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Sportacus walked down the hall as he struggled with his tie, he didn’t understand why he couldn’t just wear his super-suit for the wedding instead of this.

Robbie looked out of the bathroom and watched Sportacus get frustrated, he put a hand over his mouth and giggled, “Do you need help with that?”

Sportacus huffed and dropped his arms in defeat, “Yes please.”

Robbie stepped towards the shorter man and fixed his tie expertly, “See? That wasn’t that hard.” He gave Sportacus a peck on the forehead and went back into the bathroom to fix his hair.

“I don’t like this tie, Robbie.”

Robbie rolled his eyes, “Well you have to, Bessie and Milford want us to wear suits and ties to their wedding and that’s what we’re going to do.”
He felt a familiar pair of arms wrap around his waist from behind and he smiled, “Besides, you look cute anyway.”

Sportacus blushed, “Yeah but my other suit is a lot more comfortable.”

“And so are my other clothes, but wearing this for a few hours won’t kill you.”
Robbie turned around to return the hug, resting his chin on Sportacus’s head, “When we get back home you can wear whatever you want,” He grinned deviously, “Or nothing at all if you so choose.”

Sportacus snorted and buried his face in Robbie’s chest, “I love you Robbie.”

“I love you too Sportacus.”

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        a frustrated sigh left the pinkette’s lips. this turned out to be much harder than she expected. not that she had any hopes of actually beating him in shogi, in the first place. that would be silly. but she at least hoped it would take longer, that she would actually become a real oponent & give him some trouble, make him sweat to find a way to win. but, surprising absolutely no one, shikamaru —– the genious of strategy & tatics —– managed to capture her king before she could even pose his a real threat. what a drag indeed. 

        “in my defense, you must play this everyday.” there was no need to mention, of course, how difficult it was to remember the right moves for each piece. remembering each & every name of the bones in a human’s body? easy work for sakura, but remembering the rules of movements for the silver general? not so much. next time she’d challenge him for a taijutsu session, now in that she was confident.

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((Its Thesharkblader. Sorry.)) A few last puffs of smoke left the lips of the older male as he finished off his cigarette and flicked away the butt lost in thought. He let out a gut snapping back to reality as he smashed against another body making him stumble back with a look of panic for a brief moment. "Oh. Ah. Sorry, wasn't paying attention." He looked up blowing some hair out of his face before eyeing the person he ran into. "Don't I know you from somewhere?"


Rei sighs, barely moving when he’s bumped into. How many times was this going to happen? He looks down at the stranger and raises a brow, “ehhh? Know me from somewhere? Where could you possibly know a nobody like me from?” He sounds genuinely confused, but he’s not in the slightest.