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don't mind me asking, but why do you primarily only write oracle ? do you believe babs has done more in that role than she did as batgirl, or ?

Absolutely I do.  You see, the reach that Oracle possesses and her level of intellect is bet put to use in the way she has established herself as Oracle.  Sure, she may not always be out in the field, but her reach is just about infinite.   Babs as Oracle, has been in space and back working with JLA, JLS, creating and running the Birds of Prey, Bat Family, governments across the globe, Suicide Squad and more all with the power of the internet.

You see, she couldn’t do the same amount of things as Batgirl being tied down to one event at a time.  Meanwhile with the stroke of a few keys, she could assist Bruce in Africa, Cass in Japan, Dick in Bludhaven, Barry in Central City, so on and so forth.  

It also serves an important moral story.  One that strongly surrounds the Bat Family in particular: you don’t need super powers to do good.  Babs doesn’t need to fight physically to be able to make a difference in the world.  You can overcome the things that were meant to destroy you, you can still live even if you can’t walk.

Her story as Oracle, dealing with her PTSD and her depression, is something I find way more inspiring and fascinating than any of the other hundreds of “girl wanted a hero so she became one” kind of stories.  She was a hero, she was shot down, literally, but she rose and she’s still fighting.  Her story is way more real to me because it allows us to see the nitty gritty of what things like this can do to someone, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and more.

Babs is a survivor.  Not only of all the physically demanding things she had to do/injuries suffered from her cape and cowl days, but the sexual and physical abuse she endured at the hands of the joker.  She shows what the struggles of living on after that entails.  How the anger and bitter resentment…never really goes away.

How many times do you see a disabled hero like her honestly?  Oracle is representation comics need.  I was around comics long enough to see the absolute heart break of lots of fans for Babs going back to Batgirl at the start of the N52.  A lot of them in disbelief their major connection was gone for her younger spunkier self…it’s just…aren’t there enough of this kind of hero?  Why is it so hard to let someone grow up and out of things?  I see nothing wrong with her becoming what she was as Oracle.  Imperfections and all

She’s not perfect, gods she’s far from perfect.  Her anger gets the better of her, she shuts people out and alienates herself from the world … hell, she even “died” so she could be a ghost once again.  She’s not this ditzy dumb spunky girl we’ve been getting from Burnside to now in Rebirth.  She doesn’t take selfies, she knows facial recognition exists…maybe because she uses these things regularly…who’d have thought a genius  ( and yes…far smarter than Bruce sorrynotsorry  ) would put two and two together?

There’s also a bitterness I’ve sadly grown when I look at the way a good portion of fandom treats her.  On my last blog, I went on a rather large rant as to why I was leaving Batgirl behind found HERE.

Oracle is so much more than just the tech girl people seem to narrow her down to.  She’s not the glorified secretary by any means as she’s shut down Batman several times for overstepping his boundaries with her.  She’s her own woman, what she does is for herself and to benefit as many as she can.  

Like…Babs literally knocked all of Joker’s teeth out of his mouth with one fucking hit, slammed Armstrong’s face into the ground  ( and no, she was not going easy on Babs LOL they were old rivals and she HATES Babs  )  and ran her out of the city.  Babs is physically stronger now than she’s ever been.

She’s a mother/big sister to team Batgirl, a bunch of girls who needed someone to look up to who’d actually give them the love they deserved as well as a stern hand  (  looking at you steph <3  )  The thread that strung these lost heroes together and formed one of the most iconic groups ever, not to mention, the first all female team.

How can you not love what Oracle is?

Inspired by @mindyourhelm‘s post and my angsty brain

She shifts onto her side again, resolutely avoiding looking at the other side of the bed. She can feel the cold, empty spot from behind though, a slight breeze gusting across her neck where his comforting breath should be. She squeezes her eyes closed, trying not to imagine strong arms wrapping around her waist, pulling her close, heat spreading along her spine right through her, warming her all the way to her heart.

A lone tear slides across her nose, making a trail across her face and dropping onto the pillow. She presses her lips together, willing her chin to stop trembling and blinks until her vision has cleared enough to stare at the alarm clock. 3:47am. Her phone sits silently on the bedside table.

She’s grown soft. The girl who could sleep under bridges, in a room full of fidgeting foster kids, on the hard plastic mattress of a jail cell, she can’t sleep in her own king-sized bed under a thick, downy comforter. She’s grown soft and she didn’t regret it, doesn’t regret it, because he dismantled her walls one by one and made himself a home inside, only now he’s not there and having no walls doesn’t keep the warmth in very well when the source has disappeared.

Pressing her hands to her eyes, she sits up again, swinging her feet one at a time onto the cold wood. She should put on socks, she thinks, but there’s something comforting about the numb weight of her toes sliding across the floor.

She goes downstairs because sitting in that room - their room - any longer, when she’s clearly not going to sleep, feels pointless. Halfway towards the light switch by the front door she pauses, changing course for the kitchen and leaving the room in the dark. The ghost of her four-hours-ago self flicking that same switch off is still too close. There’s nothing (no-one) to see with the lights on anyway.

Her hands fumble in the kitchen cupboard for the tin of hot chocolate powder, spending several minutes clutched too tightly around the bottle of Captain Morgan at the back of the shelf. The shaking of her hand from clenching the glass reminds her to let go and she feels for the tin, pulling it down and setting it on the counter. Every creak of the porch in the wind sounds like it could be a footstep.

Making the hot chocolate is an automatic process, but she still burns her thumb on the pan, tears springing to her eyes at the pain and then lingering too long. She presses her lips together, refusing to blink until the cinnamon is dusted on the top of the milk and she knows they won’t spill over.

The silhouettes of heavy snowflakes dash across the kitchen blinds as she picks up her mug. Her thumb is stinging, heat spreading fiercely from the epicentre of the burn. She focuses on that one glowing spot of pain, letting it drown out her heart. It leads her towards the front door and then she’s sitting on the top step of the porch, pressing her thumb into the snow building on the step below until it’s numb with cold.

Her eyes flick upwards towards the gate in the white picket fence - the same one she rushed out of not three days ago to kiss him and bring him in and feed him her milk dud popcorn until their teeth hurt from the sugar and he kissed the chocolate smears off her mouth as he pressed her into the mattress later that night. She takes a gulp of the hot chocolate but it burns her tongue and the boiling liquid burning a path down through her to her stomach is the wrong kind of warmth.

Pulling her numbed fingers from the snow, she wraps them around her mug and sucks in a deep breath. The thick flakes are slowing and she’s shaking in her thick winter pyjamas, watching clouds of warm air leave her mouth and disappear almost instantly in the chill.

I can’t lose you too.’

The snow has almost stopped and the air is full of deadened silence. Her traitorous ears wait for the crunch of snowy footfall but she should know by now that waiting never brought anyone back for her before.

She’ll just sit on the steps until she’s finished her drink.

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Hi ^_^ yey requests are open! Can you go headcanon for tobirama, Kakashi and makishima where she asks them if they want to do the do in a public place and she teases them like "accidentally" touching their privates or something like that? 😁

This is pretty of similair to some other headcanons I did for Tobirama and Kakashi so I’m a little lacking in the creativity department for these, sorry


•You’re just not gonna get Tobirama to be down for public sex that way tbh. Too risky. The minute his s/o puts her hands anywhere near his dick, he jumps and snatches her wrist and gives her this “Don’t you ever do that again what the hell what makes you think this is okay” look

•He does admit though, if she dirty talks him a little with some persuasion, like “Don’t you want me, Tobirama?” it is a little tempting. But unfortunately it’s still not going to cut it. Tobirama can’t go for public sex unless he’s a little drunk or just intensely horny and that’s not bound to happen often

•That being said, this doesn’t mean he won’t get hard. And he’ll panic and want to rush home. In which case, if she still wants to try and go for the dick, it’s much easier to get him in the mood when he’s not in the public eye


•Kakashi isn’t completely opposed to public sex. If she’s persuasive and seductive enough, he’s down

•He might not let on to that though. The first time she reaches down to touch him he kind of shrugs her off, but doesn’t say anything. Second time she does it, he shrugs her off again 

•He looks aloof, possibly a little annoyed, but on the inside he’s dying. Trying real hard not to get an erection, because he knows that would just encourage her

•Kakashi’s plan is to just chill out until the right opportunity presents itself to drag her into a bathroom or the nearest private place, if he’s even in the mood. For example, changing room sex in a clothing shop is just ideal for Kakashi. Perfect mix of risky public sex, but still a little private enough for him


•She’s not getting anywhere with Makishima tbh. Just not going to happen. If she even tries to touch him, he’ll shove her hand away and give her a hard, annoyed look

•Makishima is not a man you want to play with. He just doesn’t enjoy these type of antics. Sexual stuff in general is just not his forte. He’d only consider it in private, so there’s no way he’ll entertain anything in public. Just not going to happen. Ever

I know it’s still months away but I’m like planning so much what to do in Japan

-Dog cafe, rabbit cafe, owl cafe….
-moomin cafe???? So I won’t be lonely??
-izakaya because I’m an adult now
-basically gonna eat all the food
-Osaka universal studios??
-exploring the rural Japanese countryside
-strawberry picking!!! They taste like candy!!
-I’m so excited I’m crying


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Four life goals
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So I had started posting for the #15MilBosses thing but I realise now that I’m super behind and haven’t posted for most of it… 

I feel like such a let down now, like I’m bad member of the community. 

@starlightcrystalgem I thought your idea was super sweet and I’m so happy to see how many people have got involved with it ^-^ I’m sorry for only doing a couple of days of it :3

Maybe at some point I’ll have to make a big post to catch up everything x)