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Prompt: Smol bean Chris cute jealous ❤ PS: I get it that you're busy so don't worry, take all the time you need ☺

Thanks for the prompt, Nonny! It’s set during The Sophomore. It’s a bit dialogue heavy…I hope that’s okay!

Only With You

Chris watches from the couch as Maggie packs her messenger bag. Notebooks, her laptop, a bottle of Cherry Coke. It all goes into the bag so she can spend yet another late night at the library working on the paper with James. 

It’s not that he doesn’t trust her. He does. He knows she’s true to him, but it’s hard not to be jealous of all the time and attention the paper and, by extension, James have been getting from her. 

Maggie slings her bag across her body and takes one last look around the room for anything she missed. 

“All right, babe. James is waiting for me. I’ll see you later,” she leans down and presses a quick kiss to his cheek.


Maggie pauses, studying his face. 

“You okay, Chris?” she asks.

“Yup,” he replies shortly, looking past her to the TV. 

“Okay,” Maggie sighs, “you’re not fine.” She takes her bag off and sits beside him. 

“What’s up?”

“Nothing,” Chris says shortly. He knows he’s being petty and ridiculous, but he can’t seem to stop. 

“Chris, talk to me.”

“It’s nothing, Maggie,” he shrugs. “It’s just that you’re spending a lot of time with James lately.”

“I’m spending a lot of time on the paper which inherently means spending a lot of time with James, but…” Maggie stares at him intently for a moment before looking surprised. 

“Chris, are you jealous?” she asks incredulously. 

“Maybe. Kinda,” Chris replies, suddenly feeling embarrassed. 

“Oh, babe,” she chuckles as she takes his hand. “You have nothing to be jealous of.”

“Don’t I? I mean, he’s getting all your attention and all your time lately. I miss you and you know he had a thing for you last year, right?”

“Yeah, I do know that, but do you know I had…I have…a thing for you…and only you, Chris? I know I’m spending a lot of time at the paper, but do you know what I’m doing while I’m working on the paper with James?”

Chris shakes his head.

“I’m writing and I’m arguing with James and Reyna about layout and articles and a lot of the time I’m wishing I was here with you instead!”

“Yeah?” he asks. 

“Yes! And do you know what I’m not doing while I’m there? I’m not doing this.”

Maggie sits up and straddles Chris. She threads her fingers in his long hair and pulls him into a deep passionate kiss. Chris immediately runs his hands up Maggie’s back, holding her tightly to him and returning her kiss hungrily.

Breathless, Maggie rests her forehead against his and smiles down him. “Only with you, Chris. I only do that with you and I only want to do it with you. I am hopelessly devoted to you, got it?”

Chris gazes up at the woman he loves and wonders how he could have doubted her for even a minute. 

“I know you are. I’m sorry for getting all worked up,” he apologizes. “I just miss you lately. You know I trust you though, right?”

“I know,” Maggie says, giving him another quick peck on the lips before she stands up and grabs her bag. 

“You have a game this week, right?” 


“Okay, after the game, you and me are going to spend the rest of the weekend together and I’m gonna show you just how devoted I am.” Maggie gives him a bawdy wink as she closes the door behind her.

Chris laughs and leans back on the couch. He can’t wait for the weekend. 

imagine your otp kinda

person a: hey come in me bro!

person b: d-don-don’t you mean “come at m-”

person a: bitch did i fucking stutter