i'm so sorry guys otl


i drew this thinking i could play with expressions.. only to realise.. no.. not really.. and then i got really disappointed with myself and started doubting how i draw Rhys and well.. how i draw.. -side eyes- 

Tim Lawrence and Rhys©Borderlands
-disappointeeeeeed- ©me

Did you hear the good news guys???


plz consider:

  • Oikawa practicing his dance with Iwa-chan bc he doesn’t want to screw up in his wedding
  • Iwa-chan crying a little in their wedding bc these 2 dorks are so good for each other and he is really happy for his friends
  • IwaDai as best men

Hey there :D I’ve just reached 8k followers so I guess it’s time for a new follow forever (it’s been a while since I’ve done one). Haha I still can’t believe so many people are following me, it’s like having a small army of you guys. Thank you so much for making my dash a beautiful and a happy place. Without these people, I couldn’t have done that. 

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1080 x 1920 phone wallpaper ||  requested by anon || based on this edit

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Very bad news.

I am here to update about myself and the current happenings. So far I am safe from the typhoon but something terrible happened and that is my house got robbed while I was asleep. 

I woke up at 2am getting ready for work when I noticed that my windows were wide open and first thing I knew, my macbook pro got stolen and my sister’s too, that and my bag has been opened and all my money are gone.

I’m still shaking right now not knowing what to do. And what’s even worse, I checked my PayPal account which has all the money for my commission, the password has been changed and I’m pretty sure the money will be gone sooner or later and the amount was big enough for someone like me enough to pay the bills of the house for maybe two months. So for those who have commissioned me and paid already, I am very sorry. I cannot do them right now. I have to buy a new macbook to continue doing this.

I may or may not be online as much as possible right now because I honestly, honestly, want to go home right now to my parents because I know I would feel safe there. I’m even too scared to go out of the house.

Earlier October, I even got mobbed by 4 men at 5am while going to the MRT. They got nothing from me in the end since I know Judo and I was able to pin them down. BUT I was so scared to death I couldn’t even stand up but I went on with work. And now this thing happened to me and I’m so scared of everything around me now I just wanna curl up and cry.

Everything is traumatizing to me this year and it makes me wonder why is this all happening to me?