i'm so sorry if you know me irl

gonna be super gross and mushy in the tags and it’s not even abt like hockey or anything lmao literally don’t read them i’m such an emotional mess it’s embarrassing

Prayer request

So there’s a very good chance that the mass in my dad’s esophagus is cancer, but nothing’s been finalized yet. I really need some prayers for him and my family.

(Also if you know me irl and like know my parents don’t talk to your parents or anyone else… we don’t want to worry people and he’ll tell them himself if he needs to.)


@mr-smith-i-need-you What a fantastic idea! Sorry it took me so long to finish this; I was unexpectedly busy this weekend. I had a hard time deciding which princess to pick, but what finally made my decision on Sleeping Beauty was realizing how great Crow would look as Maleficent. I know it’s not exactly what you asked for, but I hope it fits your vision nonetheless c:

Thank you, I thoroughly enjoyed making this.

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My brother (now my sister) just came out to me as trans MTF but I'm the only one she told because I am also transgender (FTM) and it pains me to have to use her deadname and he/him pronouns for her when we are in public or with the family because I know how much it hurts. What should I do to make her feel better?

I suppose you can call her the right name and pronouns in private, maybe introduce her to some nice support groups online or irl, and just be there for her. Maybe even plan to transition together? So you both have something to look forward to. Sorry I’m not more help.

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I hope I'm not destroying the mood, but after I watched Markiplier TV I realized so hard, that I have nobody to talk about YouTube. my friends aren't into yt and my family doesn't like it when I watch yt.. I'm sad now and glad at the same time bc all these amazing communities exists here on tumblr? does this all even make sense? I'm sorry

it does make sense, believe me! my irl friends don’t watch youtube and they joke and ask about the merch i wear from mark and jack, but that’s okay. because i know i can come online into these wonderful communities and fangirl all i want with you all. it’s nice to have that balance, y’know? 

but if you wanna talk about anything youtube related, you’re always more than welcome to come message me! 💛

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I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog a month ago, your art was amazing then and it only keeps getting better and more detailed! I was never really into shipping before, but there's just something really special about WT that I love. I hope you're doing good, stay strong ^_^ (also, happy birthday, even if a few days late xP)

Hey there! Sorry for the late reply! >.< I hope you guys know that even though I can’t reply right away (Rein Shield of IRL be blockin me), I always read your messages and keep them in mind~ ^^

Thanks for sticking with this blog when you found it~ It’s getting to a point where I wanna pulse bomb my older art..but I think that’s a good sign that improvement is progressing quickly~ And even if I would draw my older work differently now, I hope that the idea and the feeling in those pictures are still intact! ;u;

I’m so happy to hear that you’re interested in the dynamic between WidowTracer despite not being into shipping previously! On the outside, people might just see WT as flashy, spicy, sparkles (and that’s fine too if that’s your jam!) - but I have seen and do see a lot of possibilities about them! I hope that my drawings can push the perception of WT in a new direction - that’s one of my biggest motivations when I draw them. At the same time, I’m happy to celebrate classic perceptions of WT too~ ^^

Thank you for the bday wish! I’m older than Tracer but younger than Widow so I’m in the middle of WT’s ages hahaha~

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Spread Friendship And Love 🌸 Give a shout out to 5 of your irl friend or mutuals and say why you love them! Send this to 10 other people once your done 🌼

JUST 5? Sorry but I cannot follow the rules on that one bc there more than 5 who I want to mention here. So let’s go go go

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I just hope everyone in my life knows how much I care about them whether it be online or irl please know how much I care about them because seriously you guys help me get me through my day and this week has been really hard especially with everything that happened last weekend and I’ve just been bottling it up and I know it’s not healthy but just know that I really care about you so so much and I can’t wait till it gets better in my little corner of the world for both me and everyone I know because nobody deserves shit.

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I feel like I'm a fake boy? Like I'm out on some internet levels, but irl I'm not and I feel worthless because I still like makeup and all, and I look too feminine to pass. My mum will kick me out if I cut my hair and I live in an unsuportive area.

You’re not a fake boy. You don’t have to be out to be valid. And you don’t have to be masculine to be valid either. Your gender is real, no matter who else knows or doesn’t know about it.

I’m sorry your mom is so shitty. I hope you will be able to move to a more supportive place in a near future. You deserve to be able to be out and proud about who you are, if that is what you want to do. You shouldn’t have to hide who you are just to make sure you keep a roof over your head.

@bledhope replied to your post.


i’m in actual tears… you know that application i was stressing about for that school i called my dream school? ………………. i got in. little me, insecure me, i don’t know what the heck they saw in my application but i fooled them? this can’t be real….. i don’t even know what to do other than cry i’m a mess.

The bolds are baes. 


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This is just some of the amazing people I follow, I tried to get a rather thorough list. Granted, I know I’ve missed some (if I missed you, let me know and I’ll tack you on! :DD)

But thank you guys so much! I love seeing your posts on my dash and ya’ll make me so happy! You’re all very beautiful people and I love you to death!

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Anna and Elsa are sisters though? How do you ship them if they are sisters? I'm not hating by the way, just curious:)

*cracks knuckles* All right, allow me to explain you a thing. But first, let me just thank you for being so nice about it instead of lashing out with hate; I think the world needs more people like you :)

Okay. How Seriadne Came To Ship Elsanna: The Novel.

seriously it’s a novel I’m so sorry I got carried away

Yes, they’re blood sisters. Yes, this bothered me at first. Yes, I’m still a bit bothered if people irl know I ship it.

What happened with me was basically this:

Me: *going into the theater* Okay, I’m not gonna ship it. I know my mind is going to try and ship the one pairing that Disney would never have a chance of making canon, but I’m not gonna cave. I know it’s wrong. It’s wrong. No.

Me: *half an hour in* Dammit, NO! I’m not gonna ship them! I can’t! It’s not right!

Me: *after it ends* Maybe if I deny it for long enough…

Me: I’ma make a Frozen blog to distract myself.

Me: I hope people won’t get mad at me if I post a little bit of Elsanna here and there…

Me: *changes name and entire theme of blog to revolve around Elsanna*

But I do have better reasons, I promise. (I’m sorry to tack this gigantic speech onto your question, but I get carried away sometimes.) This is my reasoning for both why I ship Elsanna and why I think it is acceptable.

  • The Westermarck Effect, which states that people who have spent their childhood together are less likely to be romantically attracted to one another. Spent their childhood together like Anna and Elsa have not.
  • The fact that Elsa and Anna are both consenting adults. I’m not saying that everyone should commit incest, but I’m of the mind that whatever consenting (and sober) adults do behind closed doors is their business, so long as it doesn’t cause harm to anyone.
  • The widely accepted headcanon that Elsa is queer in some way - strengthened by Jennifer Lee’s comments and favorites on Twitter as well as key details in the movie itself (i.e. “Let It Go” as a coming out song, as well as Hans saying “As heir, Elsa was preferable, but no one was getting anywhere with her” among other examples).
  • The fact that Elsa and Anna are both women, and as such can’t reproduce. Allow me to elaborate. I’m not against the idea of a brother and sister getting together (again, so long as they’re both consenting, sober adults, etc…I can’t emphasize this enough) but should they attempt to reproduce, the fetus could develop very harmful defects. I’m not saying that two sisters can be a couple, but a brother and sister or two brothers can’t; that would be unbelievably unfair of me. It’s just that when anyone’s health comes into play, other factors have to be considered - factors that don’t apply to Elsa and Anna.
  • The fact that they’re fictional - though, if the circumstances were exactly the same albeit in real life, I would probably ship them then as well.

THEN come the more feelsy fangirly reasons.

I know people shame this ship because they think it’s disgusting, sinful, illegal, etc., but the love these two show for each other is, in my mind, anything but. Frankly, I don’t mind if it’s romantic Elsanna or sisterly Elsa and Anna; I just want them to have each other for the rest of their lives. I know what it’s like to feel alone and abandoned, and these women don’t deserve that. Though they’re fictional, there are plenty of people like them, plenty of people with bad memories who deserve more love than can be put into words, plenty of people who are Elsa and Anna. It just so happens that Elsa and Anna are sisters.

But the weird thing is, if you ask me exactly what made me change from shipping primarily sisterly Elsanna to primarily romantic Elsanna, I won’t be able to answer you, because I don’t know. All I know for sure is that they never stopped loving each other, no matter what form of love people choose to perceive it as.

After all, true love saved them both in the end.


“Hey Jean.” Marco’s hand found Jean’s and squeezed lightly. “What do you think would have happened on that day?”

“What?” Jean looked at Marco lazily.

“You know…the battle of Trost. If my gear had failed to work…what do you think would-”

He was stopped so suddenly when Jean’s lips crashed down on his. “Don’t say that. Don’t you ever say that. You’re here, and i’m here. Forget Trost, and most importantly forget titans. There aren’t any titans here, have you seen any titans on this island?”


“Then don’t bring it up.”

Marco looked up to find tears spilling down Jean’s cheeks. “I’m so sorry Jean, i didn’t mean…”

“I can’t think about that. I can’t imagine losing you.”

“You’re right; we’re here now. No more thinking about what could have been.” Marco dug his toes into the sand. “Do you think we’ll ever get off this island?”

Jean laughed then, heavy, body shaking laughs. “Is being on an island with me really so bad? Because quite frankly i love what being on this island has done to you.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You really want to know?”

“Well you’ve already piqued my interest.” Marco’s cheeks turned red.

“I love your freckles, oh how they’ve multiplied, and when we’ve finished speaking i think i should like to count them. There must be hundreds…no…thousands. None of them are the same, and i’d like to kiss each and every one so that you may know how beautiful they are. Your skin is tan, much more so than it used to be, from the sun. And soft, so very soft. I could run my hands over you all day, even over your shoulders alone and feel like no time had been wasted. Your eyes have changed, they’ve become more relaxed, happier. There was so much fear in them before this.”

“Jean…i…” Marco’s voice caught in his throat.

“Your laugh is better, not as forced i think. So free, and so light. All of these things are wonderful, and i’ll never forget them, but what i love most about you are your hands. They’ve become so strong, and so skilled, yet remain soft. I want our hands to stay linked together until the day we die, and when we are laid to rest i think i should like to be buried next to you with our hands still entwined. Your hands have wielded swords, and destroyed titans with such force. Your hands have built our home, and inside of it’s confines explored every inch of me. I dream about your hands sometimes, the scars on the knuckles, and the callouses on your palms. I have your hands imprinted in my mind and know them better than i know my own.”

Jean moved away the collar of Marco’s shirt and left kisses at the hollow of his neck. “I love you, Marco. Everything about you drives me so crazy.”

“I didn’t think anyone liked my freckles.” Marco whispered.

“I just poured my heart out to you and that’s all you have to say?” Jean’s eyebrows rose. “Only you, my love. You’re the only one i know that would do that, and yet i wouldn’t trade you for anyone in the world.”

Marco kissed the smaller boy then, light and playfully. His hands travelling up Jean’s shirt to rip apart the buttons.

“Hey.” Jean swatted at his hands. “This is my last good shirt.”

“What did you do to the other ones?” Marco trapped Jean’s hands above his head.

“You ruined them.”

“Oh.” He exclaimed, ripping the last of the buttons away. “I like you better without them anyway.”

Sand made its way into their hair, and into the creases of what was left of their clothes yet they paid no heed to it. They now lay in a tangled mess of limbs, while the sun set behind them, turning the sky into a colorful mix of orange and purple hues. Neither of them spoke for hours until finally Jean kissed the other’s nose and grinned. “I lost count at six hundred.”


“Your freckles, i lost count of them at six hundred. That’s just on the bridge of your nose and cheeks alone. I’ve yet to count the ones on your forehead, and let’s not forget everywhere else as well.”

Marco rolled over to straddle Jean’s waist. “You’re incredible, i think that if i had to be stuck on an island with someone it would definitely be you.”


“Eren’s too serious. And Mikasa…she’s always scared me, and that whole obsession with Eren is a little strange. Levi broods too much. And let’s face it; Armin’s probably a bad kisser. I like you best, and now that i think about it, i don’t want anyone to find us anymore. Living here with you will be a pleasure.”

“I don’t deserve you, Marco Bodt.”

“It’s i who doesn’t deserve you, Jean Kirschtein.” Marco leaned in again and pressed his lips to Jean’s temple.

Growing old together, on a beach no one knew about…it couldn’t be that bad could it? And when Jean leaned in to kiss him roughly Marco decided that No. This would not be bad at all.

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im curious about the unusual kinks and fetishes one

oh man okay please don’t judge me this is kinda bad I’m so sorry lol okay

•being tied up/tying people up
•ball gags
•being called slut/whore
•spreader bars
•orgasm denial
•risky sex
•being held down
•hair pulling
•dirty talking
•dom/sub rp

I think that’s it I’m so sorry I’m terrible


Ok so I know I get a lot of asks calling me handsome and flawless and I wanted to let you guys know that I’m really not, I just edit the hell out of my photos. Here are two unedited unfiltered untouched selfies that show what I really look like! I’m tanner than my photos, I have acne, bags under my eyes, a scar on one of my eyebrows and pretty much no jawline either
If you thirst followed me I’m so sorry because this is my irl grossness

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actually the comic you just posted about your murder eyes is why i'm kinda scared of you irl. i was at a con one year and you were my idol and i went up to buy something and you were snappy at me and kept giving me weird looks and i got rlly scared and just left :c i was rlly upset so i just wanted you to know that people can see that and for some it's rlly scary and off-puting :'c im sorry to say it but i had to it rlly impacted me

so first off i want to start by saying: if you were at my table and i was looking at you, i was probably trying to see if you needed help and was probably feeling awkward because i am not good at customer service and i am an awkward person. but since you’ve taken the time to write me this message i’d like to take this opportunity to talk about the behind the scenes of tabling, something i think most people don’t really hear about.

so tabling at conventions is kinda like working a customer service job on steroids for a 3 or 4 day period. depending on the distance, you’ve driven or flown in that morning or the day before and are already probably sleep deprived.  then you get up at ass in the morning to cart around 200lbs of luggage HOPEFULLY to where you need to be, or you’re stuck in line for 3+ hours with your luggage, ideally in the AC but even that’s not guaranteed (hi, ota).

once you’ve finally gotten checked in and staff has made sure you’re not a murderer (or at the very least, you’re a murderer who has paid money to be there), you can start setting up. most cons have set up the day before the con, some will make you set up the day of the con, which let me tell you is a world of stress. set up alone takes me 3-4 hours or about 2 if my fiancée is with me because she is an actual human angel and organizational whiz.

tabling itself is a mixture of amazing and awful. sometimes i get to meet really wonderful, sweet people who brighten my day, who know i’m exhausted and don’t mind when i can’t put together any words other than “thank you” on repeat. sometimes i get approached by people who try to undermine and undervalue my hard work or try to get me to draw fetish commissions or lecture me for a solid 30 minutes on their obama conspiracy theories. the last con i did a man leaned across my table and talked so loudly and fiercely at me and my fiancée that he actually spit on us. sometimes people try to walk off with the things i’m trying to sell, accidentally or otherwise.

on top of all this, you are stuck behind a table, often times alone (i’m lucky i’m no longer alone), without sufficient food and with limited chances for bathroom breaks (and i was lucky enough to inherit the world’s tiniest bladder from my mom). every day the artist alley is blasted colder and colder to try to combat the rising levels of BO (unless you were unlucky enough to table in a parking garage, i’m looking at you, expo!). some alleys end at 6PM, which is nice. more frequently i seem to find myself in alleys with 10, 11, or 12 hour days.

tabling is hard work and some people are better at it than others. i, personally, am awful at it. i am very easily overwhelmed by crowds and in all honesty i am a huge baby. i spend 90% of my life working in near solitude and tabling is the exact opposite of that and i am so, so ill equipped for it.

this was all a very long-winded way of saying: tabling is difficult. please don’t hold it against us if we’re exhausted or at our wits end or snappy. chances are we are functioning on little to no sleep, not enough food, and in all honesty are probably just trying really hard not to pee.