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Now, in midsummer, Finnish people are celebrating this thing called Juhannus: it’s basically a celebration of midsummer and light, which we indeed have a lot of this time of year. I’m sure other countries have similar celebrations, but I thought I’d tell you how we celebrate it here in Finland!

So, first, the name juhannus actually comes from Christianity: some people say it’s the birthday of that guy who baptized Jesus. I think his name was John or something. The Finnish form of the name John is Johannes, so johannes, juhannus, see where the name comes from? However, I know exactly 0 people who really celebrate juhannus because of that. It used to be a festival related to the old religions here, from the time before our neighbours made us Christian.

When do we celebrate it, exactly? Well, since 1955, juhannus has been celebrated - in Finland and also in Sweden, but probably not as juhannus - on the Saturday between the 20th and 26th of June. This year juhannuspäivä (”juhannus day”) falls on 24th of June, while juhannusaatto (”juhannus eve”), which, according to my mom, is when most of the celebration takes place, is 23rd of June, the Friday before. Also known as yesterday at the moment I’m writing this. 

How do we celebrate? The most common way is to get together with friends, maybe go to a summer cottage, by the sea or one of our 187 888 lakes, and get drunk. Of course. Finns love all the holidays that give us a reason to get drunk. It’s a little sad, really. 

Of course, when you’re drunk, it’s a great idea to go for a swim, especially if you can’t actually swim while sober! That is why many people drown during juhannus, I checked the news just a while ago and already two people had done just that. It’s… also pretty sad, really.

Anyway, there are also people who don’t get terribly drunk on juhannus. I know, because most of my family belongs to this category. The way we usually spend juhannus is that we go to our summer cottage in the beautiful Turku archipelago, usually our grandparents and cousins are there too. We go swimming - while sober because we’d prefer not to drown - go to sauna, roast or barbecue sausages, and just enjoy the summer with the whole family. 

And, of course, a crucial part of celebrating juhannus is the juhannuskokko. Bonfires are burnt around the country. It’s a tradition! It was originally used to fend away evil spirits, I’ve heard. 

There are also specific ways to decorate your house during juhannus. The most common and simple way is perhaps the juhannuskoivu. People cut down small, young birch trees and tie them to the doorposts of the front door of the house. Wikipedia tells me that the same thing is practiced in Sweden, too, which is not a big surprise since we have been influenced by Sweden quite a lot. I mean, also not a surprise, since we were a part of it for ~600 years. Another common decoration are just… flowers. In my experience, at least.

In Finland’s Swedish-speaking areas and in Åland juhannussalko is a tradition too. It’s also used in Sweden, as well as similar things being used in other European countries, but usually during some other time than midsummer. It’s called a maypole in English, a tall, wooden pole decorated with flowers and such. People dance around it, and, I’m sure a lot of people know what they’re for. 

I mentioned sauna very quickly, but it is a tradition to go to sauna on juhannus. It’s called juhannussauna. You’re supposed to make a fresh vihta or vasta  - there is a lot of debate on which is the correct word - from the branches of the juhannuskoivus you just cut from the forest, though any birch tree is fine. When the vihta/vasta is made around juhannus, the leaves are as big as they’ll get but also still soft, so they’re perfect for what you’re supposed to use them for - hitting yourself and everyone else in the sauna with you. 

Yes, that is really their purpose, but you’re not supposed to hit them so hard it hurts, just… Hit them. Carefully. Not as if you were whipping them to death with a bunch of birch sticks and leaves. People do this other than on juhannus, too, by the way. I’ll make a post about saunas someday, so I’ll talk more about vihtas/vastas too. 

There are also a lot of music festivals in Finland during summer, and juhannusfestarit is a thing. A quick Google search tells me that this year alone there are at least 8 of these. There are other, smaller celebrations too, of course, and there is the event called juhannustanssit. People get together to… dance, really, and probably also to drink. I don’t know, I’ve never been to one, as far as I remember.  (Below a painting by Anders Zorn, called Midsommardans, the Finnish name is Juhannustanssit. Zorn was Swedish, though, but he was friends with a couple of famous Finnish artists, so it goes. It also has a juhannussalko in the background.)

Then, there is also the most important part of juhannus… Juhannustaiat! Juhannustaika is like a “spell”, usually to try to find our your future spouse or to get a good harvest. For most spells you had to be naked for them to work, had to run around fields and saunas and look into wells and jump over brooks and stuff, all while naked. There is, however, one juhannustaika that is still practiced to this day (not saying that the others aren’t, but I personally haven’t done any of those) though probably not that seriously. 

It’s very simple, and I’ll tell you how to do it, so you can use it some juhannus, wherever you live! If you can find flowers nearby, I mean. Anyway, it goes like this:

  1. Go outside.
  2. Find 7 different types of flowers.
  3. Pick at least 1 of each type of flower. (Some versions say you have to be naked while picking them, but it’s not necessary.)
  4. Go back inside.
  5. Place the flowers under your pillow.
  6. Go to sleep with the flowers still under your pillow.
  7. Dream.
  8. You should see your future spouse in the dream. 

Dating tips from DREV to you all. <3 And happy midsummer, hyvää juhannusta! (Or what’s left of it!)

Q’s Honey Cardamom Milk

Bond likes to give this to Q at bedtime, to wean him away from his Earl Grey and towards their waiting bed. It’s also good for oogie tummies when someone’s been working himself into an anxiety attack.

  • 2 cups milk
  • 8 cardamom pods, cracked open
  • 3 tablespoons honey
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 2-3 cloves*
  • 6-8 slices of candied ginger*

*Optional – if you do use candied ginger, you might want to reduce the honey a bit to keep it from being too sweet. I know it seems like a lot of spices, but since you don’t boil them, it takes more to get the same flavor as in tea.

In a small saucepan, heat everything but the vanilla, stirring constantly. Once the milk is steaming hot but not boiling, remove from heat, add vanilla, and cover. Let steep for 5 minutes, then strain out the spices and serve.

I usually add the ginger back to the cup before serving, yum.

Tatiana Maslany really is everyone! 

Calum - Betrayal Part 5

Sorry this is late, but I’ve finally posed this part. I haven’t reread it so there may be a few mistakes and I apologise if there is, but to make up for it I’ve made it longer. I’ll add links tomorrow, but previous parts are in my masterlist. I hope you enjoy it! Request for the next part to see how sober her reacts in the morning…


Part 1, Part 2, part 3, Part 4

His fingers flicked the indicator and he swiftly turned right into a car park, stoping on an angle in between two bays. The building was large and didn’t reveal much of what is contained.
‘Are you ready?’ He asked smiling arrogantly.
‘Yeah, what the hell.’ I said, swinging the door open. Honestly, I was a bit excited. There was something thrilling about doing things that I shouldn’t be.
'Someone’s eager.’ He said, sending a wink in my direction. I rolled my eyes but it was true. I was eager and excited to find out what we were doing.
He led the way to the front door and pulled it open, standing aside to let me walk through first. Behind the door was a dimly lit room. My eyes adjusted and I realised it was a bar. There were booths and tables dotted around with a wall of dart boards and several pool tables. Two people occupied the room, both of them surrounding a pool table. They both looked up and nodded towards us.
The tall blonde with the lip piercing headed towards the bar, lifting up part of the counter and slipping behind it.
'Hood, what can I get you?’ He asked.
'The usual.’ He said, taking the now abandoned que stick and took the blonde’s turn.
'Well well well, and who are you?’ The other guy said, stepping towards me. He had short blue hair and an eyebrow piercing. There was something really badass about them all and it was intriguing and inviting.
'Y/N.’ I said, taking his que stick and taking his turn. Both his and Callum’s eyebrows shot up as I easily sunk a ball. 'And yours would be?’ I asked, smugly. The blue haired guy smirked at me.
'I think you’ll fit in just fine.’ He said, looking me up and down. 'It’s Michael.’ He said, reclaiming the stick and leaning towards my ear. 'But you can call me whatever you want.’ He whisper, winking as he stepped back.
'So Y/N, anything to drink?’ The blonde asked, handing the beer to Calum with a smile on his face.
'Whatever he’s having.’ I said, walking towards the bar. He nodded and pulled a pint. 'So what is this place?’ I asked, curiously taking the pint from blondy.
'It’s a bar where all the rejects hang out.’ Calum smiled as he took a sip.
'Hey we don’t like that name. It’s cliché.’ Michael shouted from the pool table.
'What do you suppose we call us then?’ Calum asked laughing. Clearly that had had this conversation a few times.
'I don’t know. Something cool.’ He said, leaning over to line the que up with the balls and effortlessly potted one. Calum rolled his eyes and turned back to me.
'This here is Luke. His dad owns the bar but he’s left it to Luke to run. Our kind of people come here mostly.’ He shrugged, downing the pint and hopping over the counter to pour himself another.
'It’s only just gone 1.’ I reminded him, watching how he expertly pulled a pint.
'Exactly. I’m usually drunk at this point. I’m late because you had your little tiff.’ He smirked, moving the pint aside and hosting him self up and over the counter. 'Honestly, I think you could do with it.’ He said nudging his my arm. He turned and headed towards the other two boys who were arguing over who was supposed to be potting stripes. Taking Calum’s advice I downed my glass.
'Hey do you mind if-’ I started but was cut off by Luke.
'Help yourself.’
Immediately I hopped over the bar and poured myself a pint. It wasn’t as easy as Calum and Luke had made it seem. It jammed and I couldn’t push it back up to stop the flow of beer from over flowing the glass and splashing all over the counter and my top. 'Shit.’ I mumbled.
'Whoa, it’s alright.’ A calming voice suddenly appeared in front of me and a brown hand reached towards the handle, pulling it up and ceasing the beer from tumbling out the spout.
'Thanks.’ I mumbled embarrassed at making a mess. I looked into Calum’s brown eyes and there was humour in them, but it was comforting.
'Don’t mention it.’ He climbed over the bar and grabbed a towel, wiping up all themes I had made. His arm brushed against my top as he started wiping on the other side of the glass. 'You’re top is soaked.’ He smiled, shaking his head. 'Hear.’ He reached behind his head and yanked his black top off, revealing his tattooed, toned torso. He looked flawless and it was difficult to tear my eyes away to stop myself from gawking at him. 'Swap it with this.’
'What are you going to wear?’ I asked, taking the top from him gratefully.
'Luke always has spares.’ He shrugged. He walked to the edge of the counter and pulled out a top from under it. 'He always makes a mess too.’ He laughed.
I turned around and yanked my soaking top off and immediately replaced it with the warm, soft material that was Calum’s top.
'Thank you.’ I said, turning around and catching Calum staring at me. A smile tugged on my lips. I grabbed the pint and headed towards the other two. Luke handed me his stick and I took his shot, pitting two balls in a row.
Impressive Y/L/N.’ Calum said, leaning against an adjoining pool table.

'You can’t drive!’ I exclaimed as Calum fished his keys from his pocket.
'I’ve not drank much and I’m way more sober than you are.’ He chuckled. 'Come on.’ He said, placing a hand around my waist to steer me out. I rolled my eyes but didn’t bat away his hand. 'Right we off guys.’ He called to the other two.
Michael just lifted his thumb in the air. The alcohol was making him sleepy. He was definitely going to get a killer headache in the morning.
'See you Friday.’ Luke called to Calum. 'Y/N you should come to.’ He smiled as he collected glasses, many of them containing droplets of beer that was left behind by Michael and I.
'Yeah sure.’ I smiled, waving goodbye to him and letting Calum steer me out the bar.
'What’s Frid-day?’ I asked hiccuping.
'He’s throwing a party. You should join us, but maybe not drink as much.’ He chuckled, squeezing my side gently. I hit him in the chest.
'Hey I’m n-not.’ I demanded, but my hiccup made him laugh rather than take me seriously.
'Hold your breath.’ He said, opening the door for me and helping me inside the car.
'Shit.’ I said, running my hands through my hair as he get in the car and slammed his door shut.
'What?’ He asked, concern flooded his face.
'I can’t go home like this.’ I groaned, throwing my head against the car seat.
'Why not?’ He asked, a question look crossed his face.
'Because I’m drunk and my parents will kill me because I’m at college tomorrow.’ I groaned, dropping my head into my hands.
'You can crash at mine.’ He offered, taking a hold of my harm and pulling my hands away from my face.
'Really?’ I asked and he nodded in response as he turned the engine on. 'Thank you.’ I practically squealed as I threw my arms around him, squeezing him in a hug.
'Put your seatbelt on.’ He laughed into my hair. I pulled away and obliged, yawning as I hid so. Resting my arm on the door, I help up my head as my eyes drifted shut.

'Y/N, wake up. We’re here.’ A gentle voice broke through my dreams. I moaned. 'Come on sleepy head.’ He pulled me out and I hard a car door slam. His arm went around my waist and the other behind my knees as he lifted me up. 'Hold on tight.’ He whispered, as I clung to his neck, closing my eyes again. He jiggled me about as he fumbled to open the door, but he was soon placing me on something soft and wrapping my up in a duvet.
I wriggled out of my jeans and threw them on the floor. 'Not comfy.’ I mumbled before he commented. The weight shifted on the bed next to me, causing me to roll backwards slightly. Then a hand was draped around my waist, pulling my back towards his chest.
'Good night.’ I mumbled, feeling myself fall asleep.
'Good night Y/N.’ He whispered as he kissed my cheek.

Part 6

i-love-the-blue-muppet-beatle  asked:

Jyushimatsu!! I have my first baseball game of the year on Monday and I'm anxious ^^; any advice you could provide on how you're so confident about baseball?

I don’t get to win all the time, but that’s a good reason to practice more, and practice is fun too, so it’s all good!! =D Baseball IS fun, right? =D

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so i've been reading alot of esama (and your stuff- it's really good :D *thumbs up) lately and compared to you guys, all the other fanfics seem to be ten times more angsty. so i wanted to ask (cause you're the only tumblr person i ask stuff to) if you can rec some fics (i'm fine with any fandom). i'm not exactly looking for fluff or crack, just kind of a -i move at my own pace and i don't really care about what you think character. hope that wasn't too confusing and i really appreciate it!!! :D

Sorry this is a bit late, I’ve been really busy lately so I couldn’t get to this until now. The criteria you set is a little… hard to get a bead on but here’s some fics that (imo) aren’t overly angsty and has pretty independent/my-pace kind of characters, and of course they’re all really good. I tried to pick fics from a variety of fandoms so I hope you’ll enjoy them:

such selfish prayers by andromeda3116 (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Katara’s ambition, so long set aside for the good of others, breaks free and sets fire to her soul. Or, Katara has a vision of her canon future, casts it aside, and becomes a world-changing politician instead.

if you try to break me, you will bleed by Dialux (Game of Thrones)

It had been a slash across her chest from a White Walker’s sword that finally ended her life. Sansa’d landed in a puddle of her own blood, and she’d died quickly, quietly.

And then she’d awoken with a gasp, trembling, in a bed that had burned under Theon’s betrayal.

The life and times of Hatake Kakashi, the long-suffering jōnin-sensei by FeelingsDusk (Naruto)

Kakashi is being trolled. He doesn’t know how that can be, but he knows with utmost certainty that he’s being trolled somehow.


Kakashi gets saddled with the cheekiest little brats ever and wonders if it’s too late to become a missing nin.

The best helping hand is at the end of your own arm by FeelingsDusk (Teen Wolf)

Stiles draws the line at being kidnapped and tortured by a geriatric fascist and having to sacrifice his poor Roscoe to save people that didn’t appreciate it afterwards, thank you very much.

(Peter is smitten by his approach to self-sufficiency.)

Cirrus Cloud by silencia20 (HP x KHR)

In which you are Acacia Potter and drift around in the world. The war’s over and now most of what you do is out of boredom, until you meet a certain hitman.

grow up mean by pprfaith, reena_jenkins (BtVS x Fast & Furious)

Carter has always had an eye for deadly things and the blonde on his dancefloor fits the bill.

Adventures in Magick by PseudonymousEntity (Harry Potter)

“What Would A Hero Do?” Newly crowned wizard and avid reader of fantasy fiction, eleven-year-old Harry Potter makes friends with the goblin standing outside Gringotts with unforeseen consequences. Armed with an unlikely posse -his insatiable curiosity- and a pocket full of questions, Curious!Harry embarks on his first year at Hogwarts. Merlin help us.

Say Boys Don’t You See Them Bones by Adel Mortescryche (Mortescryche) (KHR)

In which Tsuna’s the Corpse Whisperer.

(Or: In the months he spends at the Varia Compound at Timoteo’s behest, Tsuna manages to stumble across enough forgotten dead bodies to fill entire cemeteries. And everyone is terribly amused. Except, y’know, for him.)

Influence of Souls by Nia_River (Harry Potter)

He stared at his journal, a creation into which he had poured his memories and dreams, his heart and … soul. Now, to send it to where it needed to be.

Young and Built to Fall by fingers-falling-upwards (One Piece)

Ace will save his nakama. He will save his father. And he will save his little brother and ensure Luffy’s happiness even if it kills him. Again. Thankfully, he won’t be doing it alone. Together, he and Luffy will change the world.

once a queen or king of narnia, always a king or queen by dirgewithoutmusic (Chronicles of Narnia)

A lion told her to walk away, and she did. He forbade her magic, he forbade her her own kingdom, so she made her own.

Susan Pevensie did not lose faith. She found it.

The Little Guy by TokiMirage (Final Fantasy VII)

The last thing Cloud wants, when given the chance, is to do it all over again. Instead, he chooses the normal life. After all, a Janitor could never save the world. But… well, it all starts with the General’s coffee machine.

The Sum of Their Parts by holdmybeer (Harry Potter)

For Teddy Lupin, Harry Potter would become a Dark Lord. For Teddy Lupin, Harry Potter would take down the Ministry or die trying. He should have known that Hermione and Ron wouldn’t let him do it alone.

An Invincible Summer by ShanaStoryteller (Naruto)

When Naruto is five, he’s gutted by a drunken civilian and presumed dead.

Six months later a girl with ash pale hair and dark blue eyes enters the Academy.

Again and Again by Athy (Harry Potter)

The Do-Over Fic - a chance to do things again, but this time-To Get it Right. But is it really such a blessing as it appears? A jaded, darker, bitter, and tired wizard who just wants to die; but can’t. A chance to learn how to live, from the most unexpected source.


So… I’m still in the middle of watching Sherlock… But now I’m also in the middle of watching Doctor Who~ xD (New series, so from 2005 ^-^)

But I finished three totally inacurate lil doodles of 9th, 10th and 11th Doctor(s?), so at least I have something to share! :D 

[Other Dr Who fanarts: Small Ten doodle, Nine and Ten w/ flowers, Nine and Eleven small doodles]

dgraymanweek  || Day 5: Message

↳ Option A: Innocence Appreciation - Crown Clown (クラウン・クラウン)

The Star Spangled Man

(A missing scene from Special Relationship)

a birthday gift for @agentkarnstein

happy happy (belated) birthday Minty! I hope you had a wonderful day and that this year is a fantastic one :D

As always, scotch performed its duty as social lubricant admirably, and it wasn’t long before Peggy was laughing along with Steve’s old unit as if she had been part of it herself. The Howling Commandos, as they had once been known, regaled her with their wildest tales behind enemy lines until she was in stitches.

There was one story, though, she was dying to hear, but every time she brought it up, someone would glance at Steve, wince, and quickly change the subject.

So the minute Steve excused himself, she turned to the rest of the men and whispered, “So what is up with the whole ‘Captain America’ thing?”

They all exchanged glances, and Peggy rolled her eyes. “Oh come on! Whenever I ask Steve about how it started, he just blushes, says he’s going to kill Barnes, and changes the subject. I want to know where the name came from.”

Barnes leaned forward, forearms resting on his legs. “Okay, but you can’t tell him we told you. He hates it when we bring it up, especially in front of his girlf—” he cleared his throat as Peggy glared at him and corrected, “—his colleagues.”

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Hey jyushi it's me Ichimatsu. I started myself an ask blog and I wanna know your secret to success? It's okay if you don't wanna tell trash like me. @ask-Ichimatsu-neko

@ask-ichimatsu-neko Don’t listen to the little thing!! It’s being stupid… But… I really don’t think we have a secret to success or anything!! I’m just having fun… I hope we can have fun together, Nii-san!! =D

a bridge that's already burned
By Organization for Transformative Works

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @sapphireglyphs!!!

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Relationships: Jemma Simmons/Grant Ward
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe

“So,” she says, five awful minutes after they leave the station. “You finally found me.”

Grant makes a sound low in his throat. A laugh, perhaps, or a sigh. “There’s no finally about it.”

“Excuse me?”

His eyes flick to her briefly, then return to the road. The knots in her stomach twist tighter still.

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I want to see more of the anon hate core now please

Wasn’t expecting to ever draw that guy again but I’m glad you sent this because I got to stay up ‘till 4 AM to make this little comic, just for you!

The Anon Hate core would be an asshole, but the good news is that Gavin is here to keep him in his place. If you’re going to be an anon, be a nice anon, not a rude one :D