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hey I'm sorry, you probably already went over this. but do you mind explaining or linking me to an explanation of what's going on? I heard about some fans being weird but I don't know what happened. thank you so much and I'm sorry for the inconvenience

Hey. No inconvenience at all, no worries. Basically there seems to be more and more of a certain type of behaviour being exhibited by this fandom. Yesterday, fans traveled to Vegas, where The Killers were playing a private event, specifically to meet them. They went to the venue where the SALT Conference was being held and set about looking for Brandon, and Tana too. Naturally, after some of these fans met Brandon, their initial response was to post their photo(s) to social media, sharing their experience. Vocabulary was used as though to imply that the meeting had been happenstance. That it was coincidental that they’d run into Brandon, and that it had been entirely unexpected. That might be believable if some of these individuals didn’t have a track record for “bumping into Brandon” outside and inside hotels, often by waiting hours and hours for him, which kind of makes it seem less like a coincidence.

Of course, this comes in the wake of an incident from a couple of months ago, when a couple of individuals “ran into Brandon” next to his house. They lied about where they were, and lied about the circumstances of the meeting. This happened a few hours after The Killers/Brandon posted it to their Twitter account that he was on his way home having spent some time with the guys in California on Killers business, so anybody with internet access and an ounce of common sense knew where he was headed.

I think that the incident near his home kind of made people realise that for some people, the boundary between acceptable and unacceptable fan behaviour is inherently blurred. That, in turn, set the precedent for the backlash regarding what happened last night.

I can’t change these people’s behaviour, but as somebody who is a part of this fandom, as somebody who loves and respects this band more than anything else in the world, I feel dutifully obligated to at least bring it to people’s attention that this kind of behaviour is not normal, nor should it be considered acceptable. People have stayed quiet about it in the past, not wanting to cause confrontation or pass comment on events in which they played no part, and it was exactly the same for me. I refrained from saying anything because I felt like it was none of my business what anybody else did, so long as I had my own values and stuck to them. But the more people stay silent about things like this, the more others start to view it as acceptable behaviour, and the more they start to emulate this behaviour themselves.

Those involved in last night’s events aren’t going to change their minds about any of this. Some of them have stated that they believe they’re one hundred percent in the right. They think that the backlash they’ve received stems from jealousy, and not a place of rational human decency. Maybe some people are jealous, but I can only speak for myself. I met Brandon last year, at an arranged meet and greet. We spoke, it was wonderful, and I left feeling ecstatic. I have no need to feel jealous, and nothing to be jealous of, so this is my morals speaking, not spitefulness or a need to shit on other people’s happiness.

I’ve never been one to shy away from stating my opinion, neither in real life nor on Tumblr. I don’t like it when people go to Battle Born studios. I don’t like it when people wait outside hotels for them. I don’t like it when people interrupt them while they’re eating dinner to ask for photos, or approach them at the gym and ask for photos. These are things that I would not do. And it’s not for lack of opportunity. I just personally see this as invasive, and believe that it entirely disregards their personal space and right to privacy. When people wait for them outside gigs, it’s pretty much 50-50% as to whether they’ll come out or not. If you’re lucky, they will come out, and you’ll get to meet them and it’ll be fabulous. But in that situation, it’s their choice, and if they choose not to come out and meet fans that night, then that’s their prerogative, and as fans we must respect that.

The short and short of it is: They’re human beings who just want to go about their day. They put their superstar rock band hats on when they have appearances to make and gigs to play, and then they return to being husbands, fathers, boyfriends, sons, brothers, beer company ambassadors, whatever. The fact that they’re ‘famous’ doesn’t entitle any of us to encroach on their privacy, and I feel like it’s becoming more and more acceptable to do just that.

Apologies for the essay, but I just felt as though it needed to be said.