i'm so sorry but i literally could not help myself

Speaking IXFJ - A Short Glossary
  • Hello: I hope you don't notice me saluting you so that I can get away from this without any further social interaction
  • Hi: pleasedon'ttalktomepleasedon'ttalktomepleasedon'ttalKTOMEEE
  • Thank You: you should have done this before
  • Sorry: I totally did this right
  • I'm so sorry: I still think I did this right but I don't want to hurt your feelings
  • That sounds amazing: I'm never doing it
  • We should totally do it someday: We are never going to do it
  • If you want, we could do it together: I am dying to spend some more time with you but I don't want to seem clingy
  • It's okay: It's not okay but I still don't want to hurt your feelings
  • Can I ask you a favor?: I tried to do this myself for three hours straight but I still couldn't
  • Can I ask you a big favor?: I'm literally desperate please help me
  • Can we talk a second?: Shit is about to go down
  • I heard of it once: I extensively researched it on Wikipedia for days but I'm still going to pretend I didn't so as not to embarrass you
  • I think you should do this: Let me show you how much I care for you by micromanaging your life with a smile