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Three questions now! 1) What made Adam go down the Reaver path? and 2) What made you choice it and 3) Any Reaver headcanons? I'm a sucker for the reaver line. :P

I seem to have opened the floodgates apparently (but that’s okay because I like getting asks)

1) The allure of brute strength, but like… not in a tyrannical way, if that makes any sense. He can do a better job protecting his Inquisition and everyone in it if he’s overwhelmingly strong. If he’s intimidating enough, maybe the people who want to fight him will decide to stand down and nobody has to get hurt.

Maybe all those refugees coming to Haven/Skyhold could sleep easier at night knowing that to get to them, all those evil creatures would have to go through their Inquisitor first. He’s a dragon, and he’s going to keep everyone safe under his mighty dragon wings.

2) I always end up going for the angry warrior classes in games, berserker, dark knight, etc. and I have no idea why that stuff is so cool to me when I’m also a marshmallow who enjoys playing characters who are good people. Reaver stuck out to me with its connection to dragons, because dragons are totally rad, and it just fit Adam better than Champion or Templar would.

Also, Reaver abilities look super cool.

3) When I was playing Trespasser I had this loosely-developed headcanon that the dragon-based side-effects of becoming a Reaver would manifest as some sort of attempt by the Inquisitor’s body to counteract the anchor going haywire. 

So as the mark starts to get worse and worse, the left arm starts sprouting more scaly patches, nails turn to claws, and at its most severe the entire arm basically becomes a dragon’s arm and it becomes very hard to hide when half of the Inquisitor’s face is scaly with sharp teeth and a slitted eye. It’s probably not something I’d turn into a serious headcanon or anything, but it’s kind of cool to think about.

Closed rp with mykcnos

Living in a run down motel wasn’t exactly prime living for a borrower, but it had its perks.

For one, people were usually out of their rooms, so there was a lot of time to borrower. Another good thing was that the variety of people meant that Jamison could borrow from many different people with different tastes, so he ended up with all sorts of cool items. He did sort of wish more women with jewelry to steal visited though.

Lastly, and best of all, as far as he knew there were few or even no other borrowers in the building. Which meant that he didn’t have to compete with them, and nor did he have to hide his elusive treasure too much, there were no other thieving borrowers to take it from him.

Currently he was looking to borrow from room 305. He poked his eye through a crack in the wall and listened out. There wasn’t a soul in sight and he certainly couldn’t hear one. So he cautiously squeezed through the crack and looked around. He headed to the mini fridge and struggled, but succeeded in opening it up. Once it was open the borrower dived inside.

“Ooooooh! C-cold!” He exclaimed with a squeak, rubbing his arms. He never wore shirts, he simply disliked them. He dug through the mini fridge, looking for anything that was already open that he could take from. Little did he know a certain cowboy was about to return to his room.


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((Its Thesharkblader. Sorry.)) A few last puffs of smoke left the lips of the older male as he finished off his cigarette and flicked away the butt lost in thought. He let out a gut snapping back to reality as he smashed against another body making him stumble back with a look of panic for a brief moment. "Oh. Ah. Sorry, wasn't paying attention." He looked up blowing some hair out of his face before eyeing the person he ran into. "Don't I know you from somewhere?"


Rei sighs, barely moving when he’s bumped into. How many times was this going to happen? He looks down at the stranger and raises a brow, “ehhh? Know me from somewhere? Where could you possibly know a nobody like me from?” He sounds genuinely confused, but he’s not in the slightest.