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Not so friendly reminder

That Dorian fell in love with a girl pre-TOG called Rosamund but she broke his heart and left him
Then he fell in love with Celaena who broke up with him and broke his heart
Then he fell in love with Sorscha who was killed by the bastard king
And now he’s attracted to Manon please let my precious cinnamon roll baby have happiness.

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"I'm so in love with you" for the writing props + reddie. (& if you don't mind, a happy ending? They break my heart enough already.)

Well it’s a semi-happy ending. I’m sorry I just couldn’t resist. I’ll probably fix the grammar soon, I just wanted you to be able to read it as soon as possible.

It had been an accident. It had simply slipped out. Richie had just looked so good… in his own special way. The moonlight had been glinting off his glasses and glowing in his mop of hair. His cheeks were flushed and his eyes crinkled while he laughed. Eddie’s stomach did summersaults to think that he was the reason for this laughter. He hated his stomach for doing these things. He hated his heart for skipping a beat when Richie wrapped an arm around Eddie and tousled his hair.

He shouldn’t feel the way he did. Not towards boys. Especially not towards Richie. He hated himself for feeling this way, but he didn’t hate Richie for making him feel this way. He could never hate Richie. He loved Richie, and that was the first mistake. Eddie’s second mistake was allowing his guard to slip.
“Eds, run away with me! Far away from these heathens!” Richie was spewing his usual proposals. What had brought it on this time? Eddie was pretty sure it had been a fight over comic book heroes. Eddie must’ve picked the right one. Maybe Richie was just assuming Eddie would be on his side. Eddie couldn’t bring it in himself to care.
“What do you say, Eds, take a leap of faith?” Richie asked smirking lopsidedly.
Eddie hadn’t meant to say it out loud. What he’d meant to say was “don’t call me Eds.” Or “beep beep, Richie.” Or something! Anything other than what he had said! But he didn’t.
He said, “I’m so in love with you” and he instantly regretted it.
The laughter around the circle of misfits suddenly halted. “What’d you just say?” Richie asked. He didn’t sound angry. Not nearly as angry as he should sound. Eddie had just admitted to being in love with him. Eddie had just admitted to being a freak. And yet he found not a trace of anger or disgust in Richie’s eyes. He couldn’t force himself to look elsewhere. “Eds, I-”
“Don’t call me, Eds.” Eddie squeaked halfheartedly and ran off.
The compass in his head was spinning and he had no idea where he was going but he wouldn’t even dream of ever stopping. He just needed to get away.
Away from the nicknames that made his insides warm, from the touches that made him look forward to school, from the person who he loved. Because fuck it. He did love Richie. He hated himself for it but he didn’t hate it. He loved it, and now if Richie had any brains he would never talk to Eddie again. Which was much worse than being lost in the Barrens.
After a while he began to hear them. They were looking for him. He couldn’t face them.
Eddie couldn’t face Richie.
He whirled around frantically and jumped into the nearest bush.
“Please don’t be poison ivy.” He muttered under his breath begging any deity who cared enough to listen. “Please don’t let it be poison ivy.”
“I th-th-think he came this way.”
Eddie froze and bit his tongue.
“Guys, what if he ran home?” Mike was asking.
“He didn’t run off in the direction of home.” Stan was saying. Eddie couldn’t breathe. He needed his inhaler. He knew it was bullshit but he needed it.
Richie was frozen in his place staring at the bush in which Eddie was trying not to squirm.
“Guys, we’re not going to find him.” He said slowly. “Eddie’s stronger than he looks. Plus that kid could find his way out of a corn maze in under six minutes. He’ll be fine.”
The other losers looked at him skeptically but agreed. Eddie remained frozen. He wouldn’t move until he was certain. Until he was absolutely certain that-
“Eddie, come out.”
“I know you’re in there.” He said. “This isn’t hide and seek, Dipshit.”
Eddie slowly emerged from the bush. Richie threw himself into a hug. “Don’t scare me like that.” He whispered. Eddie’s arms remained glued to his sides but his face suddenly felt very warm. “Your face could give Bill’s hair a run for its money.” Richie snickered. Eddie frowned and refused to meet his eyes. “Eds?”
“Can we just get it over with?”
Eddie felt hot tears spring up.
“Can we please. Get to the part where you call me a freak. Say that you never want to see me again. When y-”
“That’s not gonna happen, Eds.”
“I could never hate you.”
Suddenly Eddie’s insides were doing gymnastics again.
“I love you, too Eddie.”
And suddenly their lips were together. It was short and sweet and wonderful.
“Wow.” Richie grinned and slowly brought their lips together again, and again, and again. He pulled away. A shit-eating grin spread across Richie’s face.
“Eddie-bear it’s time to wake up.”
Eddie blinked himself awake rubbing his eyes as he sat up in his room. He groaned. That was only the third time he’d had that dream in a course of three days. He looked at a crumpled up note from Richie he’d been looking at late last night.
Boy, he had it bad.
Something hit his window. He stalked over to it to see Richie throwing pebbles standing next to his bike. He waved cheerfully at Eddie. Eddie couldn’t held the grin the broke out on his face.

Yes, he had it bad…. and he wouldn’t have it any other way.


I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before, but this is one of my favorite dresses! Its so vintage and classy! Of course, I’m a huge fan of dark lips, so I’ve paired that with this dress as well. I think it works quite nicely :)

In other news, I’m going on vacation next week!!! I haven’t decided if I’m going to queue up some posts for next week while I’m away, or take a week off completely. Either way, you should totally flood my asks with fun questions!

I’m still working my way though my inbox, btw. If I haven’t answered your question yet, its for one of two reasons. One, I just haven’t gotten to it yet. If this is you, I’m so sorry! I’m trying!!! or Two, you’ve asked or said something extremely rude/perverted/inappropriate etc. and I have decided not to respond. If this is you, I’m so not sorry!!!

I love you all! Check out the links below if you want to replicate what I’m wearing :)

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“Looking-glass, Looking-glass, on the wall,
Who in this land is the fairest of them all?”
“Oh Queen, you are fairest of all I see,
But over the hills, where the seven dwarfs dwell,
Snow White is still alive and well,
and none is so fair as she.”

(REYLO + SNOW WHITE AU for anon)

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Hey, so. I am addicted to your writings, you're so talented! Do you think you could do "You deserve this. You deserve it. Don't kid yourself" with the Danti storyline? Maybe it is Dark having a break-down while waiting to see if Anti will come back? Or mayhaps "I'm so in love with him, I don't know what to do" from Anti's perspective of the story? Sorry if this isn't clear I'm in two minds at the moment I just love the story so much! -awkward asking anon

(( Ahhhhhh thank you Awkward Anon!!! I love you too! I’m going to do both parts for you!! But in separate posts, so the Anti part will be coming soon and I’ll link the posts together!
This is a continuation of this, this, this and this. And a prequel to this.))

“You deserve this. You deserve it. Don’t kid yourself.” Dark muttered the words over and over to the shattered mirror, his fist bloody where it had connected with the glass to hide the broken image of his reflection. Using his tongue still felt odd, the connective tissue raw and painful from where the new muscle had regrown after Anti had carved it out, but Dark made himself speak every day to get used to it again. Even if it were just those three sentences repeatedly, he made himself speak.

The others were worried, Dark could sense it all around him whenever he appeared from his room, but he didn’t care. Let them worry, let them stew, let them think that their leader was broken and fucked because really, it was the truth.

Anti’s last visit played over and over in his mind. The glitch had been protective…in one sense of the word, refusing to allow the Host to hurt Dark. And yet, he had stated he never wanted to come back. It was what Dark had originally asked for, but now it seemed inevitable his heart yearned for Anti to come back.

“You really should get that looked at.” Wilford said quietly, leaning on the doorframe.

Dark jumped and turned towards him, tongue too heavy to respond properly. Blood dripped from his fist to the floor but he didn’t care – it helped him feel alive.

“This is ridiculous Dark.” Wil continued, running an eye over Dark’s form and frowning. “To see you so undone by this…can I help?”

“You’ve…helped enough.” Dark murmured, “All of you have.”

“Well you need to let me help more.” Wilford pressed, “You can’t continue like this Dark, it’s tearing you apart.”

“I deserve this!” Dark snapped, “I deserve this for being a fucking idiot! I shouldn’t have been allowed to grow my tongue back, or even pray that he’s going to return.”

Wilford crossed the room in three strides and slapped him, hard, catching the ego off guard. Dark careened backwards, crashing into the cabinet beneath the mirror and falling to the floor into broken glass.

“Don’t fucking talk like that!” Wil hissed, looming over Dark with an angry expression on his face, gun materialising out of nowhere and pointing at Dark. “Tell me now, Dark, do you want me to shoot you? Put you out of this misery? Like you haven’t ever suffered like this before! Stop being self-depreciating and self-pitying and get your act together!”

Surging to his feet, Dark knocked the gun aside and grabbed Wil by his suspenders, forcing him into the wall beside the mirror with his shell cracking so badly his form was completely distorted.

“You wouldn’t have the guts to shoot me, even if I asked you too!” He spat, “So don’t even threaten me with death. You know this pain Wil, you’ve been through it!”

Wilford’s face darkened at the mention of a memory he would rather not dwell on, but he didn’t speak, letting Dark pour it all out.

“I was a fool! I let my pride get in the way and I didn’t even give Anti a chance to help me! I didn’t think that we could actually work at having a relationship while I kept my role as leader. I made all the choices for him, and I broke him! I’m not better than him.”

Dark was shaking so badly by the time he finished that Wilford was able to pull his hands off him and push the grey-skinned ego back, freeing himself from the wall and wrapping his arms around Dark’s shoulders.

“Don’t tell me I don’t deserve this heartache.” Dark whispered, voice cracking as he spoke, “Because I do. I’m a fool and I deserve to suffer.”

“Yes Dark, you’re a fool,” Wilford murmured gently, “But everyone makes bad decisions with terrible consequences. You and I know that more than most. Anti loved you, probably still does to be honest…so let him have his space and go about life as normal, and you don’t know, he might come back. And if he doesn’t you have to live with that, but you can’t live like this. It isn’t you.” Pulling away, Wil made to walk out of the room, leaving Dark slumped forward and panting hard, trying to hold in his emotions within his breaking shell. “You won’t listen to me right now, but you’ll soon see I’m right. Things like this…they always find a way to sort themselves out, even if the outcome isn’t the desired one.”

With that, he left.

Dark watched him go, hands curled into fists.

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Hi there! I really love your ender eye Ryan au, but have you ever considered a situation where Gavin was the one who gave Ryan the eye of ender as a replacement eye? I mean, I've seen some cool things were Gav was part creeper so idk. And of course Gav wouldn't mean for the eye to corrupt Ryan and then he'd feel guilty and crud am I rambling I'm sorry.

ooooooooh nicenicenice 

Gavin suggesting the ender eye thinking maybe it’ll work and he can see, or not just use it as a glass eye. Ryan, trusting Gavin thinking ‘oh since he’s part-creeper maybe he knows it’s safe’ or smth, uses it, gets hella corrupted and fucked up and harming everyone but Gavin cos like what if the eye doesnt make Ryan hurt monsters/mobs and considers Gav a monster so Gav has to watch his friends tear each other apart and theres nothing he can do about it cos he doesnt wanna hurt anyone get fuking rekt mate

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Hello! I think I'm still in time for the requests! Thank you for doing requests again, it's so very nice of you! ❤️ I was wondering if you could do a crossover with the Kingsman movies and Uncharted? Perhaps with Sam and Nathan Drake as Kingsman agents? Thank you again for opening your requests, your art is so very lovely and I love seeing every one of them. :)

Haai! Thank you for your request & sorry to kept you waiting.

Oh, isn’t it Statesman!?
But I just thought that I wanna make Drakes wearing glasses!
And glasses really match them! so cool!
With their super physical abilities, they will also serve as agents easily.

I’m glad if you like this!

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Could you do batfam headcanons for a gender neutral S.O. with glasses? Like would they steal them or tease them, would they make sure there's a spare pair at the mansion, and how do you think the boys would react if they accidentally broke their s.o.'s glasses? (Sorry if that's too much, I'm not entirely sure how the headcanons work, so if I put too much please don't hesitate to trim it or anything) (thank you! And I just wanted to let you know how much I love your blog, one of my faves! <3)

AN: Thanks for the love hun <3


  • Takes a bunch of pictures of his s/o with glasses
  • Literally thinks it makes them 100% more adorable
  • Tries to take glasses ALL the time
  • Succeeds most of the time
  • “Hey y/n do I look good yet?”
  • “I wouldn’t know cause I can’t see”
  • He felt HORRIBLE when he broke your glasses
  • Promised to buy you a new pair
  • Never touches your glasses again


  • Teases you about you glasses all the time
  • But you both know it’s just banter
  • Would kill anyone if they touched your glasses
  • Likes seeing you w/out them cause you squint a lot
  • Helps you pick out the frames if you need new ones
  • Thinks its funny when your glasses get foggy from steam


  • He most likely has glasses cause he sits in front of the computer all day
  • Ya’ll accidently switch glasses
  • Cause he can’t tell his from yours when he’s tired
  • Probably broke your glasses accidently from it seeing them
  • Buys you a bunch of spares cause it’s not a rare occurrence
  • Still feels bad from the first time he broke them


  • LOVES seeing you wearing glasses
  • Also loves trying them on
  • Always helps you pick out new frames
  • Silently nods when you pick a pair that looks really good on you
  • Thinks you look good with every pair
  • Therefore tries to buy you a bunch of different pairs


  • Thinks you look wonderful with your glasses
  • Compliments you 24/7 on them
  • Fights anyone who teases you
  • Tries to take you to the best ophthalmologist 
  • Cause you deserve the best
  • Never takes your glasses from you


  • Always pays for your glasses/appointments even though you don’t want him to
  • Has never broken your glasses ever
  • Has a bunch of spares around the house in case you lose/break them
  • Always tells you how good you look with glasses
  • Defends you if anyone says anything about your glasses
  • Offers to buy you contacts whenever your glasses bother you

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I love your Destination: Miracle universe. Your writing is so lovely written with the characters, plot, and the interwoven stories. I do binge read your work on weekends when having a bad work week. Not sure if you are taking prompts or fluff piece but I was wondering how the miracles would handle choseing a colored stick and finding out who their teammates would be for a 3 on 3 game (similar to the end pictures from season 1? 2? Where they are in different color jerseys?) thank you!

“You draw a colored stick, and whoever has the same color is on the same team, what’s not to understand?” Takao asks, slightly quizzical.

“I understood the fundamentals,” Midorima says stiffly. “I said I didn’t understand why we were doing this. As in, I do not see why it is necessary. We already have teams, why don’t we play in those teams?”

“They’re one-on-one games, Shin-chan,” Takao says, rolling his eyes, “They’re quick and they only need three per team. Drawing colored sticks is a time-honored way of random chance.”

“Yes, but it’s unnecessary,” Midorima insists, since clearly Takao is missing the point. “We have teams, I would much rather play with people from Shutoku, playing with anyone else just seems like a fruitless endeavor—”

Takao bursts out laughing but then he quickly stifles it, although he’s still grinning when he says, “Why, Shin-chan, do you not want to play with new people?”

“That has nothing—! I only mean it’s pointless to play with rivals, it’s not that—I am perfectly capable of playing with other people!”

Takao is still (badly) trying to hide his snicker when he says, “Of course not, Shin-chan, I’m sure you’ll be perfectly fine playing well with the other kids.”

Midorima glowers at him but doesn’t respond since privately he is, perhaps, a little concerned about his ability to play well with other people.


Takao does not stop laughing after the teams are decided, for reasons Midorima doesn’t quite understand. Midorima’s boyfriend is positively howling with laughter at Midorima’s team (and considering Takao ended up on a team with Kagami and Aomine, which is surely the worst combination possible, Midorima isn’t entirely sure why Takao finds his group the more outrageous one). Midorima is not entirely happy with his team, but for reasons that are surely unrelated to Takao’s glee.

“This is exactly why selecting teams at random was a stupid endeavor,” Midorima says hotly. “We don’t need two Shooting Guards.”

“We’re not playing a full game, moron,” Hyuuga says. “It doesn’t matter what positions we normally play.”

“I like it,” Aomine’s captain says. “There can be a lot of advantages, dont’cha think? And anyway, it’s like a Point Guard sandwich between Shooting Guard bread.”

Both Midorima and Hyuuga eye Imayoshi warily. There was something that sounded almost… dirty about that statement, but neither Midorima nor Hyuuga can quite pinpoint why.

“This is dumb,” Midorima announces. And he can’t quite bring himself to say that he is used to Takao as his Point Guard and all things considered, would really rather not having a different Point Guard. Especially not this Point Guard.

“Aww, lighten up,” Imayoshi says. “I’ll be sure to be gentle with my kouhai.”

Both Midorima and Hyuuga still have matched expressions of suspicion with the things that Imayoshi is saying.

Glasses,” Takao finally gasps. “It’s the glasses team!”

And then he continues to laugh.

A/N: Thank you so much for your kind words, anon-friend! I am SO sorry for how long this one has taken! At first, I wasn’t sure how to handle those end cards because I love them all and wasn’t sure how to do them justice in 500 words, so then I just picked my favorite one. Thank you again and I hope you enjoyed!

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"hoooooooly shit I'm so gay" said by logan for logicality or logince??? >:3cc (you rly don't have to tho) -☆rykid

I’m So Gay

NSFW comments (like three of them)

“No Morality I told you it-“ he saw Roman come in the room, wearing only a towel, obviously coming out of the shower, “holy sh-crap I’m so gay.” Logan corrected his language when Morality glared at him (seriously how did he know when they were going to swear?!)

“Hey Logan.” Prince said, winking. Logan was about to blush but he managed to keep his cool.

“Hey.” Logan said, trying to control his feelings. This was very confusing, it felt great but he also felt like slamming his lips against Romans. He didn’t understand this feeling, but Morality told him it sounded like sexual and romantic attraction (“but I don’t experience it so I’m not sure.” Morality would say.)

“Hi Prince!” Morality said, he turned to Logan, “Keep calm and remember, You Got This.” Morality sang the last part. Logan blushed as Prince looked over confused.

“What was that about?” Prince asked.

“Nothing!” Logan blurted.

“Okay. Oh and Logan I have a question.” He turned and leaned on the counter. Logan was secretly hoping the towel would fall down. Logan snapped out of his thoughts and looked up;

“Hm? Oh, yeah go ahead.”

“Is your name Google?” Logan looked at Roman confused, “Because you have everything I’m searching for.” Logan blushed. Roman smirked and moved away from the counter before using another pick up line.

“You’re like a dictionary, you add meaning to my life!” Roman said, stepping closer to Logan. Logan thought of a pickup line.

“Did you just combust? Cause you’re hot!” Logan said, not sure if this was appropriate or not.

“I wish I could select all of your clothes and press delete.” Prince blurted. Logan looked at him surprised to see him blush.

“How about a kiss? After all, I’m the only sugar you’ll need.” Logan suddenly regretted it, they literally just started flirting; how would Roman be comfortable enough to kiss him already??

To his surprise, Roman grabbed Logan’s face and moved his head towards Logan’s face. However, the moment was ruined when Prince accidentally bump into Logan’s glasses. They both blushed, before they laughed.

“I’m sorry, that was terrible.’ Roman laughed.

“Well so was our attempt at flirting.” Logan pointed out.

“At least you’re gay.” Roman said winking. Logan blushed.

“That I am Roman; now shut up and let’s try kissing again.”

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to be honest i'm just very bad at requests (i don't wanna bother you). i was also curious since i've only ever seen Viktor being delirious in his native language. i'd love if you could draw it but you don't have to (sorry i'm so awkward) ~ graceless-fever

22. delirious/crying because they’re feverish


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So I kinda fell off the Red Queen wagon halfway through the second book; just lost interest in the story and couldn't associate with it. But I do want to say that I'm glad you have a following for your books & are able to do what you love & can complete a book and its story. I've always wanted to write a book, but I just have half-baked ideas that I have no ending to & can never seem to get more than a few chapters in before being distracted. NTM my awful Carpal Tunnel that makes writing painful

I’m sorry Glass Sword lost you! All the best and good luck writing. See you in the trenches! :)

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Scenario where Bakugou's s/o broke her glasses so she cant see anything. Maybe she clings to his sleeve? Is he willing to guide her? I just . . . love fluff. I'm sorry

They were in her room at the dorms with the intention to study but somehow their studying turned into a heated make out session. He was biting violently her neck twisting and turning it to his liking. As usual he wasn’t careful with her glasses so they slid down her nose after his fierce assault. He couldn’t care less about it but since they were in the way she reached to adjust them. Then unexpectedly Bakugou pushed her on the bed and before her reflexes kicked in the glasses fell on the floor.

“Katsuki where are my glasses?“

“There’s no need for you to see. I can make you feel good even without those stupid glasses.“ He pressed his body against hers and tried to kiss her but she protested.

“Katsuki I’m serious.“ She couldn’t see a thing without the glasses but if she could she would’ve seen one very pissed Bakugou. Everything in front of her was blurry but she looked around instinctively even though it was of no use. “Katsuki?“ There was no respond and she started to panic. Could he leave in a moment like this one? He couldn’t be so heartless. “Don’t tell he just left.“

“I’m here.“

“Then give me my glasses.“ This time as well he was slow to respond.

“They are broken.“

“What?“ For his surprise her voice barely sounded angry, more like worried and scared. A shred of guilt appeared across Bakugou’s face and he was actually happy that she couldn’t see it. She extended her arms and slowly moved them from left to right and from right to left while making small and unsure steps towards the wardrobe.

“Where are going?“

“I have to change my clothes and get the glasses fixed as soon as possible.“ She almost crossed the room to reach the wardrobe but she forgot about the nightstand next to it and almost fell when her feet came across this obstacle.

“Take a few steps back and go to the right you idiot.“

“Well thank you very much for guiding me and don’t shout because it’s your fault to begin with.“ She was finally standing in front of the wardrobe but when she opened it she couldn’t distinguish her clothes. At least she knew her lingerie was placed in the two bottom drawers so she quickly pulled out a bra.

“So that’s what you’ve been hiding from me. I’d like to see you wearing it.“ Without realizing it she took out the one with black lace she bought last week in order to surprise him later but now her plan was ruined. She put back immediately.

“Just shut up and help me find my jeans.“ With a little bit of arguing and help from Bakugou she was ready but as she was about to go out she stumbled in the chair next to her desk. She felt how her body lost balance and not seeing wasn’t helping her to restore it. She was falling and it was already too late to get back on her feet so she closed her eyes expecting to meet the floor soon  enough but a firm grip on her waist stopped her from kissing the ground. Right after she was able to stand on her own two feet he bent and lifted her up letting her stomach rest on his shoulder while wrapping an arm around her to keep her from falling.

“Hey what are you doing? Put me down!“

“You’ll kill yourself if I do it.“

“I can walk on my own!“

“Yeah right.“ She wanted to say more but she just sighted. Actually it wasn’t so bad to see this somewhat gentle side of him show up when she needed it and be saved by her knight in shining armor even if she was in this kind of situation because of him.

Namjin vs. Yoonseok
  • Hoseok: Oh no I dropped a glass on the floor I'm so sorry babe!
  • Yoongi: It's ok I'll take care of it don't worry honey I love you
  • VS
  • Namjoon: Oh no I dropped a glass on the floor I'm so sorry babe!
  • Jin: Jesus you fucking disgrace all you do is break things that's it I'm packing my bags, I'm moving out, I'm signing the divorce papers can you just touch one fucking thing without destroying it for fuck's sake??

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OMG MATTY! You have a nose ring and short hair and RHOSE GLASSES. I've been wondering for so long what you look like but was lowkey afraid to ask and you posted that selfie for RFGONAKED on Twitter. Sorry, I'm rambling but you're SO BEAUTIFUL! And I LOVE that mischievous smile. I hope you don't get weirded out by this. I just love you a lot, k? *-*

You mean this, anon?

Yes, I have a nose ring and short hair and three moles on my face too, one of which is hidden right under the line of my eyebrow. 

And I’ll just be here in my corner, dying from blushing. 

I’m fine. 

*inhales* so about The Glass Scientists...

Every time I see Hyde I literally just…

Like I’m not even kidding here,

I just… Inhale slowly, calm myself down, quietly and also internally go ‘boi what the fuck’ and make a face as if I’m praying to whatever god out there to strike me down where I sit.

I mean, yeah I hecking love him, but damn. The man’s going to get himself killed one of these days if he doesn’t watch himself and doesn’t, y’know, SET FIRE TO ALL OF LONDON LIKE WHAT THE HELL HYDE.