i'm so sorry i keep drawing pokemon


So, I felt like it would be a good time to open commissions back up again, since I’ve realized that I need to actually start saving up money again! Keep in mind, I do humans as well, along with other fantasy creatures. (Well, it depends really, you’d have to show me ;v;)

All I ask is that you give me as MUCH detail as possible, references are always best!! I also ask that you pay me before I show you the finished product, and you can wait as long as you’d like to pay so long as you do! I will send you a sketch (unless the commission IS a sketch) of the piece before completing it, to ensure that I have everything correct.

To order a commission or ask a question, just send me a message on my tumblr, or you may send me a note on my deviantART at Shrew-WiFi. <3 I’ll go into detail under the cut about each commission!

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