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Hey @happycloude-91!! I made a silly little thing based off of that Spy AU you created. I drew it as a way of saying thanks for your support and lovely messages, so I hope you like it!! ^^

Bittersweet reunion rp starters(Warning:death mentions and angst) and
  • •"It's been awhile..."
  • •"Long time,no see..."
  • •"How long was I gone?"
  • •"Do you have any idea how long you were/I was gone?!"
  • •"You've/I've been gone for so goddamn long and the only thing you have to say is HEY?!"
  • •"I've missed you."
  • •"Did you miss me?"
  • •"Why are you here?"
  • •"Did you miss me like I've missed you?"
  • •"Why did you come back?"
  • •"Why did you leave?"
  • •"You're the reason why I've returned..."
  • •"Where have you been all this time?"
  • •"I thought you were dead!"
  • •"But you're here and that's all that matters"
  • •"I'm so glad that you're here"
  • •"You owe me an explanation."
  • •"So...what's new?"
  • •"Things have changed since the last time we saw each other..."
  • •"You're not leaving me again,are you?"
  • •"Will we ever meet again?"
  • •"Don't do this again!Please..."
  • •"I'll never abandon you again..."
  • •"You/I shouldn't have come back"
  • •"You/I should've have left"
  • •"I brought you a gift.I hope you like it"
  • •"I'm so sorry for disappearing so suddenly"
  • •"I told you I would come back!"
  • •"Thank god I've returned in time to save you!"
  • •"[insert name here]?Is that you?"
  • •"Are you real?This must be a dream"
  • •"It's been so long since we've talked like this"
  • •"I have no good reason for excusing myself.I'm sorry"
  • •"I left because I...I.."
  • •"Let's sit down somewhere comfy.Tell me all the juicy gossip that I've missed!"
  • •"I have so much to fill you in.."
  • •"Things were much better before you/I left..."
  • •"You know that legendary dog Hachiko?I'm just like him.At least my patience paid off..."
  • •"I've/You've changed..."
  • •"So,how's it going with [enter convention topic here]?"
  • •"I see that nothing has changed while I was gone"
  • •"Nothing ever changes here"
  • •"Suprise bitch!Bet you thought you'd seen the last of me."
  • •"Well...I've waited here like I promised"
  • •"I thought I would never see you again"
  • •"So,what do you want to talk about?"
  • •"You didn't even try to look for me!"
  • •"You left me to die!"
  • •"I/You left because of [insert person/reason here]!"
  • •"I wasn't able to tell you at the time"
  • •"You/I could've at least said goodbye."
  • •"How dare show yourself here after all this time?!"
  • •"Next time,take me with you,ok?"

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Ennoshita's "do it for Daichi" shirt is the best thing I've ever seen

it’s all fun and games until daichi sees him wearing the shirt and ennoshita decides to avoid him for an entire week

Anon said:  Thank you for the bakushima!!! Well actually thanks for all of your art in general!!!!!

Naw Anon thank YOU for liking my stuff!!!!  (ノ //ヮ//)ノ*:・゚✧


Happy Birthday to the lovely @ohscorbus!!! I hope you liked your impromptu gifts sorry you had to smuggle the chocolates. A little doodle I did which ended up taking too much time cause I couldn’t get their hair right - and now I know its a bad idea to sleep at 2am when you’ve got a two part show later that day. Thank you for letting me take it with Platform 9 ¾. I’m so glad to be sharing massive CC tears with you

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Hello!!!!! I've been following you for a while and I love your blog!!!!! My friends and I started a ship safe-zone blog for the fandom to enjoy which made me wonder about what other rare pairs there are in the fandom! Then I remembered you loved Kacxa! I just wanted to know if you had any headcanons for the ship!! I would love to hear them!!!

I can’t believe…..my time has finally come.

  • It’s a huge deal for Acxa to break from Lotor’s ranks, and after she and Keith come to an agreement that he and the rest of Voltron will help protect her in their fight against Lotor and the rest of the generals, she gets her own room in the castle
    • Her room is super secluded from everyone else because she acknowledges that she’s the outsider here and she can sense the unease from the rest of the paladins, Allura, and Coran at her presence
    • Keith is the only one who comes to visit her to ask questions about Lotor and how they should proceed, and while she knows it isn’t a personal call to come visit her, she doesn’t understand why he isn’t as afraid of her as the rest of them
    • When she asks him that very question, she’s startled when he gives her a genuine smile and says “because I’m an outsider too”
    • Acxa blushes which makes her cheeks go a darker shade of purple and Keith can’t help but notice
      • consider him shook
  • They start spending more and more time together and their discussions start to trail into Acxa’s heritage and how they’re both half Galra
    • Acxa is almost clinical in her retelling of her childhood and her hardships that she faced as a half-breed, and how she had been able to find focus and solace under Lotor’s reign
    • Keith is fascinated and just wants to learn more and more so he keeps coming back to her and they spend hours talking, first starting with her sitting on the edge of her bed and Keith leaning against the wall by the door until they both unconsciously become comfortable enough with one another that they start sitting next to each other on the bed
    • The first time Acxa laughs at some dumb thing Keith says in an off-topic rant, his throat kind of closes up and all he can do is stare and the way her eyes crinkle and how she lifts a hand to cover her mouth and wow she’s kind of unfairly beautiful
      • He immediately makes up some excuse about why he has to leave—“left the food goo machine on in the kitchen, it’ll be a whole thing, so I gotta just–yeah ok bye”—and then stands outside her door with his hand on his chest where his heart’s beating a little fast and has a moment of internal crisis
      • Acxa’s left confused and blinking at where the door just swished shut 
  • Acxa has zero (0) concept of understanding human interactions, mannerisms, and general social etiquette so Keith has to keep an eye on her 
    • Lance: [accidentally spills nunvil on Acxa when they bump shoulders in the hall]
    • Acxa: [spins around] YOU DARE CHALLENGE ME?
      • Lance thought he was going to die that day
  • Despite instances like the one with Lance, Keith convinces Acxa to come out of her room more often to visit with the other paladins to start to make them feel comfortable around her too
    • Keith has a mini-heart attack when Acxa tilts her head and says “You understand me. Isn’t that enough?” and he just mumbles out something unintelligible and waves at the corridor towards the kitchen in an attempt to make her start walking so she won’t see his face turn red
    • but for real, once she starts integrating more with the paladins, Acxa makes some very interesting connections
      • She and Hunk bond immediately 
      • prob bc Hunk is the epitome of trustworthy and kind and she feels at ease around him and he makes her laugh with his constant food references and dramatic expressions and she always replies with “I do not understand what you’re saying but you are quite entertaining!”
      • Pidge also slowly eases into talking with Acxa and asking prying questions with that little glint in her eye that always pops up when she’s devastatingly curious and wants to learn more about something and Acxa finds her small stature intriguing
  • Okay but speaking of Keith blushing
    • The first time Keith blushes at something, Acxa smiles and comments on how odd it is that some humans have such transparent skin and she reaches forward to touch Keith’s cheek where it’s now bright pink and he sucks in a really sharp breath and freezes up
    • Acxa notices and says “Oh. Am I crossing a ‘boundary’?” and Keith can’t help but laugh lightly at the air quotes he can hear in her words and he croaks out “Kind of.” 
    • and Acxa nods once and starts to pull her hand away and Keith doesn’t know what possesses him but he grabs her wrist and Acxa stiffens because she’s used to violence following something like that but Keith’s grip is firm but gentle and she looks into his eyes just as he says “It’s okay. I don’t mind.”
    • Neither of them really know what to do from there with the tension hanging between them so Keith lets her go and Acxa folds her hands in her lap and they both just stare at the floor until Keith bids her a goodnight
      • spoiler alert: Keith doesn’t sleep at all that night
      • spoiler alert #2: neither does Acxa
  • Keith and Acxa train together in the training room whenever there’s downtime
    • Keith is thrilled because he’s fighting another humanoid who pushes him to his limits and not the same robot over and over again
    • Acxa finds Keith’s intensity and his level of skill fascinating and their sparring sessions go from minutes into hours
    • Neither of them want to give in even when they’re both about to collapse from exhaustion, and Keith takes the high road and calls a draw so they can both slide down the wall on the far side of the training room and catch their breath
      • Both of them are satisfyingly sore and worn out and happy that they’ve found a decent opponent to spar with but neither of them say it
  • Their first kiss is after one of their countless sparring sessions
    • Acxa got the upper hand in the last half of their session and caught Keith off-guard, pushing him closer and closer to the side of the room until he was backed into a corner with no way out and she knocks his sword out of his hands
    • Keith trips backwards and falls on the ground with a surprised huff and feels the tip of Acxa’s training spear just under his chin, inches from his throat and their eyes hold for several moments
    • With a short laugh, Acxa withdraws and holds out her hand to pull Keith to his feet, which he grabs as he stands up, but Acxa pulled a little too hard and Keith was already feeling a little weak at the knees so he ends up stumbling a little closer to her than they’ve ever gotten before
    • They both just stand there, hands still clasped, lips parted in surprise, a little stunned at the lack of space between them, and that’s when Keith just leans forward and kisses her
    • Acxa panics and pushes away, covering her mouth with her hand as she says “What are you doing?” and Keith is kind of wrecked and doesn’t know how to reply so he just ducks his head and apologizes and moves past her to grab his bayard and leave the training room
    • Cue both of them in their rooms mulling it over; Keith, beating himself up and cursing himself for breaking the small bridge of trust he’d established with her. Acxa, with her fingers pressed to her mouth, brow furrowed as she tries to understand
      • Keith is sitting with his hands in his hair on the edge of his bed when his door swishes open and Acxa steps into his room 
      • She walks over to him and pulls him to his feet and she’s blushing but looks so vulnerable when she says really softly, “I don’t understand. Can you help me understand?” and Keith can’t really breathe but he cups her cheek and pulls her in to kiss her again
      • When they finally pull away, Acxa breathes out a little “Oh,” because she gets it now, and Keith can’t help but grin at that
        • someone kill me I’m fragile and weeping

He had wanted to die.

He had wanted to die on Starkiller, wanted to be absorbed into the scarlet infinite of the universe, to be consumed by the astral expulsion of matter, the ultimate ascension into perpetuity, to be forever sublimated as energy from the galaxy’s greatest weapon, the fearsome child of his own making swallowing him back up into the great, gaping, maw of its event horizon.

He had tasted the metal of the blaster against the flat of his tongue: sour and bright. He had closed his eyes and tried to think of a crimson wave of light. Instead, he had seen a field of snow.

His wet-eyed, shaking, paralytic silence is his refusal. Ren is correct: he is a disgrace. He blinks, drops his gaze.

“Coward,” says Ren.

“Get fucked,” he says. (His voice breaks. It sounds so weak.)

Aware of His Own Halo by @badspacebabies

I finally read the fic and I just can’t??? There’re so many moments I adore but had to draw this one or I might have exploded.

Comet's final show ft.CRYING

Oh boy you guys do I need to write down about that show. It’s been my 8th time and I honestly don’t know what to do in my life now that it’s gone. So let’s get into it!

(More under the cut cause this got long)

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"weeks ago i the lesbian of the village bought condoms at the store and everyone knew about it even before i drove back home" oh my god i'm so glad i read all the tags i'm cackling in my college library the guy next to me is side-eying me and i thought my rural upbringing was bad im sO SORRY

I arrived back home and my Mom just deadass asked “why did you buy condoms for?” and I was just like?? HOW THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW I BOUGHT THAT? And she was like “Irene (the lady who owns the bakery) called and told me”. I’m 24 and don’t even really live there anymore, like… anyway, all my Mom did after that is ask if she could have some.

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Hey!! ^u^ I've been a fan of your art for like um-- a year now?? Ugh! Sorry if that sounds creepy!! It's just your art is SO GOOD!! And I want to draw like you someday!! I've been following you for a long time but I'm just too shy to reveal myself to the public so I'm hiding as an anon!! >///< And I don't know if you still do requests or not but if you don't mind, could you draw Idate and Purim interacting with each other? ^v^ Thank you for existing!! <3 Sincerely, Your secret anon admirer!!

Oh my, really, this ask made me smile.

I feel bad because I can’t really keep the blog alive right now (well, until the 6th July), but I’ll do my best to become active again. ;;;

It’s ok to be shy, the anon option is here for that !! I actually don’t take request right now, but you’re too cute, and that big ask made my heart melt. So here you go !

it’s quite sketchy but— well.

Thank you for existing too ! ~ c:

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hi! i'm honestly in love with your blog! after i became obessed w voltron i went on an imagines binge on tumblr and your blog is my favorite. anyways, enough of my fangirling. i was wondering if you could do how the paladin's would react if their s/o got hurt by the enemy? i read like all your imagines and i didn't see anything similar to this but i'm sorry if this was already done. thank you, much love!! <3

Alkjsd all of you are just so sweet I can’t handle how nice all of you are it’s really heart warming! I’m so glad you like our blog we’ve worked really hard to bring you guys the best content we can provide! 

Anyways, thanks for sending in your ask! You’re so right, I haven’t seen an ask like this in our inbox yet so thank you! 

-Mod Enki 



  • Pretty much just launches himself at the enemy no matter where the hell he is at the time his s/o gets hurt like. Nyoooom. He’s fucking there and kicking the ass of everything in his path while trying to guard his s/o at the the same time. Barks out orders to the other paladins immediately to regroup and stay close to each other because if his s/o is already hurt then it might not take long for the others to get hurt, too. 
  • He loses himself a bit and even subconsciously reverts back to his mental state of when he was in the gladiator ring having to fight countless waves of enemies. It kind of startles him and his s/o a bit because then he couldn’t imagine what would happen if anything worse happens to his s/o and how he might react to it. It’s not that all surprising though, because he is a serious temperament kind of guy when it comes to anything battle related. Or even in general. 
  • When he can, he’ll try to cover his s/o while they try to move out of the line of fire. Granted they can walk of course. If they can’t it’s clear that Shiro would have to pick them up and move them somewhere super quickly before going back into the heat of battle. There isn’t much he can do, and he can’t just sit with his s/o despite him wanting to. He’s gotta protect his team, too. When he realizes they won’t be able to win the battle he’ll call a retreat and cover everyone else as they try to escape with his s/o.
  • As soon as everyone’s safe he really begins to fret over his s/o. Probably going for the light scold of “I told you to stay close to me.” But he’s not going to really get on their case until their wound can get treatment and they’re back in the castle ship. He feels a little unnerved for a while after the whole incident and he’s a little more protective of his s/o in the time being. Makes sure to stay close to them as much as he can while still keeping an eye out for everyone else. 


  • Will run over with guns blazing whilst yelling at the top of his lungs which probably does more harm than good because he’s running at his s/o to protect them but also making a god damn scene and causing like every enemy in the vicinity to concentrate on him. He’s trying his best though please be patient with him.
  • Reveals a kind of side of him that his s/o rarely ever sees because most of the time he’s still kind of a turd in the middle of battles but now he’s so focused on trying to keep them safe that it’s a little jarring. Granted he can be serious when he wants to be, but when his s/o gets hurt it’s a little more than just getting serious. His voice gets low and very sharp when he’s yelling out orders at the other paladins to help him and his s/o. 
  • If the heat of battle is too much he will simply pick up his s/o and take them somewhere that’s at least somewhat safer and less packed with enemies until they can either retreat or quell the enemy forces. When they’re finally all safe he gets all sappy and mushy on his s/o and probably frets over their injury a lot. 
  • Pretty much just holds them in his arms for a while because he’s a little scared about just how easily his s/o could be taken away from him. He’d never imagine them getting super hurt and never even considered the possibility until now. Definitely smothers his s/o with kisses as soon as they come out of the healing pod.


  • Will divert the enemy’s attention to him while his s/o can find cover until he can get to them. Pretty much over kills the enemy because how fucking dare they hurt his s/o like what the actual hell. Gods have mercy on the poor enemy that brought the wrath of the red paladin upon themselves. He’s practically in berserk mode for the entire rest of the battle until the others can get him to calm down. 
  • It might take him a bit to realize that he was putting himself in a lot of danger and Shiro, along with Keith’s s/o, will scold him a bit. “I know you’re mad but please don’t over do it.” He really doesn’t see the harm in him talking everyone on like he did but he tries to see their point of view. 
  • Instead of him fussing over his s/o it’s his s/o who’s pretty much fussing over him. Asking about the scratches on his face and trying to smooth them over by running a thumb over his scrapes. He gets a little huffy because he doesn’t think it’s a big deal. Just tells them to shut up while he tries to ground himself in their presence. 
  • When they get back to the castle ship he goes straight to the training deck like a nerd because he thinks that if his s/o can get hurt that easily then he needs to train more to become stronger. He doesn’t care how many injuries he gets when he’s in battle but if his s/o gets hurt it’s a whole other story. For a while he seems a little more clingy to his s/o and holds them more often and for much longer. He needs to make sure they’re okay.


  • Pretty much uses himself as a shield until the enemy is taken down like how are they gonna hit his s/o while Hunk is standing there like a great wall of china. He’s waaaaay more focused on being with his s/o and making sure they’re okay than actually fighting. When enemy fire stops being targeted on him and his s/o he takes them somewhere safe so he can wait it out with them. For some reason, as much as he wants to go out there and kick some enemy ass, he’s worried about his s/o getting even more hurt. 
  • He’s really concerned that his s/o will bleed out or pass out, or any other thing to distract him while fighting. So he just opts to stay by his s/o’s side until the danger in averted or until someone calls for a retreat and he can be the first one up and running to get his s/o to safety. 
  • Since he’s so worried about them he’s the worst offender for fussing over the injury. “YOU’RE GOING TO DIE LOOK HOW BAD THAT IS.” And they have to constantly reassure him that they’re going to be okay. He’s just a sweet bean and worries for his s/o so much please just tell him it’s going to be okay. Will not shut up until his s/o is fine and dandy.
  • In order to pass the time while his s/o is healing up he tries to make all their favorite foods for when they come out of the healing pod. It helps soothe his nerves. When his s/o comes out he’s on them like a bird on a june bug. Fussing over them and wanting them to get something to eat lest they pass out. He blurts about how much he loves his s/o once they’re alone and that he promises to keep them out of harms way from now on.


  • Immediately alerts everyone to the situation so that they can all go after the enemy like a giant swarm. Even though she’d like to take them out herself, she isn’t the best at hand to hand combat an she’d rather make sure her s/o is safe and sound than focus on anything else. 
  • Like Hunk, she opts to stay with her s/o but is a little more willing to leave them if the other paladins really need her. If she can, she takes out what ever enemies she can while she’s with her s/o. She can’t really take them to another area because she’s a little too small to make a speedy retreat while supporting a whole other person, especially with an s/o who’s bigger than her. She could probably manage with an s/o close to her size but no promises. 
  • She asks her s/o if they’re feeling okay about 200 times while on the way back to the castle ship. It takes all of her strength not to try and patch up the wound herself. She just wants the injury to go away already so her s/o wont be in so much pain. If she can she holds their hand and probably squeezes it to death because??? She’s already lost so much it’s really scary to think that she could lose her s/o, too.
  • Doesn’t get a lick of sleep while her s/o is in the healing pod. She has to make sure they’re absolutely 100% okay while their healing and that something bad doesn’t happen. When no one’s around she honestly will cry a little bit. This poor child is so stressed about losing a lot of her family she didn’t even want to think about how her s/o could be taken away. Once her s/o is out she’s very clingy, trying to make sure they don’t leave her side again. Fusses over them for the next few days because they could have DIED. Please cuddle this child.

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You have the best Cole headcannons! Could I have some more ghost Cole ones? (Preferably with angst. Like, I want to cry)

 AKHDBGAKGD THANK :D I gotchu fam I’ll do my best

I’ll start off with some not so angsty ones

  • while Lloyd was having a rest after the events of season 5 bc he very much deserves a rest, they would rotate who would lead depending on their area of expertise.
    • ghost cole is like heck ya I got this I can do anything I can’t die i’m a ghost
    • Wu: under no circumstances are you to do the thing. None. Do you understand? Just don’t do it.
      Cole: got it. Don’t do the thing. Never do the thing no matter what. Totally get it.
      Wu: good. *leaves*
      Cole: *turns to ninja* ok so we’re gonna do the thing
  • because ghosts can’t die he can jump from one of the windows in Yang’s temple and not get hurt, and when he turns human he forgets that it’s actually dangerous now that he has like, bones
    • he breaks both his ankles trying to parkour is what I’m saying ://
    • good news though I also headcanon that because of his connection to earth and its strength he actually has a much quicker recovery time than others
  • “hey see if Ouija boards will work with me” “Cole you’re… already here I can see you i’m talking to you that’s not the point of Ouija boards”
  • kai eats his last slice of cake?? will posses every kitchen appliance they have at 3am when kai wakes up to get a snack to scare him
  • he pretends that he can talk to and see other ghosts that the others can’t
    • Jay: *is talking*
      Cole: *eyes widen* Lisa no… 
      Jay: … what? 
      Cole: Lisa no don’t do that to Jay! STOP NO HE DOESN’T DESERVE THAT

ok now some angsty ones, and a fair warning that some of it does get pretty angsty and a lil dark so please don’t read it if that’s gonna get to you

  • when Cole doesn’t know what to do he’ll turn to food, and before he became a ninja he had an eating disorder that he worked through because he had the love and support of his friends
    • but when he’s a ghost he can’t even get a hold of anything let alone eat something
    • so the one thing that gives him comfort is now gone
    • when he can eventually control his body he just eats and eats and eats and then eats some more
    • cause he can touch stuff but he can’t feel anything
    • and he knows his eating habits would be unhealthy were he not a ghost but he doesn’t have the will to care
    • you can’t look me in the eye and tell me that he can eat an entire cake filled with tools and not even realise that there were tools in there, and then say the boy doesn’t have an eating problem
    • he reeeeeeeeeeeally struggles to adjust his diet when he becomes human as a result, but he has Zane and Kai to help him with that cause they’re the health nerds in the team 
  • he avoids Jay as much as he can to start with, because of the two of them Cole is always the strongest and is there for him. He can’t bear for Jay to see him like this so he shuts him out and Jay is really hurt because he has no idea why
    • he starts to think that Cole blames him for him becoming a ghost, because Jay was the one who he was tied to directly in the temple
    • he starts to think that maybe if he hadn’t been so selfish and worried about himself over the team, and had just listened to Cole when he yelled that he’d dropped the scroll, none of this would have happened
    • or maybe he could’ve helped him, and sure he would’ve been a ghost too but at least he’d be working though it with his best friend
    • of course when Cole and Jay talk about this Cole is like “Jay wth are you talking about why would any of this be your fault” but it’s… not nice in the beginning
  • he always feels like a liability on missions because everyone is focused on protecting him and making sure he’s a-ok instead of what they should be doing
    • especially since Nya still doesn’t have such good control of her powers so will be firing water around at enemies like there’s no tomorrow, and if Cole isn’t alert he almost gets hit
    • a lot of Lloyd’s time is spent keeping Cole in an energy forcefield, which keeps him safe and gives Lloyd as little to do as possible so he can ease back into it 
  • he also doesn’t want to tell his dad because his dad never wanted him to be a ninja and he promised him he wouldn’t get hurt and he already lost his mum and it would hurt him so much if he lost Cole too and how is Lou supposed to explain to people that his son is a ghost and-
    • now Lou is an actor, ok? He’s distraught and he’s sobbing when he first sees Cole but he loves him more than anything and he’ll be damned if he’s going to make Cole feel worse, so he keeps it together for his boy
    • Jay has to come with him cause Cole can’t do it on his own and he’s crying so much he can’t speak, so Jay explains what happens for him
  • the guys have to keep really close tabs on him at all times to start with because they all know how easy it would be for him to just walk into some water and that would be the end of it all
    • so they make sure he’s never alone but try not to treat him any differently and it does help him feel a little better
  • there’s a whole number of people he could blame for this happening, he could blame Ronin for sending them there, he could blame Jay for sending them to the furthest part of the temple to chase fake Morro into an attic, he could blame Kai for having a fear of water and not being able to get the original scroll from Morro in Stixx in the first place, he could blame Yang for being a sicko and wanting to imprison them all, the list continues
    • but that’s not healthy for the team and it’s so much easier for him to internalise the blame and say it’s because he can’t lead, it’s because he tied them together, it’s because he dropped the scroll
    • he’ll say Jay was right all that time ago, that he is the least valuable member of the team. So it’s best that it happened to him and not one of the others because he’s expendable.
  • he can’t go anywhere near Lloyd
    • Cole is a ghost and he has black hair and guess who else was a ghost with black hair
    • Lloyd still sees Morro sometimes and he has nightmares about it so he’ll get super edgy around Cole
    • he knows Cole would never hurt him but he really does look an awful lot like Morro to him sometimes and every time he looks at him it reminds him of what happened and the things Morro did to him and threatened to do to the people he loves
    • the last thing Cole wants to do is hurt Lloyd and make things worse so he keeps himself in his room for a week or two until Lloyd goes on a little holiday with Misako
  • He used to love rain and it relaxed him, his dad used to take him out in it and dance and play, so now that he can’t just sit in rain and chill or mess around with his buds it makes him sad.
  • he eventually comes to terms with it and as we see all is well and he can do so many things, so when he becomes human again he feels completely useless 
    • everyone thought what he could do was cool and the team all had a big need for his abilities, and now that he can’t do those things anymore he feels completely expendable again and like he’s not special and can’t offer anything
    • queue a cuddle pile and lots of head smooches and dens and movie nights

Ask me ninjago headcanons!

And Suddenly I See You ~ Svance

Next stop on Pebble’s Svance train: Pure Fluff place.
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Thanks to life experiences, Lance could claim to be a lot of things. For example, he was easily the best dancer of the Voltron Force, and could eat any spice level that was given to him and thought of jalapeños as a light snack. He was excellent at dealing with kids, and could name most of the countries of the world alphabetically.

But dealing with the cold?
Now that was impossible.

Turns out that Norwegian tundras are incredibly cold, and bundling up in at least three of Sven’s thick winter coats can’t keep out said cold out. He was finding it hard to walk, even the few meters through the thick snow back to the Land Rover.
Sven was somehow walking beside him like nothing was wrong, chattering happily about the blizzards they sometimes get whilst somehow wearing a shirt and a single fleece-lined jacket, as oppose to the layers of insulating plastic that Lance was busy shivering under.
“Sven,” Lance cut him off, breathing heavily, “how do you even cope here?”
“I grew up here, didn’t it?” Sven replied with a chuckle, earning a pout from the paladin next to him. “You learn to deal with it, like how you can deal with your world’s Cuban heatwaves.”
“They’re not heatwaves,” Lance shot back, “just warmer temperatures.”
“Yes, and this is just light snowfall.”
The snow, as if on cue, began to fall heavier, fat flakes drifting and sticking in the wool of Lance’s beanie cap. Around their feet, the mounds of snow they were already trudging through were quietly building up; he could feel snow melt on his socks and in his shoes, and judging by Sven’s sudden grimace, he could as well.
Another gust of wind blew over the white plains, and Sven’s breath curled in front of his face in a smokey cloud.

Lance wasn’t going to admit he was looking at the flush of his cheeks as the wind changed direction, or the way the grey light from the sky lit up his cheekbones in a very particular manner.

“We should be getting back,” Sven eventually mused, hopefully not noticing Lance’s sigh of relief, “if the snow builds up much more, we might not be able to drive back.”
“So what if we’re stuck in the car, all night?” Lance asked coyly.
“Then we’d run out of petrol for the heating by about midnight and freeze until the morning or someone manages to rescue us,” Sven replied, smirking at the fall of Lance’s face, “all in good time, Sharpshooter, don’t rush it.”
“This better be a quiznaking nice cabin you booked,” Lance grumbled, the snow squelching under his boots.
Pulling some car keys out of a trouser pocket, Sven clicked his tongue and ran the small distance remaining to the car. “You can be the first judge.”

Lance’s grumbling continued until the duo were safely in the car, forcing Sven to crank the heating up until it hit one that Lance considered a more sensible temperature and Sven considered way too hot, but wasn’t going to debate.
“So where were all the elks or whatever then?” Lance asked, pressing his nose against the window in an attempt to see through the increasing snowfall.
“You’ll see them tomorrow, don’t worry,” Sven said with a patient smile, “I have a friend who runs a nature reserve, there’s lots of elks to observe there.”
Lance turned round suddenly. “You have a friend who owns an entire nature reserve? How many pies do you have your fingers in?”
“I’m a well-known space explorer here, I can call in a lot of favours,” Sven responded, “like how this cabin isn’t technically on the market, but I knew the owners, so…”
He trailed off, laughing slightly at Lance’s awed face. “What’s this cabin like, then?”
“You’ll see.”
Lance pouted and leant back in the chair, folding his arms. “You keep saying that.”
“And you need to learn to wait for things,” Sven snarked, “you’re very impatient for a member of a team who actively takes out Galrans using endurance hunting.”
Lance narrowed his eyes. “And you’re, uh…” he trailed off, Sven humming playfully at Lance’s inability to create a comeback, “you’re annoying!”
“Whatever you say, my love, whatever you say.”
Lance huffed, turning back to the window. “The snow’s easing off now,” he said absentmindedly, as the windscreen wipers slowed down to a much more regular rate.
“Just in time, we’re almost there.”


“God, Sven, this place is amazing!”

The cabin was, without a doubt, the most luxurious place Lance had ever been in. The living room was the length of the cabin itself, all oak panels and floor-to-ceiling windows that gave a lovely view of the snow-doused plains and forests, and was furnished with plush sofas, minimalist wall hangings, and the biggest fireplace Lance had ever seen in his life. The kitchen was compact but high-tech, and was stocked with all kinds of interesting looking food that he hoped Sven knew what he was doing with, and down the hallway was the bedroom, containing a heavenly looking bed.
There was only one bedroom.
Lance’s heart may or may not have skipped a beat.

“That good, eh?” Sven confirmed, shrugging off his jacket and hanging it on a pair of faux antlers near the doorway.
Lance hummed an affirmative, collapsing on the sofa nearest the window and lazily undoing the zips to his many coats. “Can I just stay here forever?”
“Well, if your definition of forever is seven days, then by all means, yes.”
“You know what I mean,” he replied, poking his tongue out to the other man, who laughed and pulled his coats out from underneath him.
“How does hot cocoa sound to you?” Sven called once Lance’s coats were hung up.
“Sounds fantastic.”
“Then get up off your arse and help me then.”
A beat.
“On second thoughts I can survive without.”
“Alright, I’m coming!” He replied with a laugh, pushing himself off the sofa, “but if you’re one of these weird people who eats the powder straight out the tub, I’m teaching myself to drive and going back to the ship.”
Once he was in the kitchen, Sven shot him a smile and tossed him a block of chocolate. “Who said we were using powder?”
“Marry me.”

The cocoa was eventually made, but only after Lance decided to try and eat half of it, sneaking cubes away when he thought Sven wasn’t looking.
“Hey, Lance, look at me?”
“What’s up-”
That was when he felt Sven’s lips softly crash onto his, squeaking in surprise before melting into the kiss. His eyes fluttered shut as Sven tilted his head, pushing into it, and-
Sven pulled away, smirking widely.
“So it was you that was stealing the chocolate,” he said, turning back to the pot of hot milk on the stove, “don’t try to evade your guilt.”
“That’s-” he stalled, still somewhat comprehending what happened, “that’s cheating!”
“You would have denied it if I asked,” Sven sing-songed back, finally tipping the hot liquid into two mugs, “I’ll go set the fire up, come in when you’re ready.”

The hot cocoa really was good, and Lance plonked himself next to Sven on the sofa in front of a roaring fire. “Dude, this is incredible,”
“You like it?” He asked, stretching an arm around Lance’s shoulders, who in turn took that as an invite to snuggle into his side and rest his head on Sven’s shoulders.
“I love it.”
“That’s good.” He took a long sip of the cocoa and pressed a kiss into the top of Lance’s head. “I was worried I had gone a little, uh, over the top.”
Lance looked up at him, confused. “How?”
“Well, I wasn’t sure if it was all a bit-” he gestured to the rooms decor- “too much.”
“Sven, babe.” Lance put a hand on his cheek, and moved his head so he was looking at the smaller paladin. “I couldn’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be right now.”
“And your team-”
“Can survive without me for a week.”
Sven hummed in reply, reaching down to press a proper, tender kiss into Lance’s lips. He tasted like the cocoa, all sweet and milky, and Lance gently pushed back into it, sliding his mouth open to deepen it. Their heads tilted slightly, and Sven placed his mug on the table sloppily to place his now free hand on Lance’s jaw.
“I’m sorry,” Sven eventually said, pulling back with a pant, “I should control myself.”
Lance gave a breathless laugh. “Babe, I honestly couldn’t care. That-” he stopped to catch his breath- “that was great.”
Sven hummed again, leaning in for another quick kiss before sneaking a sip of the now lukewarm cocoa. “Are you hungry?”
“For you? All the time, babe,” flirted Lance, snapping his fingers into a gun-shape and pressing it into Sven’s cheek.
“For food, Casanova.”
“Oh yeah, sure.”


Sven certainly knew what he was doing with the food.
Lance had wandered into the kitchen after getting his breath back to see his standing over a large pot of something that smelled fantastic, and Sven was beckoning him over to help.
“Cutlery is in the first drawer on the left, and plates are up here,” he instructed, pointing to a cabinet by his head without ever taking his eyes off the pot.
Throwing an arm around his waist, Lance leaned in to look into the pot. “This smells amazing.”
Sven sent him a genuine smile, reciprocating the hug around his shoulders. “It’s my mother’s recipe, I hope you enjoy it.”
“Compared to the food goo I’ve been living on for the past year or so, it’s gonna’ be the best thing ever.”

It really was. Lance decided that, if he had to eat one thing for the rest of his life, it would be that. The lamb practically fell off the bone, and the cabbage was sweet, rather than the slightly slimy variant that his dad used to try and make. To top it off, he’d never seen Sven look quite so genuinely pleased as he did when Lance tried to groan his appreciation around a mouthful of food.
“I’m glad you liked it,” he later murmured into Lance’s hair as he passed behind to put some washed plates back away, “I was worried it wasn’t going to be up to your tastes.”
Stifling a laugh, Lance spun on the ball of his foot and wrapped his arms around Sven’s neck, grinning up at him. “Dude, you literally could have given me plain pasta and I would have thanked you.”
Lance nodded. “It’s not food goo.”
“I don’t know what this food goo tastes like,” Sven mused, sliding arms around Lance’s waist, “but you’re making it out to be something I should never try.”
“Ugh, for good reason.” Lance’s face pressed into Sven’s chest and he groaned. “It tastes of nothing! Absolutely nothing! And has the texture of literal mush!”
Lance scowled at Sven’s continued snickering. “Did you never have to put up with the goo?”
“Nope,” he replied through laughs, “we got monthly supply deliveries containing actual food, although most of it was dehydrated.”
Lance moaned again. “I would have actually died for dehydrated food sometimes.”
“Tsuyoshi couldn’t survive without actual food, so blame him rather than me.”
“Neither can Hunk, but we don’t really get a choice, y'know?”

Lance yawned suddenly, jaw snapping open and ears popping with a crack.
“Is someone tired?” Sven taunted whilst Lance shot him another scowl.
“No, it’s just been a long day.”
“Then why don’t we just go to bed, then we can start tomorrow early.”
He had hardly finished his sentence before he felt Sven’s arms move from his waist, and a hand around the backs of his knees. Next thing he knew, his feet weren’t touching the floor at all, and Sven was holding him horizontally with one arm under his knees and the other supporting his back.
“Are you comfortable, my Prince?”
Once Lance had gotten over his shock, he tossed an arm over Sven’s neck and pulled him down for a short kiss. “I can’t believe my knight in shining armour was here all along.”


Later, Lance was cocooned in duvet and Sven had happily pulled him into his arms, taking their legs together and tucking Lance’s head under his chin. The pale light from the moon that filtered through the snow clouds made the window glow, casting soft shadows in the room and giving everything a silvery lining, and the residual warmth from the fires kept the room pleasantly warm despite the thick duvet.
“So, tell me,” Lance whispered, voice muffled and scratchy from rest, “what’s the difference between elks and moose, just so I know for tomorrow?”
Sven hummed in thought for a moment, causing Lance to squirm slightly in his arms and his breath ghosted his ear. “It’s all in the name, my love,” he stated simply, “what is a moose to you is an elk to me.”
Huffing, Lance rolled over, careful not to crush Sven’s arms as he buried himself further into the larger man’s chest. “Why is there even a difference in the first place?”
“Because you Americans are a strange, strange people.”
“And yet, I’m not even American,” Lance shot back, pressing a soft kiss into his collarbone with a smirk. He felt a hand mingle in his hair, working gentle circles into his nape and neck. Sven’s general presence was nearly overpowering, but perfect all the same; all Lance could smell was his musky body wash, and the faint scent of the cocoa they’d had earlier that day, and all he could feel was Sven’s arms around him and the hand in his hair whilst the other held him tight around the middle.
“G'night, Babe.”
“Sleep well, my Lance.”

He dipped off to sleep, replaying the lilting voice of the man next to him in his head.


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anonymous asked:

It's been the worst 2 weeks of my life and you're one of my favorite writers, and you said you were taking prompts but I am scare that that's done so please my guy if you're up for it, MAS raising Luffy??? You don't have to if you don't wanna, thank you for your time

Sorry about taking so long? i am here!

Luffy sniffs, whining as his head throbs and his throat aches, curling into himself on the bed in the nurse’s office. It was gross and sticky and Luffy wanted to go home.

“He’s in here,” Luffy peeks from underneath the blankets as Ace stumbles into the room, his uniform messy. “We’ve made sure to give him plenty of liquids and kept an eye on him.”

“Thanks,” Ace says smiling politely at the nurse. “Lu, are you alright?”

“I don’t feel good,” Luffy whines holding his arms out of his hiding place. “I wanna go home, Acey.”

Ace makes a sad noise, lifting Luffy into his arms, “Okay baby, it’s okay. We’ll go home and make Sabo and Marco pick up soup and something other than water to drink. Some juice maybe.”

Luffy sniffles, hiding his face against Ace’s neck, “An-” He sneezes. “Sorry Acey.”

“It’s okay,” Ace sighs, wiping his neck clean. “Come on baby, let’s get you home.”

“Thank you, Acey.”

Ace runs a hand down Luffy’s back thanking the nurse and quickly escaping the school.

“I think I was too much of a horrible student,” Ace whispers to Luffy as he buckles him into the carseat. “They all remember me and keep trying to talk to me about things. I don’t like it.”

“Home now, Acey?”

“That’s right baby, we’re going to go home,” Ace pulls the blanket that Luffy left in the car that morning up over him. “Comfy?”

“Warm,” Luffy mutters almost hidden under the blanket, “Like warm, Acey.”

“How is he?” Marco asks leaning back in his chair. “It sounded pretty bad when the office called.”

“He’s not coughing, I don’t know why they said he was, but he’s sick. Sneezing and burning up but he’s not having any issues with coughing. Think you can get ahold of Sabo and pick up some soup? I don’t think Luffy’s going to let me move when we get back to he house.”

“I don’t think he will either. I’m sorry that I couldn’t get out of work to get him myself.”

Ace laughs, “It’s fine, Marco. The Chief wasn’t going to keep me at work when Luffy was that sick. And you have that meeting with the investor. Has he gotten there yet?”

“He’s meeting with Oyaji first and then with me. Have you heard from Sabo yet?”

“I think he’s dead underneath the books in the library. I’ve sent a text to Koala to see if she has seen him and possibly dig him out of the mess he’s buried under.”

Marco laughs, “Thank you. I sent Izo out to get some sports drinks and extra medicine since I couldn’t get out of work.”

“Thank you, Marco!” Ace says brightly. “I don’t think we have any good liquid for Luffy to drink beyond water and some juice.”

“I’ll come home as soon as I’m done with this meeting. See you in a few hours.”

“See you.”

“Acey, when are Sab and Co gonna come home?” Luffy asks.

Ace hums, shifting to let Luffy lay on his chest, “Marco will be home as soon as his meeting is over, that’s why Izo brought you juice and medicine. Sabo will be home as soon as he can.”

“Thank you for coming to pick me up, Acey.”

“Of course I was gonna come pick you up, baby. Did you think I was gonna let you stay at school all day sick?”

“Dragon-dad did.”

“Well, I’m not Dragon. If we can’t get there right away we will be there soon. You know Marco,” Ace whispers tapping Luffy’s nose. “Actually asked if I could get off because he would move his meeting to come and get you if I couldn’t.”

“Co was gonna do that for me?”

Ace nods, “That’s right baby. We wouldn’t make you stay at school like this.”

“Thank you for coming to get me Acey.”

“You’re in trouble,” Koala states coldly. “Your boys have been calling you for hours.”

“They have?” Sabo asks looking up from the texts that he had been almost hidden underneath. “Fuck. Luffy’s sick.”

“And Ace has already picked him up from school. You might want to head home soon to help out, apparently Luffy is extremely clingy when he’s sick.” Koala shows him the picture on her phone. “He won’t let go of Ace since they got home.”

Sabo makes a sad noise, “And I should get home now.”

“You should. Luffy thought you were going to leave him at school all day while he was sick, which is why he didn’t say he wasn’t feeling good when you all got him up this morning.”

“I’m going. Stop making me feel like a crappy parent.”

“You’re not a horrible parent, just horrible at keeping track of messages.”

“I’m going,” Sabo states hurrying out the room. “Stop saying things to me like that.” He pulls his phone out of his pocket as he hurries down the steps. “Hey, Ace?”

“You aren’t being eaten by books?” Ace teases quietly. “Sorry, Luffy’s asleep on me.”

“Do you need me to pick up anything?”

“Soup? Luffy won’t eat anything and we don’t have any soup since we all got sick three months ago and haven’t purchased more.”

“I can do that. Have you heard from Marco?”

Ace hums, “Finishing up his meeting and then coming home.”

“I should be there in thirty minutes, I’m sorry that I didn’t answer my phone. I was just so distracted.”

“You should be, pay more attention Sabo. Luffy thought he had to stay a school when he was sick.”

“And I’m the only one of us with a really flexible schedule,” Sabo sighs.

“It’s fine, we’re still learning to be his dads, it’s a work in progress,” Ace yawns. “See you when you get home?”

“See you soon.”

“Still sleeping?” Marco asks sliding in the front door as Ace steps out the kitchen.

“All cuddled up on the couch with Sabo. We are all going to catch this cold,” Ace agrees brightly. “I am so glad that I have so much sick leave saved up.”

Marco nods, “But he’s alright?”

“He’s fine, shocked everytime that he wakes up and it turns out that we’re actually here with him, but he’s fine.”

“I’ll go see him then,” Marco agrees kissing Ace’s cheek. “Thank you for picking him up from school.”

“You’re welcome, go tell Luffy that you’re home.”

Marco grins, “I will.”

Sabo waves from the couch, Luffy sprawled over him as he looks over his paper, “Hey, you’re back.”

“Meeting was easy to finish after I mentioned that my son was sick,” Marco whispers kissing Sabo. “How’s he doing?”

“Tired. Hasn’t eaten much, but he’s okay.”

“That’s good,” Marco grins brushing Luffy’s hair back from his face, “Sorry I couldn’t come and pick you up from school, buddy.”


“That’s right.”

“You came home early,” Luffy mumbles blinking at him in confusion. “You and Acey and Sab all came home.”

“Of course we did, Luffy. You’re sick, we’re not going to leave you at school all day. I was worried about you.”

Luffy hides his face, “Dragon-dad never did that for me.”

“Well, we aren’t him, remember?”

“I remember.”

“Go back to sleep, okay? We’ll wake you up in a little bit for dinner, okay?”

“Mhm kay, Co,” Luffy yawns, cuddling under his blanket. “I never had dads that came home when I was sick before,” He whispers to his bear and Marco fights down the urge to track Dragon down and punch him in the face. “I like them better than Dragon-dad.”


This is an important post about Misha’s nose.