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QB Final- Luke Hemmings

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Thank you sooo much for everyone who requested and liked this, love ya much. This is the final part and I’m actually kinda excited cos I got this Michael one stocked up but anyway ENJOY!

Part One | Part Two

You went to bed upset and woke up on Saturday upset, even your parents noticed while you were aggressively flipping your omelet. 

“How as your date with Luke?” Your dad carelessly asked and your mom shot him a look before you blew up. 

“Awful okay!” You exclaimed loudly but quickly apologized before rushing to your room. 

You quickly shut the door once you got into your room and flopped down on your bed. You were peacefully laying on your bed but your phone buzzing with texts interrupted the peace and you groaned as you flipped over to get your phone. 

You turned on your phone and bit your lip as you read Luke’s name flash across your screen. 

‘Open your window’

‘Y/N I will come up there’

You read and shut off your phone and laid face down again before your phone went off again, you couldn’t help but check it. 

‘That’s it’ was all it read and you began to worry thinking Luke was ending things with you but your mind drew up a blank as music began to play outside your window. 

You quickly jumped off your bed and went to open your window to find Luke standing with a beat box held above his head. 

“What are you doing?” You yelled over the music and Luke paused the music. 

“I honestly don’t know, it seemed like a good idea. Can you just come talk to me?” He shouted back and you rolled your eyes as you pulled on shoes and tied your hair back. You walked down the stairs and avoided the stares from your parents as you opened the door and went to where Luke was standing with his beat box. 

“What?” You asked stubbornly and crossed your arms over your chest as you leaned back slightly when he moved closer towards you. 

“I know you may think that we are possibly the worst combination in the world and you’ve probably heard a lot of stuff about me-”

“Yeah.” You interrupted. 

“Just hear me out okay?” He scratched the back of his neck before looking you in the eye. 

“Yes, I’ve been with a lot of girls but honestly none of that fucking matters. I don’t know how to describe it but you make me feel like- I don’t know! Your smiles send me into heaven and I’m so madly in love with you, ever since you flashed me that beautiful smile of yours in ninth grade. I don’t care if you realized how much of a douche I am and never want to see me again but the fact that you actually acknowledged me is something I can be happy with.” He finished and you looked around anywhere but at him. 

“Luke I don’t care about all the other girls! It’s just that you treat me exactly like them.” You began but Luke  grabbed your hands that were now dropped at your sides and ran his thumbs over them. 

“I’ll change, anything and everything, for you.” He pleaded and you looked down at your joined hands. 

“Luke I’m not asking you to.” You protested and you finally mustered up the courage to look him in the eye. 

“Then what are you asking me to do? I’ll do anything, go to the moon and bring it back for you.” His voice broke and you tugged your hands from his and placed them at the nape of his neck and played with his baby hairs. 

“That’s impossible,” You giggled and he pressed a happy kiss to your lips. 

“I’d overcome it some how.” He grinned and hugged your bodies closer. 

“Does this mean I get to call you my girlfriend?” He asked happily and swept you up into his arms. 

“I guess.” You hummed. 

So I’ve been accidentally assaulted by ideas for this Miraculous Ladybug AU by @naptillmorning​ and @raiwalk (who wrote a thing for it and it was beautiful). 

And then I sort of idea’d all over everyone and didn’t even apologize for it. You should probably check out the top links first if you want this to make sense.

This was 10x longer than intended.

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i’ve been thinking about this au where fusion dimension/akaba leo brainwashes the original academia kids to wipe all their memories of yuuki judai but this brainwashing is not effective against johan because idk his mind and spirit are strong and he has developed some resistance after what happened in the dark world and also because he loves judai too much hyuehuehue

but of course he’s not gonna reveal his trump card easily so he plays along and joins the task force to gather information about academia and about judai’s disappeareance from the inside and also secretly goes looking for the other gx kids to get them to regain their memories, through dueling of course because fuck yea

and i guess after that they form this kind of secret intel web thing with each of them using their available resources to investigate academia, find the rest of their brainwashed comrades and obviously find judai and put an end to all the crazy shit going on. they probably get a lot of tactical help from o’brien because he’s smart and cool as hell

  • Sometimes Ray wakes up screaming. He wakes up lungs screaming for air and choking on black smoke that isn't there. He wakes up shaking with his back aching from the pressure of a long distant killer. The feeling of being bound to a stake.
  • Screams and jeers of shadows past ring in his ears and he has to take a minute to remind himself of where he is. Bitter and angry words fade into soft whispers. Geoff pulls Ray against his chest, stroking his hair all the while keeping in mind to not make him feel trapped.
  • All of their deaths had been violent, but Ray's had been arguably the most so.
  • When his boy can barely handle the idea of Halloween, can barely handle the idea of seeing men, women and children dressed as the very thing he was scorned for, Geoff wishes more than anything that it was he who's fate had been the stake. That it was he who had felt the deadly lick of fire and the curses of friends and family.
  • Sometimes Ray wakes up screaming. Sometimes Ray wakes up screaming as this was how he died.