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I cant believe people think she cut her own leg. There are two other chairs at the table and she clearly hides a fork in her hand. Maybe she at least hopes to stab Will or Hannibal. Most likely Will I think. Not to get away she missing a leg and its two vs one but if I was her hurting/killing one of them woulf make me feel alittle bit better about my slow death

Stick a fork in her, she’s that done. 


No, my account has not been hijacked or anything, I am actually alive! And hopefully more active with my art blog (and my blogs in general) from now on.

I’m immensely sorry for disappearing without any notice and possibly making some people worried(???), and I apologize to the people whose messages have been lying in my inbox for months. I will read them and respond to the ones I feel are still relevant.

I love you all, thank you for your patience with me!! <3

PS. I started re-playing DA:O a while back (for uhhh inspiration….) and have related art in various stages of (un)completion stashed in my drive, I’ll probably start barfing out posting them in the near future ;>

To those who wish for an explanation about what exactly happened (CW: talk of mental illness and silly blather below);

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When your a girl and you think you’ve met the right guy you start to build yourself up, you build yourself up so high you think you can reach the sky. But then you soon remember that the higher you climb, the harder you fall and that there won’t always be someone there to catch you.. So then you worry will you fall and you lower your climb and realize if you would have grasped the sky you would have had it all..
—  Myself