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well I was going to ask for (20) for Zarry but if it doesn't work out any pairing of your choice would be great!

things you said I wasn’t meant to hear

“Haz, I can’t find my keys.” Zayn checks his pockets, his bag, under a few sofa cushions.

Harry pops in from around the corner. He jingles the keys in his hands with a big grin on his face. “I found them.”

“Thanks, babes.” He takes the keys and presses a kiss to his cheek. “You’re so good at finding my shit, dunno why I bother looking.”

Harry shrugs. “A simple Accio always gets the job done.”

Zayn quirks an eyebrow at him. “I don’t… understand what that means.”

“Family joke,” Harry says with a wave of his hand.

He says that a lot, he’s got quite the weird family. Makes sense, Harry’s quite the weird lad. He keeps a toaster in their bedroom and gets a little bewildered by escalators and says things like Accio. And any time he catches Zayn lifting an eyebrow at him, he chuckles and calls it a family thing.

It’s one of the reasons Zayn’s a little nervous to meet them. Not that he’d admit it.

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Hey, sorry, but do you have to be so rude? They're just asking questions.

I’m sorry for constantly being rude to the anons that send me asks, my emotions are uncontrolled and really impact what some people think about me. When I wrote that it was, basically, the first thing I thought to write and I didn’t think twice and that’s what I should do with most answers. If it happens in the future, put me in check, just do it nicely, cause I usually treat asks how the majority of asks treat me

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Me in ASL class making immature Dat Ass jokes (because I have the maturity of a five year old): *Points at girl* Dat ass. Boy: What are you GAY?!? Me: Uhh.. No.. (Yes) Boy: Good, not that I would have a problem if you are though..

Straight Talk : WHAT, are you GAY? Are you? Oh my, please tell me you aren’t, I can’t be talking to someone who’s GAY! No, no, I definitely don’t have any problem with gay people, why would you think that?

half of this is @atticuos‘s fault but like

imagine pre-serum!steve sound asleep on top of ws!bucky, completely spread out on him and with his head pillowed on his chest. and bucky doesn’t dare to move or do anything and he murder glares at anyone coming near them because he doesn’t want anyone or anything to wake steve up. and also cause bucky doesn’t want steve to move away

and then steve wakes up and they’re both just blushing bright red. and steve apologizes but bucky’s just like “it’s fine”

AND THEN IT KEEPS HAPPENING cause bucky’s so comfy, steve just can’t help it

and maybe that’s how they end up confessing their feelings for each other

maybe steve goes to move away, saying sorry yet again, but bucky holds onto him and asks “what if i tell you i don’t mind you being on top of me for the rest of the day… or week even?”

steve blinks. and maybe his heart starts beating a bit hard. “buck… are you saying …?”

and bucky nods and tells him this cheesy sweet confession and steve laughs and they smooch and maybe fall asleep again

and next time they wake up with steve on top, steve just grins and buries his face in bucky’s neck

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If we were to dedicate a fic to you, what nana would you like it under? Also, do you have an Ao3 account??


I’m so bad with lingo, I’m so sorry, I don’t know what nana means, but my Ao3 username is hailey_cl ☺️ 

This is such an honour, omg, I’m screaming!!! Thank you!

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What is your opinion on Riley's mental health? Like do you think that overtime or even in canon times that she has a mental disorder(like anxiety or depression)? In cannon I guess it would be undiagnosed, or maybe she developes it overtime? Thoughts?

wow thank you for asking me this anon!! 

disclaimer before i start though, i’m only a first year psychology student who really isn’t in a position to diagnose these things… 

but i do think that riley shows a lot of signs of something like depression *and anxiety* especially if you listen to some things she says in episodes like flaws, cory and topanga, world of terror 3 or texas 3 and how she says she’s tired a few times.. she definitely put a lot of the world’s problems on her shoulders and blames herself for things that go wrong and all the pressure she gets from her friends and family to kind of fix everything doesn’t help. and imo she’s using a lot of her energy to be the “happy and positive” one of the group probably for herself too, to mask what she’s really feeling.  

i’m not trying to give MJ&co a lot of credit bc who really knows why they write the way they do but i think they were hinting at probably doing something along the lines of that storyline for her (like the tell tale tot saying “everything bad in the world is your fault… never mind that’s for later”)

but yeah i think in canon she’s definitely in the beginning stages and showing signs of it but (if the show is still happening,) she probably won’t realize it’s something until maybe junior or senior year and hopefully she talks to someone about it (someone that’s not her parents or maya)

and you didn’t ask but something’s probably happening with lucas and farkle too

you know what I thought about last night

just how unselfish Viktor is. particularly when he’s around the media

like we’ve seen a few scenes with him where he talks to reporters and he doesn’t talk about himself at all, even about his own skating? like he always tries to move the conversation to other people/things - asking them to watch Yuuri’s or Yurio’s performance, or even advertising the hot springs

i dunno it seems like a side of him that i haven’t seen people talking about much

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Can I ask for a continuation from that modern AU? So it's been a couple days after the event earlier, and now it's the Saniwa that approaches them after that whole flashback ordeal, and they explain to them what they saw in the flashbacks and what they were back in the past, but have been reborn as humans as compensation for their acts. (Kashuu, Yasusada, Kasen, Kogitsunemaru) :/ sorry if this is kinda too specific...

Before the request, sorry I didn’t do anything yesterday it was too difficult to write. As to let new followers and requesters who aren’t familiar with my process know, there’s only one of me and yes I greatly enjoy receiving and filling all these requests however my physical situation is rather difficult on me and so I answer requests at my own pace. I’m not ignoring anything and I indeed answer everything so there’s no need to resend requests, you just need to be patient until I reach your request.

Back on topic, I was kind of hoping someone would ask for more! Since the original ask had specified only the initial reaction to the flash of memories I kept it short. That original request is here for those who want it. It’s the good kind of specific no need to worry anon!

• This next time he sees you he shoves away his hesitation and approaches. He just can’t ignore this feeling.
• You tell him and he feels like he should be calling you crazy but the memory he’s regained, how serious you are and just his gut feeling makes him know otherwise. Afterwards he’d regain a strong sense of clinginess to you, wanting to stay by your side in this life too.

• The two of you were coincidentally in the same store and you approached him. He instantly recognized you as the stranger he had called out to. The embarrassed part of him as screaming at him to get out of there while a strong sense of attraction and familiarity kept him rooted in place.
• You sat with him and spoke familiarly before telling him. He was shocked, so he asked you many questions to fill in the gaps of his memories, it becoming easier to believe as you answered. When it looked as though you were ready to go he held onto your wrist and asked if he could stand by your side again.

• It had been bugging him to no end when you said you didn’t know him. Sure, he didn’t recall meeting you before that chance incident but he felt like he already knew you. He was certain those flashes of memory which he somehow just knew belonged to him involved you.
• He waited by the same street he had seen you in, it paid off since he saw you walking through again. He called out again, not caring about how improper it seemed. He stopped you and this time though hesitantly you admitted the truth to him. Telling him you lied in the first place because you didn’t want such worries to burden him. He insisted they didn’t and he missed you.

• It had been on his mind a lot. Not just because it was embarrassing to just grab someone random, but because he couldn’t get you off his mind.
• He’d been snapped out of his thoughts by his own wrist suddenly being grabbed, he looked back and you were the culprit. You asked to talk and explained everything to him. Everything seemed to click into place for him and he smiles telling you he’s happy to stand by your side again.


Based off @goldentruth813‘s post, have a bit of drarry love  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

there’s something about even’s little nod in this scene 

because even knows. he’s not oblivious, he notices the way isak reacts to his presence, to him. he’s been noticing him for weeks, weeks before they first met. he saw the way isak was when he came over to his place the previous week, he saw the look in his eyes, the light in his eyes, he saw the way he smiled and laughed, he noticed the changes in his voice. he probably memorized his facial expressions and the things he said last friday. kept replaying them in his mind every single day, in class, before going to bed, when he was with other people 

earlier in that episode, when he came to give isak his snapback, in a matter of seconds, he understood that isak hadn’t told his friends he had gone to his place, he understood that he didn’t want them to know. because he sees and understands. he remembered the cardamom on the cheese toasties five weeks later, how they were sitting on the floor of his room as they ate them, he remembered isak saying he had a drop of water in his throat, he remembered isak talking about parallel universes. because he pays such close attention to isak and the way he looks and moves and speaks and all the things he says

do you think that even, who saw this boy on the first day of school, who was probably looking forward to seeing him even when it was just at school, in public, in rooms and hallways with other students, would not notice how isak was acting? notice the way he’s been looking at him the moment he showed up at his place for the pregame? the way he starred at him when he kissed sonja and looked at him straight in the eyes? how tensed he was as he told him about sonja and how they’d been together for years? the intonation of his voice as he said his okay’s (been together since we were 15. okay. can’t dump her. okay). do you think that even who’s been desperately trying to spend time alone with this boy he was falling for would not notice the smile that spread all over isak’s face when he realized that even was messing with him, the smile he was trying to stop it, in vain? do you think he would not sense his attraction to him? the vulnerability?

of course even notices. and since he came to see isak in his kitchen, he’s only been kidding, pretending not to be serious. but with that little nod, he grows more serious. with that little nod, it’s like he’s saying i see you, i see it, i’ve seen you for a while. it’s reassuring. it’s okay. it’s understanding. i know, isak. i know. me too

Dodie Clark Themed Asks
  • Intertwined: Can you sing?
  • Absolutely Smitten: Describe a Crush
  • Life Lesson: Do you have any life advice?
  • Sick of Losing Soulmates: Do you have any heartbreak Stories?
  • When: Thoughts on Growing Up?
  • Ukulele: Can you play any instruments?
  • Covers: Favorite songs at the moment?
  • Fairy Lights: Describe your Aesthetic
  • Tea: What hot drinks do you like?
  • The 1975: Favorite Artists?
  • Hedy: Any Siblings/How's your relationship with them?
  • Plants: How do you decorate your room
  • Snapchat: Favorite social media
  • Paint: How much makeup do you wear?
  • She: Sexuality?
  • An Awkward Duet: Best friends
  • My Face: Post a selfie

You’re not friends. You’ll never be friends. You’ll be in love till it kills you both. You’ll fight and you’ll shag and you’ll hate each other till it makes you quiver, but you’ll never be friends. Love isn’t brains, children, it’s blood. Blood screaming inside you to work its will. I may be love’s bitch, but at least I’m man enough to admit it. — Spike. Buffy, The Vampire Slayer. (S03E08)

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No. Sweetheart, if this is our  l a s t  n i g h t  on earth,
then I’m going to spend it with a little thing I call
s e l f - r e s p e c t . 

Happy Birthday to my favourite human on the planet: @joharvelle 
and because I’m a terrible friend and left it too late to send your birthday letter that I wrote the day after we skyped for the first time, I decided to gif your ultimate fav. So happy birthday!!! I love you!!! 

Crossember Challenge

Helloooo everybody. I noticed that it’s almost december and,as some of you already knew,I was working on a Crossember Challenge list! I almost forgot about it,sorry ^^;; (Also I’m posting this from my phone so I can’t make this post too organized,sorry again >_<)

What’s this,you ask? This list is filled with drawing prompts about Cross,Underverse and/or X-tale. Each day of december,you must draw one of these,depending on the number. Of course, you don’t have to do them all if you can’t, this is mostly just for funsies :D do what you feel like drawing!

Feel free to let your imagination and creativity flow,be as creative as you want while you follow the prompts. That’s the whole point of this ^^ and to enjoy this little challenge, of course!


1 - KNOCK KNOCK, IT’S CROSS! - Let’s start the challenge by drawing Cross coming into your life (and bothering you for the next 31 days,probably).

2 - UNDERFELL - Cross going to Underfell was a wild ride! Why not drawing something about the Episode 0.2? Or maybe something you had in mind? What if Cross came back? Let your imagination flow! Just draw Cross with something related to Underfell.

3 - UNDERSWAP - As many of us already know (and it has already been confirmed) the next AU we will see in Underverse is Underswap. What do you expect to happen in 0.3?

4 - THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM - Everything was okay before Error came to take Cross’ Soul.

5 - WHAT IF… - Ever thought about something that could’ve happened in an episode,instead of what you’ve seen? Tell us what you had in mind!

6 - CROSSCOLATE - Chocolate everywhere!!!

7 - CROSS IN YOUR FAVORITE AU - Perhaps Cross will go to your favorite AU…perhaps he won’t…either way,what would Cross be doing in your favorite AU?

8 - CROSS vs ERROR - Let’s make an hypothetical Cross vs Error fight! (Extra rating points if you give it a context!)

9 - MEANWHILE IN THE STUDIO… - The stars of the show need to take breaks between each episode. What could they be doing right now? (It doesn’t have to be related to the current events of the studio).

10 - LET THE X-EVENT BEGIN - Use your imagination for this prompt!

11 - ANGST - Oooohhh boy so sad! Is Cross suffering? Or maybe his loved ones? Whatever it is,make it as sad as you can.

12 - THE “SLIPPERCIAL” attack - Cross can’t run away from his past. The chancla will haunt him forever!

13 - FAVORITE PART OF UNDERVERSE - Re-draw your favorite part of the animated series.

14 - FAVORITE PART OF X-TALE - Re-draw your favorite part of the comic.

15 - TACOS! - Give this dork some tacos.

16 - RUN CROSS! RUN! - Cross screwed something up,and he must escape from the consequences. What does he have to run away from? (Try also adding context. Be as creative as you can!)

17 - I CHOOSE YOU! - Cross decided to become a Pokemon trainer. What pokemon or team does he have?

18 - HAVIN A GOOD TIME - Let this suffer ball be happy for once.

19 - SWAP - Cross could use some new clothes,don’t you think? Swap his clothes with someone else’s!

20 - CROSS YOUR LEGS - Who needs knives with legs like these? Draw cross as sexy -and funny- as you can (with mettaton legs of course).

21 - NOTICE ME SENPAI - Cross wants to get someone’s attention. Who are they?

22 - PUNS AND PRANKS - Cross could use some spare time to make some jokes and pranks. What puns,jokes and/or pranks does he do and who is/are his victim/s?

23 - X-PET - Cross was starting to feel alone,so he got a pet. What did he get? (Maybe he stole it lol).

24 - SANSTA CROSS IS COMING TO TOWN - Sansta Cross is planning something for Christmas! But what is he up to?

25 - MERRY X-MAS - Draw Cross having lots of gifts -or none at all- or just someone giving him a gift,or even him giving a gift to someone. Spread the christmas spirit,Giant X!

26 - FRESH!CROSS - Draw the freshest rad Cross possible!

27 - THAT HEART LOCKET DOESN’T BELONG TO YOU - Looks like Cross is pissed about something.

28 - INK & CROSS - \Imagination//

29 - REJECTED - It’s almost new year! new hopes and dreams for everybody…I wonder if Echotale!Frisk is going to notice Cross!Chara and his charms? -probably not-

30 - THANKS! - Let’s give a huge thanks to @jakei95 for creating this wonderful character by drawing her and cross together! :D <3

31 - THE END - Let’s say goodbye to this 2016 so we can give a warm welcome to the brand new 2017!

Or course,there are some prompts that probably Cross!Sans fits perfectly,but if you have an idea with Cross!Chara and it follows the prompt,you can totally do it!!

I hope that everybody can have some fun with these prompts~ ^_^ Enjoy this little challenge!

One Last Thing

12x12 coda almost a week late (oops)

When they get back to the bunker, Dean is surprised to see Mom head toward the room they’d assigned to her all those months ago. He assumed she’d leave as soon as they were safely back underground. He’s still staring down the hallway after her when he hears Cas sigh.

He turns to find him slumped in a kitchen chair, his hands in his lap and his coat closed enough to cover the blood and black…goo on his shirt. He’s staring down at the table with a crease between his brow.

“You OK?” Dean asks gruffly as he takes a tentative seat perpendicular to him.


Dean balks at the honesty but doesn’t say anything. He leans forward and folds his hands on top of the table. Somewhere in the direction of Sam’s room, a door opens and closes.

“I shouldn’t be alive,” Cas continues, still staring at the table. “I would’ve never…”

Suddenly Cas’ eyes pop up and past Dean as Sam enters the kitchen.

None of them say anything as Sam grabs a cold cup of coffee. Dean and Cas look at each other. When Sam leaves, Cas’ eyes find the table again.

“I wouldn’t’ve…said what I said,” Cas continues, hesitance clear in his tone, “If I had known…”

A couple of seconds pass before it clicks for Dean. “That you weren’t actually gonna die?”

Cas nods minutely.

Dean leans back, runs a hand up through his hair and then drops it to his knee. “Look, man, you know I ain’t good at this. But you are family, so…what you said…it’s not–it doesn’t–you’re not trying to take it back, are you?” What the fuck–that’s not what he meant to say at all.

“No, of course not.” For some reason, Cas sounds angry. “It’s just that I–nothing.” He quickly turns his head to the side, the way he used to do when Dean had hurt his feelings.

“Cas,” Dean says softly. He waits until Cas looks at him. “I was scared to death when I saw that…what that spear did to you. I can’t lose you, man. So, uh, tell me. Whatever’s on your mind, spit it out.” It’s too harsh, too casual, but anything else wouldn’t be Dean.

“I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable.”


Cas squints at him. “It was a declaration made because I thought it was the last chance I would get to tell you. I couldn’t die without telling you that I…that.”

Dean leans forward again and wipes his hand over his mouth. “You, uh, you didn’t make me uncomfortable. You know I’m not–I’m not very good at the whole, uh, love thing, but I know it’s there. I know we’re–you know, we’re good.”

Cas squints harder and leans forward so they’re only inches apart. “You knew I was in love with you?”

Hold on.

“That’s not–you didn’t–that’s not what you said, man. You didn’t say that.”


That’s his “quit being a dense idiot, Dean” voice.

Dean huffs a nervous laugh and stares at the table. “Yeah, uh, this would be a hell of a lot easier if you had died.”

Now Cas is laughing, too. “We are terrible at this.”

Dean lifts his eyes shyly. Cas is studying him.

“Do you remember…” Dean stops and sucks in a breath. He shouldn’t be talking about this. “That day in the cemetery, when we all thought I was gonna die.”

Cas nods once but doesn’t say anything.

“I wanted to, uh, say something.” Dean smiles and scratches the back of his head. “Actually, I didn’t. I wanted to–to kiss you.” He winces in embarrassment.

“I’m glad you didn’t.”

Dean looks sharply over at him.

“If you waited until you were on the brink of death to kiss me, I would’ve killed you myself.”

“You waited until your deathbed to tell me you lo–”

Cas cuts Dean’s argument off with a kiss. It’s just a tentative press of lips, but Dean still lets out a needy, embarrassing whimper as it happens. When Cas pulls away, Dean mumbles, “Nuh-uh,” and grabs him by the cheek to pull him back in. His hip is digging into the edge of the table, but he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care.

It’s sloppy and too fast and Cas is breathing heavy and whispering, “I love you,” over and over right against Dean’s mouth and it’s all too much and not nearly enough.

Later, in the pitch black of his room, lying breathless next to an angel, Dean tells Cas that he loves him, too.

The Doctors as "My Immortal" Quotes

William Hartnell: “Why did you do such a thing, you mediocre dunces?” asked Professor McGonagall"

Patrick Troughton: “Then swooped he in singing to the tune of a Gothic version of a song by 50 Cent.”

Jon Pertwee: “And den……………..I jumped secxily in front of da bullet!11”

Tom Baker: “U must go back in time and sedouce him. It is the only way.”

Peter Davison: “he put his arm around me all protective.”

Colin Baker: “I need to wear like da hotset outfit EVA.”

Sylvester McCoy: “What was DAT al about?”
“It wuz to blackmail u.” I snarked.

Paul McGann: (AN: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!)

Christopher Eccelston: “You dunderheads!1111111111” screamed Dumbledore wisely"

David Tennant: “I’m good at too many things? WHY CAN’T I JUST BE NORMAL? IT’S A FUCKING CURSE!”


Peter Capaldi: “I was even upset went to rehearsal with my Gothic metal band, Bloody Gothic Rose 666. I am the leader singer of it and I play guitar”

I’m so sorry.