud stay and talk to Sephiroth, since he seemed to like Cloud too. 

“Mmm,” Sephiroth said, “we don’t have food like this back in Midgar.” Mrs. Strife beamed. 

“I used to make it for Cloud when he won his skating competitions,” she said. The very memory made Cloud’s insides curl up. He felt his appetite leaving him. Sephiroth noticed when he put down his fork. 

“Are you going to finish that?” he asked. Cloud shook his head silently. Sephiroth pulled the bowl towards him and began eating out of that one too. 

“Why?” Cloud said at long last, “why are you here?” Sephiroth swallowed and looked Cloud in the eye. 

“I hadn’t felt inspired in skating for months,” Sephiroth said, “And then…I saw the video. Everyone did.” Cloud felt humiliated. 

“It was beautiful,” Sephiroth said. Cloud blinked and looked up. Sephiroth’s hand curled over his, Sephiroth was leaning over closely. 

“All the emotion, the passion, the sadness, the joy…I’ve fought so hard to feel those when I skate now…but you…you did it perfectly. So that’s why I’m here. To help you find that emotion…and win the Grand Prix if that’s your wish.” Sephiroth’s hand was suddenly under his chin and Cloud felt himself turning red. 

“It is what you want…right?” Sephiroth’s voice was close to a purr. Cloud’s instinct was to jerk away. 

“Am I being to forward?” Sephiroth asked, brows furrowing. Cloud mouth finally caught up to him. 

“Yes,” he said, “Yes…Sephiroth, I do want that.” Sephiroth beamed at him. 

“Excellent…but first things first…you have to get back in the shape you were in before you fell apart at Nationals.” With that, Sephiroth finished off the last of Cloud’s bowl of food. 

And Cloud heard his stomach growl. 

Day6 / Giving them a lap dance

Requested: Yes. @doyoung-gurl I’m sorry it’s not up to par with my other reactions ;( I hope you like it anyway!! 

There isn’t a back story, but giving them a lap dance after a stressful day and I’m not that good at creating multiple back stories lol so I left it at that!

I should be doing homework, but :) I’m a terrible student and I’m going to fail in a large pit of fire anyway. Fuck it.

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a remake of this post, my trash celebration-for-finally-finishing-days post.

even tho this one is still trash tbh r.i.p

people don’t talk about modern!newsies headcanons enough like 

-they work at Barnes and Noble
-Katherine is an aspiring author/literature student who really loves her maxi skirts and Pinterest

-Davey takes up a part time job to help his parents pay the bills but he gets stuck babysitting Les so he sets him free in the children’s department of the store-
-Jack totally runs an aesthetic blog 

-that’s full of lots of pictures of nature
-and stills from old western movies
-the lodging house is probably a foster group home 

-store manager Wiesel overworking them and cutting their hours

-Spot Conlon works at like Books-A-Million on the other side of the mall
-Jack Kelly in skinny jeans, a flannel, and a beanie
-I’m putting it out there that Crutchie and Davey are total theatre geeks and probably cried watching Les Mis together or something

It’s Knot Just Sex

A late, surprise Valentine’s gift for @glassesgirl0401! I know you’ve been down because some parts of the holiday didn’t go as you had hoped, so I thought I’d write this for you as a little pick-me-up!

(I think I remember you saying you wanted some ABO eruri, forgive me if I remembered wrong, and I hope you enjoy anyway)

Also, LMAO, I’m so sorry you had to name your own gift fic, I am terrible XD

Read below or on AO3!

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tagged by @quiznaks thank you!!<33

Nickname: cj; coob; scobles; scoob.

Sign: aries

Height: 5′4″

Last Thing You Googled: ‘john everett millais’ i don’t even remember why tbh

Favorite music artist: i love EVERYONE i listen to (check out my spotify *wink wink*)

Song stuck in my head: hayloft by mother mother. also! dead girl walking from heathers is constantly in my head.

Last movie you watched: the history boys

What are you wearing right now: skull shirt and minnie mouse pj bottoms. i’m a fashion icon.

What do you post: voltron, lots of pidge.

Why did you choose your URL: faerie is such a visually appealing word and pidge is just appealing. mash them together.

Do you have any other blogs: too many. they’re in my links if you’re actually interested lmao.

What Did Your Past Relationship Teach You: it was a 2 day relationship. it’d be a wonder if i learned anything. well ok, i learned that i wasn’t interested in him lmao.

Favorite Color: yellow!!

Average Hours Of Sleep: 3-5 hours

Lucky Number: 2 & 72!

Favorite characters: pidge [vld], dirk [dghda], haruhi [ohshc], sailor venus/minako [sm], marceline [at], sayaka [pmmm], tracer [ow], lapis [su], yurio [yoi]. i have so many so i’ll stop here fhajdkdjak. 

How Many Blankets Do you Sleep With: one duvet and my fluffy blanket if i’m ill or especially cold.

Dream Job: eh, it changes. thinking about jobs is stressful. i don’t have any talent really so there’s nothing i’m good at.

I tag: you don’t have to do it but!: @allura-x , @riprover@iamhereforthejellybears@kidpidge, @transgrrlpidge

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Hey. I just had a terrible day at work. I was accused of doing something I didn't do and then threatened with termination even though I've worked there for 3 years and never had a problem. So, I was wondering, how would Ace, Law, Kid, and Shanks react if this happened to their s/o? Thank you! Your blog makes my day!

I’m sorry lovely, I hope everything goes better soon 

(also thank you so much ily)


  • He’d get extremely pissed (surprise)
  • You’re probably the smartest person he knows? Also one of the most responsible?
  • Anyone who thinks that it’s okay to accuse or upset you would have to answer to him, and that’s no fun
  • In the end you’d have to help calm him down and reassure that it’s okay, and that he’d probably make the situation worse if a co-worker ended up hurt dead because of your boyfriend 
  • tbh probably would still happen


  • He’d be super upset 
  • He kinda knows the feeling of being accused of things he didn’t do?
  • He’d be there with plenty of comfort, and would do everything he could to help you feel better and relax
  • Chocolate? Tea? Massage? Cuddles? & 52 blankets?
  • Whatever you need he’ll do his best to take your mind off of it
  • After you begin to feel a bit better he’d question if you still wanted to continue your work. He only wants you to if you’re going to be happy and safe in doing so


  • Also very angry
  • He’d get all tense, but would realize it’s better to make sure your alright rather than interrogate you about an already terrible day
  • He wouldn’t be the best, but he’d at least try to comfort you
  • He’d listen to you if you did want to talk about it 
  • If not he’s sure a hug and some herbal tea would help
  • tbh he’ll probably deal with it after you went to sleep but


  • He’d apologize that you had to deal with their shit and suggest maybe a few drinks and party to help
  • If not, he’d be more than willing to listen if you wanted to talk, and more than willing to give any affection (wink wonk) if needed
  • Later on once you started to feel better he’d ask if you still wanted to continue (as like Ace) he only wants you to continue if you’re happy and comfortable
  • ^ and if it got to that point expect him to wreak havoc (unless you don’t want him to, that’s up to you)


6,12, & 21-Poe Dameron

6. “I don’t know why you keep looking at me like that.”
12. “Would it be terrible of me to kiss you?”
21. “All I thought of was you…”

The day Poe returned to base, and those leading up to that, was emotionally draining. Before he had been captured, you and Poe had been flirtatious with each other. You figured that was just Poe. He was a flirt. After all, you were friends. So, you desperately tried not to fall for him. That was the hardest thing you ever had to do, and you failed.

When hearing that Poe was captured by the First Order, you broke down in front of all your comrades and superiors. They all figured it was because you were close with Poe. General Organa seemed to be the only one who knew it was much more.

When you saw him on the airstrip, you sprinted over as tears fell. Poe’s face lit up, despite being exhausted, as he caught sight of you. His head fell into the crook of your neck as you clung to him desperately. Poe grit his teeth to avoid letting a wince slip out. After a few moments, he had cracked a joke, making you laugh while still sobbing.

Since that day, you refused to leave his side. In your downtime, which was little, you found yourself in his company. Mostly, the two of you would relax together at night, switching rooms of course. But, the two of you would normally depart the other’s room before you could fall asleep. You were currently in Poe’s room.

You were relaxing in one of Poe’s chairs while he was using his refresher. You could hear him brushing his teeth while you read your datapad. He tried to speak with the toothbrush in his mouth. You held back a giggle.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t quite catch that in between your pterodactyl noises,” you teased.
You heard him spit before chuckling. “I said do you need a blanket?”
“No. It’s not as cold as my room,” you replied with a smirk.

You lifted your gaze as Poe exited the refresher. He was only wearing sweatpants, leaving his torso bare. Despite being so close, this was the first time you saw him without a shirt. Your eyes traveled down his sun-kissed skin, admiring it. They widened slightly while noticing something: a scar. Unfortunately, Poe had notice the staring.

You bit your lip sadly before returning your gaze to the datapad, missing the slight frown cross his features. However, it wasn’t long until you felt his curious gaze on you. You clenched your jaw trying to focus on the words in front of you. Your stomach rumbled from the unsureness, and it wasn’t long until you broke the silence.

I don’t know why you keep looking at me like that,” you murmured, lifting your gaze.
He was now sitting on his bed. He smirked slightly. “Well, I always have to be looking at something amazing. You know, for my health,” he teased.
You chuckled, hoping to hide your blush. “That so, Dameron?”
“Absolutely. I have the Doctor’s note if you want to see it,” he paused as you laughed, “Come here.”

Quirking a brow, you rose to your feet. You set the datapad on a nearby table before plopping down next to Poe. You gave him an encouraging smile as you noticed he seemed suddenly nervous. It did concern you slightly, but you kept your composure. After all, Poe wasn’t one for pity and you didn’t want him to mistake your worry for pity.

He gently grabbed your hand. He turned it in his own before gently tracing your palm. Your eyes had followed his movements over your hand. Poe cleared his throat, never looking up.

“That…ship. It was uh,” he paused as your eyes widened.
You placed a hand on his shoulder. “Poe,” you cooed, “you don’t have to…”
He momentarily raised his gaze to send you a feeble smile before lowering it again. He sniffed as you lowered your free hand to rest on his forearm. He continued to trace your palm.
“It was terrifying,” he muttered, “Daunting, even. I…I wasn’t sure, for, uh, for a moment if we had a chance. Everything they had was perfect and new. Even when they took me to…to my ‘holding cell’, I was amazed. I figured, it might be the last,” he stopped, intaking a breath, “the last thing I see. But then that bastard went in my head and he pulled an image, something I needed.”
You furrowed your brows, partly in pain and partly in curiosity. You had never seen Poe so…vulnerable. He sucked in another breath while raising his gaze. He placed your palm on the scar.
“This was the first one they gave me,” he told you, eyes brimming, “And that entire time, Y/N, the whole time I was there, all I thought of was you…

A single tear slipped from your eye before you pulled him into your chest. He was breathing heavily. You stroked a hand through his hair as he gripped you with the same strength as the first day he had come back: weak, but determined. Tears continued to flow down your cheeks. You began to kiss his forehead, temples, anywhere within reach.

“Everything’s alright, Poe,” you continued to coo, “I’m right here.”
Poe’s eyes shined as he stared into your eyes. “Would it be terrible of me to kiss you?
You laughed mid-sob and nodded your head. “Only because I don’t want to take advantage of you.”
“Ple-” he began to plea.
“Shush, Poe,“ you soothed, “I’ll be here in the morning.”

Want to Request? : Prompt List (Closed)

@bokuakakuroweek DAY ONE: RIVALRY | COHESION

(I’m so sorry, all of my entries are going to be hella late OTL)

Alright, but consider Bokuto and Kuroo doing Who Has the Best Akaashi-Pickup Lines competitions every once in a while, in any place they are. They always shoot the absolute worst pickup lines, which make everyone sigh and shake their head while Bokuto and Kuroo are grinning stupidly at each other, trying to outmatch the other’s terrible pickup line proposition. 

Then one day while they’re training all three of them alone, and another Pickup Lines competition has started, Akaashi can’t take the secondhand embarrassment anymore and says without hesitating, “Please, take me to the hospital. I broke a leg falling for both of you.” And it feels like time has stopped, Bokuto and Kuroo are speechless, looking at Akaashi with their jaws haging open, a massive blush spreading over their faces and tears making their eyes shine.

Akaashi thinks, “I’m so in love with these dorks…”

  • Matt: How long have you been sleeping with Near?
  • Mello: That's disgusting and wrong. I don't even get- why would- I- I've never had sex, with anyone anywhere. It's none of your- you have, the nerve, the audacity- Near is my rival, technically, and he is terrible face-wise and how- how do I know, frankly, that you're not sleeping with him? Maybe you are. Maybe you're trying to throw me off. Hmm? Check and mate.

RULES: tell us some of your favorite characters from ten fictional works (shows, films, novels, etc.) & tag some people.

Oh my god do I want people to know my type and my terrible preferences i’m so gay? ?? ?

1) Reiner fucking Braun — Shingeki no Kyojin (WHO IS SURPRISED)
2) Rorofuckinnoa Zooroo — One Piece (i have no excuse)
3) Yamamamamoto Takeshoo — Katekyo Hitman Reborn (my original swordsman crush)
4) Niaru Dick — Shingenki no Kyojin (don’t hurt me or judge me)
5) Sensei — One Punch Man (never before have i had a crush on a bald egg-man)
6) Ravioli haichoo — Shingeki no Kyojin (who doesn’t? love that freak?)
7) Dofuckinfaggot Flimflamingo — One Piece (? ? i - -)
8) Kanda ‘4th place intelligence’ yooo — D.gray-Man (i love ok)
9) Viktoru nikifuckoff  — Yuri on Ice (i just he’s just so I mean?? )
10) Gurimjuaw jagergergejrgjkdgs — Bleach (i mean)

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You know when Jamie tells Cathy that if he hadn’t believed in her, he wouldn’t have loved her at all? And it is in that moment when Cathy starts crying because she realizes it’s over. And you know why? Because she had stopped believing in herself a while ago and so had Jamie. Cathy had been watching her dreams fall through and what was left for her to do? Being someone’s wife? That is not the life that she wanted, that is exactly what she didn’t want her life to be, she didn’t want to be the girl who required a man to get by, she knew she could do better than that. And that’s why I feel so sorry for Cathy and why I connect so much with her. Not because she ended up being heartbroken. That sucks, yes, but you will move on eventually. But what about her life? Jamie is over and where can she turn? It’s terrible when you put so much effort into a relationship and then it doesn’t work. But can you imagine exerting yourself every single day of your life to achieve something and then never getting it? Honestly, I don’t even know how Cathy put up with that for so many time. And that was no one’s fault and definitely not Jamie’s. That’s the thing about this movie, they are real people, making choices, trying to get by and not being able to find happiness together.

If there’s one piece of advice I can give to a mathblr, or any studyblr really, it would be

 it’s okay to make a mess

I’ve had this blog for a while now and I can say at the beginning I was really excited about getting my mildliners and washi tape and being part of something. But as time went on I realised I didn’t exactly have time to make things look nice. 

And for me, the process of doing mathematics never looks nice. I cross out. My writing is terrible once I find a path to take so I don’t forget my idea. 

But really, that process is beautiful. I can look back at old workings and laugh at the time I made a sign error and got to angry that I scribbled over everything only to realise there was no sign error. Smile at that one question that look like 10 sides of paper because I couldn’t figure it out right away. 

Sure, it’s important to make your work readable. You need to know what’s actually going on in it. 

A bit of mess never hurt anyone.