i'm so sorry faris

you don’t have to be a jackson stan to be worried about him and see that he deserves so much better. he doesn’t have to be your bias for you to see all the hate he gets for literally everything he does and how he gives everything he has (and more) for us fans and got7 …

he’d literally sacrifice himself for got7 and us fans and yet some people have the nerve to blame it on him or to say jackson stans are overdramatic when they’re more than right speaking up about the unfairness?!

Jackson isn’t my bias but i’m worried shitless about him sometimes because he’s too kindhearted for a world like this and some of these “”“"fans”“”“ don’t give a single shit about his health or the sacrifice he’s constantly making for us and his group.

He’s one of the most caring, thoughtful, genuine, empathetic and smart people I know and he really makes the industry (and world!!) a better place for so many people… and yet he gets so much shit and taken for granted !??

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How would Minhyuk be different off camera?


anyway.. ugh. right-o i don’t remember who… but someone mentioned that minhyuk was the most different off camera and that he’s quieter and i remember on no.mercy hoseok mentioned that minhyuk was really shy and quiet??

it’s not that i think minhyuk’s a whole different person on camera, i just think… i realized what makes him stick out for fans, what parts of his personality made the best impression and he amplifies it. 

(this next part is gonna be sappy and my minhyuk stan-ness is coming out but wtvs). when i started getting into mx and watched no.mercy, to me, minhyuk was the one that could have been anyone else. they could have easily swapped seokwon with him (I DON’T THINK THIS WAY ANYMORE OKAY I JUST ANYWAY). but i think that was a common comment during that time?? and minhyuk probably saw that and made a concerted effort to prove his worth?? and you could see it immediately! the way he monitors his own performance. minhyuk is such an incredibly hardworker and i think starshit saw that too. he’s so integral, not just with his rising!skills, but also bringing the group together. i think it’s so incredible how much effort minhyuk puts into making sure each member is reminded of their own worth!

and that’s a piece i think that stays relatively the same on and off camera. someone (when will i stop being a fake stan) said that minhyuk was hoseok’s multivitamin (was this hyungwon?) and i think he’s that way for everyone. minhyuk on camera is loud with his praises and i think off camera, he’s soothing and reminding? like kihyun is absentmindedly singing while he’s cooking and minhyuk’s like ‘oh, you hit that note nicely.’ or idk jooheon just steps out of the shower and he says he looks nice or something, you know? little things, quietly whispered. i think they all need some reassurance and that’s where minhyuk fits in so well!

i also think he just?? recharges off camera? i know he seems really extroverted, but based on the comments of his change in behavior, i think he’s more of an introverted extrovert and he needs moments to recharge, needs moments to himself of just quiet lulls. it’s not that he’s fake, but he amplifies parts of himself in front of cameras and is finally able to shut down a little off camera. this is also why i really like the showhyuk ship bc hyunwoo is so quiet and caring, it’s what minhyuk needs after idol!minhyuk is tucked away (i just picture them laying next to each other, not speaking, just like.. in each other’s embrace). 

but like, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t joke or goof off, you know? like he’s obviously hilarious (fite me, he’s so funny) so he does jokes with jooheon and changkyun, picks on people (’you need me to get you that from the cabinet, kihyun?’), but it’s not as loud? it’s just… you’re friendly neighbor fucking things up.

in my mind, the minhyuk off camera is just… quieter and at least tenfold more obnoxious with a sharper tongue (i feel like he’s the type to make everything a dirty joke).

also! minhyuk mentioned that he lost some of his confidence and it breaks my heart, but on the other hand, he’s being so real with us (like listen buddy pal friend-o, i stanned shinee for 9 years and we’re just now getting bit of jinki ANWAY THIS IS ABOUT MINHYUK). i always see minhyuk as the class clown that accidentally got hot and doesn’t really know how to handle that. like, he knows he’s goodlooking, but he’s also doing dorky things and making weird faces. the reason i bring this up is bc originally, this would have been a behind the camera minhyuk moment, but he’s opened up to us and we’re see this in front of the camera. but that’s minhyuk. he’s trusting and needy. as much as he helps others, he needs some reassurance too! anyway, i just wanted to mention that bc i think it’s really nice that he opened up a bit to us. minhyuk, you’re amazing ily i’d do anything to make sure his smile is always genuine. i’m crying okay. 

oi. this got long. and there will be people who disagree, but these are my thoughts and i cannot believe there was a time i thought he was replaceable, bc i just thought of that and teared up. he’s come so far and he’s done such amazing job in bettering his singing skills (pls work on dance skills next), that’s what starshit saw in him. his overall potential and his dedication and hardwork. lmh puts in so much effort and i’m glad it’s showing and i hope others start noticing too! i really can’t wait to see mx as a whole grow and see fans’ reactions to each member’s growth bc!! it’s really beautiful.


Bamon Remembrance Week | Day 2: The Moment That Made You Ship Bamon

Adverse Effect by farie-insignias

Bonnie Bennett, you are going to regret this, she thought to herself even as she lifted her foot out of the stirrup. Damon didn’t hesitate before placing his own in its stead and swinging himself onto the saddle behind her.

Her head spun to face him as she whispered venomously, “What are you doing?” She was desperately trying to quiet the shock resonating through her veins at suddenly being enveloped by him on all sides. His arms encircled her gently as he held the reins on either side of her, and she wasn’t even going to think about his legs.

He offered up a cheeky smirk before replying, “I promised you a ride.” She fought hard not to blush at the innuendo that she hoped he didn’t realize he was making. “I hardly believe that a short walk across the lawn qualifies.”

“Short walks are fine. I love short walks! Really, I don’t need anything more than that.”

An eyebrow lifted, but he didn’t comment and she glared in response. The sounds of the night air seemed to get louder. Lenore shuffled underneath them, restless for something to do. Finally, Bonnie relented.

“Fine,” she said as she turned forward again, “since you’re on the horse already, you might as well do whatever you had planned.”

Arms flexing around her, he nudged the horse into motion and they took off across the darkened field.