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  • Me: *posts anything to do with Cult Ending*
  • Some guy with a megaphone, directly next to my ear: Actually the Cult Ending is CONFIRMED non-canon and scrapped content, despite there being no evidence to prove this!!! The game is 100% wholesome and comedy and nothing dark at all!!! Why even post about something NON-CANON???
  • My gay, horror loving ass: Let me have my own fun, damn it.

Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t been on much lately. After getting a lot of weird messages I just want to take a break. I know it’s silly, but this blog was originally just supposed to be for a bit of fun, but it’s gotten to the stage where people come to the inbox challenging me for being a “clown” and “an embarrassment”, for being “fake” because I missed their message or passed over it because I’d answered an identical one. I know that many, many more of you are supportive and just want to have a laugh too. I know we joke about this being the Irish Embassy, but always being on and being relevant, but not too relevant or I’m fake is really a lot more taxing that I thought it’d be. I just came here to shitpost.

I don’t know what I’m doing with this blog right now. I just feel weird and sad about it when I’d normally be excited to come on and essentially talk shite with ye about stuff.

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I feel like there aren't enough phone sex fics in the fandom. Could you please take this as a prompt?

Hey anon, I’m not sure you really meant me? I’m not known for writing smut (cause I can’t write it). But I tried and here it is. Set in “Chinga”, NC-17 (I suppose). You get a read more cause it’s loooong.

Four rings before Scully picks up the phone and puts Mulder out of his misery.

“Hm, yeah.” Scully’s voice is nothing more than a tired mumble and yet Mulder finds himself sigh in relief, and grin stupidly, upon finally hearing her voice.  

“Hey Scully, it’s me. You weren’t answering your phone earlier and I – wait, I’m not interrupting anything, am I?” Mulder is cradling his basketball in his arms; he better not be interrupting anything. What was the guy’s name Scully kept mentioning? Jack? He grimaces when he realizes that he’s been stroking the basketball, treating it like a lover. He lets got of it, watches it fall to the ground with a soft thud, and roll away under his desk. Wishing it was Jack’s head, kind of. Mulder has been trying to reach Scully for hours now (Is Jack to blame? He’s not sure he wants to know). He is not going to tell her how close he’s come to flying out to Maine.

“I was sleeping.”                                                                      

“It’s only… oh, it’s already 2 am. I’m sorry, Scully. You uhm, like I said, you weren’t answering your phone. I was worried.”

“I’m fine Mulder. Just really tired.”

“Some vacation, huh?” Mulder knows that he should say his goodbye now, let her go back to sleep. Except he’s so happy to hear her voice, as exhausted as it may sound, that he’s unable to be reasonable. He hasn’t seen her in days. He hasn’t heard her voice in hours. He can’t just hang up now.

“Yeah.” Scully yawns. “Mulder, was there anything you wanted? It really is late.”

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Everyday snaps with best friend S.Coups 👻 /// Snap 1: “I just had a great pizza, let’s go together next time!” Snap 3: (Literal translation) “Because you are ignoring me, I’m going out with my baby instead ~ lololol”

Kinda suspicious that Matt sometimes get more attention in this fandom than Shay when he had like two lines and shay had two episodes and has so far contributed more to the main cast than him……………… Actually it’s not suspicious I know why


My hair looked so pretty when I took it down today :0

so i’m going to say something and feel free to tell me to fuck off but here it is. i really miss the twins and it’s weird because it’s not like i’ve ever known them personally but they let us into their lives in these small nuanced ways and them not being active on social media is kind of like not hearing from your friends for a while. and i am by no means saying that they need to be active for me to like them nor would i EVER wish they put social media and fans before their family, but i just mean it’s so strange how i they’ve had this effect on me and my life. like not hearing anything from them doesn’t make me mad, it makes me worry. i worry about if they’re safe or if they’re happy or how their dad is doing. they’ve been pretty quiet and it makes me realize how boring and uneventful my life was before i started watching their videos. there’s so much i wish i could sit down and say to them and thank them for and i know it’ll never happen but i just want them to know how very much they are loved by this fandom. it’s not a hollow thing. this love, this family, is very real and they deserve to know that.