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And just when the will to do animatics comes back I found this…….
Now, I know internet is public and I know that everyone can SEE what I put on the internet but this does not give you the right to do whatever you want with something that I made.
This shouldn’t piss me off as much but unfortunately it does. Mostly because I DIDN’T GIVE PERMISSION TO USE MY VIDEO and either I recived a request to use it. Worst of all, I came to know it nearly a month after it was made.
Taking aside the fact that the react has three times the visual of the original video (wich I forcefully hope didn’t become money in pokets that aren’t mine) but honestly I wouldn’t be so pissed if ANYONE said something about the animatic. The girl (please note this could be her like it could have been anyone else using my or anyone’s work without asking) as long as all the people in the comments hardly said NOTHING about the animatic making my work seem so much less that it actually was. The discussion was mostly about how Angelica sacrificed so much for her sister and, yes, this is true but… If you’re gonna talk only about the song then why do an animatic reaction at all?
That said, reactions on videos, especially when the videos are indipendent animations/animatic that take incredible amount of work to complete, are harmful to artists, especially the ones not popular like me. You (everyone that do reactions) are taking views away from us with your videos, a video that you made in 3 minutes while it took us MONTHS to complete. That’s not fair. Sure, the girl in question here was nice enough to give me credits and a link to the original but we all know that so few people will click that link.
I’m just…. sad it had to be like this….. If you said younger me that one day her creation would have gonna be reacted on some big channel she wouldn’t be able to belive it, but now, with all the experience (even if little) I have gained in the years I can say I am not ok with this. Maybe some people are happy someone reacted to their videos and that’s compleately fine but every artist has different thoughts on this and that’s why it’s so important to ask before you do anything. I pictured the possibility of this happening but I made the error of giving for granted that I would have recived a request to use my video and then politely denied it. A request, I remind you, THAT NEVER CAME. And if it came, a request that I’ve not responded or approved.
Sorry for the rant but I feel awful about this….. I won’t start any drama because I know how drama ends up on the internet but I really had to take this off my chest. This brings me to use the good old disclaimer at the beginning of the videos, the one that say without any mistakes that I do not give permission to use them.

Tldr: if you’re gonna make a reaction video please make sure you have asked permission to the original artist to use their work and that they are ok with it. If you’re gonna watch a reaction video please make sure you give a click to the original too. Thank you.

The finished version of this post. I finally found my motivation again, probably thanks to all the BB content we were blessed with today due to the concert.
This drawing is loosely based on Daesung’s look in the Monster MV ~

I’M BACK! :)

I took a couple days off, as some of you know, but now I feel like I’ve recollected and have a bit more control over my mental health and life in general.

I would just like to thank you all for being so, so supportive. I got so many comforting asks, most of which were anon, but those who weren’t were: @marlene-newton @jld20047 @love-your-anon Your messages were so sweet; thank you so, so much <3

That being said, taking a break off of Tumblr has helped me a lot. I didn’t realize how much of a stressor it had gotten to be, and even though I love it, I will probably be slightly less active than I was before.

On a more positive note, I have a few things ready/in the works, so be ready for some neW CONTENT :) it’s been like 245764 years since I posted content aH

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Sunday 17th September, 2017.

No your eyes aren’t deceiving you, this is an actual recap! It’s been far too long! But this show was something special and it demanded such a post : )

If it wasn’t blatantly obvious to you by now, Albus is my favourite. He means so much to me and so naturally, I was super excited about this week. Why? Well for those of you who don’t know, Tom Mackley was on as Albus and I never had the chance to catch his Albus when he was with the first cast so today was a long time coming. It genuinely felt like I was seeing the play for the first time and meeting another Albus was everything I wanted it to be and more. Mackley is so brilliant. He brings an energy that really captures your attention, no matter what role he’s in, and seeing him in a bigger role only confirmed how much of a star this boy is.

Alright, this is going to be 60% Mackley love, 30% Albus comparisons, and 10% Scorbus. Have fun, folks!

(Note: I wrote this a few days after seeing the show but then life got busy and I never got the chance to finish it. I’d rather not try and do that from memory two months later. So this isn’t complete but I thought some of you might be interested in it anyway. She says, like it’s not 3k+ words long. ‘Incomplete’… ha!)

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You know what breaks my heart? Kids who were always told that they were too smart and used to be overachievers but now they have depression and anxiety and other mental illnesses and can’t recover because the bar was always too high for them and they just sit and suffer silently watching everyone else get on with life while trying to be what they used to and trying not to commit suicide but they can’t talk about it because “You’re smart you’re gonna figure it out yourself ” .
Nothing is more disappointing than knowing that no one will help you as you sink deeper and deeper into darkness and believing that all your high hopes and dreams will remain dreams forever.
I feel you kids. You are not alone .


I’ve been exploring Junkertown and taking tons of screenshots, and here are some thoughts. I am so sorry for the massiveness of this post omg, please feel free to blacklist #long post if you need to!

  • The Queen of Junkertown is a BABE and I’m in love with her and also very gay. Also the flag of Junkertown is bomb, and I adore looking at all the various signage, it adds so much flavor to the map
  • Even a lawless society has to have a few rules, and those rules basically amount to: start shit, get hit
  • Junkrat and Roadhog really are hated by everyone, oh my god. Shoot them on sight. I love it.
  • “Watch your step!” Perhaps where Junkrat got his singsong line every time he lays a trap that someone triggers?
  • Base notes:
    • It looks like they’ve got a hatch in the floor there. (Edit: It’s been confirmed that it’s a pressure plate!! There’s two of them, if two people stand on them, it opens up a hidden treasure room!)
    • They have an entire fucking vending machine of pachimari, this is the most extra thing I’ve ever seen, I’m crying
    • Roadhog makes his own hogdrogen, and it looks like it starts out as a yellow sloshy liquid.
    • There’s a fish head in their kitchen area – I’ve always believed that Roadhog’s a vegetarian because of his anti-meat patches. Maybe he’s a pescatarian? Or maybe it’s just Junkrat who’s eating the fish?
    • Lots of chains hanging from the ceiling, probably to refill Roadhog’s chain hook
    • Everyone’s already pointed out that there’s only one bed in Junkrat and Roadhog’s base. Things Roadhog needs to sleep: an oxygen tank, a fan, and food. Look at all those dirty dishes. Someone pointed out that Junkrat has his own place to sleep and argued that this proves the base is only Roadhog’s house and thus they’re not sleeping together. Which is. Such a reach, why are you so vehemently against the implications that these two are together. Anyways, Junkrat does have a couch set up in his workshop with a blanket and a pillow and a fridge and a sink, but I don’t buy for a second that he actually lives there full time. He has too much of an established presence in the base for it to be just Roadhog’s house – he’s got those grenades and spray cans everywhere, and I’m pretty sure he’s the one chugging those soft drinks by the cooler. And these assholes eat their meals together like a married couple. Junkrat’s got the tiny bowl and the normal-ish chair and the entire pot of coffee, Roadhog’s got the big bowl and the tire-seat chair and the sensible single cup of coffee (Edit: I can’t believe I didn’t notice this until someone pointed it out – they stole Roadhog’s chair from the takeaway, look!). What domestic little shits. No, Junkrat’s workshop is just a workshop with some amenities, bc the man absolutely loses track of time when he’s tinkering and it’s easier to crash in his mad lab than go back to sleep with Roadhog, imo.
    • THE PLAN: Junkrat’s boundless enthusiasm makes me smile.
    • They have two chairs on their front porch with a cooler and some drinks in between them. Imagine these two just. Sitting on the porch together and sharing a drink. They’re so married, I’m l i v i n g for this domestic shit. 
  • On the subject of Junkrat’s workshop: he actually does play cricket! Or he at least owns a cricket paddle (okay, cricket BAT, you fucking animals, i know shit about sports, just humor me w my lack of sports knowledge here)
  • Junkrat has a safe that’s covered in DANGER, NO ENTRY, GO BACK signs and that’s hilarious to me. Also hilarious: his “NO TRESPASSING“ sign over a door that’s boarded up from the inside.
  • It looks like both Junkrat and Roadhog got their tattoos at Swagman’s Needlepoint! Roadhog’s Wild Hog Power design is marked as sold. Junkrat’s bicep tattoo is also up on the wall!
  • I guess there’s?? A thriving music scene in Junkertown?? Where is the Mad Max flamethrower guitarist

The west coast is on fire, Houston is underwater, two hurricanes are on their way, parts of the world are also flooded, and I’m currently using defense mechanisms to stay calm about the fate of humanity so I just have one thing to ask:

Who didn’t forward that chain letter from 2007

Thoughts and theories post S307

We got a clue to how the different dimensions work. These three dudes are obviously iterations of the same Rick who all encountered the same event in varying degrees of severity. It could just be that these three dimensions are right next to each other, but the numbering convention suggests that they’re true splits from one original dimension, caused by that event. 

If that’s true, it means that every time a major event occurs, timelines splinter into different offshoot possibilities. The Ricks that stay most “normal” keep their original dimension number and the others take on an iteration of that number based on the level of divergence. This also helps account for how the population of the citadel bounced back so quickly after the massacre in S301. As time goes on more splits in dimensions means a constant influx of more Ricks and Mortys.

Not every rick invents the portal gun. The portal gun is rick’s ultimate source of power and what allows the citadel to exist. From what we learned from the half-truths in S301′s portal gun origin backstory, Ricks ostensibly go from dimension to dimension giving portal technology to other Ricks rather than each Rick inventing it on his own. Plus we saw in the last episode that the Mortytown Rick tries and fails to make portal fluid, and cop Rick calls it out “bootleg,” plus the factory Rick demands a portal gun because he must not be able to make one of his own. 

For the Ricks that didn’t invent their own, portal fluid and guns are regulated and not allowed to all Ricks freely. It begs the question of how many Ricks actually invented the portal gun on their own. In theory, it would only take just one figuring it out and then sharing it with all the others.

More evidence for Evil Morty = Rick’s original Morty. This has been a fan theory since Evil Morty first showed up but after S307 the evidence is even stronger. Evil Morty dodges questions about his original dimension and Rick, instead diverting with “we moved around a lot.” That basically leaves the door wide open for the reveal of him being Rick’s og Morty.

Plus, if the moving around part wasn’t a lie, that means he and Rick skipped universes Cronenberg-style more than once (Rick did say he’d pulled that stunt before). Think how disillusioned just one dimension move made our Morty, it’s no wonder Evil Morty turned into what he is if he went through multiple ruined dimensions. Beyond that, our Morty has been shown to be getting more jaded and downright cruel this season, enough that people were thinking he was turning into Evil Morty. If our Morty has devolved into his current state with just being around our Rick for a few years, imagine how the Morty our Rick was around since when he was a baby would have turned out.

Cop Rick is alive for a reason. He killed Cop Morty and turned himself in expecting to be shot off into space, but in the end he’s released by Ricks under evil Morty’s control. Him being alive still is not insignificant, even if just for the narrative and character implications more than plot reasons. 

Cop Rick’s first instinct is to trust. He trusted the Morty in the room with the crib. He trusted Cop Morty to do the right thing. He wants to believe in true justice and the goodness in people, and acts on that belief no matter the outcome for him. 

The real gut punch is he’s not just an outlier. He shows that Ricks do have an infallible sense of justice when it’s not smothered out by narcissism and nihilism. We’ve seen that our Rick, despite being an asshole, will choose to do the right thing- even if it’s the hard thing- at crucial moments: He puts the collar on Morty instead of himself when they’re falling to their deaths in the void, he turns himself in to the Galactic Federation in order to save his family. 

Cop Rick is still alive because he’s the hero our Rick would be if he wasn’t such a jaded asshole. He’s the proof that despite everything, Rick is at his core trying to be good. Maybe that kind of Rick is valuable to Evil Morty, or maybe it was just valuable to us to see this side of Rick so explicitly.

Evil Morty wants control. Evil Morty is living the ideal Morty existence, in control of himself and the universe around him. It’s all he’d want after a life where Rick was always in control, where he could do nothing to stop the machinations of the universe from nearly crushing him every adventure. As we saw really plainly with Copy Morty, when a Morty gets enough knowledge, experience, and freedom, they can’t stand being treated like sidekicks anymore. No wonder the Ricks put them in a school designed not to teach them to be more competent on adventures but instead to keep them helpless and subservient. 

It’s easy enough to follow the same trend in our Morty. He’s been fighting for more control all season– He chooses not to try to rescue Rick from prison. He’s fine with going against Rick’s plan in the Mad Max world. He’s the one who makes them go on the adventure with the Vindicators (and Rick loses his shit when he doesn’t get to be the only one saving the day anymore). And perhaps most telling, Morty’s ideal toxin-free self abandons Rick entirely and creates a situation where his whole job is to manipulate and control other people. 

Evil Morty is what happens when Morty’s struggle for power goes to it’s furthest degree. He wanted so bad to not be the sidekick anymore that he’d do anything, even if it meant becoming the villain. 


HEY @actualbird HERE ARE SOME DOODLES FOR U from that ficlet u wrote!!! i just thought it was super sweet, i hope u don’t mind!!!!!