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  • Tony, about Peter: He was a really good laser tag partner, too. He’s tiny so he’s allowed to push kids.

you know that thing jimin does when he laughs so hard he leans into the closest members’ shoulders 💓😭💓😍❤️💕✨and then 0.03 secs later he’s gone from the screen 😭😭😭😭😭✨✨✨💕💕❤️😭💓💓and then you can hear his cute squeaky lol giggles coming thru 💓💓😍❤️💕and then he throws his head back 💓😍😫❤️💕And then he curls up his petite body into a fluff ball 😫😫😫✨✨💕❤️ and then he covers his mouth with his tiny palms 💓😍😍😭❤️and then when he finally shows up on the screen he proceeds to giggle some more 💓💓😍😭😫❤️💕😫

so basically it’s a combo of this

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and this

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idk how people can legitimately defend snape as a person like during harry’s first ever potions lesson snape singled him out multiple times, asking him all these questions about potions he’d never brewed or ingredients he hadn’t even heard of before, and he knew harry wouldn’t know all the answers, how could he? it would have been one thing if snape was genuinely asking the class what they knew already but he targeted harry and only harry, and when harry told him several times he didn’t know the answer, snape fucking mocked him for it. a grown ass man was trying to humiliate a first year in front of everyone on his very first day in his class, sneering and tutting and even blaming harry for neville’s incorrectly brewed potion, and when harry finally stood up for himself he was docked a point for giving “cheek” and the entire time harry is so confused, wondering why snape has it out for him so badly, and little does he know it’s hardly even about himself as a person, but his parents. like what sort of adult stoops to that level, not even taking into account that he is a teacher and that he’s supposed to stay professional, but just in general. how can anyone justify that. i don’t get it


Neil toed out of his shoes, peeled his socks off, and traded jean shorts for jersey shorts.

HE’S SUCH A FASHION DISASTER????? I CAN’T TAKE THIS???? my tiny son, i’m crying out here because of neil and his stupid jorts, i love him so much,

also, whatever you do, don’t think about neil in tiny, tiny jorts with NICE LEGS and andrew losing his shit, don’t do it

hmm does anyone wanna talk about the week of sardonyx more?

specifically how the plot of the arch was essentially what would feature in a fanfic? the reference to garnet’s and amethyst’s troublesome past fusion and the sadness/guilt/miscommunication about that, pearl being so happy she starts crying, the breathy eyes closed close-embrace that pearl and garnet un-fuse into, their absolute joy,the teasing banter “I hope you’re ready” “you know i am”,  the drama, amethyst and pearl having so many feelings about garnet, amethyst trying to prove herself to garnet and steven helping,  Pearl lying, pearl’s gut-wrenching fear when garnet finds out, garnet being so upset that she unfuses and greg being clueless like wtf is going on, pearl trying so hard to win back garnet’s approval, the “pearl! get off me!” “i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m sorry–!” moment, amethyst being totally sensitive to all of this and trying to comfort pearl, the ‘we’re trapped together in a tiny space so we have to talk’ resolution

that whole arch was like watching fanfic on tv