i'm so sorry but i was thinking about this the whole day

Can you imagine if dan and Phil willingly kissed on camera?
I think about this all the time.
Say if it was pinof for example. - “I dare you two to kiss”
And they’re like “alright” and it probably wouldn’t be like a quick peck. It’s been a long awaited moment. They talked about it. Like it’s a consensual kiss from between the two. And Phil’s hand cups Dan’s face, and their heads know where to go and they make it clear. Visible.
A Well known going-to-break-the-internet-for-days kiss.
Like what happens after that?
They don’t have to say they’re dating because chances are they won’t. They still won’t have to, it’ll just lead a whole new plethora of questions. Will they smile after it happens? Laugh? Look at the camera and say “yes that just happened” and move on?
Will the earth stop?
Would it change anything?
We’ll probably all gasp so hard our lungs will fall out of our backs.

It’s actually sad how much thought I’ve put into this I’m just gonna crawl back into my hole now.

I keep thinking how knowing Even had a crush on Isak the first day he saw him changes the whole dynamic of the story, or at least it does to me.

The first times we see Isak and Even sharing glances (first in the cafeteria, then outside, then at the kosegruppa meeting) I thought Even was this type of guy who looks at you in the coolest way ever just because he feels he is able to get your attention.

When they met in the bathroom and Even did the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen anyone do when they are flirting with someone, I thought he was just being a pain in the ass since he noticed Isak always looking at him and he wanted the attention I guessed he thought he deserved.

And then in the bench… Well, that scene kind of threw my theory out of the window, because Even totally lost his coolness: he was almost shy and nervous. But I guess I was too caught up by his looks and appearance I didn’t really pay attention.

But Even confessing Isak he saw him the very first day at school and that he went to the kosegruppa meeting just to meet Isak made me realize all those times weren’t about Even being cool, they were about Even trying to look cool. It was always about a boy doing embarrassing and not-so-slick things to get the other boy’s attention. When I thought Isak was getting caught by Even staring at him, it was actually Even trying to act laid back when he realized his crush was looking at him. When Even approached Isak on the hallway to ask him if he was going to the Halloween party, it wasn’t him being casual, it was him being hopeful. When Even suggested Isak going to the pool, it wasn’t him recreating his favorite movie scene just to be the coolest guy, it was him planning the whole thing to finally act on his feelings for his crush.

And you know why just a simple scene was able to threw away what I thought was real? Because Skam just doesn’t make seasons from one character’s perspective in order for us to get to really know them, Skam does it to show that not everything is what we think it is: we don’t see life at it is, we see it in our own way. And that’s as beautiful as it is scary, isn’t it?

with eyes shut, it’s you i’m thinking of 

summary:  even’s movies always manage to capture the grandeur of small, personal moments. some are more personal than others. (title from little bit by lykke li)

pairing: even/isak

words: 735

even’s new movie features those up and coming indie actresses that eva has a crush on, and for the premiere, isak wears a dolce and gabbana suit that he manages not to spill wine on. it feels like a whole new level of adulthood that he’s managed to ace. before they’d left, even had made him promise to pay attention - but how could he not, when even cares so much about isak’s amateur opinion? when he has even’s feet nervously tapping the floor next to him, his fingers ghosting over the palm of isak’s hand as the title shows on the screen? isak’s used to even throwing ideas at him every minute of the day - over breakfast, in the shower, post-early morning sex - but he’d kept his silence on this one.

the movie’s a love story, epic and loud, but the beauty in its small moments still shines through somehow. the girl who couldn’t hold her breath underwater, even calls it, because even’s an asshole who won’t let it go even when they’re old and greying. even’s halfway there already.

(“i’m only 25, isak, what the hell?” even had muttered as he grabbed the gray strand. “what’s next, wrinkles? my teeth falling out? will i start waving my cane around yelling at the kids to get off my damn lawn?”)

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Okay but have you thought about:

  • Draco in flannel pjs in the winter that are a little too short and a bit big around the waist because he only has silk and had to steal a pair of Harry’s.
  • Draco in an old ratty Hogwarts alum tee-shirt on weekends when he’s absolutely certain no one will see him.
  • Draco cooking breakfast because it’s the house elf’s day off (part of a deal to make Hermione stop nagging).
  • Draco with bedhead.
  • Draco rushing to get changed when his parents come over to visit so he looks respectable.
  • Draco glancing longingly at sweatpants when out shopping with Pansy.
  • Draco in a monogramed thick fuzzy bathrobe.
  • Draco wrapped in a Gryffindor blanket watching muggle TV because it was the only thing within reach and it’s not his fault if Potter got him addicted to dumb crime shows.
  • Draco yelling that he could solve the crimes in a quarter of the time because magic, obviously.
  • Draco getting tricked by a twist ending and insisting he’d known the whole time.
  • Draco wearing slippers.
  • Draco wearing mismatching socks.
  • Draco laughing when Harry trips over his own pjs that Draco lengthened the last time he stole them.
  • Draco having reading glasses that he keeps having to replace because he vanishes them the second he thinks someone might see them.
  • Draco vanishing his reading glasses when the house creaks because he thought it was Potter.
  • Draco having two wardrobes, one that he refuses to admit exists.
  • Draco in comfy clothes.
  • Harry having a secret stash of photographs of Draco in comfy clothes.

OOC: @bunisbun? I know you’ve been down, so I wanted to do something for you…I know it’s not much and I’m sorry for that, but….I really do hope you feel better soon. ;w;

Since the trailer for bnha season 2 came out…

Here’s a list of really good things that happened during the sports day arc(that I can’t wait to get animated!):

•shinsou hitoshi(and his emotional backstory)

•the introduction of class B(and many of my fav characters)

•A+ bakushima interactions

•todoroki’s emotional backstory (back to back emotional stuff)

•basically the whole calvary battle

•mei hatsume

•tokoyami literally saving deku’s bacon

•uraraka vs bakugou

•bakugou getting so pissy that they put a muzzle on him

•i technically already mentioned him but TETSUTETSU

•midoriya breaking his own fingers so he can get shouto to talk about his family problems

That’s all I can think of right now so feel free to add more! but seriously I can’t wait for this season to come I’m already freaking out TBH!!

OK BUT imagine watching Yoongi while he masturbates very slowly. He’s laying on the bed, legs wide open, biting his lips, hissing and growling and everytime he tries to speed up you grab his hand to stop him so he gets really desperate to cum. He’s looking straight to your eyes and every now and then a lil moan comes out. He’s so desperate that he starts to whimper and breath really harsh. When he’s finally about to cum he moan your name when he finally do it all over his hands.

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SF/US Papyrus with someone who he likes (and they like him back) but both are completely clueless and say they're "just friends/best friends"

Swapfell Papyrus

“Come on Paps! Just go already! We don’t have all day!” Alphys harshly barks while nursing a bottle of vodka.

“This is a little embarrassing, don’t you think? We should play a different game,” Rus suggests, apprehensive about the objective of the game.

“Don’t be such a wimp! I had to kiss your brother, I’m not letting that go to waste!” The dinosaur snarls.

“Ehehe I got the whole thing on camera though….for future reasons” Undyne, the mad scientists drools lewdly.

“You’re so gross I love it!” Alphys leans in and kisses her girlfriend. 

 Rus continues to hesitate and Black rolls his eyes, “UGH JUST GET ON WITH IT ALREADY! I COMMAND YOU TO SPIN THE BOTTLE

Rus sighs and with a flick of his wrist, spins the glass bottle, landing on Undyne. Alphys bursts out laughing while the fish monster smiles widely, her blue scales turning into a deep shade of red. 

“I always wanted to smooch a skeleton,” Undyne winks awkwardly. 

The tall skeleton’s gaze flickers to you for a moment and you give him an amused smile and a thumbs up. Who the heck suggested this game anyway? He’d rather not kiss anyone here except you, but he hides his discomfort and plays along. 

“Pucker up, bone boy,” before Rus could react, Undyne grabs his shoulders and presses her moist lips on his teeth, her lipstick staining the bones. 

After three seconds, Rus pushes her away while everyone erupts into roaring laughter. The skeleton wipes his mouth with his sleeve, only smearing the lipstick, which only makes everyone laugh harder. Face flushed orange, Rus hurries to the kitchen to wash off the make up. 

“AWH PAPS, DON’T BE SO KOI!” Black teases, poking at his brother’s ribs. 

“M’lord, please don’t,” 

“MY TURN MY TURN!” you exclaim, giving Rus a subtle, “I got your back” wink.

Rus smiles. He could always count on his best friend. You spin the bottle and a bubble of unease rises in the skeleton’s chest as the bottle taunts him. He doesn’t know what he would do when it lands on someone else, he just knows it will hurt, even if it’s just a friendly game. The bottle spins and spins, and it finally lands on…him. You blush furiously, unable to meet his eyes, while everyone cheers in excitement. 

“Hah..well I guess if I had to kiss anyone here, you would be the best choice,” you laugh, trying to play it cool. 

Rus doesn’t know how to respond, so he stays frozen in place. Realizing that you have to make the first move, you calm your frazzled nerves and just go for it. Leaning in close to him, you press your lips against his mouth and his hands cups your soft cheeks, everything melting away. It’s just you and him pressed close against each other, in a flurry of pink emotions. You taste like chocolates, he notices, his heart pounding faster than ever before as your name rings in his head over and over. You never knew how much you needed this, how much you needed his warmth spreading to your skin, or how much it feels so good to be in his arms, like everything will be okay as long as you have him. 

“AHEM,” Blackberry coughs, grabbing both of your attentions, “THAT WAS WAY LONGER THAN 3 SECONDS”

“About damn time too,” Alphys murmurs. 

“Eek! I didn’t get it on video! Now how am I going to remember the moment my ship became canon!” Undyne cries, “Can you guys do it again?!”

You and Rus look at each other,  your blushes rising, until you both fall into simultaneous laughter. You two have a lot to talk about later. 

Underswap Papyrus 

You and Stretch enter the fancy restaurant, hand in hand, wearing the nicest clothes you have. The hostess greets you with a warm and friendly smile. 

“Will you two be participating in the couples dinner event?” she asks. 

Stretch nods and smiles, just like he rehearsed, “Yes, my betrothed and I hear that the restaurant is giving an all you can eat special to couples?” 

“Why yes! It’s part of our Valentine’s Day special. You are getting married? Ohh may I see the ring?!” the hostess excitedly examines your finger.

You smirk at the skeleton, fully prepared for this situation. Holding out your ring finger, the hostess’s eye go wide, nearly envious. 

“O-OH MY! This is beautiful! Is this a 2 karat diamond?!”

“It’s actually three. I had to pick the best for my love dove,” Stretch presses his teeth against your head, making your heart flutter. 

“Aren’t you two just the cutest,” the hostess squeals, “Right this way please” 

She seats you in the back of the restaurant, nice and secluded, offering full privacy with a dim lit candle and a single rose in a vase. The hostess hands you your menus and your eyes pop out at the prices. You don’t even know what half this stuff is! 

“Enjoy your dinner,” the hostess bows and leaves.  

You nervously glance at your friend, “H-Hey…can we afford all this?” 

Stretch just nonchalantly leans back in his chair and pulls out a bottle of honey from under his coat, “Don’t worry, love dove. As long as we keep pretending that we’re engaged, they’ll give us a wicked discount.” 

“Was the love dove part really necessary?” 

“It made it more convincing,” the skeleton winks, “Not that it would’ve mattered anyway. Your performance was outstanding.” 

“Oh stop. You did all the talking,” you flush, your cheeks heating up from his compliment. 

“Nah. You handled it perfectly with charm and grace. I couldn’t ask for a better partner,” Stretch smiles widely, his warmth radiating off him like the sun. 

Your heart beats loudly like a drum and you swallow the lump in your throat, “A-Are you flirting with me?”

Stretch blinks in surprise, a light blush creeping up his cheeks, but his smirk remains the same, “I have been for the past year, but thanks for noticing.”

You’re speechless, unable to bring yourself to speak. Is this another one of his jokes? Is he being serious? You’re not clueless enough to miss the signs…are you…? Depending on your response, you could completely ruin this friendship. 

Taking a few slow breaths, you calm yourself down and chuckle softly, an idea popping in your head, “Hey, wouldn’t it be funny to continue this charade, just a bit longer?”

“What do you mean?” Stretch tilts his head. 

“I mean, after this dinner, let’s just keep pretending that we’re dating. Can you imagine the look on our friends’ faces when they find out? We’ll keep it up until we’re ready to drop it,” your eyes twinkle with mischief. 

“Nyeh heh heh. How interesting. I’m game,” Stretch extends his hand out to you and you take it without hesitation.

You two don’t know it yet, but your “game” opened up a whole new chapter in your lives.  

Can you believe it? After 5 years, he is still so smitten towards the boy with blue eyes that he loved since he was 16? Unbelievable. God, sorry, I’ve been thinking about this the whole day at work, I just had to draw it while listening to the ship’s national anthem. :((

i just got so into it with a girl in my seminar about nazis bye lmaoooo we had to have a discussion on the media’s role with donald trump and then my group sort of went off on a tangent about memes and this girl was like “how do you feel about the ‘punch a nazi’ meme?” and i was like “i love it lmao” and we all sort of chuckled and she said “i disagree with it, i don’t think you should punch them” and i made a joke like “are you kidding? i’d punch a nazi any day, i’ll punch one right now, i was ready at the anti-trump protest i’ll knock their lights out” and she was like “why would u incite violence to someone who hasn’t?” and i stared at her dumbly like… did…. u hear what u just said… and i replied “they have incited violence? they’re a hate group, their goal is the extermination of whole races and groups of people just based on religion or like who they are as a person?” and she was like “but that particular person hasn’t incited violence with you” and i was like????? i don’t care??? what they say still contributes to the deaths of people to this day?? and she was like “i just think they’re entitled to an opinion” and i looked at her and was like “u think nazis are entitled to an opinion??? did u skip history??” and she was like “well everyone’s entitled to one” and i was like “um to an extent my friend i don’t want someone at the table discussing how to make the world a better place if they want whole groups of people to be dead” and eventually we just stopped talking and she left fjkslfjds i can’t fucking stand mentalities like that like i’m not like anti-free speech or whatever but i just don’t think platforms and spaces should be given to people who incite hatred, violence and death with their words and actions as a group? if i said “i’d punch an isis member” it would’ve been a completely different discussion i’m so mad lmao


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“Sorry,” is the utterly unapologetic answer Stiles gets to his most recent inquiry.  Making this the fourth day in a row.

Stiles squints into her indifferent face.  “You know, Janet, I don’t think you are that sorry.”

She shrugs.  She’s not.  And she’s not even sorry about her lack of being sorry.  Stiles can officially say he does not like this girl.  In fact, he’s totally gonna fill out a comment card that sums up this whole conversation with a tried and true: ‘Damn it, Janet.’

“He really didn’t say anything?”  He’s maybe sounding a little desperate now and he drags his hand off the counter to look slightly less unstable.  “About a message to pass along for someone named ‘Stiles?’  Nothing, huh?”

“Oh you know what—” she starts thoughtfully, shuffling through a few papers on the desk below and Stiles lights up.  Her eyes dart up, hard, and she finishes blandly, “no.”

“That was mean,” Stiles says, deflating.  It’d been a week since he’d seen Derek.  They’d mentioned meeting up after Caffiend, Derek had told him to drop by Halesome Arts again, whenever, he’d be there, they could talk.  Everything had seemed fine, good even.  Only Stiles had come by, had even looked for him on the metro.  And Derek was always notably absent, in both places, and Janet was always notably unsympathetic, in one of them.

She sighs exasperatedly now, rolling her eyes.  Stands, puts her elbows up on the hutch above her receptionist’s desk and drops her chin into her open palm.  “You know, I felt bad for you the first time you came in here, Stiles, but there’s a reason people don’t go see the same play every night of the week, you get me?”

“Right.  Yeah.  I—”

“It doesn’t help that the play isn’t even that compelling to begin with,” she cuts him off, unnecessarily adding that little sac-punch in there.  Stiles can’t exactly deny it though.  It probably just gets sadder and sadder with each new mounting of it actually.

“Yeah, okay.  I’m being blown off,” he makes himself say it out loud, croaky and more broken down than he’s possibly ever been, “that’s what’s happening here.”

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I’ve been thinking a lot about us again. In my head I know what the logical thing to do is let you go so that I can fully move forward. But now I’m sitting here thinking that that’s not true. I’m not stuck. Everyday is still a new day and I’m still getting up in the morning and going out on my own. Who cares if I still call you when I have a funny story? Who cares if we still hang out and end up talking for hours? I smile the whole time that I’m with you. Why would I ever want to let that go?
—  Don’t say I never did anything for you though
kenhina + distance headcanons

this is for kenhina week!! hope you guys enjoy <3 sorry i just thought up of these off the top of my head

  • it’s already canon that they text all the time, but recently kenma has been begging hinata to get a smartphone because he always texts back so slowly PLUS makes a whole bunch of spelling errors 
  • Kenma secretly begs to think up of excuses to practice with karasuno
    • Some of these consist of: “they could’ve evolved their quick, so yeah we should totally practice against that..”+ “Shouyou says karasuno wants to play us again” 
    • Kuroo just rolls his eyes and chuckles because he knows how much hinata means to kenma, of course he talks to his coach about it but nothing really gets done 
  • Kenma face times with hinata at least twice a week? 
  • They always facetime on the same exact days and literally both of their faces light up when they see each other over the screen
  • After nationals, kenma and hinata had almost a 4 hour long facetime talking about the match, 
  • kenma loves it when Hinata’s whole face lightens up when discussing his victory 
  • One time hinata’s phone got taken away from him 
  • Daichi was the one who took away his phone because 
  • his grades were REALLY REALLY BAd, they reached an all time low 
  • During this time, Kenma was distracted the whole entire practice time and lev was really confused and so was kuroo and the rest of the team
    • Because he would constantly ask for a break and go check his phone to see if hinata texted him back
  • Hinata is the one to send stupid memes over the phone, kenma sends screenshots of his high score in video games 
  • Hinata finds it cute when kenma rambles on and on about this new game that came out 
  • Basically they’re a cute couple that CAN survive a long distance relationship with no problem whatsoever 
when cisco’s t-shirts get him in trouble

( @catvampcrazines said “ Cisco Ramon’s latest graphic tee! XD Harry can’t help but comment; before that though, Cisco testily asks Harry what his staring problem is… then gulps. Harry fights a smile several times the first day Ramon wears it.”

I suffered a lot of second-hand embarrassment from this so ofc I decided to write about it.)

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the raven gang + slang
  • okay so one time they were all hanging at nino’s and noah overheard these two kids talking and one of them said “yolo”
  • and the thought occurred to him: this is what the living kids are saying these days so i shall say it too
  • so then he consults blue about it, and she just puts a hand to her forehead and says “it means you only live once.”
  • and noah laughs because well
  • yolo does not apply to him
  • BUTTT since apparently the cool kids are saying it, he starts saying it too
  • the first time gansey hears noah use it in conversation, he almost drops a book
  • “sorry… what?”
  • “yolo!” noah says again, a little grin on his face
  • and gansey just shakes his head and goes “kids these days” under his breath
  • he and blue are both decidedly annoyed about this whole situation (because people stopped saying yolo years ago noah okay get with the program… but they aren’t about to tell him that)
  • and THEN ronan hears noah say it
  • and he completely fucking loses it right there
  • and once he realizes how much it annoys gansey and blue, he starts saying it as well
  • adam is completely neutral in this, but eventually joins ronan in repeating the phrase as much as possible because it’s so fucking funny to him and he loves how happy this whole thing makes ronan
  • eventually the joke wears off but noah still says it at every opportunity
  • then adam, for the hell of it, starts saying “you only live twice”
  • and it becomes the gang’s new favorite phrase
a kiss is not just a kiss

The one where sleepy Clarke accidentally kisses Bellamy and turns his whole world upside down.

oneshot; 2762 words

(read on ao3)


His neck swivels around so fast it nearly gives him whiplash.

Clarke emerges from the shadowed hallway, rubbing at her still-closed eyes.

“Oh, shit— sorry,” he half-whispers as he blindly knocks his freshly washed coffee cup against the hard metal of the tap with a loud clunk. “Fu—sorry. Didn’t mean to wake you.”

His roommate yawns as she pads into the open kitchen. “You didn’t. I just suddenly woke up.”

It’s early — too early. He’s not usually one for sleeping in, but walking about fully dressed still feels like a herculean effort when it’s not even light out yet. But he’s got a flight to New York to catch, and a seminar to attend for work. This basically means two and a half days of sitting motionless in barely cushioned chairs listening to a bunch of middle-aged police captains and department heads drone on and on for hours at a stretch, with nothing to look forward to save for a meagre selection of generic pastry offerings on blessedly frequent coffee breaks.

“Jesus, Clarke, it’s cold,” he chides, keeping his voice low as he strides toward her. He scoops up the sweatshirt he’d left draped over the back of a chair and wraps it around her bare shoulders. She tends to sleep in tank tops and camisoles, and while that’s fine and dandy when she’s tucked under her fluffy comforter, it does nothing to protect her skin from the chill in the kitchen. On the other hand, he’s already dressed to go, jacket on over his button down, with his tie neatly rolled up and tucked into a side pocket on his duffle bag.

A second yawn escapes her mouth, her head ducking down to stifle it as he guides her arms through the thick sleeves of his sweatshirt.

“S'okay,” she mumbles, waiting patiently till he’s zipped her up to slide her arms around his waist. “You’re warm,” she mutters into the front of his shirt, her nose buried in the soft cotton.

He laughs quietly, his arms going around her to draw her into him. “Okay, princess,” he says into her hair, allowing himself to nuzzle into the soft yellow strands for a few brief seconds. His arms tighten around her, and he thinks how much smaller she seems like this — him fully dressed for the day, her barefoot and engulfed in his hoodie, her hands lost in the too-long sleeves.

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It’s the last day and also Deku’s birthday, so. Also I promised more of the Villain!Todoroki AU so here’s that too. (Multitasking!) This is a sequel of sorts so read that first!

tddk week day 7: endings/beginnings

From the start, Izuku knew that being in contact with villains could put his life in danger. They were dangerous, volatile and didn’t respect the law. Even Shouto, who Izuku has slowly grown close to, was still capable of truly evil things like freeze a whole truckload of money and then set it on fire in the middle of one of the hero rallies.Villains did what they wanted to do, and Izuku couldn’t comprehend most of their choices.

But thinking that was probably his mistake.

Shouto promised him that no harm will ever come to him from the villains. They worked against the law but everyone that helped the Make-A-Wish Foundation had a certain level of goodness that shone. They had a code of their own, and Shouto personally promised that they will stick by it. The Creator, for example, showed up as promised and did not do anything bad when she met with the kids who wanted to meet her. (Being able to make anything from thin air was the most magical quirk in most of the children’s eyes.)

Earphone Jack, when called upon, did a private concert for the teens who admired her coolness. Tsukuyomi also showed up once in the middle of the night for the kids who wanted to meet him.

All the villains did as promised, and Shouto always pulled through. (Nobody asked to meet villains like Tomura, so there was never a problem about actual murderers being called upon. Izuku was glad at least that children instinctively knew where the line was, despite having quite the skewed perspective on heroes and villains.)

In the end, what Izuku should have been worried about were the heroes.

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tbh i’m just kind of 🤷about the whole liam baby thing because i don’t have the time and effort to keep up and analyze two different baby scandals but why hasn’t liam said literally anything until a few days ago about the baby and now he’s posted one (1) picture and several tweets out of no where like??? and it was so obvious they were seeding this pregnancy for over a year (which is basically since the beginning of their ‘relationship’) like what 22 year old decides ‘man, i know i’m supposed to be taking a break and relaxing since i’ve been worked to death for 5 years straight and maybe i should think about my solo music since i’m in my prime, but actually, let’s knock up this woman who is 10 years my senior who i just started dating because fatherhood looks easy and that sounds like a great idea like wow louis is managing so i guess i can too’ ??????? it makes no sense

Do you ever just think about the fact that you have a guardian angel? A constant companion who cares about you so much. Like if you’re sad they’re probably like “omg no bby don’t cry!!!” and they wanna hug and comfort you but they can’t cause they’re spirits. Or if they’re super happy for you cause something wonderful happened to you and they’re just sitting there cheering you on and bragging about you to the other Angels. Or if you’re about to screw up and they really don’t want you to they’re begging you not to do the thing and then you do the thing and they’re just shaking their heads. I mean these angels’ whole existences are dedicated to serving you. And they love you. Yet so often we forget that they’re even there. Idk I just think we should take a moment every day to appreciate our guardian angels.